Selecting and hanging oversized wall art can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! As someone who loves decorating lounging spaces with big, bold canvas pieces, I’m sharing my complete guide to choosing the perfect Large Wall Art Dimensions for your room.

Get ready to finally fill those blank screens with beautiful focal points that wow with Nousdecor!

Key Takeaways of Large Wall Art Dimensions

  • Measure your wall space and furniture to determine the ideal art sizes
  • Allow adequate space around and above furniture for artwork
  • Choose sizes that balance and anchor your room’s proportions
  • Scale up artwork for large, open places like lofts
  • Consider groupings of smaller pieces for an exhibit wall look
  • Framed prints and canvas stretches offer more size options
Large Wall Art Dimensions
Large Wall Art Dimensions

Measure Your Wall and Space

The first step to picking the perfect oversized wall art sizes is taking measurements. You’ll need the length and height of your wall space to choose artwork that fits. Don’t forget to account for furnishings when deciding where to hang the piece. Art above a couch or sideboard requires more space so the decor isn’t crowded.

I recommend mapping your room’s layout on paper with the furniture positions and window locations. This allows you to visualize different oversized art-size options before purchasing. Now grab your tape measure!

Leave Room Around and Above Furniture

When considering oversized canvas wall art dimensions, be sure to leave adequate space around and above any furniture. Here is my size guide for art above sofas and sideboards:

  • Sofa: Leave at least 4-6 inches above and on either side
  • Sideboard: Allow 6-12 inches above and 2-3 inches on the sides

You want the decor to feel balanced, not cramped to enhance your space with canvas decor. This blank area lets your wall art and furniture breathe. It also gives you a margin of error when hanging your new oversized piece.

Leave Room Around and Above Furniture
Leave Room Around and Above Furniture

Choose Dimensions to Anchor the Space

I love to use bold, oversized art to establish an interior theme and anchor the proportions of a room. Large statement pieces create focal points that draw the eye. This helps guide the viewer through the space visually.

To anchor your room, select oversized canvas or framed art approximately 2⁄3 to 3⁄4 the width of your wall. Oversized artwork makes even high ceilings feel more intimate. For example, a 48” wide print would beautifully anchor a wall that’s 6 to 8 feet across.

Scale Up for Large, Open Spaces

Got an oversized living room or loft with high ceilings and expansive walls? Time to go extra large! Choosing artwork with oversized sizes helps fill and define cavernous places.

Look for pieces that are at least half the width of your wall. An 8-foot wide abstract canvas would showcase nicely on a 16-foot wall. For grand entertaining rooms, opt for wall art 5 feet and larger to make a dramatic statement.

Those soaring screens are prime real estate for jaw-dropping jumbo art!

If you fall in love with an oversized canvas or framed print that’s too small for your space, try an exhibit wall display! Clustering 2-4 similarly sized pieces creates the allure of one bold statement.

Follow my formula for exhibit wall dimensions:

  • Center artwork in a rectangular configuration about 8” to 12” apart
  • Keep the bottoms aligned and spaced 2” to 4” above furniture
  • Mix up orientations for interest—some landscape, some portrait
  • Repeat colors or themes between the pieces

Voila—your collection becomes a commanding focal point!

Group Smaller Pieces for a Gallery Wall
Group Smaller Pieces for a Gallery Wall

Size Up Your Options with Wall Art Framing

One smart tip for gaining more oversized wall art size versatility is choosing the right wall art frame dimensions. Look for wide wood frames to add several inches or even feet in width. Contemporary canvas wall pieces stretched on chunky 1.5” deep gallery frames pack a punch!

For giant living room or loft places, get extra oversized wall decor sizes with carved wood wall art decor. Intricately molded frames measuring 6”, 8”, or 12” deep build incredible visual mass. They provide bold anchoring focal points in cavernous rooms.

Find the Perfect Large Wall Art Size for Your Space

With this complete guide to sizes for oversized statement pieces, you have all the tips and tricks to pick artwork scaled to maximize your wall space. Just remember to:

  • Carefully measure your overall wall length and height
  • Map out furniture placement to allow breathing room
  • Select sizes that balance the room’s proportions
  • Scale up for big, open spaces like lofts
  • Group smaller pieces for an exhibit wall look
  • Consider oversized framed prints and stretched canvas sizes

Now confidently fill those blank screens with jaw-dropping canvases or prints. May your rooms be adorned with stunning focal points that make you smile each time your lounging space comes into view.

With the right oversized artwork dimensions, your home decor dreams can finally become a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

For art above a sofa, select a piece approximately 2⁄3 the length of your couch or loveseat. Allow about 4-6 inches of space above and on either side of the furniture so the art doesn’t feel crowded.

Use a tape measure to find the vertical length from the floor to the ceiling. For high ceilings, you may need a longer tape measure or ruler to fully reach. Record the height at various spots on your wall in case it varies.

For an open loft space with 12-foot walls, choose extra oversized wall art in the 6 to 8-foot width range. Pieces that are about half the wall’s width help properly anchor and fill cavernous rooms with dramatic focal points.

One oversized statement canvas makes a bold impression. But hanging 2-4 smaller similarly sized pieces in a gallery formation also provides a commanding focal point. Try mapping it out both ways to see which you prefer!

Definitely! Choosing large, thick carved wood frames adds several inches or feet of visual mass to accentuate the art. Contemporary stretched canvas pieces with chunky frames also achieve an oversized wall art aesthetic.


With the right oversized wall decor sizes that fit and complement your space, you can create stunning gallery-worthy focal points. Now that you know how to allow for proper spacing around furnishings and scale pieces to match wall size, you can confidently fill any empty wall with awe-inspiring artwork.

Whether you go bold with a massive abstract canvas or creative with a curated gallery wall as one of the marvelous wall decor options, oversized art brings an oversized personality. I hope this complete guide gives you the tips and inspiration to turn your lounging spaces into galleries that make you proud.

Now you’re ready to beautifully fill those empty screens and finally see your home decor dreams become a fulfilling reality. So go for it—bring on the big, bold, jaw-dropping wall art!

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