As a long-time interior design enthusiast and lover of wall art, I know that choosing the perfect pieces to adorn your home can be both exciting and overwhelming. This is especially true when you’re looking for Christian-themed wall art that aligns with your faith and values. With so many options to choose from, how do you even begin to narrow it down?

Over my many years of decorating client homes, I’ve curated an eye for top-notch Christian Wall Art Decor that makes a statement, sparks inspiration, and brings you closer to God. Whether you’re looking to decorate a single wall with a powerful canvas print or want to adorn every room with scripture and Bible verses, I’m going to walk you through exactly what to look for.

In this comprehensive Nousdecor guide, I’ll share my professional advice for finding the best Christian wall art decor for every space and style. You’ll learn tips for choosing meaningful designs, proper sizing, where to buy quality pieces, and even discover specific products I recommend. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Look for Christian wall art with meaningful designs that align with your belief, featuring inspirational Bible verses, scripture, or Christian symbols.
  • Consider wall art made of high-quality materials like canvas, wood, or metal for a sophisticated look.
  • Measure your wall size and layout to determine the right sizing and configuration for your new art pieces.
  • Purchase Christian wall art from reputable online retailers like Christianbook, Parable, or for the best selection and value.
  • Adorn every room with belief-based art – not just the living room and bedroom! – for a cohesive theme.
Christian Wall Art Decor
Christian Wall Art Decor

Choosing Meaningful Christian Wall Art Decor

The most important factor in choosing Christian wall art is selecting pieces with designs that hold significance for you and align with your belief. When decorating your home with spiritual decor, you want it to feel inspiring, uplifting, and reflective of your relationship with God.

Bible verses and scripture make excellent Christian wall art, as they allow you to proudly display God’s word and truths you want to be reminded of daily. Popular verses like Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 23:4, Joshua 1:9, and Philippians 4:13 are great choices for living rooms, bedrooms, and more.

For kitchens and dining rooms, look for Christian artwork featuring food and blessings, like “Give us this day our daily bread” or “Come Lord Jesus, be our guest.” Uplifting messages of hope and love are perfect for entryways and hallways.

Another meaningful route is choosing Christian wall art featuring symbolic imagery like crosses, doves, crowns of thorns, angels, and more. These visual representations can beautifully communicate your belief.

Finding the Right Size Christian Wall Decor

Once you’ve selected meaningful Christian wall art, it’s crucial to find pieces sized appropriately for your space. Nothing ruins a wall’s aesthetic like art that’s too small or overwhelms the whole layout.

First, measure the exact dimensions of the wall you want to decorate. Take into account windows, doors, and furniture placement when deciding on size and configuration. Here are a few general art sizing guidelines:

  • Large statement piece: For a blank accent wall, choose one large canvas print stretching 2⁄3 to 3⁄4 the width of the wall. This makes a bold focal point.
  • Art clusters: Group 3-5 pieces in an asymmetrical cluster for a collection look. Mix up sizes and subjects.
  • Gallery wall: Cover a larger area with a symmetrical grid of uniformly sized and framed art pieces. Aim for 1-3 inches between frames.
  • Filling narrow walls: Pick one horizontal piece or vertical stack of smaller prints.

Once you’ve mapped out your design, order your Christian artwork in the exact dimensions needed to pull off your wall layout. Never assume you can just “make it work” once it arrives!

Finding the Right Size Christian Wall Decor
Finding the Right Size Christian Wall Decor

Shop Top Places to Buy Christian Wall Decor

Not all wall art is created equal when it comes to quality, so shop discerningly. While Amazon and big box stores sell affordable wall art for decoration, these often look cheap in person with low production value.

For Christian wall decor that actually enhances your home’s sophistication, I recommend shopping specialty retailers like:

  • Christianbook: My favorite online destination for belief-based art, books, music and more. I’ve been impressed with their wide selection of Bible verse and themed wall art on canvas, wood, metal, and paper. Great everyday low prices.
  • Parable: A Christian-owned store selling an exclusive collection of religious wall art. I adore their canvas scripture prints and unique aesthetic.
  • For museum-quality gallery prints of classic religious artworks and paintings. Theibil’s “Sermon on the Mountain” is a favorite.
  • Etsy: Loads of handmade Christian artwork from independent artists. Perfect for custom orders and unique pieces.
  • Red Letter Words: Specializes in vinyl wall words and belief-based decals. Great for nurseries and kids’ rooms!

Don’t settle for cheap quality – it’s worth investing extra in Christian artwork you’ll treasure for years.

Decorating Your Home with Faith-Based Wall Art

When designing a home with Christian wall art, it’s important to go beyond just a single canvas print in the living room just like personalized wall decor for Mr and Mrs. To create a truly meaningful spiritual space, adorn every room in your home with visual reminders of what motivates you.

