Looking for new ways to decorate your home’s walls? Home Decorating Wall Art adds personality, visual interest, and style to any room. As you search for the perfect pieces, keep your decorating goals and style in mind. The right wall decor can transform the look and feel of your home decor.

Thus, read on with me and Nousdecor to discover everything you need to know!

Key Takeaways of Home Decorating Wall Art

  • Consider your decor style, wall size, lighting, and desired mood when choosing wall art.
  • Use the proper hardware and measure correctly to hang wall decor straight.
  • Explore popular options like canvas prints, photos, mirrors, wall decals and more.
  • Tailor wall art and wall mountings to suit each room’s purpose and approach.
  • Carefully arranged gallery screens display a collection creatively.

As an experienced home decorator, I’ve helped many clients find beautiful and meaningful wall decorations that suit their personal tastes. Here are my tips for choosing and displaying stunning artwork that makes your walls come alive.

Home Decorating Wall Art
Home Decorating Wall Art

Choosing Wall Decor Ideas That Fit Your Style

Before shopping for wall art, examine your existing decor and identify your approach. Are you drawn to modern and geometric designs or traditional landscapes and still lifes? Do you prefer colorful abstracts or neutral prints? Defining your aesthetic will help you select pieces that work seamlessly together.

Also, consider the room’s purpose. For example, energizing minimalist modern art may suit a home office better than antique serene scenes. Think about the overall mood you want to create as well. Tranquil nature photography helps bedrooms feel peaceful and relaxing.

No matter your style, look for high-quality wall art that uses durable materials like artistic wooden wall sculptures for home, metal, or thick affordable canvas artwork. Pieces made from flimsy paper or plastic will deteriorate quickly. Always check product descriptions and reviews.

Choosing the Right Size Wall Décor

To pick artwork with an appropriate scale, measure your wall first. Small home décor pieces get lost on large, open walls. For impact, look for wall art and decor wall mountings that are at least two-thirds the width of your wall. Large statement pieces also suit entryways and main living spaces.

For narrow accent walls, clustered groupings of small to medium pictures work better than one massive piece. Include a variety of sizes and shapes for interest. Floating shelves beautifully showcase collections of cherished objects.

Remember to account for the size of the furniture too. Wall décor should harmonize with—not overwhelm—nearby sofas, beds, and cabinets. Leave enough breathing room around the furniture.

For info about frame sizes, check out our article on exploring wall art frame size options now!

Lighting Sets the Mood for Your Decorative Wall

Before hanging artwork, study how light hits your wall throughout the day. Wall art looks best when ample natural light illuminates it. East- and west-facing walls get beautiful morning and afternoon sun.

For solid color pieces, indirect natural light is ideal. Direct sunlight can make hues look washed out. Experiment with track lighting or picture lights to highlight details in intricate paintings or photography.

At night, strategically placed lamps cast a warm glow on wall art to draw attention. For a dramatic look, install sconces or spotlights. Just avoid placing glare directly on the art.

Hanging Wall Decor Straight and Secure

Measuring correctly makes all the difference when hanging wall art and decor. Nothing ruins the look of beautiful pieces like crooked frames or canvases. Follow these steps for expertly placed décor:

  1. Determine your ideal wall art placement and mark the center with a pencil. Account for furniture and windows.
  2. Measure the width of your piece. Mark points evenly spaced from the center to align its edges.
  3. Use a level to ensure your marks are perfectly horizontal. Double-check measurements.
  4. Insert hardware like nails, hooks, or mounting tape. Follow any special hardware instructions.
  5. Mount your artwork or wall decorations gently. Stand back and adjust until straight.

When arranging multiple pieces, map out the entire grouping before drilling any holes. Play with the layout before committing. Hang the largest “anchor” piece first, then build out symmetrically from there.

Creative Wall Decor Ideas for Every Room

From the living room to the bathroom, wall art personalizes your home. Tailor your pieces to both the room’s function and your decorating goals. Here are stylish ways to accessorize key spaces:

Living Room Wall Decor

As the heart of your home, the living room deserves special attention. Choose meaningful wall hangings that reflect your personality and passions. Frame favorite inspirational quotes or poetry for an uplifting touch. Introduce brighter colors and playful motifs to energize the mood.

Group nostalgic black and white family photos for an instant sentimental gallery screen. Opt for large, distinctive canvas prints that grab attention without cluttering the clean lines of mid-century furniture.

Living Room Wall Decor
Living Room Wall Decor

Bedroom Wall Art

Your personal sanctuary deserves tranquil wall art that promotes relaxation and harmony. Try a soft abstract painting in soothing neutrals and pastels. Radiant metallic finishes add subtle sparkle to bedrooms.

Photographic prints of serene nature scenes evoke a peaceful cabin-in-the-woods vibe. For romantics, showcase treasured love letters or wedding photos in ornate frames.

Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchens present a fun opportunity to express your passions through food-inspired wall art. Display glossy prints of fruits, vegetables, or Instagrammable brunches. Frame retro recipe pages or tea towels for a kitschy cottage look.

Add rustic charm with distressed wood wall signs or shelving to display cookbooks and cherished pots. Just avoid the canvas above the stoves where grease may splatter. Save that prime real estate for open shelving to stow ingredients within reach.

Home Office Wall Decor

Surround yourself with art that boosts creativity and productivity as you work from home. Choose bold abstract designs and vibrant colors to energize your focus. Print inspirational quotes or productivity mantras for an instant mood lift.

Display travel mementos like maps, postcards, or cultural textiles to “transport” you around the world. Frame professional certificates and diplomas to keep your big accomplishments top of mind.

When you have a trove of special wall art, photos, mirrors, or other treasures, a gallery screen beautifully shows them off. Follow these tips for flawless execution:

  • Hang your tallest pieces first to anchor the arrangement. Cluster smaller items around them.
  • Aim for variety in sizes, shapes, frames, and subjects. Mix different orientations.
  • Map out the layout with removable adhesive putty first. Stand back to tweak the composition.
  • Place similar items in vertical columns spaced evenly across the wall.
  • Step pieces down incrementally from large to small as you move down or across.

With thoughtful planning and quality supplies, your new wall decorations make a stylish statement in any room. Define your aesthetic, find meaning and inspiration, and decorate with confidence. Surround yourself with pieces that tell your unique story.

Arranging Collections with Gallery Walls
Arranging Collections with Gallery Walls

Frequently Asked Questions

Some budget-friendly ideas for large wall art dimensions include canvas prints, photo collages, framed maps, and removable wall decals or murals. Check sites like Etsy for handmade art at lower price points.

Command strips, removable mounting putty, and wire/hook systems allow you to securely hang wall art without nails or other permanent hardware. These are great options for renters and those concerned about wall damage.

Hanging wall art centered above the headboard provides balance. For more visual interest, create an evenly spaced grid of multiple pieces of varying sizes. Be sure to leave some breathing room between the art and bed frame.

Water-resistant materials like metal wall art, canvases, ceramics, and laminated prints handle bathroom humidity best. Avoid paper and natural fiber pieces that could warp or disintegrate.

For large statement walls, try creating an abstract mosaic with framed art prints and other decor in coordinating hues. Or make a budget-friendly gallery screen with a mix of thrift/ flea market finds. Removable wallpaper or decals add a big visual impact too.


Decorating your home with beautiful, meaningful wall art is one of the most rewarding DIY projects. Take your time, get creative, and tailor your pieces to your personality, passions, and interior approach. The right artwork can utterly transform a blank wall into your favorite space.

With the guidance above for choosing prime wall art recommendations and how to hang them properly, you’ll love the stylish flair it adds to any room.

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