Islamic-inspired art brings a sense of intrigue and refinement to any living space. With its intricate designs and meaningful symbols, it allows you to surround yourself with beauty while connecting to your faith.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll explore the captivating world of Islamic Art Wall Decor and share tips on incorporating it into your home decor.

Key Takeaways

  • Islamic-inspired art, with its geometric patterns, Arabic calligraphy, and architectural motifs, allows modern Muslims to proudly proclaim their faith through home decor.
  • Canvas art prints with Islamic calligraphy and verses from the Quran make meaningful and stylish wall art. Their sleek edges keep the focus on the elegant designs.
  • Ornate metal wall art brings shimmer and grandeur with designs inspired by details of famous mosques and mausoleums. Stunning Arabic calligraphy and cutout geometric shapes catch the light beautifully.
  • Small decor accents like tabletop pieces, kitchen tiles, candle holders, and vases provide subtle ways to incorporate Islamic influences throughout your home.
  • Create a serene worship space in a corner or bedroom with Islamic wall art, a rug, a Quran, and a candleholder for a peaceful ambiance.

The Rich History and Significance of Islamic Art Wall Decor

Islamic-inspired art has a long, rich history spanning over 1400 years. It originated after the founding of Islam as a means to beautify religious manuscripts like the Holy Quran.

Islamic visual arts steer clear of depicting religious figures and instead utilize geometric patterns, Arabic scripts like calligraphy, and floral motifs. Calligraphy is especially revered as it transmits the words of Allah.

Popular Islamic-inspired art subjects include verses from the Quran like the Throne Verse (Ayatul Kursi) and the names of Allah and Prophet Muhammad. Others portray Islamic architecture like the Kaaba in Mecca and famous mosques.

By filling their surroundings with Islamic-inspired art, early Muslims expressed their devotion to their faith. For modern Muslims, displaying Islamic-inspired art remains a way to proudly proclaim their religious identity.

The Rich History and Significance of Islamic Art

Add Character with Islamic Art Canvas Prints

One easy way to incorporate Islamic style into your home is with Islamic art canvas prints. These ready-to-hang wall art pieces come in all sizes to suit your space. Canvas prints also have a sleek, modern look compared to antique Islamic-inspired art forms like hand-painted ceramic tiles and intricate metalwork.

Canvas prints spanning edge-to-edge are a foolproof design choice. Their clean borders keep the focus on the beautiful Islamic motifs. For living rooms, choose large canvases to make a dramatic style statement. Delicate calligraphy prints add an air of sophistication to bedrooms. Small canvases around 8-12 inches square suit tabletop and countertop displays.

Vibrant calligraphy canvas art with gold accents is especially stunning. Consider a classic piece featuring an Ayat, or verse, from the Holy Quran rendered in flowing Arabic script. Calligraphy prints with the 99 names of Allah also make meaningful art for the home. Their gold hues and elegant lines radiate peacefulness.

For homes with contemporary leanings, abstract Islamic-inspired art makes a chic, on-trend statement. Think of bold geometric designs in contrasting tones. This style provides a subtle way to incorporate faith into sleek, modern decor. Islamic-inspired patterns Still impart peaceful feelings with their mathematical repetition and order.

Display Eye-Catching Metal Wall Art

In addition to canvas prints, unique metal wall art for decoration adds shimmer and grandeur inspired by iconic Islamic architectural details. This medium allows for stunning designs with its inherent richness. Gold and silvery metal finishes seem to glow against accent walls for an eye-catching focal point.

Some of the allure of contemporary metal wall decor pieces recreate motifs seen in famous mosques and mausoleums like the Taj Mahal. Intricate cutouts and perforations mimic the stunning lattice-like screens (jalis) framing entrances to these structures.

Outlined motifs rendered in metalwork also mimic the elegant shapes gracing mosques. These mailbox cover designs crafted from metal plates make a striking front door accent.

For interior walls, metal art pieces with cutout Arabic calligraphy or verses from the Quran make meaningful displays. The stunning 99 Names of Allah art piece shown here features the names framed in a circle accented with perforated details.

The vacuum coating on the steel surface catches the light elegantly. Incorporate this over a console table or sofa to add majesty to your living room.

Incorporate Islamic Decor Accents Through Small Touches

You don’t need major artworks to incorporate touches of Islamic style throughout your rooms. Small decor accents also allow you to work this aesthetic into your existing decor.

Beautiful tabletop pieces bring Islamic influences into dining and side table displays. Consider ornate metal tray decor featuring Arabic calligraphy or geometric details. Use them to hold trinkets and keys by a console table or to serve appetizers at a dinner party.

