Looking to spice up your home decor? Canvas Wall Art Decor is an easy and affordable way to add personality and visual interest to any room. As a long-time interior decorator, I’m obsessed with finding unique printed canvases to give spaces that “wow” factor.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll explore why coarse art is made for your living room, bedroom, home office, and beyond. I’ll compare sizes, styles, and subjects so you can find the perfect pieces to make your home pop.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways of Canvas Wall Art Decor

  • Canvas art wall decor adds color, texture, and personality to bare walls at an affordable price point
  • Sizes range from small accent pieces to large statement-making focal points
  • Subject matter like abstract, botanical, photography, and more allows for diverse, customized looks
  • Placement, groupings, and wall space can all impact the look and feel coarse art provides
  • Properly caring for canvas pieces ensures they remain vibrant for years to come
Canvas Wall Art Decor
Canvas Wall Art Decor

Comparing Sizes of Wall Art Pieces

One of the first decisions to make is to compare the sizes of wall art pieces that you want. Do you want a massive showstopping piece over your sofa? Or a cluster of smaller prints to layer patterns and color? Scale impacts both aesthetic appeal and cost.

Here’s an overview of common canvas wall art sizes:

Canvas SizeBest Placement
Small (12″ x 16″, 16″ x 20″, 20″ x 20″)Tight spaces like apartments, hallways, and bathrooms
Medium (24″ x 36″, 30″ x 40″)Above furniture like beds, buffets, and sideboards
Oversized (48″ x 60″, 60″ x 90″)Above fireplaces or sectionals in spaces with ample wall space
Panoramic (30″ x 96″, 40″ x 60″)Awkward spaces like stairwells, hallways, and behind sofas
Multi-Piece (Set of 3, Set of 4)Clustered salon-style galleries

I recommend measuring your wall and envisioning each size of canvas in the space before purchasing. This helps ensure the scale feels right visually. And don’t be afraid to mix sizes for lots of layered interest! That’s how you can determine the ideal sizes for wall decor!

Determining Ideal Styles and Subjects for Your Canvas Wall Art

Beyond size, choosing a style and subject is key for infusing personality into your home through coarse art decor. Abstract styles and neutral palettes typically suit the widest range of decors for their versatility. But don’t shy away from selecting art you love that matches your unique taste! Here are some common canvas wall art genres and subjects to consider:

  • Abstract: Painterly swirls, geometrics, blended color fields. Universal and modern.
  • Floral/Botanical: Bouquets, wreaths, branches, leaves and blooms. Fresh and lively.
  • Landscape: Sky, mountains, forests, fields, beaches. Natural and serene.
  • Cityscape: Skylines, architecture, streets, landmarks. Urban and energetic.
  • Coastal/ Nautical: Beaches, boats, lighthouses, maps. Relaxed and breezy (see coastal decor for your walls).
  • Photography: Black and white city scenes, landscapes, objects. Artistic and moody.
  • Pop Culture: Music, movies, sports, celebrity figures. Youthful and fun.
  • Inspirational Quotes: Bible verses, poetry, words of wisdom. Meaningful and motivating.
  • Personal Photos: Printed canvases of your own pics to customize. Sentimental and heartfelt.
  • Monograms: Oversized initial letters or name displays. Chic and personalized.

Let the existing palette and vibe of your space guide you. A bright floral canvas will give an all-neutral room a cheery lift. Black and white city photos suit modern masculine spaces. In a kid’s room, opt for playful pop culture art. And nothing feels more special than turning precious personal photos into custom canvas keepsakes.

Premier Home Decor Choices for Canvas Wall Art

Now let’s explore some of my premier home wall decor choices to integrate coarse art for premier home decor. These options make smart use of captivating printed canvases to enhance any room’s ambiance and style.


Make a stellar first impression in your entryway with a bold oversized canvas print. Black and white abstract styles have an elegant, gallery-like feel. For more color, try a multicolored modern botanical or floral piece.

Living Rooms

Your living room is the heart of the home, so give it personality with coarse art arranged above your sofa. Cluster square 20″ x 20″ prints for an eclectic gallery wall, or opt for one panoramic canvas stretched horizontally.

Dining Rooms

Make mealtimes more inspiring with some amazing coarse art in the dining room. Long skinny pieces fit nicely on the often-awkward wall space between built-ins. Or float a rectangular canvas above your table or buffet.

Dining Rooms
Dining Rooms


You spend a third of your life in the bedroom, so surround yourself with calming canvas art. Neutral printed canvases promote relaxation. For inspiration, hang a meaningful quote like “Faith. Hope. Love.” above your bed.

