The holiday season is my favorite time of year. I love decorating my home with beautiful Christmas Printable Wall Art Decor. Nothing gets me more excited for the holidays than putting up wall art and imprints around my house.

After years of decorating for Christmas, I’ve gathered some of my all-time favorite free printable Christmas wall art ideas to make this season extra special! Read on with Nousdecor to discover now!

Key Takeaways of Christmas Printable Wall Art Decor

  • Free printable wall art allows for inexpensive, customized holiday decorating. I can pick fun colors, sizes, and themes that work for my space.
  • I love displaying fun Christmas signs and typography imprints featuring inspiring quotes and sayings. These meaningful and lighthearted imprints look fantastic paired with wreaths and other accents.
  • Vintage Christmas images, like old-fashioned Santa portraits and winter landscapes, remind me of cherished holiday memories and traditions. I enjoy decorating with nostalgic imprints each Christmas.
  • Farmhouse Christmas imprints with wood grain, burlap textures, and chalkboard-style fonts add homespun, rustic character to my spaces. I reuse them year after year.
  • Subtle nature prints, like florals and animal print wall art ideas, provide an evergreen sense of calm amongst my vibrant Christmas decorations. I can display them year-round too.
  • With a little creativity, even inexpensive printed pieces can make a decor statement. I experiment with sizes, groupings, placements, and colors to showcase my wall art.
Christmas Printable Wall Art Decor
Christmas Printable Wall Art Decor

Why Use Free Printable Christmas Wall Art?

During the holidays, I go all out decorating my home with beautiful Christmas decorations and prints like Boho wall art decor.

While you can buy pre-made wall art and decorations, I actually prefer using free printable Christmas art. Free printables allow me to customize designs to perfectly match my decor. I can pick fun colors, sizes, and themes that work for my space.

Printing Wall Art Decor yourself saves money since you avoid buying overpriced pre-made pieces. Plus, it’s extremely rewarding to decorate with art I carefully picked and customized. I love being able to find gorgeous imprints for free online to print out.

Christmas Signs and Typography Prints

One of my favorite types of free printable Christmas art features fun signs, phrases, and typography imprints perfect for the holidays. I love decorating with inspiring quotes and sayings all season long like unique brass wall decor.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Merry Christmas printables with beautiful script fonts.
  • Signs featuring Christmas quotes and lyrics like “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”
  • Funny imprints with phrases like “All I Want for Christmas is Wine.”
  • Vintage-inspired Santa signs and typography.
  • Rustic imprints saying “North Pole” with Christmas tree graphics.
  • Farmhouse-style signs with phrases like “Joy to the World.”

These meaningful and lighthearted Christmas imprints look fantastic on walls, doors, and mantles. I especially love the look of black and white printable quotes and signs paired with bright holiday wreaths and other accents.

Christmas Signs and Typography Prints
Christmas Signs and Typography Prints

Free Printable Vintage Christmas Images

I’m drawn to classic, nostalgic Christmas imagery, so vintage Christmas imprints are another one of my go-to wall decor choices. Old-fashioned Santa portraits, skaters on a frozen pond and scenes of horse-drawn sleighs capture the true spirit of Christmas from bygone eras.

Some of my favorite free vintage Christmas images include:

  • Black and white or sepia-toned portraits of old St. Nick.
  • Classic illustrations of carolers or Christmas trees.
  • Winter landscapes show snow-covered homes and churches.
  • Images of toys like rocking horses and sleds from the early 1900s.
  • Avoid tropical decor like palm leaf wall art ideas

These sweet vintage Christmas pictures remind me of cherished memories and traditions. I enjoy decorating with a few of these nostalgic imprints each season.

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Wall Art Ideas

I adore farmhouse Christmas decor and seek out free farmhouse Christmas printables every year. These imprints feature classic farmhouse elements like wood grain patterns, burlap textures, chalkboard-style fonts, and red gingham buffalo check.

