Wall art decor outdoor can completely transform your patio, garden, or any other outdoor living space. With so many options from metal and wrought iron pieces to canvas prints and murals, you’re sure to find eye-catching Outdoor Wall Art Decor to suit your style.

Read on with Nousdecor for inspiring ideas, shopping tips, and key factors to consider when decorating your outdoor walls!

Key Takeaways

  • Metal and wrought iron wall art adds bold style to modern outdoor spaces.
  • Canvas prints allow you to customize with your own photos or artistic prints.
  • Murals and adhesive tiles create a decorative accent wall or focal point.
  • Consider weather-resistant materials like metal that won’t fade in sunlight and rain.
  • Opt for wall art with deep, vibrant colors that stand out against nature.
  • Arrange a gallery wall with a mix of sizes, shapes, and subjects for visual interest.

Eye-Catching Outdoor Wall Art Decor Ideas

Decor outdoor wall can range from budget-friendly adhesive tiles to intricate metal sculptures costing over $1,000. Here are some top styles to inspire your outdoor space:

Ideas for your Outdoor Wall Decor

Nature-Inspired Metal Wall Art

Outdoor decor metal wall art bring a beautiful, nature-inspired style to your patio or garden. Popular options include:

  • Metal tree wall art: Choose copper, rust, or galvanized metal trees in all sizes. These striking sculptures look incredibly life-like.
  • Butterfly and dragonfly metal art: Delicate copper or iron butterflies and dragonflies bring a whimsical touch.
  • Branch, leaf, and flower wall sculptures: Metallic botanical shapes like leaves, branches, and flowers add an artsy style.
  • Lotus flower metal wall art: This sacred geometry symbol adds a peaceful Zen ambiance.

Modern Geometric and Abstract Sculptures

For contemporary spaces, choose bold geometric or abstract wall art, such as:

  • Contemporary metal circles and curves: Overlapping circles, waves, and abstract shapes in galvanized steel or copper.
  • Laser-cut screens: Intricate patterns like sacred geometry and mandalas laser-cut from metal.
  • Sculptural mobiles: Suspended metal shapes that twist and turn with the breeze.
  • Solar garden lights: During the day, these pieces look like flowers, leaves, or abstract sculptures. At night, they emit a soft glow.

Canvas Prints and Murals

For soft, colorful accents, canvas prints are perfect for the outdoors. Consider:

  • Custom photos on canvas: Transform your favorite travel shots, family photos, or landscape images into weatherproof prints.
  • Watercolor prints: Choose artistic watercolor pieces in soothing hues of blue, green, and yellow.
  • Botanical and floral canvases: Vibrant floral images add fresh pops of color combining with exquisite glass wall sculptures.
  • Murals: Cover a large blank outdoor wall with an artistic mural print on vinyl, or use adhesive wall tiles to create a mosaic design.

Paint and Stencil Wall Art

If you’re feeling crafty, DIY-painted wall art is a budget-friendly option. Some first-rate wall art ideas include:

  • Try decorating with large wall artwork with large flowering vines, leaves, birds, or butterflies directly on the wall. Use exterior masonry paints for a long-lasting look.
  • Painting inspirational quotes, your family name, or your wedding date on wooden/metal signs or directly on the wall.
  • Using stencils to create patterns like geometric shapes, floral designs, and more. Reusable stencils make it easy to get creative.
  • Drawing a chalkboard for leaving messages, drawing, or playing games. Use chalkboard paint to create the surface.

Shop Top Sources for Outdoor Wall Decor

Ready to start decorating your outdoor walls? Here are the best places to shop not just for outdoor but indoor as well:

  • Amazon: Search “outdoor wall art” to uncover thousands of metal, canvas, mosaic, and other outdoor pieces with free Prime shipping.
  • Etsy: Find a one-of-a-kind handmade outdoor wall art set from independent artists at a range of price points.
  • Wayfair: A top source for outdoor wall art prints, canvases, metal sculptures, and more – all with free shipping.
  • Overstock: Browse a wide selection of outdoor wall decor on sale for up to 70% off.
  • Anthropologie: Shop an upscale collection of murals, prints, metal art, and hand-painted tiles.
  • Home Depot: The garden section offers budget-friendly outdoor wall art options made for patios and porches.
  • Target: Find an affordable selection of metal wall sculptures, canvas prints, wall planters with air plants, and more.
  • World Market: Unique finds like colorful ceramic tiles, iron wall hangings, and Fair Trade DHURRIE rugs are used as tapestries.
  • Michaels: DIY your custom outdoor wall art with canvas, paints, stencils, and more artistic supplies.
Shop Top Sources for Outdoor Wall Decor

Key Factors When Selecting Outdoor Wall Decor

To choose pieces that stand up to the elements, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Weather-resistant materials: Look for UV-resistant metal, laminated canvas, wood composites, and plastics that won’t warp. Avoid paper prints.
  • Vibrant, bold colors: Deep tones like navy, maroon, and emerald green stand out against nature’s backdrop. Avoid pastels and white.
  • Appropriate scale: Size art to fit your wall space so it makes an impact. Oversized art can feel overwhelming in an outdoor setting.
  • Weight and installation: Opt for lightweight pieces, or ensure heavy objects like metal sculptures have secure mounting hardware designed for outdoor installation.
  • Theme and placement: Curate a cohesive vibe, like modern metal in a contemporary space or folk art tiles on a craftsman porch. Place focal points where they’ll grab attention, unlike modern office wall art ideas.

With so many chic materials and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find eye-catching outdoor wall art to elevate your space.

Have fun decorating!

Key Factors When Selecting Outdoor Wall Decor

Frequently Asked Questions

Metal and wrought iron wall art withstands rain, sun, and wind the best. Look for powder-coated or galvanized steel, aluminum, and copper.

Use weather-resistant mounting hardware like exterior-grade screws and weather-resistant adhesive. Ensure any hooks, screws, or nails go into a wall stud for security.

Specialty exterior masonry paints or chalkboard paints withstand sun and rain. Be sure to properly prep and seal the surface first.

After installing canvas prints, murals, or painted designs, apply an outdoor polyurethane sealer which protects from UV rays and moisture. Reapply sealant each year.

Clean the surface thoroughly, fill any cracks or holes with caulk, and apply primer and exterior paint if needed. This provides a flat, clean base for art.


The right outdoor wall art can take your patio, porch, or garden to the next level. Metal sculptures, canvas prints, hand-painted murals, and more – the possibilities are endless.

Choose pieces in bold colors that reflect your personal style. Consider the scale, material, durability, and placement. Then get ready to enjoy your new outdoor art every time you relax in your favorite outdoor spot.

With so many unique finds from all the top retailers, you’re sure to find stunning showstoppers that you love. Let your personality shine through with artistic outdoor wall decor everyone will admire.

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