Over my many years designing home interiors, I’ve found that Wall Art String Decor offers an easy yet dramatic way to elevate any place. In this Nousdecor article, I’ll share my top tips, ideas, and budget-friendly options to help you makeover your walls with beautiful strand art.

Key Takeaways

  • String art allows you to easily create customized, contemporary wall art for any place.
  • Geometric, mandala, silhouette, and map designs provide beautiful abstract options.
  • Affordable woven, nail art, and patterned pieces offer quick decor upgrades.
  • Texture, color, framing, and placement are key factors for making strand art stand out.
  • String art works wonderfully in any room from living rooms to bathrooms.
Wall Art String Decor
Wall Art String Decor

Why Choose Wall Art String Decor

String art allows you to create stunning geometric or abstract designs on your walls without professional art skills. By hammering nails into a board and stretching a string between them, you can form shapes like Mandalas, tree silhouettes, or abstract patterns. String art has a contemporary yet nostalgic feel that works in any room.

Compared to canvases or prints, strand art offers a textured, 3D element to your decor. The interlacing designs cast striking shadows on the wall that change throughout the day. String art also allows you to customize pieces to your exact wall space and decor style.

Top String Art Wall Decor Ideas

Here are some of my favorite strand art wall decor ideas to inspire your place:

Geometric and Mandala Designs

  • Mandala wall art using metallic thread or neon colors makes a bold statement. Keep symmetrical circular patterns simple or complex.
  • Geometric strand art like diamonds, triangles, hexagons, and lines have a modern sensibility. Mix metallic and natural strings.
  • Use mathematical shapes like pentagons, octagons, and Pythagorean trees for an intellectual vibe.

Silhouettes and Shadow Boxes

  • Tree silhouette strand art brings peaceful nature vibes indoors. Use twisted branches or bare winter trees.
  • Create a minimalist look with abstract animal silhouettes like birds, deer, or butterflies.
  • Shadow box frames filled with strand art add depth off the wall. Choose your favorite lyrics, verses, or mantras to display.

Maps and Scenes

  • Use push pins and thread to outline state or world maps for a travel-inspired look.
  • Depict landscapes like mountain ranges, forests, beaches, or night skies.
  • Collage string into scenes like flowers in a vase or a beach sunset.
Maps and Scenes
Maps and Scenes

Beautiful and Budget-Friendly String Art Options

While you can easily DIY strand art at home, you can also buy stunning premade pieces that won’t break the bank. Here are some of my favorite budget-friendly decor options for walls:

  • Macrame wall hangings offer bohemian flair with woven designs using chunky woven threads. Opt for a wall hanging with an earthy or neutral palette for a natural vibe.
  • Dream catcher or yarn art pieces harness rainbow colors or natural fibers for a playful pop. The woven textures complement the wall textures.
  • Nail art tree pieces like this birch tree design provide an organic feel with the repeated circle motif. Great for bedroom or dining spaces.
  • Patterned boards like this chevron piece add visual interest through bold shapes and lines. The wooden background keeps it natural.

Design Tips for Strings Art Wall Decor

When planning your strand art wall decor, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose a wall with texture for the strings and nails to stand out against. Brick, shiplap, or wood panels work well.
  • Place strand art behind furnishings like sofas or beds so the shadows stand out.
  • For small wall spaces, opt for mini abstract designs or framed pieces.
  • Use strand art to highlight architectural details like niches, corners, and dormers.
  • Incorporate colors from surrounding decor like pillows, furniture, stylish Mr & Mrs wall art pieces, Christian wall art decor, or rugs.
  • Frame with wood boards or floating picture ledges to finish the look.

Clever Ways to Hang String Art

Proper hanging is key for strand art to shine. Here are creative ideas:

  • Use wire or hook hardware on the back designed for each piece’s weight.
  • Hang strand art with nails or command strips for easy adjustability.
  • For geometric boards, lean against the wall or hang sideways or diagonally.
  • Mount modular acrylic nail and thread displays for quick art changes.
  • Hang from the ceiling with a fishing line to float strand art in midair.

Top Rooms for String Wall Art Decor

String art offers versatile designs that work beautifully in any room:

  • Living Rooms: Create a modern art gallery on your accent wall with repeated macrame hangings or framed abstracts.
  • Bedrooms: Minimalist nature silhouettes, mandalas, and geometric shapes encourage relaxation.
  • Bathrooms: Watercolor-inspired scenes or organic shapes complement spa vibes with contemporary bathroom wall art ideas.
  • Kitchens: Framed shadow boxes with inspiring quotes or lyrics boost creativity while cooking.
  • Offices: Opt for designs with bold shapes and colors to keep you energized and inspired.
  • Kid’s Rooms: Fun, colorful shapes like stars, rainbows or animals spark creativity.
Top Rooms for String Wall Art Decor
Wall art in Living Room

Frequently Asked Questions

Some popular strand art techniques include woven wall hangings like dreamcatchers or macrame, nail and thread silhouettes, threaded shadow boxes, patterned boards with shapes, and geometric thread designs on canvas or wood.

For the string and nail details to stand out, hang strand art on walls with visible texture like exposed brick, shiplap wood, concrete, or wood panels.

Some current favorite strand art trends include abstract line designs, nature silhouettes like trees, tribal-inspired macrame wall hangings, and multi-colored boho chic pieces.

Use hardware like hooks or wires that can support the weight of each strand art piece. Command strips allow you to easily adjust pieces until they are positioned perfectly. Floating ledges also beautifully frame wall-mounted strand art.

String art works well in any room depending on your decor style! From modern living rooms to kid’s rooms, strand art makes a statement and sparks conversations. Place appropriately sized pieces in entryways, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, patios, and more.


With endless options for shapes, materials, textures, and designs, strand art offers an artistic DIY opportunity to makeover your wall decor. Abstract patterns, natural silhouettes, and geometric shapes work in any room.

While you can certainly make your own, beautiful premade string wall art decor pieces make elevating your place easy. With the right placement and framing, strand art creates ambiance, interest, and conversation.

I hope these tips and ideas of exquisite wall art choices for home interiors inspired you to give strand art a try in your home’s interiors and decor. Which style would you love to see on your own walls?

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