Welcome to my guide on everything related to Coastal Wall Art Decor! As someone who has decorated beach cottages and coastal homes for over a decade, I’m excited to share my tips, recommendations, and ideas to help you create the perfect beach or nautical-themed space.

In this comprehensive Nousdecor article, we’ll explore popular coastal wall art styles, materials, sizes, and placement ideas to take your space from drab to beach fab.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways of Coastal Wall Art Decor

  • Metal art, driftwood, and canvas prints work well for coastal wall decor.
  • Display walls with a mix of wall art sizes and frames create an eye-catching feature.
  • Place anchor wall hangings and ship wheels in living rooms or bedrooms.
  • Mix beach prints, maps, mirrors, and 3D art for a coastal collage wall.
  • Large statement pieces like metal suns or driftwood work over sofas or beds.
  • Opt for breezy rustic woven wall art decor or rattan wall hangings in beach cottages.

As someone who has decorated many beach houses and coastal cottages, I’ve learned that wall art can make or break the theme. The right pieces transport you straight to the shoreline, while the wrong ones will leave your space looking like a generic video still from a cruise ship commercial.

But have no fear – with some strategic tips and stylish selections, you can easily incorporate coastal wall decor that completes your aesthetic.

Coastal Wall Art Decor
Coastal Wall Art Decor

The Best Materials for Coastal Wall Decor

When it comes to materials, you’ll want to opt for anything that evokes the textures and colors of the beach. Here are some of my favorite options for your exquisite wall art picks:

Metal Art

Incorporating metal art into your wall design with metal wall hangings with shapes like suns, starfish, seashells, and anchors are classic nautical picks. I especially love incorporating metal wall art into bedroom accent walls or above living room sofas. The sheen plays nicely off natural woven textures.


For organic coastal style, you can’t go wrong with real driftwood pieces. Whether you DIY beach house decor or buy pre-made driftwood wall hangings, it brings beautiful raw texture indoors. I like to use extra large driftwood above beds or sectionals for major impact.

Canvas Prints

Go for beach scenes, ocean vistas, maps, or surf imagery printed on canvas for an easy art option. Gallery wrap canvas with thicker sides looks more high-end than paper posters. Anchor canvas prints by the entryway or do a coastal exhibit wall with different sizes.

Woven Decor

Decorative woven wall hangings immediately evoke a breezy beach cottage style. From rattan letters spelling out “SEASIDE” to colorful woven wall art made from strips of rope, it’s lightweight and casual. Use woven decor in kitchens, bedrooms, and living spaces.

Woven Decor
Woven Decor


You can find affordable beach paintings or commission local artists to do custom pieces featuring seascapes, sand dunes, sailing scenes, and more. Nautical themes rendered in soft, muted colors feel refined yet relaxed in living rooms.

Prints and Signs

Fill spare spaces with inexpensive prints or reclaimed wood signs that say things like “Life’s Better at the Beach,” “Salty Dog,” or the geographic coordinates of a favorite coastal spot. I love to use small 8″ x 10″ prints for DIY beach house wall art.

Best Coastal Wall Decor by Room

Now let’s explore some of my favorite ways to incorporate coastal wall art based on the room:

Living Room

The living room is a great spot to make a bold nautical statement. Try layering different sizes of frames filled with beach prints, maps, and photos above the sofa for a coastal collage wall. Or pick an oversized anchor, ship wheel, or driftwood wall hanging as the main focal point.

For smaller living rooms, hang three matching canvas prints depicting beach scenes. The uniform look keeps things crisp but still beachy.


In beach house kitchens, I love to incorporate reclaimed wood signs or plaques on the walls with fun food-inspired sayings like “Eat Beach Sleep Repeat.” For a pop of color, use bright prints of seashells, coral, or ocean creatures like starfish above the stove or sink.

A large metal sun or metal palm tree makes a sunny statement over the eat-in kitchen table. Or spell out coastal phrases with separate letter-shaped woven wall art.


Don’t be afraid to go big when picking the bedroom’s coastal centerpiece. A giant piece of driftwood or extra large metal wall art like a starfish, whale tail, or abstract wave looks stunning over the headboard.

For beach cottage style, I love doing a casual gallery wall with a mix of beachy elements like mirrors, frames, oars, and small decorative wall hangings. The mix of sizes, shapes, and textures feels cozy and unique.



In small beach bathroom spaces, a framed nautical vintage print or round porthole mirror adds just the right dose of coastal charm over the vanity.

For spa-like baths, try three tall matching canvas prints of sea glass in soothing blue and green tones. The coordinated set keeps things tranquil.


Make a great first impression with entryway wall decor that instantly conveys your coastal style. Some simple ideas include:

  • A reclaimed wood sign on the wall that says “Welcome” or “Come in, the water’s fine!”
  • Wall hooks shaped like anchors, whales, starfish, or seashells for function + style.
  • A small collection of vintage coastal postcards or nautical maps under glass.

Even a minor entryway vignette will greet guests with seaside flair.

