Do you feel like your home decor needs a little something extra to really make it pop? Look no further than Big Plaster Wall Art! With its patterned, sculptural look, cement wall art makes a gorgeous addition to any space. Whether your style is modern, bohemian, basist or anywhere in between, you can find the perfect big wall pieces of art to complement your existing decor.

In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into all of the reasons why big cement art should be your next home decor investment. From the many options for styles and colors to the easy process of choosing and installing the ideal pieces for your space, we will cover it all.

Read on with Nousdecor to learn why big wall art can completely transform the look and feel of a room!

Key Takeaways

  • Big cement art adds an eye-catching focal point to any room. The large scale and patterned look make a dramatic statement.
  • Abstract, basist styles work well in modern spaces. Clean lines and neutral tones keep the look sophisticated.
  • Earthy cement art fits as creating boho plaster wall art. Pieces with texture and imperfection match the natural vibe.
  • Display above beds, sofas, and console tables for prime visibility. Art draws the eye in these high-traffic spots.
  • Accent walls in bold colors make the perfect backdrop. Contrast the wall and art colors for maximum impact.
  • Go bold with big-sized art to transform ordinary walls. Huge statement pieces spanning several feet grab attention.
  • Plaster is durable, cleans easily, and costs less than other art. The affordable material is a great investment for stylish decor.
  • Use floating encasements, wooden frames, or no framing. Vary framing to suit traditional or modern aesthetics.
  • Measure carefully and use proper hardware for clean installation. Level artwork and arrange cohesively for a gallery-like look.
Big Plaster Wall Art
Big Plaster Wall Art

Different Styles of Big Plaster Wall Art to Match Your Decor

One of the best aspects of cement wall art decor is the wide variety of looks available. With options from sleek and modern to organic and patterned, you can find pieces that align with your interior design sensibilities. Here are some of the most popular cement wall art styles for you to consider:

Modern and Minimalist

For contemporary homes, abstract wall art in cement is a fantastic choice. Look for geometrical shapes, clean lines, neutral palettes, and minimal texture. These basist art pieces make a sophisticated statement.

Hang a black and white abstract big wall art canvas above your sofa or coffee table to add an artistic focal point without going overboard. The simple colors complement any decor scheme like making art with plaster bandages.

Rustic and Boho

Bohemian-inspired homes need cement wall art with more texture and earthy vibes. Go for pieces in warm neutrals like beige, cream, and tan. Organic shapes and patterns add nice visual interest.

Textured cement wall art in soft white texture or paler wood tones brings out the rustic elements already present in your home. The chic, natural imperfections match perfectly with boho home decor.

Flowers and Nature

For those drawn to floral and botanical motifs, cement wall art offers charming options. Delicate painted flower wall designs bring your love for nature indoors. See how to make plaster flowers on canvas for more info!

White floral art pops against accent walls in rich blues or greens. Add a botanical watercolor work above your sofa for an effortless focal point. The soft, blended colors add artistic flair.

Abstract Shapes and Patterns

Abstract canvas wall art allows you to add intrigue through unusual shapes, colors, and textures. Go for sculptural waves patterned wall art or multi-dimensional abstract shapes to bring liveliness and movement into a space like when enhancing your space with Sense of Art wall decor.

The artistic style also pairs nicely with both traditional and contemporary design. For example, hang a striking abstract painting on canvas above your bed in a modern or farmhouse bedroom. The eye-catching focal point amplifies the overall look.

Oversized Statement Pieces

Large wall art makes an immediate impact. Big-sized cement art spans multiple feet for a dramatic appearance. The substantial size and presence grab attention.

For a sensational look, install an big-sized abstract artwork on your accent wall. The bold canvas becomes the room’s prominent decorative element. Its grand scale transforms the entire space.

Why Choose Textured Plaster Over Other Canvas Art Materials

From canvas to metal to wood, many materials can be used to create impactful wall hangings. So why choose cement specifically for your wall decor? Here are some of the top benefits that make it stand out:

Textured Plaster

Unique, Organic Texture

The handcrafted, imperfect nature of cement lends a beautiful, multi-dimensional look and feel. Touches of visible brush strokes along with slight texture variations result in an organic, one-of-a-kind piece.

Rustic patterned cement wall art adds natural depth and interest. The rich texture appeals to both traditional farmhouses and modern industrial spaces.

Sculptural, 3D Elements

Many cement wall art designs incorporate 3D aspects that add sculptural intrigue. The dimensional motifs cast subtle shadows on walls, pulling you in.

For example, a raised floral wall art piece made from cement has more visual impact than a flat printed version. The added contours provide striking depth and realism.

Durable, Weather-Resistant Material

Once fully cured, cement becomes quite hardy and long-lasting. It stands up well to minor bumps and scrapes. Plaster art also holds up nicely in fluctuating humidity and temperatures, even outdoors.

You can feel confident displaying your cherished wall art set without worries of easy damage. The sturdy material preserves the beauty of each handcrafted piece.

Effortless Cleaning

Life happens, which means your wall decor will need cleaning at times. Plaster withstands quick wipe-downs and dusting with ease. Just use a soft dry or slightly damp cloth to refresh your art.

You won’t have to painstakingly clean around delicate materials or worry about ruining the integrity of the pieces. Quick maintenance keeps your art looking its best.

Cost-Effective Investment

For the high visual impact it delivers, cement wall art comes at quite affordable price points. You can find quality handmade abstract art, modern art, and other designs for reasonable costs, especially compared to pricier art mediums.

The reasonable investment allows you to affordably add spectacular focal points throughout your home. Display different pieces in your main living space, bedrooms, and beyond.