For the kitchen, look for ceramic tiles or metal plaques bearing an Ayat, Islamic greeting, or mention of Allah. Attach one to the front of your kitchen island or display it on open shelving to add subtle Islamic detail.

Candle holders are another way to work in ornate Islamic metalwork designs. Opt for a cutout metal piece to encircle pillar candles on side tables and countertops. The cutouts mimic iconic mosque window screens while the flickering candlelight catches their edges beautifully.

You can also find lovely Islamic ceramic pieces like vases and trinket boxes to tuck onto shelves. Their hand-painted floral and calligraphy designs connect back to ancient Islamic ceramic traditions. Use them to hold fresh flowers or display meaningful jewelry and curios.

Incorporate Islamic Decor Accents Through Small Touches

Create an Intimate Worship Space with Islamic Decor

Designing a small worship space is another way to thoughtfully incorporate Islamic decor. Start by designating a quiet corner of a bedroom or other room. Keep it simple with an Islamic wall hanging, a small rug, a candleholder, and a copy of the Quran.

Canvas prints with Islamic calligraphy make a perfect focal point over a prayer mat in a dedicated worship space. Choose a print featuring the Fatiha, Ayat Kursi, or other meaningful verses from the Holy Book. For a corner space, try a floating wall shelf to display prayer beads and a scented candle to set a tranquil mood.

Celebrate Ramadan and Eid with Festive Decor

The holy month of Ramadan and the festive holiday of Eid provide perfect opportunities to decorate your home with Islamic style. Inject brighter colors and touches of gold to set a celebratory mood.

An Eid banner or wall hanging looks fantastic spanning the front of a home, whether for a temporary festive display or permanent fixture. Sparkling cutout metal lanterns also make joyous Eid decor. Hang them from doorways or set them on porches to welcome guests during Ramadan iftars and Eid parties.

For interior decor, look for vibrant throw pillows embroidered with Eid Mubarak greetings and floral designs. Drape embroidered fabric runners over console tables or sideboards. Place ornate candle holders and lanterns atop tables and dress them with votives or string lights. Their warm glow sets a festive ambiance once the sun sets.

Celebrate Ramadan and Eid with Festive Decor

Shop for Fabulous Islamic Home Decor

With so many options from wall art decor and textiles to metalwork and tabletop accents, it’s easy to incorporate Islamic influences that reflect your faith.

Browse online shops and home stores offering traditional and contemporary Islamic decor. When searching for Islamic-inspired art online, use descriptive terms like “Islamic calligraphy art” or “Islamic canvas wall art”.

Bigger retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, and Etsy feature expansive Islamic-inspired art and decor sections. Smaller boutiques like Islamic Design House and Islaam specialize in traditional and modern offerings. For custom artwork, many sellers on Etsy can create personalized pieces.

With the celebration of Ramadan approaching in late March, it’s a perfect time to add special Islamic touches throughout your home. Display meaningful art and decor to honor your faith during this holy month.

Let Islamic influences spark deeper reflection and connect you to centuries of tradition and craftsmanship. Unless you’re interested in plaster art instead, check out our articles on antique plaster wall art and unique abstruse plaster wall decor ideas now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some classic examples include calligraphy of Quranic verses and the 99 names of Allah, geometric patterns, arabesque designs, illuminated Quran pages, ceramics with Islamic motifs, metalsmithing, and carved architectural details seen in mosques.

Classic phrases like “Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim”, the Throne Verse (Ayatul Kursi), and short Surahs from the Quran make meaningful phrases for wall art. Verses asking for protection and blessings are popular choices.

Earth tones like desert sand, slate grays, deep greens, and soft blues all suit Islamic style. Accent colors in reds, oranges, and purple complement neutrals. Classic materials include rich textiles, carved wood, brass metalwork, ceramic tiles, and glass lanterns.

Small touches like throw pillows, table runners, prayer rugs, and candle holders add Islamic details affordably. For pricier canvas art, size down to 8×10″ or 12×12″ pieces. Seek out wall decor on sale around Ramadan. Patience sometimes yields big savings on investment pieces.

Many Etsy sellers create custom high-quality artworks. Boutique sites like Art of Islamic Pattern specialize in contemporary designs. Large retailers like Wayfair and Overstock also offer expansive Islamic collections. And local artists sell through Instagram shops and at bazaars.


Islamic-inspired art and decor provide beautiful ways to celebrate faith through home design. The intricate geometric patterns, elegant calligraphy, and exquisite materials reflect centuries of meaningful artistic traditions.

Whether you choose bold canvas prints, glimmering metalwork, or subtle ceramic accents, Islamic influences can refine any space while keeping God at the center.

By thoughtfully surrounding ourselves with Islamic visual culture, our souls find peace and daily life feels more purposeful.

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