As someone who has decorated many homes over the years, I know how important it is to find wall art that makes a statement. Plaster Wall Art Canada has become one of my favorite go-to choices for adding visual interest and texture to any room.

In this Nousdecor article, we’ll explore the beauty of cement wall art decorations, techniques for crafting cement flowers on canvas, and unique boho art ideas to breathe new life into your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Plaster wall art like sets of 3 and wall art decor provide patterned options for home decor.
  • Choices like boho art and modern wall art on canvas create big plaster wall art with unique styles.
  • Crafting cement flowers on canvas and exploring top home wall art ideas allow personalized options.
  • With art white and art canvas, you can make textured minimalist canvas art.
  • Add mid century modern wall art for retro style. Sculptural wall art and flower wall decor make stunning decor pieces.
  • Handmade cement and acrylic cement provide customizable textures.
  • Exploring the beauty of Sense of Art wall decorations shows the variety available.
  • With many options for wall-hanging patterned art canvas, cement wall art takes spaces from bland to bold.
Plaster Wall Art Canada
Plaster Wall Art Canada

Why Plaster Wall Art Canada is Having a Moment

Plaster wall art and cement art have become popular wall decor choices because of their incredible texture. The patterned finishes like patterned wall art add visual interest and dimension to walls.

Plaster wall art comes in sets like wall decor sets and sets of 3 to easily decorate large spaces. The unique wall art decor styles range from modern to bohemian so you can find the perfect look. Plaster wall art adds charming home decor flair.

Unlike flat prints or paintings, the patterned handmade quality of cement art makes it stand out. The depth and detail you can create with cement is remarkable. For modern spaces, abstruse cement wall art provides a cool texture.

Natural-style cement in soft neutrals can create a peaceful oasis in a bedroom. Large statement pieces make excellent wall art decor in living rooms and dining rooms. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your cement wall art choices!

White Textured Modern and Abstract Styles

For contemporary aesthetics, abstruse cement wall art is a fantastic option. Bold shapes and colors make a striking art piece over a couch or console. Large-scale abstruse wall art commands attention and showcases your unique style.

Abstract wall art prints on canvas bring in sleek textures and vivid hues. You can find sets of 2 or 3 coordinating abstruse wall pieces of art to decorate a whole room.

Abstract wall art looks especially chic in the minimalist black-and-white palette. The contrast makes the textures pop. Geometric and abstruse shapes illustrate modern art principles while adding interest.

Go for layered circle cement wall art or 3D wall sculptures to deepen the detail. White abstruse wall art makes small spaces feel more open. Abstract wall art is perfect for modern living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

Boho Chic Wall Art Canvas

Create a relaxed bohemian oasis with cement wall art in natural textures and flowers. Neutral cement printed art bring organic texture to a space. Faint crackles, swirls, and speckles in the cement give wall art rustic charm. Boho chic is all about adding character with unique decor.

For a whimsical take, find cement wall art with 3D floral designs popping off the canvas wall art. Delicate cement flowers add a feminine style to bedrooms and nurseries. Large detailed floral wall art makes a pretty focal point without being too fussy. You can also find abstruse floral shapes for unique boho wall art techniques.

Bring nature indoors with artsy wall hangings of cement leaf designs or branch silhouettes. Woodland creatures like deer and birds are cute boho accents too. Keep it minimalist with black line drawings or go full color.

Remember, odd numbers work best for wall art groupings, so shoot for a set of 3. Boho wall decor sets pulled together by color or theme help create a collected gallery wall.

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Plaster Abstract Wall Art

One of the most important aspects of choosing wall art is getting the right size for your space. A small piece can look lost on a large empty wall. But an oversized piece of art can overwhelm a tiny wall and make a room feel cluttered.

Here are some tips:

  • Measure the wall space first so you know exactly how much room you’re working with.
  • For large wall spaces, choose a big cement wall piece of art or group multiple smaller pieces together.
  • Items should be at least 2/3 to 3/4 the width of your wall.
  • Wall art that feels proportional to your furnishings will balance out the space.
  • Over couches and beds, choose wall art that’s 2/3 to 3/4 the size of the furniture.

For wide-open living rooms and hallways, go bold with extra large statement cement wall art. The substantial size will anchor the room and become a true focal point. Tall ceilings can handle floor-to-ceiling art installations.

For cozier spaces like bedrooms and offices, stick to medium or small-sized wall art clustered in groupings. Trust your instincts and decorator’s eye for art that fits the wall properly.

