As an interior decorator with over 15 years of experience, I know how important it is to decorate your walls. Wall art instantly elevates any bare wall and brings life to your home. But finding affordable wall decor can be tricky when you’re on a budget.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll share my top 25 Cheap Wall Art Decor ideas to enhance your home without breaking the bank. From modern prints to vintage signs, these DIY, wood wall, Boho, abstract metal wall, and more large wall ideas will spruce up your space for less.

Key Takeaways

  • Affordable wall art adds personality, color, and visual interest to your walls
  • Prints, gallery walls, wall hangings, frames, DIY pieces, and more make great budget options
  • Opt for classic colors like black, white, and gold for flexibility
  • Mix and match shapes, sizes, textures, and frame styles for an eclectic look
  • Display meaningful photos, keepsakes, posters, signs, and 3D sculptural pieces
  • Get creative and make your own modern art from everyday objects and materials
Cheap Wall Art Decor
Cheap Wall Art Decor

My Best Tips for Finding Cheap Wall Art Decor

When looking for budget-friendly wall art, keep these tips in mind:

  • Shop secondhand stores for unique vintage art pieces and frames. You can find great deals on used decor.
  • Look for art prints and canvas art online or in stores. Affordable prints come in all sizes and subjects.
  • Create your own DIY wall art with supplies from a craft store. Make modern geometric designs or abstruse paintings.
  • Opt for framed art and prints over pricier canvas pieces. Frames add polish without costing much.
  • See if your local artists sell affordable original art. Support up-and-coming creatives in your community.
  • Stick to a black, white, and gold color scheme when choosing wall decor. These classic colors look great together.
  • Repurpose everyday objects around your home into budget-friendly mixed-media wall art. Get creative!

25 Cheap Wall Decor Ideas to Dress Up Your Space

Gallery walls are one of my go-to tricks for making a bold wall art statement on a budget. Arrange a collection of different-sized frames, prints, paintings, and photos on your wall in an asymmetrical pattern. Mix colors, textures, and frame styles for lots of visual interest.

2. Framed Nature Prints

Add a relaxed, earthy vibe with beautiful framed prints of leaves, flowers, or landscape scenes. Pick B&W botanical prints for something more modern. Or go for colorful nature images to brighten up a room.

3. Oversized Wall Clock

Large wall clocks instantly become the focal point wherever they’re hung. Opt for a basic circular clock with clean lines or go bold with a statement-making funky, oversized timepiece.

4. Painted Wood Wall Hanging

Show off your DIY skills with an easy abstruse wood wall hanging. Using paint pens or acrylics, decorate a wooden circle, square, or geometric shape with fun patterns and designs. Hang with a ribbon or string like the Mr and Mrs wall art decor.

Painted Wood Wall Hanging
Painted Wood Wall Hanging

5. Framed Lyrical Wall Art

Add a sentimental touch with framed song lyrics or poetry excerpts. Pick words that inspire you and match your decor style. Use high-quality paper and basic black frames for a polished look.

6. DIY Textiles Wall Hanging

Cut out interesting fabric shapes like circles, squares, or triangles to create a modern textile collage. Stitch the fabrics together, add tassels or pom poms, and hang for an easy DIY art piece.

7. Vintage Advertisement Signs

For vintage-inspired decor, look for old tin advertisement signs at flea markets or antique stores. Clean up the rusty metal and display unique finds like stylish coffee-themed art for walls and travel ads.

8. Abstract Metal Wall Sculptures

Modern metal wall sculptures add striking shapes and textures. Opt for geometric designs, abstruse human forms, or ocean-inspired metal wall art decor to suit your style. Stick to black, white, or silver colors for flexibility.

9. Framed Band T-shirts or Posters

Add youthful flair with framed concert t-shirts and posters. Choose shirts and prints from your favorite bands and musicians. Use simple but sturdy frames to prevent damage.

Framed Band T-shirts or Posters
Framed Band T-shirts or Posters

10. Paint-By-Number Canvas

For fun DIY wall art, try filling in a paint-by-number canvas kit. These kits provide the canvas outline and numbered paints. As you follow the numbers, a beautiful image emerges! Display your hand-painted creation when finished.

11. Floating Corner Shelves

Corner floating shelves are great decorative and functional options for showing off wall art and decor. Opt for unfinished wood or painted shelves to suit your style. Arrange frames, plants, sculptures, or baskets on each tier.

12. White Shadow Box Frame Displays

Display meaningful memorabilia in a large white shadow box frame. Arrange awards, keepsakes, photos, or souvenirs inside. They look great on their own or grouped in a gallery wall display.

