Plaster Flower Wall Art is a charming way to decorate your home or office. Handcrafted plaster flowers add a touch of elegance, personality, and visual interest to blank walls and boring corners.

As an interior designer with over 10 years of experience at Nousdecor, I, Mark Cutler, am excited to share everything you need to know to incorporate this lovely decor into your space.

Key Takeaways

  • Plaster flower art brings vibrancy, texture, and elegance to home decor in a way real flowers simply can’t.
  • Choose favorite flower varieties and colors meaningful to you
  • Mix different sizes, clusters, or stand-alone pieces for interest
  • Hang art where it’s most visible like over furniture or flanking windows
  • Lightweight plaster is easy to mount with nails, tape, hooks, or decals
  • Invite creativity – unexpected spaces can use a floral touch too!
  • Let wall layout express your style – orderly to chaotic, framed or random
  • Use faux flowers to bring themes to life like cottage, modern, rustic, etc
  • Enjoy gorgeous low-maintenance blooms that won’t fade or wilt

Why Choose Plaster Flower Wall Art?

Plaster is lightweight and durable, making plaster flowers easy to hang while still looking realistic. This wall art is available in endless colors from vibrant reds and sunny yellows to calming blues and greens. Plaster holds paint and pigments nicely to capture the stunning colors and details of flowers and plants.

Unlike fresh flowers, plaster blooms will never wilt, fade, or require watering or sunlight. Here are some key benefits of this long-lasting faux floral decor:

  • Artistic detail – Petals, leaves, stems sculpted and painted by hand
  • Endless options – Choose your favorite flowers, sizes, colors
  • Lightweight – Easy to mount on walls without hardware
  • Durable – Lasts for many years without fading

Plaster floral wall art brings natural beauty into any space without the upkeep of real plants. It’s the perfect way to enjoy gorgeous flowers every day!

Beautiful Plaser Flower Art In Living Room

Getting Creative With Plaster Flowers

Plaster flowers offer so many possibilities to get creative with your wall decor. Here are some ideas to spark inspiration as we explore a spectrum of hues for wall plaster art:

  • Accent walls – Cover a large wall with a bold floral pattern like decorative plaster wall plaques
  • Flower patchwork – Arrange an eclectic cluster of different blossoms
  • Wreaths – Hang circular wreaths alone or clustered together
  • 3D plaster wall art DIY flowers – Pick sculpted blooms that pop off the wall
  • Colors – Use flower colors to match your interior palette
  • Sizes – Combine big and small flowers for interest
  • Frames – Mount flowers in vintage-style frames or windows
  • Themed – Choose flowers that fit a style like tropical or romantic

Let your personality shine through in the flowers, colors, and layout you select. The options are truly endless with this versatile wall art.

Getting Creative With Plaster Flowers

Where to Place Plaster Flowers in Your Home

Plaster flower art looks lovely in just about any room of your home or office. Consider these ideas for where to decorate with faux floral art or crafting green plaster wall art:

Living Room

  • Above sofa or side chairs
  • Flanking windows or French doors
  • Behind TV console

Dining Room

  • Over buffet or server
  • Above back sideboard
  • Around mirror frame


  • Around window framing sink
  • On upper cabinets or open shelves
  • Around chalkboard or message board


  • Above bed, nightstands, or dresser
  • Flanking bed if wall space allows
  • Inside closet door


  • Around mirror and vanity
  • Over bathtub or toilet
  • Beside windows


  • Around desk or computer station
  • Over filing cabinets
  • Flanking bookshelves

Anywhere you need a pop of color, natural elegance, or artistic flair, plaster flowers can infuse style and beauty. Feel free to get creative with unexpected spaces too!

Where to Place Plaster Flowers in Your Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty much any flower variety can be sculpted from plaster – roses, peonies, dahlias, tulips, orchids, sunflowers, and more. Pick your personal favorites!

Lightweight plaster flowers can be installed with small nails, mounting tape, hooks, or removable decals without needing anchors.

The plaster is durable and the paint won’t fade in light. Just dust occasionally. Avoid moisture and re-hang if they become loose.

Online retailers like Etsy offer tons of handmade plaster flowers from various artists and shops. Local craft fairs also have unique finds.

Floral prints, foliage, butterflies, vines, stone or wood backgrounds, mirrors, or frames can beautifully complement plaster blooms.


For anyone looking to add elegance, vibrancy, and interest to the stylish wall art for your home, plaster flower art is a wonderful option. Hand-sculpted and painted by artists, these lightweight faux blooms come in truly endless varieties to match your tastes and style.

Use floral wall art to accent focal walls, brighten up boring spaces, frame windows and mirrors, express color themes and personalities, and more. With the right placement and arrangement, plaster flowers can make a gorgeous, low-maintenance statement in your home or office decor.

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