Decorating your office walls with art instantly brightens up the space and boosts creativity. Whether you want to energize your corporate office or design a stylish home workspace, the right wall art transforms any room.

I’ll explain the best Office Wall Art Decor ideas, from affordable prints to handcrafted décor, that motivate your team and make clients feel welcome. You’ll also learn insider tips for curating an art collection with visual impact.

Let’s explore how to decorate office walls like an expert with Nousdecor!

Key Takeaways

  • Decorating office walls with art boosts creativity and productivity while projecting your brand style.
  • Prime locations for wall art include reception areas, conference rooms, hallways, and workspaces.
  • Popular genres include motivational quotes, abstract art, photography, vintage prints, and geometric designs.
  • Canvas, framed prints, wall panels, and original paintings make great mediums based on your budget.
  • Group pieces in odd numbers, vary sizes and shapes and hang art at eye level for pleasing arrangements.
  • Oversized statement pieces liven up large corporate office walls and lobbies.

Why Invest in Wall Art for Your Office?

Hanging art instantly gives personality to blank walls and makes a lasting impression on anyone entering your home office. Studies show that employees are 13% more productive in workspaces with art they find inspiring or relaxing. Wall art also sparks creativity, reduces stress, and builds your brand image.

For home offices, fun or inspirational décor reflects your style. Wall art displays in your remote workspace also make video calls more interesting! Whether you want to showcase bold canvases or delicate prints, artwork adds visual interest to your office.

Reasons to Invest in Wall Art For Your Office

Best Places to Hang Wall Art in Offices

When deciding where to position wall art in your office, consider these prime spots:

  • Reception Areas: Welcome guests with stunning metal or canvas prints in your lobby or waiting area. Go for large wall art decor statement pieces to make a design impact.
  • Conference Rooms: Encourage teamwork and creativity in meeting spaces with motivational quotes or colorful abstract prints.
  • Offices & Cubicles: Add personality to individual work areas with prints that align with each employee’s interests. Black and white cityscape photos offer a modern look.
  • Hallways: Line long corridors with coordinated collections of artwork. Repetition creates a high-end gallery feel.
  • Common Areas: Make breakrooms, lounges, and other shared spaces more inviting with fun prints and paintings. Vintage art print reproductions add retro flair.
  • Home Offices: Decorate the walls in your remote workspace to reflect your personality. Opt for calming nature scenes or inspirational quotes.

With so many options available, how do you choose art to dress up your office walls? Consider these top genres and mediums for an art collection that excites your team and impresses visitors.

Typography Prints

Quotes, individual letters, and inspirational words appeal to minimalist designs. Black and white prints make a statement without overwhelming a space. Add pops of color with red, yellow, or blue accents. Frame motivational phrases to encourage productivity.

Abstract Art

These non-representational pieces come in vivid hues that energize office interiors. The imaginative shapes spark creativity in employees and intrigue guests. Abstract acrylic or oil paintings lend artistic flair, while printed canvas versions fit smaller budgets.

Abstract Wall Art Style
Abstract art

Modern Photography

From city skylines to soothing beach scenes, black and white or color photos infuse offices with personality. Photos printed directly on aluminum panels or acrylic make art look suspended on walls. Capture important memories or inspire with scenic landscapes.

Vintage Art Prints

Give your office retro charm with botanical engraving reproductions or poster art from past eras. These conversation starters showcase your distinct style. Framed prints protect delicate artwork behind glass.

Geometric Prints

Make a contemporary style statement with abstract shapes and lines. Bold patterns printed on canvas or wood panes add visual interest to office walls. The repetitive motifs have an organized, on-trend look.

