As an interior decor enthusiast with over 15 years of experience designing beautiful, inviting spaces, I’m thrilled to share my guide to Contemporary Wall Art Decor. Finding the perfect pieces to adorn your walls can elevate any room from blah to spectacular.

From abstract paintings to metal wall hangings, this comprehensive guide will explore the best stylish wall art to liven up your home. Read on with Nousdecor to learn now!

Key Takeaways

  • Canvas prints and metal wall hangings offer affordable contemporary options. Look for abstract, contemporary or geometric designs.
  • Consider wall art sizes that enhance each space, like large pieces for an open-concept living room or smaller clusters of artwork for bedrooms.
  • Wall sculptures provide unique 3D elements while canvas paintings inject color, texture, and emotion.
  • Arrange collections of contemporary art for maximum visual impact, using principles like symmetry, repetition, and contrast.
Comtemporary Wall Art Decor
Contemporary Wall Art Decor

Into Contemporary Wall Art Decor

Decorating with stylish wall art is an excellent way to add visual interest to any space. As you explore decor options like canvas prints, wall sculptures, and framed designs, focus on pieces that feel fresh, and contemporary and capture your personal approach.

I’ll walk you through how to select wall art for spaces like your living room, bedroom, and dining room to create a cohesive look that wows your guests.

Stylish Contemporary Wall Art for the Living Room

As the heart of your home, the living room deserves special wall art that captures your aesthetic. Unfortunately, many living rooms end up with generic big box store prints that lack personality. Break out of that box with these stylish living room wall art ideas like when we were exploring Westhausen’s wall art designs:

Big, Bold Canvas Prints

For living rooms with high ceilings, go big and bold with oversized canvas prints. Choose subjects like an abstract splatter design in energetic hues or a stylish architectural piece. Large-scale canvas prints make a spectacular focal point over a sofa or behind a seating area.

I especially love the dramatic look of a big black-and-white abstract print in a living room with lots of color. The high-contrast look is striking.

Geometric Metal Wall Hangings

Complement a stylish color scheme with cool geometric metal wall hangings. Metallic wall art injects shine while reinforcing a sleek stylish approach. Cluster 3-4 mid-sized metal decorative wall art on a large living room wall for instant artistic flair.

For a bit of a boho luxe approach, group round and oval metal wall hangings over a sofa. The mix of shapes puts a fresh spin on metal wall art.

Contemporary Art Collections

Build a collection of smaller stylish pieces for a living room wall art vignette that impresses guests. Combining 2-4 canvas prints, framed designs, and metal hangings on adjoining walls creates a designer look. Connect the arrangement with color or theme. Such can be used as study room wall art ideas as well!

For example, collect abstract interpretations of natural subjects like trees, leaves, or water in soothing hues of blue and green.

Contemporary Art collection
Contemporary Art Collections

Complement Bedrooms With Contemporary Accents

While the living room begs for showstopping wall art, take a more intimate approach in the bedrooms. These tips create a bedroom wall art look that’s contemporary, cozy and calming:

Framed Nature Photography

Photographic prints of serene natural scenery, like forest clearings or wave-lapped beaches, bring tranquility to a bedroom. For a stylish edge, select photos with muted color palettes and minimalist compositions.

Display prints in simple black frames on each side of the bed or cluster three coordinated pieces in varying sizes above nightstands. Waking up to calming images fosters relaxation.

Abstract Paintings

Introduce colorful dimensions with abstract painting in stylish hues. For a bedroom accent wall, hang a bright, bold canvas painting behind the bed.

Or adorn a neutral wall across from the bed with a mid-sized abstract piece in cool tones of blue and gray. Limit abstracts to one or two in a bedroom for a subtle modern vibe.

Minimalist Charcoal Drawings

Charcoal figure drawings and still-life sketches communicate an artful, modern attitude. Framed in clean, thin white or black frames, these abstract art pieces feel chic and modern.

Group three small-scale charcoal drawings together on a bedroom wall in an asymmetrical arrangement. The contrast between the matte black drawings and crisp frames excites the eye.

Dining Rooms Deserve Distinct Wall Art

Make a design statement in your dining room with these dramatic wall art ideas:

Oversized Canvas Prints

Large canvas print makes a serious approach statement behind a dining table, defining the design narrative for the whole room. For a modern edge, select an oversized abstract print in bold black and white or electrifying pops of color.

A 6-foot tall canvas print ensures your art commands attention. For open floor plans, hang the print on the living room side of the dining space to catch the eye.

Oversized Canvas Prints
Oversized Canvas Prints

Modern Metal Sculptures

Bring 3-dimensional depth to your dining space walls with modern metal sculptures. Abstract forged metal designs, futuristic pewter wall sculptures, and free-form rusted metal pieces communicate modern style.

