Home decor is a great way to add your unique style to a space while also making it feel more lively and inviting. One trending way to liven up screens is with plant decor and wall art featuring lush, green touches.

Let’s explore the many options, benefits, and design tips for incorporating Wall Art Plant Decor into your home with Nousdecor.

Key Takeaways of Wall Art Plant Decor DIY

  • Plant wall art like moss screens and hanging growers add natural beauty and soul to any space.
  • Succulents, eucalyptus, money plants, and other greens can be used in wall art and decor plates.
  • Plant wall art works in many rooms like bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and more.
  • Plant wall art comes in many styles like boho, modern, minimalist, eclectic, and more to match your taste.
  • Plant wall art is relatively affordable and easy to install and maintain.
Wall Art Plant Decor Indoor For Added Life Into Your Home
Wall Art Plant Decor Indoor For Added Life Into Your Home

Breathing Life into Walls with Plants

After spending time looking at blank screens day after day, you might feel uninspired in your home. One of the easiest ways to freshen up and liven a space is by incorporating plant soul and greenery modern wall art decor inspiration.

Plants have a way of instantly making a space feel more vibrant, natural, and alive. Beyond just aesthetics, surrounding yourself with plants has been shown to reduce stress, improve concentration and productivity, and benefit mood and well-being.

Fill your home with soul and good vibes by using greeneries in your wall art.

Fabulous Options for Plant Wall Decor

From small accents to major statements, there are so many ways to add greeneries to your screens. Here are some of the most popular and fabulous options for botanical art:

Moss Walls

Preserved moss screens have become a top trend in home decor. To create a moss wall, preserved moss is arranged in artful designs and attached to a wall-mounted board or an entire wall.

Moss screens add natural beauty, the look of a lush garden, and a dose of the outdoors to interior spaces. They work well in bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and entryways.

Hanging Planters

Turn your screens into a vertical garden with the addition of a hanging grower. Macrame plant holders and wall-mounted planter boxes are options. Succulents and small greenery work well in hanging growers, adding a modern, natural look to screens.

Grouped together, hanging growers make a big visual impact and bring soul and freshness to screens like metal wall art decor for living room.

Artwork with Plants and Leaves

Framed prints, metal wall art, canvas pieces, and wall plates featuring botanical designs, leaves, ferns, and other greenery are wonderful botanical art options. From small accents to large statement pieces, artwork with plant and nature motifs adds major style and vibrancy to screens in any room.

Photo Ledges with Plants

Turn a ledge into a mini greenhouse. Style slender greeneries like succulents, snake plants, or trailing ivy in a grower on a wall-mounted photo ledge. This allows you to display greeneries and photos in a space-saving way while decorating your screens with greenery.

Photo Ledges with Plants
Photo Ledges with Plants

Wall Planters

A wall-mounted grower that lies flush against the wall is a simple way to add plants. You can find wall growers in lots of materials like ceramic, metal, wood, and more. Opt for skinny, trailing greeneries like ivy or pothos that will drape beautifully over the edges of the planter.

Plants That Work Well in Wall Decor

When choosing greeneries for wall art, look for varieties that are low maintenance and adaptable to growing on screens or in hanging pots. Here are some great options like decorative plate wall art ideas:

  • Succulents – Succulents like echeveria and jade greeneries store water in their leaves, so they don’t need frequent watering. Their sculptural shapes add modern flair.
  • Air greeneries – Air greeneries pull moisture from the air and don’t require soil, making them perfect for wall mounting.
  • Pothos or Philodendrons – Trailing vines like pothos and philodendrons can cascade beautifully from a wall grower.
  • Peperomia – These semi-succulent, compact greeneries come in many bright, cheery varieties perfect for small wall growers.
  • Mosses – Preserved mosses add lush natural texture but don’t require maintenance.
  • Bromeliads – Colorful bromeliads add a tropical, energetic look to wall art.
  • Orchids – Mounted orchids can add a delicate, exotic vibe to a wall.
  • Ferns – Small bird’s nest ferns or other delicate ferns add lovely natural textures without taking over.
  • Ivy – Trailing English ivies cascade nicely and grow well in low light.