Here are some tips for decorating with belief-based wall art throughout your home:

  • Living Room: As your home’s gathering place, the living room deserves special treatment. I love a large canvas Bible verse mounted behind the sofa as a striking focal point. Or do a cluster of various scripture prints for interest.
  • Kitchen: In addition to art with food-related messages, also consider displaying Christian word art or vinyl wall quotes like “Give Thanks to the Lord” as kitchen décor. Use wall borders with subtle crosses or floral motifs for a pretty touch.
  • Dining Room: Bless your meals and guests with a lovely printed Bible verse about thankfulness or food such as, “He who plants a tree plants hope.” Add a wood wall cross for a rustic vibe.
  • Bedrooms: Set a peaceful, hopeful tone in bedrooms with Christian art featuring restful images and verses about love. Try canvas pieces above bed headboards.
  • Bathroom: Water-resistant materials like coastal vibes in metal wall decor or wood wall art work best in humid bathroom settings. I suggest simple yet meaningful bathroom decor wall art with messages like “This is the day the Lord has made.”
  • Home Office: Stay motivated by surrounding your workspace with affirming Bible verses and Christian word art on trendy materials like glass or reclaimed wood.
  • Kids’ Rooms: Teach children about God’s love with colorful Christian wall art using cheerful fonts and child-friendly designs. Display names, memory verses, or stories like Noah’s Ark.

With broad representation throughout your home, you’ll feel constantly connected to your belief. Visitors will also get a sense of your values and what’s important to you.

Bible verse in dining room
Bible verse in dining room

Top-Rated Wall Art Pieces to Inspire Your Decor

Looking for top-rated wall art pieces for home decor to get your Christian wall art decor journey started? Here are reviews of some of my favorite belief-based wall art finds to inspire you:

  • Jesus Lion and Lamb Canvas Print: With vivid colors and imagery, this 16×20 canvas print depicts Jesus as both the triumphant lion and sacrificial lamb. It’s a bold reminder of Christ’s resurrection power and humility. The quality thick canvas really makes the art pop.
  • ”As for Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord” Framed Sign: I adore the distressed vintage look of this framed wood sign for kitchens and entryways. The message proudly reminds all who enter that this is a God-honoring household. It comes in three color/font options too.
  • Psalm 23 Framed Canvas Wall Art: Featuring the full text of the beloved Psalm 23 Bible passage, this elegant typographic print looks perfect in living rooms. The inspirational words of comfort and hope are beautifully rendered in spiral shapes.
  • Bible Verses Multi-Panel Wall Art: If you’re looking to decorate a large empty wall, this 3-piece set is just the answer. It combines three wide vertical canvas prints of popular verses from Jeremiah, Joshua, and Philippians. The modern fonts have a subtle stained glass look.
  • Christian Word Wall Décor: Available in round, square, and graduated shapes, these customizable wood word signs allow you to display any Bible verse, word, or Christian saying. They ship fast and look so chic on any wall. I love giving them as meaningful spiritual gifts too!

No matter your style, budget, or room, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces of Christian wall art to adorn your home among these selections and more. Just order some samples to see the quality in person. Happy decorating!

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely not! While the living room is a natural spot for your main statement piece, I highly recommend decorating your entire home with belief-based wall art. Hang Christian canvas prints, framed verses, metal wall words, etc. in bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, and more for inspiration everywhere you look.

For quality that endures, look for Christian wall art made from canvas, wood, metal, or high-impact polystyrene. Canvas provides vivid color reproduction and is easy to install. Distressed wood has a rustic charm. Metal art is modern and durable. Polystyrene mimics other materials like stone at a lower cost.

This depends on your wall size and layout as well as personal preference. Smaller pieces like individual canvas panels work well clustered together in asymmetrical arrangements. For large statement walls, I’d recommend one big central focal point art piece extending 2⁄3 across.

There are certainly premium art pieces costing over $100, but you can easily find quality Christian wall art on a budget too. Many canvases and prints under $50 offer great value. Sales, clearance sections, and buying directly from Christian artists are good ways to save. Set a price filter when searching to stay in your range.

Most people assume wall art belongs in the living room, but I actually recommend hanging Christian-themed pieces in every room for a cohesive faith-filled home. Bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, hallways, and more are perfect for wall words, canvas prints, wood signs, and various scripture art. Look for visible empty wall space or above furniture.


With an abundance of Christian wall art options to choose from, it can be daunting to select pieces that truly resonate with your faith and home’s aesthetic.

By keeping your values at the forefront, thoughtfully considering size and configuration, shopping reputable retailers, and displaying art all throughout your home, you’ll curate a collection you’re proud to showcase.

The right Christian wall art has the power to not only elevate your décor, but also edify your spirit day after day. Let this guide equip you to find wall art you’ll cherish that both expresses your beliefs and showcases your decorating style.

Go ahead – adorn those walls and delight in the uplifting atmosphere art infused with meaning creates in your home. God bless!

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