After over 20 years designing wall decor and decor, I’ve learned that nothing livens up a home quite like unique, creative wall art. Whether modern abstruse prints or Christian scripture wall hangings, art adds visual interest to every space.

If you’re looking to elevate your house with stunning wall decor, look no further than the exclusive sets available from Wall Art Design Westhausen. Read on with Nousdecor to discover such now!

Key Takeaways

  • Westhausen offers a diverse range of wall decor including modern, abstract, floral, scripture, and more to suit any style.
  • Their trendy, contemporary sets feature bold prints and quality framing for contemporary appeal.
  • With expansive selections, you can look for the perfect art prints and paintings to elevate each space.
  • Westhausen wall decor rivals high-end galleries with luxury materials yet costs a fraction of the price.
  • Unique, creative designs give your house special pieces you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Fast shipping worldwide and a total satisfaction guarantee make ordering art prints and paintings worry-free.
Wall Art Design Westhausen
Wall Art Design Westhausen

Into Wall Art Design Westhausen

If your house’s interior feels lackluster or incomplete, wall decor is an easy DIY wall art decor solution. With a wide range of collections to choose from, you’re sure to look for pieces that reflect your personal style. Westhausen’s artists carefully select trendy and modern prints to inspire you. Read on to learn why Westhausen wall decor is the perfect way to give your house character.

Westhausen Has Wall Art for Every Style

Over the years, I’ve assisted countless customers in finding wall decor to match their interior design aesthetics. Westhausen makes this easy with varied sets that appeal to different tastes. Whether your style is modern, bohemian, traditional, or somewhere in between, you’ll discover striking art prints and paintings to elevate your house.

Browse selections like the Abstract and Pop Art sets for bold splashes of color in high-contrast designs. The Brushstroke and Impasto sets feature thick layers of paint in colorful textures.

For black-and-white photography lovers, check out selections like the Botanica and Flora collections. If you prefer uplifting Christian scripture wall art, Westhausen has beautiful designs worked into crosses, typography, and illustrations.

With Westhausen’s diverse range of wall art, you can decorate with confidence knowing you’ll look for pieces that align with your vision. Their artists carefully curate each collection to offer cohesive palettes and styles.

Modern and Trendy Wall Art Designs

As an interior design enthusiast, I’m always seeking modern, on-trend wall decor to keep my home looking fresh. Westhausen makes this easy by continually releasing new sets that reflect current styles and color palettes. When you shop their wall decor prints and paintings, you can be confident you’re purchasing pieces that feel contemporary and fashion-forward.

Some of my favorite modern sets from Westhausen include Geometric, Minimalism, and Line Art. These styles feel sleek and sophisticated through the use of bold lines, shapes, and negative space. I also love Westhausen’s Natura selections, like Botanica and Flora, for trendy floral and nature prints.

Beyond up-to-date styles, Westhausen uses high-quality materials and printing techniques to create wall decor that looks and feels modern. Prints on canvas have a crisp, vivid appearance, while premium wood frames add polished finishing touches.

Modern and Trendy Wall Art Designs
Modern and Trendy Wall Art Designs

Finding the Perfect Wall Art for Each Room

Decorating my home with beautiful wall decor is one of my favorite parts of interior design. I’ve learned that placing the right art in each room can take the space to the next level. Westhausen makes this easy by offering diverse wall decor to suit every space.

For living rooms, I love using large, colorful abstruse prints to instantly liven up bare walls. The Contour Noir collection is fantastic for this. For a dining room, still-life food and drink prints create an appetizing ambiance. Westhausen’s Botanica floral designs are perfect for bedroom retreats.

When decorating a home office, I lean towards typography wall art, like selections from Whimsical and Quotes, for inspiration. For a nursery, prints of children, animals, or nature create a soothing environment. Even bathrooms benefit from wall decor like Botanica leaf designs or ocean landscapes.

With Westhausen’s expansive collection, you can decorate your entire home with art that enhances each space. Their diverse prints and paintings provide countless options to reflect the purpose of every space for elevating your home with stunning wall decor.

Luxury Quality Wall Art Under $100

As a seasoned interior design professional, I’ve learned to recognize exceptional quality when I see it. Westhausen wall decor immediately impressed me with luxury-level materials and construction that rival pieces costing hundreds more. I was delighted to discover their entire collection is priced affordably under $100.