Designing with Plant Wall Decor

Plant wall art is endlessly versatile when it comes to design styles like unique wall decor for bathrooms. Here are some tips for selecting botanical art and growers to match your home’s aesthetic:

  • Boho Chic Style – For a relaxed, earthy boho look, use wall grower and artwork with lots of wood and macrame. Air greeneries and trailing ivy vines work well. Create an artful salon wall with a mix of grower, prints, and a moss wall.
  • Modern and Minimalist – Clean-lined ceramic or metal growers with succulents, cacti, or air greeneries have a minimalist look. For a modern style, opt for abstract wall decor designs with leaves or botanicals.
  • Eclectic Collector – Create an eclectic gallery wall with a diversity of plant-based art like framed botanical prints, photos of your own plants, and decorative plates or wood pieces featuring plant motifs. Fill shelves with a mix of greeneries and books.
  • Urban Jungle – Craft a plant-filled urban jungle with jungle prints, bamboo wall decor, and lush trailing philodendrons spilling out of wall growers. Add colorful orchids and bromeliads for drama.
  • Tropical Getaway – Escape to the tropics with air greeneries mounted on wood slabs, palm print wallpaper, and artwork boasting bright tropical foliage like monstera or banana leaves.
  • Mid-Century Modern – For sleek mid-century style, choose geometric grower and abstract art with shapes and lines reminiscent of plant forms. Use succulents and cacti.
  • Farmhouse Chic – Galvanized metal buckets, ladder hangers, and whitewashed wood make perfect farmhouse planter holders. Fill them with trailing ivy, aromatic herbs, or wild flowers for rustic charm.
  • Luxury – Ornate gilded frames housing preserved moss or ferns to create a glamorous look. Integrate living orchids or bromeliads into the design for added lushness.

Best Spaces for Plant Wall Decor

Plant wall decor can be incorporated into just about any room in your home. Here are some spaces that are especially suited to plant decor displays similar to enhancing décor with wall art plates:

  • Bathroom – In the humidity of bathrooms, wall-mounted growers with ferns, orchids, or palms thrive. Moss screens also suit the space.
  • Living Room – Lush moss walls, artful arrangements of framed leaves and plant prints, and sleek wall growers breathe soul into living room screens.
  • Bedroom – While you sleep, plants filter the air and add tranquility with their presence. Try mounted air plants or small wall growers with succulents or snake plants.
  • Kitchen – Herb grower and art featuring fruits, vegetables, and other edibles bring a lively spirit to kitchen screens.
  • Home Office – Succulents and air plants mounted on the wall can boost focus and creativity while adding warmth to a home office.
  • Entryway – Welcome guests with soul and freshness by framing your front door with a wall grower or a moss wall decor piece.
  • Hallways – Line a long hallway with a succession of small framed botanical prints, tiny shelves showcasing air plants, and a sleek wall grower.

Caring for Plants in Wall Decor

While many plants suited to wall decor are quite low maintenance, you’ll want to take some steps to help them thrive in their unusual positioning:

  • For wall-mounted growers, choose a lightweight potting mix and small plants that won’t become too heavy. Provide drainage holes.
  • Use moisture-loving plants like ferns and philodendrons for bathroom screens.
  • Give plants bright but indirect light near, not directly in, window locations.
  • Consider installing grow lights in dark rooms.
  • Use a water bulb syringe to deliver water to wall-mounted plants you can’t easily remove.
  • Mist air plants with water 1-2 times per week and soak weekly.
  • Trim back wandering vines from wall decor pieces to keep them tidy.
  • Wipe moss screens with a damp cloth monthly to remove dust.
Caring for Plants in Wall Decor
Caring for Plants in Wall Decor

Bring Your Walls to Life with Plants

Ready to make your screens more wondrous with plants? The options are plentiful for adding greenery to blank spaces through wall decor, wall decor, grower, prints, and moss displays.

Get creative with plant wall decor and enjoy the aesthetic and mental benefits of surrounding yourself with amazing plants. Breathe new soul into your home and let your plant wall decor shine!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most popular and on-trend types of botanical art include moss walls, framed prints and art featuring plants and leaves, hanging macrame growers, mounted air plants, and wall-mounted planter boxes and pots.

You can find a great selection of botanical art online through retailers like Etsy, Wayfair, Amazon, and specialty nurseries. Local plant shops and home decor boutiques are also likely to carry unique botanical art and decor items.

Moss screens are designed to be easily installed. They often come mounted on a lightweight board or mesh backing with included hardware for hanging on any wall. No special skills are needed.

For wall growers, look for plants that are lightweight and cascade or trail nicely like philodendrons, spider plants, pothos ivy, Creeping Charlie, and a string of pearls.

The watering frequency depends on the type of plant, moss, and your home’s humidity levels. Aim to water-mounted plants every 1-2 weeks and mist moss screen weekly or monthly. Check regularly and water whenever the moss or plants feel dry.


If blank screens are bringing you down, liven up your living space with the addition of botanical art! From gorgeous framed botanical prints to relaxing preserved moss screens and gorgeous trailing vines in macrame hangers, botanical art offers affordable, artistic options.

When thoughtfully designed and cared for, botanical art brings vibrance, freshness, visual texture, and a dose of nature’s beauty into any room. Let plants transform your home’s screens from boring to breathtaking!

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