Home Offices

Studies and home offices beg for some energizing artwork. Choose bold colorful printed canvases or black-and-white city photos. For Zoom calls, hang a canvas with an inspiring message behind your desk chair.


The humidity and smaller size of most bathrooms call for smart coarse art choices. Try smaller 12″ x 16″ printed canvases or wooden box frames. Abstracts, leafy botanicals, or coastal scenes suit the soothing, spa-like mood.


Canvas art injects personality into the often strictly utilitarian kitchen. Perk up blank upper cabinets by hanging a row of square 20″ x 20″ prints. Floral, fruit, and coffee themes all fit the kitchen vibe.


Get your baby’s nursery decor off to a stylish start with cute printed canvases. Opt for unframed stretcher canvases as a safer choice, then hang sweet prints like ABC, animals, or hot air balloons over the crib.

The options are endless! And coarse art suits any decor style from modern to traditional to boho. Just be sure to choose prints and colors that complement your existing furnishings and finishes.


Display Tips for Showcasing Canvas Wall Art

Now that you’ve selected stunning coarse art prints that speak to you, it’s time to artfully display them in your home. Here are my pro tips for showcasing canvas pieces to perfection:

  • Lighting: Position coarse art in well-lit areas and away from direct sunlight to allow details to shine. Illuminate with track lighting or picture lights.
  • Groupings: Gather canvases of varying sizes and subjects to create an eye-catching salon-style gallery wall display.
  • Spacing: Leave at least 6 inches between the edges of canvas frames when grouping multiple pieces.
  • Arrangement: Build a composition that has visual flow and balance. Place bolder prints amongst calmer ones.
  • Height: Hang coarse art so the center sits 57-60 inches above the floor. Adjust up or down depending on ceiling height.
  • Anchors: Use sturdy hardware like D-rings and wire to securely attach canvas pieces. Nails and hooks can damage frames.
  • Patch Holes: Fill any holes and touch up paint on the wall before hanging new coarse art to keep walls looking crisp.

With thoughtful lighting, smart mixing and matching, and proper hanging height, you can showcase printed canvases in any room to stylish perfection. They instantly enliven empty walls with color, interest, and personality.

Caring for Your Canvas Wall Art Investments

I always recommend investing in quality thick-stretched canvas with a protective coating to last for decades. With proper care, your coarse art will remain vibrant and minimize fading, yellowing, and cracking over time. Here are my top tips for keeping printed canvases looking their best:

  • Avoid direct sunlight which can cause fading. Use curtains or blinds in rooms with ample sun.
  • Clean gently with a soft microfiber cloth and mild soap and water to remove dust.
  • For stains, use an art-safe cleaner and gently dab. Never rub the canvas surface.
  • Maintain moderate temperature and humidity in your home between 60-80 degrees F.
  • Check backings and hardware every couple of years and re-tighten or replace if needed.
  • Consider professionally cleaning every 8-10 years to remove embedded dirt and renew coatings.

With occasional cleaning, protection from harsh lighting, and checking mounting hardware, coarse art can adorn your walls looking vibrant for decades to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

With canvas art, you get customizable, museum-quality pieces at affordable prices. Canvas looks modern and adds rich color and texture to any room. Prints come in endless sizes and subject options to match your style. They are easy to hang, reusable, and travel well to future homes.

Canvas provides a comparable look to framed prints for less cost. Unframed canvas is more modern and lightweight. Framed art has a more polished, traditional look. Canvas is more durable while frames can chip and need re-assembling after moves.

Start by measuring your space and mapping an arrangement. Mix canvas sizes and subjects for lots of variety. Level the canvas tops and evenly space edges at least 6 inches apart. Group similar tones and styles. Add dramatic focal points amongst calmer prints.

Always use D-rings and wire on the back to evenly distribute weight and prevent sagging. For most canvases under 40 pounds, anchor into studs with screw eyes or hooks. Use anchors for drywall without studs. Center canvas so wire mounts at about 57-60 inches high.

Gently remove dust every few months using a microfiber cloth. For stains, dip a soft brush into mild soap and water and gently roll (don’t rub) over the mark. immediately dry with a clean cloth. Avoid direct sunlight and excessive moisture to prevent damage.


If you’re seeking affordable, modern art to make your home stand out, printed canvases are a fantastic option. With custom sizes and subjects available at reasonable prices, you can easily infuse any space with color, texture, and personality.

Arrange canvas collections salon-style or pick that perfect oversized showstopper piece. Then display your new artwork using my pro tips for proper lighting, anchoring, and positioning.

With quality coarse art adorning your walls, you can enjoy a gallery-worthy look without the hefty price tag or pretentiousness. So give those bare walls a stylish makeover with the fun, personalized possibilities of canvas art!

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