13. Bamboo Wall Decor

Introduce natural texture with bamboo wall hangings like plaques or medallions. Bamboo comes in different stain colors to match your decor. Use bamboo pieces as fillers between framed wall art or prints.

14. Mirror Art

Framed mirrors make great standalone art pieces while serving a functional purpose. Look for unique mirror shapes and ornate frames. Arrange symmetrically for a bold decorative accent.

Mirror Art
Mirror Art

15. Black and White Photo Prints

B&W photography has a classic, timeless feel. Find scenic landscapes or architectural prints to suit your taste. Use white matting and black frames to keep the monochrome look cohesive.

16. Wall Mounted Coat Racks or Shelves

Wall-mounted furniture, like a rustic wood coat rack or a set of industrial shelves, adds function and a decorative focal point. Opt for open designs to maintain an airy, artful look. Use baskets for concealed storage.

17. Framed Maps and Blueprints

Vintage maps or architectural prints make cool decorative wall art for a study or office. Use stylish frames to display reproductions of antique maps, blueprints, patent designs, and diagrams.

18. Woven Wall Hangings

Incorporate natural textures with woven wall hangings made from rattan, jute, or woven fabrics. Look for interesting shapes like abstruse wall hangings or sculptural pieces. Neutral woven pieces work in any space.

19. Vinyl Record Wall Art

Reinvent your old vinyl album collection into wall art displays. Arrange albums in square grids for a retro gallery wall or create custom art designs. Allow albums to overlap each other for dimension.

Vinyl Record Wall Art
Vinyl Record Wall Art

20. Framed Sheet Music Page

Frame a page of sheet music for musicians and music lovers. Pick a meaningful song and use a high-quality frame with UV glass to prevent fading. Add creativity by framing the sheet music sideways or diagonally.

Display favorite photos on a budget using decorative wooden photo ledges. Arrange ledges on the wall in horizontal rows or stacked vertically. The ledges create built-in frames to showcase your most cherished memories.

22. Painted Flower Pots

Old terra cotta flower pots get a second life as Bohemian wall art. Paint the pots with folk designs, fun patterns, or bright colors. Use rope or twine to hang the pots. Fill with air plants or faux flowers if desired.

23. Framed Magazine Pages

Cut out interesting pages from magazines to frame for kitschy wall art. Pick pages with bright colors, funky fonts, or retro images. Arrange in asymmetrical gallery wall style. Use tall and wide frames for variety.

24. Painted Wooden Letters

Painted wooden letters let you spell out meaningful words or phrases. Opt for your family name, inspirational quotes, or words related to your hobbies and interests. Mix and match letter sizes, colors, and styles.

Painted Wooden Letters
Painted Wooden Letters

25. Chalkboard Art

Get hands-on by creating your own DIY chalkboard art. Use chalk to draw shapes, patterns, words, or scenes on a black square or rectangular chalkboard. Change up the design anytime to keep it fresh! Add colorful chalk for a fun pop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great places to look include thrift stores, garage sales, online retailers like Amazon and Etsy, big box stores like Target and IKEA, local arts and crafts fairs, and dollar stores. You can often find great deals at these affordable shopping spots.

Generally, hanging wall art 58-66 inches from the floor looks best. But feel free to break design “rules” – you can hang art high or low if it fits your style. Place wall art at eye level for Main pieces so they are easy to admire.

Fill about 2/3 to 3/4 of your wall space with art. Leave some negative space around the decor instead of cluttering the entire wall. Frame sizes, layouts, and contents will also impact ideal coverage.

Wall sconces or track lighting focused on artwork highlights it beautifully. But any natural lighting or overhead fixtures work. Just avoid directly hanging art where glare and shadows may be cast on it.

An asymmetrical arrangement creates visual interest and is most common. However, symmetrical layouts work well for certain spaces like entries or minimalist rooms. Do what pleases you and fits the room.


As a home decor veteran, I’ve learned how small changes like decorating your walls can profoundly enhance your home with beautiful wall art. With a vibrant gallery wall, eye-catching metal sculptures, DIY art pieces, and other thrifty finds, you can dress up your home with charming wall art without overspending.

The endless options for inexpensive but stylish Wall Art Decor mean your walls don’t have to stay blank. Simply express your personal tastes through art finds that capture your eye. Allow your budget-friendly pieces to tell a story and reflect what inspires you every day.

Remember, even in small rents or humble abodes like mine, a bit of creativity and ingenuity goes a long way.

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