Home decor speaks volumes about who you are. The right pieces turn a house into a home by adding personality, stories, and style. Wall art is one of the easiest ways to make a big decor impact in any room.

With so many options from rustic to modern, traditional to trendy, you can find beautiful Mr And Mrs Wall Art Decor to match your taste and style. Read on with Nousdecor to find out!

Key Takeaways

  • Wall art like wooden signs, canvas prints, and wall decals allows you to customize rooms with your married style.
  • Get creative with placement, orientation, lighting, and layering to highlight new Mr and Mrs pieces.
  • Look for unique designs like unique coffee-themed wall art mugs, silhouettes, or cutout shapes for distinctive style.
  • Use wall art to decorate for special hosting events like weddings, anniversaries, and holidays.
  • When shopping, read reviews, compare prices, and check shipping to find the best fit for your space and budget.
Mr And Mrs Wall Art Decor
Mr And Mrs Wall Art Decor

Types of Mr and Mrs Wall Art Decor to Liven Up Your Space

From fun phrases to romantic scenes, wall art with Mr and Mrs offers a unique way to decorate as a couple. Here are some top choices to consider for such creative wall decor ideas for your home:

  • Wooden Signs: Handmade wooden signs with distressed finishes add vintage charm along with the Mr and Mrs names and wedding date. Hang over the bed in the master bedroom for a focal point.
  • Canvas Prints: Oversized canvas prints of black and white portraits make a chic modern statement. Print custom photos for a meaningful personal touch.
  • Wall Stickers: Removable wall decals allow you to decorate without damaging walls. Opt for vinyl phrases like “Mr Right and Mrs Always Right” for a playful vibe.
  • Framed Art: Choose classic framed prints showcasing monograms with your initials or silhouette portraits for timeless sophistication.
  • Metal Wall Art: Rustic coastal metal wall art decor brings unique personality into the bedroom or living room. Mix materials like wood and metal for visual interest.

Creative Ways to Show Off Your Mr and Mrs Style

Once you’ve selected the perfect focal piece, it’s time to decorate the rest of the space. Use these tips to highlight your new wall decor in any room:

  • Hang over the bed or sofa to instantly become the master bedroom or living room’s centerpiece. Size it to fit the wall – large wall art makes the biggest impact (see large wall art size guidelines).
  • Add matching decorative wall decals or phrases to coordinate. For example, put “Mr” and “Mrs” signs flanking your main piece.
  • Incorporate touches like pillows, throws, and accent decor like table lamps or curtains in the same color palette. This unifies the look.
  • Play with shape and orientation. Wood signs can go horizontally over a bed or vertically on another wall for versatility.
  • Light it up with mounted sconce lights or picture lights. This draws the eye to your new wall decor.
  • Layer in additional wall hangings like floating shelves, macrame wall hangings, or photo galleries around the central Mr and Mrs art.
Hang over the bed
Hang over the bed

Unique Wall Decor Finds for Mr and Mrs Decor

Looking for distinctive Mr and Mrs wall art ideas that go beyond the expected? Here are some of my favorite finds:

  • A set of coffee-themed wall art with a “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right” coffee mug design for java lovers.
  • Pop art style canvas prints of cartoon style brides and grooms for a playful, modern look.
  • A personalized wooden sign with your wedding location cutout shape and engraved names and date.
  • A black and white poster print of a bride and groom’s legs and shoes for an artistic take.
  • Framed art displaying stylized silhouette profiles of a man and woman facing each other.
  • Rustic metal Mr and Mrs name cutouts with backlighting to create eye-catching wall shadows.

Decorating for Big Events with Mr and Mrs Style

Wall decor displaying your married status can be the perfect addition when prepping for special hosting events or creating memorable spaces. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Hang wood signs with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” outside your front door to greet wedding guests.
  • Use customized canvas prints with your names and wedding date to decorate for anniversary parties.
  • Add a wall decal with your initials inside a heart for a romantic Valentine’s Day soiree.
  • Display trendy neon light signs with your names at a housewarming bash.
  • Spell out “Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s First Christmas” in decorative letter wall decals for the holidays.
  • Hang a poster of your silhouettes behind the head table at your reception.

The possibilities are endless when creating signature Mr and Mrs wall art displays. Have fun telling your shared style story through creative designs and memorable placements.

Decorating for Big Events with Mr and Mrs Style
Decorating for Big Events with Mr and Mrs Style

Your Guide: Finding the Perfect Mr and Mrs Wall Decor

Ready to start shopping for the perfect pieces to decorate your home? Keep these tips in mind for success:

  • Search on marketplaces like Etsy for one-of-a-kind handmade wall decor from independent artists.
  • Sort by price low-to-high if working with a budget. Many affordable prints and decals offer great style.
  • Read customer reviews and check out real photos to evaluate quality before buying.
  • Look at the size dimensions and make sure your desired piece will fit the intended wall space.
  • Opt for easily removable wall decals if you can’t make holes or hammer nails where you want to decorate.
  • Shop on trusted sites like Wayfair and support small business owners on Facebook and Pinterest for unique finds.
  • Filter by your personal style keywords like “modern” or “rustic” to see options that match your vibe.
  • Check the shipping and delivery date so your new art arrives on time for upcoming events.
  • Take advantage of sales and free shipping around holidays to get the best deals on your purchase.

The right Mr and Mrs wall decor can take any bare wall from blah to beautiful by infusing personal style. With some planning and smart shopping, you can find the perfect pieces to make your home decor vision a reality. Get ready to express your life and love on display!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some top themes include wedding dates, initials inside hearts, “Mr Right & Mrs Always Right” quotes, silhouette profiles, and coordinates or maps of your wedding location.

The master bedroom and living room are classic choices. You can also display it in entryways, dining rooms, home offices, or above your bed if you live in a studio apartment.

Affordable options include small wood signs, removable wall decals, and prints. Search sales, filter by low prices and opt for minimalist designs to save money.

Milestone wedding anniversaries like the 10th or 25th are perfect for upgraded wall decor pieces. Canvas prints of your wedding photo or custom art with your names in a fresh, modern style make meaningful gifts.

You can group pieces together over a bed or sofa for impact or mix them up in different spots around a room. Get creative with configurations that fit your personality and floor plan.


Wall decor displaying your shared married style opens up endless possibilities for home decor. Mr and Mrs pieces like wood signs, wall decals, canvas prints, and framed art allow you to tell your love story while customizing your space.

Use smart shopping strategies to find special artwork to showcase your personality. Then get creative with display placements and design accents to highlight your new pieces.

Let your home decor reflect the unique character of your relationship with personalized, artistic Mr and Mrs wall art.

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