Home decor is an art that allows you to reflect your personality through your living space. As you choose furniture, accessories, and color palettes, you shape the aesthetic environment where you eat, sleep, and spend time with loved ones.

Wall art makes a particularly bold statement that immerses you in inspiration. If you want to energize your home with an eclectic, contemporary look, consider Plaster Wall Art Color in vibrant pops. Read on with Nousdecor to learn!

Key Takeaways

  • Plaster wall art in bright hues adds visual interest and personality to any room.
  • Vibrant colors like emerald green, sapphire blue, and citrus orange make dynamic statements.
  • Geometric shapes and nature-inspired designs work well in graphic black and white color palettes.
  • Metallic sheens in gold, rose gold, and silver add shine and depth on accent walls.
  • Bold patterns like Moroccan tiles, chevrons, and ikat prints need minimal additional decor.
  • For maximum design flexibility, choose removable peel-and-stick wallpaper or decals.

As a longtime designer and artist, I love using plaster wall art to inject color, texture, and creativity into home interiors. With limitless colors and designs available, it’s an easy way to showcase your personal style. Read on as I share my tips for using vibrant plaster wall art to give your home an inspired look and feel.

Plaster Wall Art Color
Plaster Wall Art Color

Embrace Vibrant Plaster Wall Art Color Hues for Maximum Impact

Painting a whole room in an audacious shade like fuchsia or mustard can feel daunting. Plaster wall art allows you to incorporate bright, playful colors in smaller doses on a single wall. This focused approach makes a big visual impact without overwhelming the space.

Some of my favorite vivid colors for plaster wall art include:

  • Sapphire blue – The deep intensity of this jewel tone feels elegant and luxurious. It pairs perfectly with brass accents.
  • Citrus orange – This sunny, cheerful hue brings light and energy into any room. I love using it in entryways or over a credenza.
  • Kelly green – The vividness of this emerald tone feels fresh and invigorating as green plaster wall art. It works nicely with wood furniture in Mid-Century Modern spaces.
  • Canary yellow – This bright, happy color instantly feels upbeat and optimistic when used in moderation. Try it in a breakfast nook or above a desk.
  • Fuchsia – The playful pop of this pinkish-purple shade creates impact without feeling overly feminine. Use it to accent a living room or bedroom.

Play with Bold Graphic Designs

Plaster wall art allows you to play with shape, pattern, and color in bold ways. Geometric designs and graphic black-and-white color palettes make fun, eye-catching statements. Here are some easy ways to work graphic appeal into your wall art:

  • Display a collection of circle plaques or square tiles in graduating sizes. Paint them all in high-gloss black or white for cohesion.
  • Arrange overlapping hexagons or diamonds to build a trellis or honeycomb effect on the wall. Use contrasting hues like yellow, gray, and robin’s egg blue.
  • Alternate horizontal stripes in glossy white plaster and matte black wood. The pairing is classic and clean-lined.
  • Form a checkerboard pattern with alternating black and white plaster squares. For extra dimension, use metallic gold squares as unexpected accents.
  • Create an abstract mosaic with irregular hand-cut plaster pieces in every color of the rainbow. The collage effect feels fun and artsy.
Circle plaques
Circle plaques

Add Metallic Dimension

For a touch of shine and depth, nothing beats metallics when crafting with plaster cast for walls. Plaster wall art looks stunning cast in hues like brass, bronze, silver, gold, and rose gold. Metallic finishes catch and reflect the light beautifully, creating instant luxury. Here’s how to work metallic color into your plaster wall art:

  • For an organic look, install freeform leaf-shaped tiles in antiqued brass over a couch or sideboard.
  • Brushed silver chevron stripes will lend any wall contemporary glamour and sheen.
  • Overlay pieces like crescents, triangles, and teardrops in metallic hues like rose gold, champagne, and gunmetal.
  • Alternate horizontal bands of matte cream plaster and shiny bronze plaster for visual interest.
  • Catch the light with 3D open circle plaques in antiqued copper. Cluster in groups for a customizable gallery wall.

Go Big with Bold Prints

For high-impact plaster wall art, choose a style with an oversized graphic print when crafting plaster canvas wall art. Many patterns like Moroccan tiles, ikat, or chevrons already pack a visual punch on their own. They make a major style statement with minimal additional decor needed.

Here are some of my favorite bold print trends for statement walls:

  • Black and white graphic Moroccan tile patterns instantly create drama and intrigue.
  • Soft watercolor ikats in shades like lilac, seafoam, and buttery yellow feel romantic and ethereal.
  • Traditionally-inspired paisleys and filigree in indigo blue or crimson red bring global flair.
  • Modern graphic chevrons in contrasting metallics, black, and white add mathematic edge.
  • Nature prints like oversized palm leaves or banana leaves in greens and tans feel organic and bohemian.

Opt for Removable Options

When selecting your plaster wall art, consider removable options like decals or peel-and-stick wallpaper. These let you switch up your style as often as you like without damaging the wall underneath. Here are some advantages of removable unique Canadian plaster wall decor styles:

  • Peel-and-stick wallpaper – Offered in hundreds of colorful prints, these removable and repositionable papers make statement walls easy. When it’s time for a change, they peel off without hassle.
  • Geometric vinyl decals – These perforated designs let you build a unique wall mosaic in any palette or pattern. Re-stick the decals anytime to form new combinations.
  • Overlapping square tiles – For three-dimensional texture, layer individual removable tiles on the wall. Reconfigure or replace them seamlessly as your style evolves.
  • Chalkboard-finish plaques – Draw new motifs anytime on removable blackboard-style wall plaques using liquid chalk markers. When you wipe them clean, the wall underneath stays pristine.

With the right plaster wall art, you can easily infuse any room with an inspired dose of color, texture, and pattern. Follow your creative spirit to design a personalized statement wall that showcases your unique style. The bold addition will bring you joy and inspiration every time you see it.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper
Peel-and-stick wallpaper

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use basic plaster, modeling plaster, plaster of Paris, or Venetian plaster. Venetian plaster has a very smooth finish, while modeling plaster is best for sculpting detailed 3D shapes.

For best results, install plaster wall art on smooth, primed drywall. Concrete, brick, cured plaster, or wood surfaces also work well as long as they are clean and primed first.

Options like decals, tiles, or wallpaper use self-adhesive backing to install cleanly. Some may need adhesive primer on the wall first. Always follow specific product instructions.

Pre-made options like decals or wallpaper are very easy, peel-and-stick products anyone can install. Custom plaster art is more complex but can be installed by carefully affixing to the wall with construction adhesive.

Cured plaster is durable for interior wall use. For moisture-prone areas like bathrooms, use specialty water-resistant plasters. Seal finished pieces with a protective varnish.


With limitless potential for color, shape, texture, and pattern, plaster is an artful medium that invites creativity and self-expression as the best wall art for interior design.

Choosing vibrant, graphic wall art in plaster media allows you to add an inspired focal point to any room. Let your inner artist run free as you play with color combinations, prints, metallics, and dimensional surfaces.

The result will be a personalized statement wall that reflects the essence of your unique style back to you whenever you enter the room. With the right removable materials like decals and wallpaper, you can even switch up your wall art as often as you like.

Give your home decor a customizable jolt of energy by displaying your favorite colors and designs proudly on your walls. Create an environment that sparks inspiration within you every time you walk through the door.

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