Best Mediums for Office Wall Art

The medium you choose impacts an artwork’s visual effect, durability, and cost. Compare the pros and cons of these top options for office art:

  • Canvases: Affordable and easy to hang, stretched canvas gives paintings a refined look. The thick texture adds dimension. Order customized sizes to fit your wall.
  • Framed Art: Protect delicate paper prints behind elegant glass wall art decor or acrylic in solid wood or metal frames. Ideal for vintage art reproductions. Go for float mounts off the wall for modern shadow effects.
  • Photography Panels: Direct print technology infuses photos into aluminum, acrylic, or wood substrates for a sleek contemporary style. Lean panels against a wall for unique displays.
  • Original Paintings: Commission one-of-a-kind hand-painted pieces to make a bold art statement. Work with artists to match your office’s color scheme.
  • Wall Decals: Reusable vinyl decals easily stick to smooth surfaces without damaging walls. An affordable way to display temporary quotes or shapes.
Best Mediums for Office Wall Art

Simple Strategies for Hanging Office Wall Art Decor

Once you’ve chosen impactful art for your office, use these tips to arrange it for maximum visual effect, unlike affordable kitchen wall art ideas:

  • Group matching pieces like series of photos or typography prints to create a coordinated gallery wall. Repeat colors or frames.
  • Vary sizes and shapes for an eclectic arrangement with canvases next to photography panels.
  • Fill awkward spaces like the area above doorways that lacks furniture.
  • Make odd number groupings for the most pleasing symmetry. Three or five pieces feel balanced.
  • Hang art at eye level so it’s easy to appreciate while sitting or standing. Position 60-66 inches up from the floor.
  • Use gallery strips or tracks to neatly line up a row of pictures or photographs. Streamlines the look.
  • Don’t overload walls; leave some negative space around the artwork to avoid clutter.
Simple Strategies for Hanging Office Wall Art Decor

Style Your Walls with Large Office Art Decor

For corporate offices and large open spaces, oversized wall art makes a dramatic impact. Look for pieces at least four feet wide to properly fill expansive walls, unlike stylish wall art for bathrooms. Add the wow factor with these ideas:

  • Abstract canvas paintings in vibrant colors energize modern offices. The bold shapes catch the eyes from across big rooms.
  • Oversized photography prints of skylines or landscapes create focal points in cavernous lobbies. Print on aluminum or acrylic for crisp definition.
  • Wall sticker murals offer affordable and repositionable giant motifs. Try botanical designs or aspirational words in entryways.
  • Framed antique maps spanning six feet or longer add old-world allure to corridors or waiting areas. Hang horizontally for the widest effect.

No matter your office’s size or layout, a thoughtfully curated art collection boosts creativity and leaves lasting positive impressions. Just follow these tips for art arrangement and strategically fill empty wall space.

With inspiring imprints or originals reflecting your brand identity, you can increase productivity and showcase your organization’s unique style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prime spots include reception areas to impress guests, conference rooms to encourage creativity, lobbies for bold statements, hallways to fill awkward spaces, and individual workstations to showcase personality.

It depends on your office’s existing color palette. Vibrant art energizes spaces with neutral furnishings. In colorful rooms, black and white or muted art creates balance.

Consider your industry and brand identity. Photography studios may feature cityscape imprints while tech companies hang modern graphic art. Law offices could display vintage botanical imprints for a traditional look.

Canvases offer an affordable solution compared to original art. Order customized sizes to fit your wall dimensions. Or opt for inexpensive but impactful wall decals in motivational quotes or shapes.

Framed imprints appear more polished and protect delicate paper imprints. Float mounts off the wall create modern shadow effects. Unframed canvas adds casual texture. Photos printed directly on panels don’t require framing.


Making drab office walls come alive with inspiring artwork benefits companies and remote workers. Carefully selected paintings, imprints, photographs, or sculptures reflect your brand’s vision while sparking employee creativity.

Arrange eye-catching art collections by following interior design principles for placement. Invest in bold custom canvases or hand-painted originals for lasting visual impact.

With these tips for the finest wall decorations for homes, you’ll create workspaces that impress clients and give your team creative energy.

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