Plaster Paint Textures and Finishes For Your Plaster Abstract Art

One of the best aspects of cement wall art is the diverse options for texture. From smooth and polished to heavily cracked and distressed, there are so many ways to showcase depth. Here are some common cement wall art textures:

  • Plaster paint – Colorful, thin acrylic paint is applied to patterned cement for an artistic mottled effect.
  • Texture painting – The cement itself is scraped, layered, and blended with tools to create abstruse designs.
  • Distressed – The cement is intentionally aged and weathered looking with cracks and peeling.
  • Crackled – The surface intentionally crackled with a crazed pattern.
  • Heavy impasto – Thick, 3D cement paint gives the art high relief.
  • High gloss – Creates a shiny, reflective surface.
  • Matte – Smooth and non-reflective for a modern look.
  • Metallic – Infused with glimmering mica powder or gold/silver leaf.

Don’t limit yourself to just neutrals and whites. While those are classic, colored cement wall art is also beautiful. Blues, greens, and bold hues make the textures stand out even more. Go for contrast with deep colors against light walls for maximum drama. The options are endless when choosing cement wall art finishes!

Plaster Paint Texture
Plaster Paint Texture

Crafting Plaster Flowers On Canvas 3D Wall Art

Looking for a DIY weekend project? Crafting plaster flowers on canvas creates stunning homemade wall art. Follow these simple steps:


  • Plain canvas – size and shape of your choosing
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Water in a spray bottle
  • Plastic flowers, leaves, greenery
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint brushes + mixing bowls
  • Sealer spray


  1. Paint your canvas a solid base color and let fully dry.
  2. Arrange the plastic florals on the canvas how you’d like them to look.
  3. In a bowl, mix up the cement of Paris following package directions.
  4. Apply cement in thick dollops and layers around the edges of the flowers to adhere them to the canvas.
  5. Spray with water in between applications to keep the cement moist as you work.
  6. Once fully attached, apply extra cement around the petals and leaves to add texture.
  7. Let the cement fully dry overnight before removing the plastic flowers. This will leave detailed cement impressions in their place.
  8. Paint the cement flowers, leaves, and background using acrylics. Add definition and botanical details.
  9. Spray with a sealer to protect your design from moisture and sticking.
  10. Display your dreamy cement floral art with pride!

The final cement flower art will have incredible depth and texture. It’s a fun way to create custom wall art from plastic bouquet flowers. Experiment with different background colors and abstruse shapes around your flowers. Crafting cement flowers on canvas allows you to match any decor style.

Unique Boho Wall Decor Techniques for Plaster Art

Achieving that eclectic bohemian style is all about adding one-of-a-kind details to your space. Here are some fun unique boho art techniques to liven up lackluster walls:

  • Show off natural objects like dried botanicals, sea shells, feathers, or antlers. Attach them to canvas or wood backings for instant organic art.
  • Make dreamcatchers with yarn, beads, feathers and driftwood. Hang in windows or on walls for a playful native american vibe.
  • Use jewelry techniques like wire wrapping or bead stringing to design abstruse art from crystal pendants and chains.
  • Press wildflowers or leaves between glass in shadowbox frames. Their delicate impressions make delightful wall art.
  • Cut animal and nature silhouettes from tin, wood, or thick paper. Group in an asymmetrical gallery arrangement interspersed with macrame hangings.
  • Paint fun modern folk art in your favorite colors on canvas panels. Get the whole family involved in making art together.
  • Use natural chunks of wood as rustic wall hangings. Interesting knots, holes, and shapes add organic whimsy.
  • Upcycle old windows, shutters, mirrors, or doors as display surfaces. Paint or stencil designs for shabby chic flair.

With a little creativity and nature’s treasures, you can design wall art that reflects your unique spirit. Don’t be afraid to combine varied textures, colors, and mediums for lots of visual interest. Unique boho art techniques make it easy to infuse heart and soul into your home.

Top Textured Wall Art Decor Ideas for Home Decor

What are some of the hottest trends to inspire your home wall art? Here are my favorite top home wall art ideas:

  • Gallery sets – Groupings of similarly framed printed art make cohesive displays. Mix up sizes and frames for interest.
  • Textured materials – Handmade artsy pieces in cement, wood, and clay give walls dimension. Textured canvas and patterned arch canvas add depth.
  • Oversize art – Maximize wall space with huge eye-catching pieces of art. Abstract canvas paintings and large wall art anchor rooms.
  • Sculptural – 3D art that adds whimsy like wall sculptures or modular canvas shapes. Wall sculptures make walls pop.
  • Black and white – Modern chic vibe with graphic printed art in high contrast black & white.
  • Nature themes – Soothing wall art of landscapes, flowers, animals, and botanical designs. Floral wall-printed art is very popular now.
  • Maps – Vintage maps, transit diagrams, and nautical maps perk up walls with infographics. Can be framed or directly printed.
  • Family photos – Blow up favorite pics digitally printed on canvas in colorful groupings. Makes special custom art.
  • Diptychs and triptychs – Multi-panel canvas prints with related designs that tell a visual story.

