I absolutely love the coastal look in home decor. There’s just something so inviting about those breezy blues, sandy tans, and nautical accents that evoke memories of lazy beach days.

If you’re looking to bring some of that laidback seaside style into your home, Coastal Metal Wall Art Decor is a fantastic way to do it. In this Nousdecor article, I’ll share my favorites and tips for decorating with metal beach wall decor.

Key Takeaways of Coastal Metal Wall Art Decor

  • Metal wall art with coastal themes like seashells, starfish, anchors, and more makes great wall art for any room.
  • Go for intricate cuts and fun shapes to add visual interest to your walls.
  • Make sure to choose the right size wall decor for your space. Oversized pieces can make a statement.
  • Mixing metal media like wood, canvas, or rope with metal creates depth and texture.
  • Coastal wall art can be tailored to your price point, from budget finds to high-end designs.
Coastal Metal Wall Art Decor
Coastal Metal Wall Art Decor

Intricate Metal Sea Creature Wall Sculptures

One of the things I love most about metal wall art is how intricate and detailed the pieces can be. When it comes to coastal decor, look for metal cutouts in fun ocean shapes like tropical fish, starfish, crabs, and more. The designs capture the movement and whimsy of sea creatures in a way that feels lively, even when hung still on a wall.

Some of my favorite sources for beautifully crafted metal fish wall art and metal crab wall decor are Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, and Wayfair, which all offer quality metal wall art sculptures at different price points. For a statement piece, I love this giant metal squid bursting off the wall or this bright starfish metal wall art.

When grouping pieces together, mix up the sizes for interest. I love to arrange a cluster with one large statement metal wall sculpture (see choosing dimensions for oversized wall decor), like the mermaid or octopus, paired with smaller starfish and fish cutouts swimming around it. This creates visual movement and makes the wall art feel like an underwater scene.

Rustic Coastal Wall Decor Accents

While metal lends itself to those eye-catching sculptural forms, I also love to mix in other coastal wall decor materials like intricate wood carvings as wall accents, rope, or canvas for an eclectic, collected look. This adds great texture and visual depth. Some ideas:

  • Wooden sign with a beachy phrase like “Salty Hair, Don’t Care” or “Life’s a Beach”
  • Canvas print of ocean waves or seashells
  • Rope metal wall art shaped into an anchor, heart, or starfish
  • Wooden paddle accented with starfish or lobster metal cutouts

Retailers like Kirkland’s, Hobby Lobby, and Wayfair have fabulous options for coastal mixed-media wall art, spanning different styles. I especially love finding unique pieces on Etsy from independent artists and boutiques.

Oversized Wall Sculptures Make a Statement

When decorating a larger space like a living room, don’t be afraid to go big with an oversized coastal metal wall sculpture to really anchor the space. I love to pick one ginormous piece, like this 7-foot wide octopus, and balance it out with smaller companion pieces.

When determining size, make sure to measure your wall and account for proper spacing around furnishings. As a general rule, your coastal metal wall art should be about 2⁄3 the width of your wall.

Oversized art hung too low can seem overwhelming, so I recommend installing it so the center is at least 12-18 inches above any furniture. This helps anchor it while allowing breathing room.

Oversized Wall Sculptures Make a Statement
Oversized Wall Sculptures Make a Statement

Shop Coastal Decor for Every Budget

From budget-friendly finds to investment pieces, there are stylish options for coastal wall decor at every price point. Here are a few of my favorite places to shop stylish wall art for home decoration:

Budget ($15 – $50):

  • At Home, Kirkland’s, and Hobby Lobby – Fun framed art, canvas prints, and metal or wooden signage
  • Amazon – Search for highly-rated finds with free shipping

Mid-Range ($50 – $150):

  • Wayfair – Sculptural metal art and mixed media pieces
  • Anthropologie – Whimsical designs with boho vibes

Splurge ($150+):

  • Ballard Designs – High-quality, unique nautical pieces
  • Pottery Barn – Intricately detailed metal sculptures
  • Live Ocean – Giant statement-making handcrafted art

5 Coastal Wall Art Ideas for Every Room

Not sure where to hang your new coastal finds at home? Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate beach wall decor in each room:

  • Entryway – Welcome guests with a pretty starfish or seashell metal piece, or opt for a wooden sign with your house number or family name in beachy fonts.
  • Living Room – Anchor your seating area with a massive metal octopus or whale wall sculpture for a wow factor.
  • Dining Room – Set a coastal tone in your dining space with a bold canvas ocean print as the focal point.
  • Bedroom – Create a relaxing retreat with a unique metal palm tree or turtle wall sculpture.
  • Bathroom – Bring spa-like style with rows of framed vintage ocean prints or a wooden sign with a calming quote.

Get creative like our coffee wall art decor and don’t be afraid to mix metallic coastal sculptures with other natural textures like wood, rope, or shells. This allows you to add personal flair while pulling in the colors of the beach – sandy neutrals, sea glass blues, sun-bleached woods.

Set a coastal tone in your dining space
Set a coastal tone in your dining space

Frequently Asked Questions

Some top themes for coastal wall art include seashells, starfish, crabs, anchors, sailboats, lighthouses, palms, and nautical phrases or quotes. Opt for metal, wood, or canvas pieces featuring these classic ocean motifs.

Coastal wall art looks fabulous in entryways, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Use large statement pieces in main living areas and smaller accents in more intimate spaces.

If grouping multiple pieces, opt for asymmetry over strict uniformity for a laidback vibe. Mix up the sizes, shapes, and materials for lots of visual interest. Keep the overall color scheme to blues, tans, and whites for a cohesive coastal look.

Opt for durable materials like metal, thick wood, or canvas that can withstand moisture and humidity in a coastal home. Also pick pieces with nautical themes like anchors, ships, sea life, and beachy phrases.

Larger statement pieces look best hung 12-18 inches above furniture, while smaller accents can be placed closer to eye level. Make sure the art is not hung too low over other decor.


Adding breezy coastal metal wall art to your home instantly evokes the sights, sounds, and spirit of the ocean. Look for beautifully detailed metal fish, starfish, octopus, or whale sculptures to make a statement.

Mix in wood, rope, or canvas accents for lots of texture and visual interest. Shop for coastal decor at all price points, from affordable finds to dramatic works of art. Hang wall sculptures of varying sizes to anchor and define your space.

With the right coastal pieces, you can enjoy seaside style in any room of your home. Grab your favorite beach read, put your feet up, and let my favorite metal wall art whisk you away to vacation mode every day.

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