When searching for wall art, details like materials, printing quality, and framing make a big difference. Westhausen uses industry-leading printing technology to recreate artwork vividly on canvas or archive-quality paper. Their wood frames have a substantial weight and smooth finish.

I’m also impressed by the sheer size of Westhausen’s wall art, with prints ranging from small 12″x 12″ pieces to expansive 5-foot designs. The large art makes a stunning impression in any space.

For luxury wall decor at a fraction of the price, Westhausen delivers. Their combination of exceptional quality and affordable pricing makes elevating your house with beautiful art easy and attainable.

Creative, Unique Wall Art Designs

After decorating many homes over the years, I’m always seeking special pieces that feel truly unique. Westhausen’s talented artists create an exceptional selection of creative, one-of-a-kind wall decor designs to choose from.

Some of my favorite unique finds from Westhausen include their unique circular wall art designs, creative wall art with string decor, and abstruse acrylic paint pour designs. Many sets also feature original photography printed in bold close-ups for unusual perspectives.

Westhausen artists look for inspiration from varied sources like nature, architecture, textiles, and more. This diversity leads to wall decor you won’t find anywhere else. Their abstruse designs utilize shape, pattern, texture, and color for imaginative styles perfect for contemporary interiors.

If you want to decorate with art beyond typical prints and landscapes, I highly recommend exploring Westhausen’s distinctive wall art. Their creative perspective will ensure you find special pieces that elevate your house with art no one else has.

Quick and Affordable Shipping

One frustration I often encounter when shopping for wall decor is slow shipping times and excessive delivery fees. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Westhausen’s commitment to timely, affordable shipping worldwide.

After you find wall decor you love in their online shop, checkout is a breeze. Westhausen offers multiple secure payment options to complete your purchase. Orders ship free in 1-3 business days, so you’ll be enjoying your new art in no time!

Westhausen delivers outstanding shipping services around the globe. They utilize only the highest-grade packaging materials to protect your art. Their team diligently tracks orders and provides delivery updates. You can trust your art will arrive safely and quickly.

Stop waiting weeks for art to ship. Westhausen makes expanding your collection easy with prompte, fairly priced delivery worldwide.

Quick and Affordable Shipping
Quick and Affordable Shipping

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Given my years of experience in interior design, I don’t make art purchases lightly. I look closely at criteria like quality, uniqueness, and value when selecting pieces for my home and client projects. That’s why I only work with brands like Westhausen that stand behind their products.

Along with exceptional art and affordable pricing, Westhausen provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This gives you peace of mind to purchase with confidence, knowing you can return any unsatisfactory piece for a full refund or exchange.

Before shipment, Westhausen artists and quality control specialists carefully inspect each item for defects. This attention to detail results in wall decor that exceeds expectations. In the rare case of any damages or issues after delivery, Westhausen’s friendly customer service team will promptly resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction.

For an enjoyable ordering experience with no risks, shop Westhausen’s wall decor with their 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll be thrilled with the stunning pieces that arrive ready to transform your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Westhausen has an incredibly diverse selection including abstruse prints, landscape photography, typographic designs, scripture art, floral images, and more. They offer limited edition prints on canvas or paper, wood frame additions, and large statement art pieces.

Consider the purpose of each space. For living spaces, choose bold, colorful pieces like abstruse art. Dining rooms benefit from food/drink-themed prints. Bedrooms feel peaceful with floral designs. Home offices pair nicely with inspiring typographic prints.

Every Westhausen collection features exclusive designs you won’t find elsewhere. Their artists carefully curate trendy, modern styles at affordable price points. Quality materials and printing techniques result in stunning pieces rivaling premier art galleries.

Standard shipping is free and takes 1-3 business days worldwide. Expedited shipping is available for an added cost to receive your art even faster. Westhausen packages orders securely and provides delivery updates.

Westhausen offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, return your art within 30 days of delivery for a full refund or exchange. Their team will promptly resolve any issues to your complete satisfaction.


When it comes to difference-making home decor, nothing compares to stunning wall art. Westhausen makes elevating your interior design both easy and affordable. With exclusive collections full of striking prints to suit any style, you’ll discover pieces that make your house shine.

Don’t settle for lackluster bare walls. Browse Westhausen’s modern art prints and paintings today to give your house the character it deserves. Their diverse selections, quality construction, and satisfaction guarantee let you shop with confidence.

Transform your rooms with Westhausen’s one-of-a-kind wall decor designs and enjoy the reactions your beautiful home inspires.

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