Displaying Big Statement-Making Large Wall Art

Once you find the perfect large abstract or geometric canvas art for your home, it’s time to figure out the ideal display location. With so many possibilities throughout your space, narrowing it down can be tricky. Keep these tips in mind:

Big Statement-Making Large Wall Art

Above Sofas and Beds

Two of the most popular placements for big-sized wall art are above sofas and beds. A bold canvas or colorful modern abstract immediately draws the eye to these spots.

Centered above your sofa, a beautiful piece gives guests something eye-catching to admire. An artsy patterned painting wall art makes a pleasant focal point to see from your bed.

On Accent Walls

For homes with painted accent walls, cement artwork truly shines. Dramatic hues like navy, charcoal, or emerald create the perfect backdrop.

Hang a striking black and white abstract painting on a bold red accent wall in your living room. The captivating art takes center stage.

In Entryways

Make a stellar first impression by featuring a large statement piece in your entryway. The grand scale artwork commands attention in the foyer.

A cluster of mismatched frames holding your favorite abstract art prints infuses character right at your home’s entrance. Visitors will take notice and delight.

Above Console Tables

Coffee tables commonly found in foyers and hallways offer great display space, too. Place a sleek rectangle canvas photo print on the wall above your table.

When styled with decor items like vases and candles, the tableau makes a cohesive design display.

Best Ways to Hang and Frame Big Framed Canvas Modern Art

Now for the fun part—deciding how to mount and frame your big-sized canvas wall art! This step truly brings your piece to life on the wall. Consider these ideas:

Floating Frames

One option is using floating frames, where the canvas piece is set back within a slim frame for a modern look. White, black, natural wood, and other hues complement various decor styles.

These frames add clean lines and visual interest even to basic geometric or abstract wall art. The basist frame prevents ornamentation from competing with the art’s bold impact.

Floating Frames
Floating Frames

Wood Frames

For traditional charm, opt for classic wood frames to border your canvas wall art. Distressed finishes in darker walnut and ebony suit farmhouse decor best.

Lighter whitewashed styles keep the look airy in bedrooms and living spaces. Add matting between the frame and canvas print to soften the presentation.

Unframed with Cleats

One trendy route is mounting large abstract wall pieces of art without any framing at all. Unframed art has a fresh, contemporary appearance.

Use small L-brackets on the back top called cleats to directly secure the canvas paintings to your wall. The streamlined look spotlights the art itself.

Group Similar Pieces

Display your collection in an eye-catching cluster for an amplified visual effect. Hang pieces in the same color tones vertically and horizontally.

For example, gather rectangular beige and white patterned cement wall art canvases on your dining room wall. The repetitive look makes a design statement.

Quick Tips for Hanging Textured Art Wall Decor

Installing big cement art on your walls isn’t difficult, but accurate measuring and hanging are key for a professional look. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Check the wall mounting location for studs and use appropriate hardware like anchors for the weight.
  • Use a level during hanging to ensure the art sits straight.
  • For multiple pieces, map out arrangement and spacing in advance. Mix up orientations.
  • Play with height placements, like having art extend above sofas or beds for drama.
  • Add stylish pendant lights or sconces next to the art to illuminate it.
  • LED bias lighting behind wall art creates a beautiful glow effect.

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to move pieces around until you find the ideal display arrangement. The impactful scale of large art sets the tone for an entire space, so the layout deserves time and consideration.

Hanging Textured Art Wall Decor

Shop Top Places for Big Minimalist and Bohemian Canvas Abstract Wall Art Online

Looking for amazing big wall art to make a statement in your home? Shopping online makes finding exactly what you want easy and convenient. Here are some top retailers to browse:

  • Etsy: For beautiful handmade and custom canvas art, Etsy sellers have endless options at great prices.
  • Wayfair: This home goods site allows filtering by size to shop big-sized art up to 48 inches and beyond.
  • West Elm: Find a chic selection of impressively sized abstract designs and nature-inspired art.
  • Urban Outfitters: The trendy brand carries cool graphic prints, maps, and more on a large canvas.
  • Society6: Shop independent artists’ designs on canvases up to 60 inches here.
  • Minted: Get customized big-sized art made just for you, with custom text and framing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a contrasting wall color from your artwork helps it stand out. Dark accent walls in charcoal, navy, or emerald make the lighter art pop. Soft neutral or white walls let colorful art take center stage.

This depends on your wall space, ceilings, and furniture. Above couches, art is commonly hung about 8-12 inches above the sofa top. But if you have high ceilings, hanging art a few feet above furniture creates impact.

Avoid clutter and let your big piece shine by keeping additional decor minimal. Just a few complementary accent pieces like plants, sculptures, or a small framed photo work well. Add stylish wall sconces or pendants next to the art for lighting.

Absolutely! Oversized art makes a dramatic statement anywhere. In bedrooms, position above the bed or on accent walls for affordable headboard alternatives. For small spaces, stick with clean-lined modern or abstract pieces that won’t feel too busy.

Framed art tends to cost more but looks very polished, so it’s ideal for classical and traditional rooms. Unframed canvas pieces have a sleek, contemporary vibe fitting modern spaces best. In between, you can always frame canvas art yourself later!


The right statement-making large cement wall art or canvas painting can instantly elevate your interior design to the next level. With an abundance of sizes, colors, textures, and styles to browse, you can find wall art that infuses visual interest into any room.

Make a blank wall pop with a big-sized abstract piece, or fill up larger accent walls with impressive collections and groupings. The artwork possibilities are endless! We hope this guide gave you an inspiration to creatively decorate with big wall art that showcases your personal taste.

The next time you feel your home decor needs a little something extra, don’t forget to consider an eye-catching large canvas, patterned art, or modern wall sculpture. With proper placement and lighting, these dramatic focal points transform ordinary rooms into artistic spaces you’ll truly enjoy.

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