Group sculptures in two or three together on the wall for an intriguing dimensional display. Aim for 70 inches of vertical space to allow dining room seating to populate below.

Framed Maps

Vintage-inspired framed maps infuse far-flung flair in dining rooms. For modern appeal, look for abstract or geometric map creations in bold hues. I love the look of brightly colored framed maps hanging floor-to-ceiling above a buffet or sideboard console. Maps add global appeal and make great conversation starters for dinner parties.

More Tips for Selecting Contemporary Wall Art

Beyond choosing wall art to match each room, keep these general guidelines in mind:

  • Unique wall art reflects who you are. Select pieces that make a personalized approach statement.
  • Curate an art collection with a mix of prints, paintings, drawings, and wall sculptures for visual variety.
  • Artistic wall art needs adequate breathing room – avoid cramming pieces together too closely.
  • Arrange artwork in thoughtful, balanced groupings – not scattered randomly about.
  • Neutral color palettes in artwork promote harmony and versatility within rooms.
  • Limit wall art to one or two dominant pieces per room. Less is more for modern style.

Shop West Elm’s Contemporary Finds Under $150

One of my favorite go-to sources for reasonably priced modern art is West Elm. They offer an impressive array of prints, canvases, drawings, and wall sculptures to fit any budget.

Here are some of my the finest wall art options for home decoration at West Elm Modern wall decor picks, all under $150 as artistic home decor on a budget:

  • Oversized Black and White Forest Print – Dramatic canvas print of stark birch trees. $129
  • Round Geometric Brass Inlay – Radiant metallic wall sculpture. $99
  • Set of 3 Abstract Arrow Canvas Prints – Minimalist multi-colored arrow designs. $129
  • Criss Cross Wall Sculpture – Interlocking wood starburst pattern. $149
  • Set of 3 White Framed Drawings – Delicate floral sketches. $99

Peruse West Elm’s entire modern wall decor collection to uncover more modern treasures that make stunning, affordable additions to your wall art collection.

Display Artistic Wall Decor On a Budget

Finding artistic home decor doesn’t have to drain your wallet. These savvy tips help you create a modern gallery wall on a budget:

  • Opt for affordable printable art instead of pricier original pieces. Sites like Etsy offer printable modern art ready for easy framing.
  • Check out thrift stores and flea markets for potential wall art diamonds in the rough (vintage paintings, decorative mirrors, etc.). With a little TLC, a secondhand find transforms into a modern showpiece.
  • Student art studio sales offer an opportunity to purchase original art at student prices. Ask universities and colleges about upcoming art sales.
  • Group collections of budget-friendly wall items like decorative plates or framed postcard sets together to form an artsy wall collage.
  • Display your own photography as custom wall art. Upload digital pics to print-on-demand sites for canvas prints, framed photos, and more formatted to your wall space.
Budget to purchase
Display Artistic Wall Decor On a Budget

The Art of Decorating Your Home With Wall Art

When thoughtfully curated and artfully displayed, modern wall decor transforms blank walls into captivating focal points that express your unique personality. As you explore the possibilities of canvas prints, metal hangings, framed drawings, and beyond, unleash your inner artist.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with dramatic colors, dynamic shapes, and unusual mediums to craft a personal art gallery that amazes you. The modern options are limitless – and your walls are waiting. Happy decorating!

Frequently Asked Questions

Neutral colors like black, white, gray, and tan make ideal modern color choices in artwork. These muted shades blend seamlessly into modern rooms. Feel free to inject more vibrant colors sparingly in modern prints – bright accents jazz up neutral foundations.

Expertly arranging a grouping of wall art comes down to principles of visual design. Place the largest piece of art first, then build around it adhering to principles like symmetry, gridding, repetition, and contrast. Square and rectangular pieces are typically arranged the easiest.

Oversized abstract art prints reign supreme in 2023 interiors. Bold black and white canvas prints and colorful large-scale abstract creations make a seriously stylish statement.

Curate a relaxing oasis in the bedroom with layered groupings of nature-inspired prints, float-framed photography, and minimal black-and-white drawings. Avoid jarring colors and noisy themes that disrupt sleep.

Living rooms beg for bright, eye-catching canvas prints and metal wall sculptures that draw the eye and spark conversation. Sculptural 3D wall art adds artistic flair to open-concept living spaces.


As we’ve explored, modern wall art options for every space abound. From abstract paintings to modern photography to graphic prints and beyond, artwork makes a phenomenal approach statement.

As you evaluate pieces, resist trendy gimmicks. Seek out creations that speak to your spirit – art that energizes and inspires. Curate collections slowly, allowing loved pieces to find you.

Before hanging any creation, ask yourself: “Does this art excite MY soul?” The answer should be an exuberant YES. Your home gallery reflects your essence. Let it shine for all to see.

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