Creative Coastal Wall Art Ideas

Ready to dive into some creative ways to display your coastal finds beyond basic frames and hooks? Here are a few artistic approaches:

  • Woven letters or words: Take single rattan letters or cut-out words and mount them in creative shapes, like winding across the wall or clustering in groups.
  • Shadowboxes: For a neat way to show off small coastal trinkets, mount a deep shadowbox on the wall for displaying sand dollars, sea glass, shells or other finds.
  • Photo Ladder: Hang a small wooden ladder horizontally and clip printed photos, postcards, or even clipped magazine pages for a crafty coastal collage.
  • Grouped portholes: Gather a few vintage-looking round porthole mirrors/frames and arrange them in an asymmetrical cluster on one wall for instant nautical style.
  • Driftwood sailboats: Construct sweet little sailboats out of small driftwood pieces and miniature shells. Mount them “sailing” diagonally across a bare wall for charming DIY art.

The options are endless when you start thinking outside the basic frame. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make bold statements!

Display Tips for Maximum Visual Impact

To make the most of your coastal finds, keep these general display tips in mind:

  • Mix up sizes, textures, colors, and frame styles for gallery walls with visual interest.
  • Layer larger statement pieces (like metal suns or driftwood) over smaller prints and accessories.
  • Angle canvases, signs, sconces, or other wall objects for a less static look.
  • Incorporate wall shelves or ledges to showcase 3D objects like urns, shells, or pottery.
  • Take decor outside the frame. Mount oars horizontally, or display nets, buoys, and lobster traps on the wall.
  • Go big. Large pieces make a huge impact on beds, sectionals, or open wall spaces.

Following basic interior design principles helps take coastal decor from expected to extraordinary.

Coastal Wall Art By Size

To help narrow down your options, here’s a quick cheat sheet of what works for typical wall space sizes:

Small Wall Spaces (4 ft. or less)

  • Oversized mirrors or round portholes
  • Medium canvas prints or paintings
  • Framed prints or photos
  • Small metal or driftwood wall hangings
  • Single letters or words made from rope/wicker
  • Shadowboxes
Small Wall Spaces
Small Wall Spaces (4 ft. or less)

Medium Wall Spaces (6-8 ft.)

  • Gallery photo walls with a mix of frame sizes
  • Large canvas prints or paintings
  • Extra large round mirrors
  • Multi-piece woven wall art sets
  • Metal art like suns, anchors, sailboats
  • Mounted vintage or contemporary wooden wall decorations
  • Mixed media collages

Large/Oversized Wall Spaces (8+ ft.)

  • Giant driftwood logs or metal art
  • Jumbo abstract modern paintings
  • Massive world maps or beach panoramas
  • Headboard-height gallery photo walls
  • Large collections of multiples (portholes, paddles, etc.)
  • Flooding the space with one oversized piece

Get the scale right and your coastal finds will feel purposeful.

Coastal Wall Art Ideas by Theme

If you’re still unsure about how to pull together coastal decor, consider one of these popular beachy themes:

  • Breezy Cottage: Lots of white, and pale blues, with woven textures, painted wood signs, and light natural fiber or linen accents.
  • Nautical: Focus on deep navy blues with contrasting white and wood tones. Incorporate maps, anchors, compasses, oars, and ship wheels.
  • Tropical: Punchy bright colors reminiscent of coral reefs and citrus fruits. Botanical prints, woven textures, and abstract shapes.
  • Ocean Vibes: Cool blue and green hues mixed with driftwood, jute, and burlap textures. Printed sea creatures, waves, vintage beach photos, and found objects from the shore.
  • Surf Shack: Relaxed vibe with weathered wood, jute ties, vintage surfboards, black and white photos of surfers, and abstract wave art.

Build around one clear concept, then layer complementary pieces. This helps coastal rooms feel cohesive, not chaotic or gimmicky.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nautical elements like anchors, maps, compasses, and ships. Ocean themes include waves, sea creatures, and shells. Tropical motifs like palm trees, pineapples, and flowers. Beach landscapes, sailing scenes, vintage water sports photos.

This depends on your style and the room! Large statement pieces (oversized metal suns, and giant driftwood logs) make a dramatic splash in living rooms or overbeds. For a lighter, layered look, do a mixed gallery wall with different coastal pieces.

Cool tones like navy, sky blue, teal, seafoam green. Neutrals like white, ivory, tan, and gray. Accent colors like coral, yellow, and turquoise. Avoid primary colors unless you’re doing a kid’s beach room.

Round mirrors, canvas prints of underwater scenes, framed collections of vintage sea glass or shells, panoramic wave photos, and small woven decor with nautical phrases.

Absolutely! Just use it sparingly in rooms like bedrooms or powder rooms. A few well-placed anchors, shell prints, or driftwood hangings provide a taste of the seaside without going overboard.


I hope this overview gave you plenty of inspiration for decorating your home with coastal flair. Wall art is truly the lifeblood of any beachy space.

Whether you prefer casual cottage vibes or bold nautical style, you can easily incorporate art, hangings, prints, and textures that transport your rooms to breathtaking shores. Just have fun mixing materials like breezy wicker and natural woods with more sleek metals and modern abstract art.

The combination of old and new, glossy and matte, 2D and 3D is what brings these spaces to life. So embrace your inner beach bum, and don’t hold back when decorating your dream seaside oasis at home.

I can’t wait to see what you create!

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