As an interior designer with over 20 years of experience, I’ve seen all kinds of wall décor trends come and go. But one type that never seems to go out of style is cement-made abstruse wall art. With its textured, handcrafted look, cement art adds visual interest and dimension to any space.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll discuss the many benefits of Abstract Plaster Wall Art and everything you need to know about incorporating this timeless decor into your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Plaster art, with its bas-relief textures and handcrafted look, makes an artistic statement in any room.
  • Popular styles include embossed, carved, textured plaster, geometric, and abstract designs.
  • When selecting cement art, consider your room’s existing style, size, wall colors and textures, and budget.
  • Shop locally first at art galleries, home stores, craft shops, and flea markets for unique pieces.
  • Properly hang white textured wall art canvas using measured spacing, wall anchors, and the right hardware.
  • Gently dust and damp clean 3D abstract cement pieces to maintain their beauty over time.

Types of Abstract Plaster Wall Art Decor For Home Decor

Plaster lends itself beautifully to abstruse wall art with intriguing textures and shapes just like wall metal art decor. Here are some of the most popular styles:

Types of Plaster-Made Abstract Canvas Art Wall Decor

Embossed Wall Art

This type of cement art features raised patterns and designs molded directly into the cement. Geometric shapes and nature-inspired textures like leaves or vines are common. The bas-relief effect adds lovely shadow and dimension.

Carved Wall Art

As the name implies, carved cement wall art has shapes and patterns that are gouged out of the cement surface. This sunken effect provides visual contrast to the raised areas. Intricate woodcarving-style details are often seen in carved cement art.

Textured Wall Art

From subtle grainy textures to bold 3D designs, textured plaster wall art utilizes a range of finishes. Plaster can be stamped, impressed, or treated with chemicals during curing to alter the final texture. White Australian plaster wall art is especially popular for creating depth.

Geometric Wall Art

Clean lines, symmetry, and mathematical shapes define geometric artwork. Repeating patterns and angular designs give cement geometric art a sense of order and visual interest.

Abstract Wall Art

This catch-all category includes cement wall art with non-representational, artistic designs. Abstract styles can incorporate any of the textures and shapes above. Unique visual expression is the hallmark of abstract cement art.

How to Choose Plaster-Made Abstract Painting Wall Art

With limitless cement modern wall art minimalist styles to choose from, deciding on the right piece or collection can seem daunting. Keep the following tips in mind as you shop for the perfect work of art:

  • Consider the Style of Your Home Choose artwork that complements your existing interior design style. For modern homes, geometric and abstract pieces tend to work best. Traditional spaces may call for embossed floral or nature-inspired cement art.
  • Consider the Size of Your Space Scale is important when selecting wall art. A small piece can get lost on a large wall, while an oversized piece can overwhelm a small space. Measure the wall and choose artwork sized appropriately for the area.
  • Consider the Color of Your Walls Neutral cement wall art tends to fit well in most color schemes. Bolder colors can make a statement against neutral walls. For colored walls, layer in shades that coordinate. For example, blue art against green walls.
  • Consider the Texture of Your Walls Heavily textured cement art pairs best with smooth, plain walls. Conversely, smoother art creates balance against a textured accent wall. Matching textures is also an option for making a coordinated statement.
  • Consider Your Budget Like most home furnishings, cement wall art is available at varying price points. Even on a budget, you can find beautifully designed pieces to fit your space. Set realistic expectations based on what you can afford.
How to Choose Plaster-Made Abstract Painting Wall Art

Where to Buy Plaster-Made Textured Abstract Wall Art

Searching locally is a great place to start your hunt for one-of-a-kind cement wall art. You’re likely to find specialized pieces you won’t see from mass retailers. Here are some places to check out:

  • Online Retailers – Sites like Etsy offer handmade cement art from artists all over the world. You’ll find vintage and contemporary designs.
  • Art Galleries – Local galleries often represent local artists who create original cement wall art. You may even commission custom pieces.
  • Home Décor Stores – Retailers like World Market and HomeGoods sell cement wall art alongside other home accents.
  • Craft Stores – Check the wall art section of stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby for affordable cement art.
  • Flea Markets – Search for charming vintage cement art prints and sculptures at weekend flea markets.

How to Hang Plaster-Made Abstract Textured Wall Art

Installing cement wall art properly ensures it will hang securely. Follow these steps to hang your elegant plaster wall decor duo:

  • Choose the Right Location – Determine the ideal height and position. Gallery style hanging with 57-60 inches between the center of pieces creates a polished look.
  • Mark the Holes – Lightly pencil mark the hole locations on the wall using a level. For heavy art, locate studs for at least two of the marks.
  • Drill the Holes – Use a 1/4″ drill bit to drill holes slightly smaller than your screw size. This allows the threads to grip.
  • Insert the Wall Anchors – For holes not aligned with studs, tap in anchors flush with the wall using a hammer. Textured cement wall art is heavy and needs good anchors.
  • Hang the Wall Art – Place the art over the anchors, insert screws into the hanging hardware loops or brackets, and secure into the anchors and wall.
How to Hang Plaster-Made Abstract Textured Wall Art

How to Care for 3D Abstract Plaster-Made White Textured Art

With proper care, cement wall art can retain its beauty for many years. Here are some tips:

  • Dust Regularly – Use a soft dry cloth to gently dust the art and prevent buildup.
  • Clean with a Damp Cloth – For more intensive cleaning, wipe with a slightly damp microfiber cloth and totally dry.
  • Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals – Prevent damage by skipping cleaners containing bleach, ammonia, acetone, or abrasives.

Caring for your white abstract or textured cement wall art helps it maintain its original artisanal charm. With a gentle approach, you can keep your sculptural cement décor looking its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plaster is highly malleable and can be sculpted into an endless array of artistic designs not achievable with other materials. The resulting textures and shapes are more intricate. Plaster art also has an artisanal, old-world look and feel that adds character.

You can find cement wall art beige both framed and unframed. Some pieces have ornate cement frames molded as part of the design. Others come frameless, allowing you to choose a frame finish that matches your room.

Sealing is not necessary for indoor cement art. The cement is durable and designed to withstand normal indoor conditions without a protective coating. Unsealed cement develops a lovely patina over time.

Due to the weight of cement, choose sturdy hanging hardware designed to hold heavier items like a set of 3 plaster wall sculptures. Options include D-rings, French cleats, and J-hooks. For smaller pieces, adhesive sawtooth hangers also work well.

Even traditional interiors can be refreshed with modern cement art. Seek geometric and abstract designs featuring neutral palettes. Use an ornamental frame for added classic appeal. Place against plain walls or carpets to prevent visual clutter.


For centuries, cement has been transformed into magnificent works of art. Incorporating textured canvas art, modern art, abstract art, and art painting styles crafted from this versatile material can infuse character into your home.

With myriad textures and designs to explore, you’re sure to find the perfect painting abstract canvas wall art to elevate your space. Whether your style is modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, cement wall art offers an easy, artistic upgrade.

Let your inner curator hang a stunning gallery on any top-tier wall art for your home.

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