With cement wall art, the possibilities are endless! The organic sculpted look elevates any space. Let your wall art reflect what inspires you, whether it’s bold modern abstruse or serene nature. Top home wall art ideas provide creative ways to show off our passions.

Top Textured Wall Art Decor Ideas

Plaster Wall Modern Art Sets Under $200

You don’t have to break the bank to bring home stunning cement wall art. Here are some of my favorite finds for cement wall decor sets under $200:

  • Sense of Art Set of 3 Textured Wall Panels – These patterned white wall panels have incredible 3D depth. The set of 3 coordinates together beautifully. Modern and chic! $84.99 at Etsy
  • Large Plaster Wall Art Panels by Jarlo Art – Made from natural white cement, these large wall hangings have organic cracked details. Available in long horizontal or circular arched shapes. $119-179 at Etsy
  • Boho Flower Wall Art Set – Romantic cement floral wreaths and bouquets on wooden backings. Neutral cement has an antique crackled effect. Set of 3. $99 at WallumsDecor on Etsy
  • White Textured Wall Art Set from SOAIY – Set of 3 canvas panels with heavily patterned abstruse 3D cement designs. Distressed white-on-white color palette. Modern and artsy! $169.99 on Amazon
  • Plaster Wall Art Kit – Flower Bouquet by ArtifactPixels – Includes 3 cement canvas panels plus paints/tools to finish colorful floral designs. Fun DIY wall art project! $195 on Etsy Canada

Don’t miss out on adding chic cement wall art to your home. With numerous online shops, it’s easy to find quality cement wall decor sets that fit your budget and style. Display unique artisan works that bring varied textures into your decor.

Tips for Hanging Plaster Wall Art Set of 3

Once you’ve chosen the perfect wall art, you’ll want to display it properly so it looks its best. Here are some tips for hanging cement wall art:

  • Wait for cement art to fully cure and dry before hanging. Acrylic cement can take 7-10 days to dry fully.
  • Use strong picture-hanging hardware designed for heavy objects. Plaster wall art can get very heavy.
  • For large or heavy pieces, use two hands and get help lifting and hanging art. Prevent cracks by handling gently.
  • When grouping wall art, hang the largest piece first and then build out the arrangement from there.
  • Use a level to ensure the art is hanging straight. Plaster can be sensitive to bumps or movement.
  • Place similar colored cement pieces together. Group black and white abstruse art for cohesion.
  • Consider placing cement wall art behind couches or beds to prevent damage. Areas with little traffic are ideal.
  • Add clip-on Picture Lighting above cement art to highlight details and prevent glare. LED strip lights work great.

Taking time to hang your cement wall art properly will let the natural textures take center stage. Level your pieces and use strong hardware suited for the weight. With smart placement choices, your new textural art will draw admiration. Check out our cement wall art selection to find your perfect statement pieces today!

Hanging Plaster Wall Art
Use strong picture-hanging hardware designed for heavy objects

Frequently Asked Questions

Use heavy-duty picture hanging hooks rated for more weight than your piece of art. C-hooks that screw into wall studs are very secure. Fishing lines and cleat systems also work well for heavy wall art.

For minor cracks, you can use acrylic paint infused with joint compound or dry cement to patch small flaws. For broken pieces, save all the fragments and rebuild with strong adhesives like super glue or epoxy resin. Wet cement can also be used to fill missing areas. Sand and repaint once fully dry.

Acrylic craft paints are ideal for coloring cement wall art. They flex as cement naturally expands and contracts. Avoid oil-based enamels. Make sure the cement is fully cured before painting. Use an acrylic sealer when finished for protection.

Plaster is vulnerable to moisture so it’s best kept indoors. Using an exterior-grade sealant provides some weatherproofing for semi-protected areas like covered porches. Avoid hanging cement where it will get wet.

You can create homemade cement art using basic materials like cement of Paris, cardboard, and paint. Cut cardboard shapes like circles or squares. Apply a layer of cement over the surface. Use found objects to imprint textures. Once fully dry, paint your design! Add an acrylic sealant when finished for protection.


Bringing character and visual richness into your living space is easy with cement wall art. The patterned handmade look adds an artisanal charm that feels one-of-a-kind. Choose a set of 3 wall pieces of art in neutral cement or colorful abstruse designs to make a design statement.

Craft bold oversized cement wall art and canvas paintings to anchor a room. Sculptural wall art made from concrete, wood, and patterned canvas provides artistic 3D depth. For boho style, try unique cement floral wall art arrangements. There are endless options to fit your decor goals.

Hanging new cement wall art properly ensures it will enrich your home’s style for years to come. With the art original, art canvas, and art kitchen ideas we’ve covered, you’re sure to find inspiring wall art decor. Let cement art awaken your interior design creativity to craft a home you adore!

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