Some of my go-to farmhouse Christmas signs include:

  • Charming handmade signs with Christmas greetings.
  • Faux wood imprints with carved lettering spelling “Noel” or “Joy.”
  • Chalkboard images with Christmas phrases written in cursive.
  • Buffalo plaid designs with seasonal phrases like “Believe in the Magic of Christmas.”

I love the homespun, rustic Christmas feel of these prints. They add cozy farmhouse character to any space. I also appreciate having imprints I can reuse year after year.

Free Christmas Pictures with Animals, Plants, and Nature

While many Christmas imprints feature traditional holiday colors like red and green, I also like using touches of year-round nature themes. Prints showing pine trees, mistletoe, poinsettias, deer, and cardinals give natural beauty to my Christmas decor.

Some of my favorite nature-inspired imprints include:

  • Illustrations of holly, mistletoe, Christmas trees, wreaths, and poinsettias.
  • Winter landscapes and snowy trees.
  • Classic red cardinals sitting on evergreen branches.
  • Playful imprints of reindeer, foxes, and other woodland creatures.
  • Simple black-and-white botanical imprints to accent bright holiday hues.

I live for the cozy, natural feeling these understated imprints add to my Christmas decorating. They provide the perfect sense of evergreen calm amongst the vibrant colors and lights of the season. I can reuse them year-round too.

Displaying Free Christmas Wall Art Prints

Once I’ve printed out my favorite free Christmas wall art, it’s time to display it creatively around my home. Here are some of my best tips for arranging and showing off your DIY prints:

  • Cluster imprints together in groups of 3-5 for a big visual impact. Vary frame sizes and styles.
  • Arrange imprints in staircases, hallways, above doorways, and on mantles.
  • Prop imprints against stacks of books, candles, and holiday greenery.
  • Hang free printable art alone or alongside store-bought pieces.
  • Display printable quotes in inexpensive frames from craft stores to save money.
  • Print vintage Santa portraits and drawings at an oversized scale for playful pops of color.
  • Cut down larger imprints to use as gift tags and ornaments too.

With a little creativity, even inexpensive imprints from your home printer can make a statement. Experiment with sizes, groupings, placements, and bold colors to liven up your Christmas home decor all season long.

Christmas Wall Art Prints
Christmas Wall Art Prints

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of my favorite sites for free printable wall art include Etsy, Pinterest, and specific blogs like Tatertots and Jello, The Crafting Chicks, and The DIY Mommy. These sites offer tons of printable holiday art I can customize.

Great options include Christmas signs, motivational quotes, vintage Santa/ winter illustrations, hand-drawn art, nativity scenes, holiday botanicals, and winter animals/ nature scenes.

You can print directly onto printer paper or use specialty sheets like photo paper for crisper images. Scale images to standard frame sizes. Use the highest print quality settings. Allow time for the ink to dry before handling.

Creative display ideas include clustering imprints in groups, propping against books/candles/greenery, mixing with store-bought pieces, framing in inexpensive craft frames, printing oversized for impact, and cutting into gift tags/ornaments.

Definitely! The best thing about DIY wall art is that it can be used year after year. Store it carefully after each Christmas, then break it back out next season. Prints make inexpensive holiday decor you can enjoy annually.


I hope these diverse Christmas printable wall art ideas have inspired you to try making your own holiday imprints this year. With so many gorgeous free art options online, you’re sure to find imprints to match your personal style. By customizing and printing your own art, you can inexpensively decorate your home with meaningful pieces full of Christmas spirit.

As you experiment with display methods and customize colors/sizes, remember there’s no wrong way to use DIY art. Even the simplest imprints give festive flair when creatively showcased. I wish you a warm, handmade holiday season surrounded by beautiful, budget-friendly wall art you personalized yourself.

Let your homemade imprints reflect the joy, nostalgia, and coziness of Christmas this year!

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