Installing stunning wall art can utterly transform the look and feel of any living space. The right pieces can turn blank backgrounds into captivating views that draw the eye and stimulate the mind. While art installation may seem intimidating, having the proper help and following key tips can make the process smooth and successful.

This guide will provide everything you need to know to professionally Wall Art Installation Bangkok home or office. We’ll cover choosing amazing designs that share to you, prepping your space, using the correct mounting hardware and achieving proper positioning. With this advice, you’ll avoid common mistakes and end up with an art arrangement you’ll love looking at for years to come.

The world of wall décor has an overwhelming array of options today from classic paintings to modern photography and abstract designs.

Nousdecor team will explore popular themes and places to purchase quality art in Bangkok. Whether you want to make a statement with bold canvases or prefer understated prints, there is something for every style. Install your new pieces with confidence using our tips and enjoy your personalized art gallery!


  • In the bustling streets of Bangkok, art enthusiasts seek out unique expressions of creativity for their living and working spaces.
  • The city’s vibrant culture is reflected as local artists merge traditional Thai themes with modern designs in their wall art installations.
  • Business owners commission custom murals that tell a story or convey a message, turning bland walls into conversation pieces.
  • Meanwhile, residential homeowners prefer subtle and serene art pieces that add a touch of tranquility to their homes.
  • To facilitate these artistic endeavors, professional installers ensure the artwork is mounted with precision, making wall art a permanent fixture in Bangkok’s aesthetic landscape.
  • Whether for enhancing corporate branding or personalizing a living space, wall art becomes an integral component of Bangkok’s interior design, showcasing the city’s unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Guide for Wall Art Installation Bangkok

Installing wall art in your Bangkok home or office can completely transform the look and feel of a space. With so many options for wall décor like canvas prints, posters, paintings and more, it can be overwhelming to choose the right pieces and properly install them.

Here is a guide to selecting stunning wall art and professionally mounting it in your Bangkok property.

Choose Meaningful Wall Art

  • When selecting wall art for a Bangkok home or office, think about what would be meaningful to display.
  • Bangkok is known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful architecture. Consider a temple painting print or black and white photo of Wat Arun to connect with Thailand’s spiritual history.
  • A watercolor street scene showing local architecture and daily life would also make an impactful and authentic addition.
  • Alternatively, opt for a modern canvas print of an urban Bangkok Thailand landscape in light and shadows.
  • Black and white elephant art prints are also popular choices with timeless appeal. Look for wall art like watercolor paintings, canvas artworks or even modern posters of Bangkok’s temples and Wat Arun to really connect with the city’s artistic and cultural heritage.
  • An art biennale poster or Chinese architecture print would also make for an exotic addition. For true local flair, choose wall décor featuring unique Bangkok scenery and motifs.
Choose Meaningful Wall Art

Prepare the Mounting Surface

  1. Before installing wall art, make sure the mounting area is properly prepared.
  2. Clean the wall surface thoroughly and repair any holes or cracks in the plaster.
  3. Paint the wall in a neutral color to allow the art to really stand out.
  4. Consider the overall decor and look you want to achieve, keeping in mind wall art installation techniques.
  5. For a bold gallery wall, use contrasting paint colors as the background. To make framed prints pop, choose a muted wall color.
  6. If you are hanging heavy framed pieces, locate and mark the wall studs you will secure the hanging hardware into.
  7. This is the best part of properly supporting heavier wall art and preventing sagging over time. Place delicate artworks away from high traffic areas or rambunctious kids and pets.
Prepare the Mounting Surface

Use Appropriate Mounting Hardware

Choosing the right mounting hardware for your art and wall type will ensure it stays securely mounted for years to come.

  • For most canvas and paper prints, framed or unframed, opt for standard picture hanging hooks and nails.
  • Heavy pieces may require D-rings or sawtooth hangers with strong screws anchored into studs, utilizing eco-friendly wall art supplies.
  • Be sure to use anchors rated for the weight of your artwork. Improper hardware can lead to problems down the road.
  • Always follow the mounting directions that come with the art or frame you purchase. The hardware needed can vary based on the art’s weight and dimensions.

When in doubt, contact a professional installer if you are unsure of the best mounting method for valuable or overweight pieces. Proper hardware paired with careful installation will allow you to enjoy your wall art safely.

Achieve Proper Positioning

  • Carefully measure and level art prior to installation for an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Hang pieces so their centers align at a consistent height for a coordinated look.
  • Gallery walls with clustered framed prints and canvas art should have a composed asymmetry. Landscape artwork looks best when the center aligns with the viewer’s eyeline.
  • Stand back frequently when positioning wall art to ensure proper spacing between pieces and alignment on the wall, especially when incorporating impressionist style in modern decor.
  • The ideal spacing depends on the size and style of the pieces, but a good rule of thumb is at least a few inches between frames.
  • For a bolder look, combine framed prints and paintings with murals or colorful street art designs painted directly on the wall.
  • Play with arrangement and scale to achieve a visually amazing art display.
Achieve Proper Positioning

Finishing Touches

  • Finally, consider lighting to illuminate wall art in your Bangkok residence or business.
  • Position adjustable lamps or install sleek track lighting to create a gallery feel.
  • For more dramatic illumination, use directional spotlights to highlight specific pieces or wall sculptures.
  • Make sure to avoid hanging art in direct sunlight to prevent fading over time, especially when dealing with vibrant wall art hues.
  • Also provide sufficient breathing room around canvases and prints so they aren’t crowded.
  • With proper preparation, mounting hardware and positioning, you can enjoy a gallery quality wall art installation.
  • Step back and admire how your personalized art collection completely transforms the entire aesthetic and feel of the space.
  • Wall art is a great way to add visual interest and creative design to any Bangkok home or office. When selecting pieces, think about common Thailand and Bangkok motifs that will make an authentic statement.
  • Elephant artworks are extremely popular for their cultural symbolism and timeless appeal. Black and white prints depicting Thailand’s iconic elephants represent strength and wisdom. Marble temple designs also nod to Thailand’s religious heritage in a modern way.
  • Bangkok cityscape art offers a lively feel with urban scenes, landmarks and public art. Black and white photography of Bangkok’s architecture and street life has a cool, contemporary vibe. Fireworks over the Chao Phraya River make for stunning canvas prints to adorn any wall.
  • Beyond the classics, many local artists are creating more modern and abstract pieces. Mix in pops of color with geometric wall posters or acrylic paintings from Thai artists. Let your imagination run wild and find art that speaks to you.

Where can you buy wall-art in Bangkok?

  • Fortunately, Bangkok offers many excellent places to purchase quality wall art for your home or office. Support local artists by visiting galleries like Jam Cafe Gallery, Number 1 Gallery and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre which showcase eclectic and inspiring contemporary works.
  • Many Thai artists also sell directly through Instagram shops and online stores. Browse unique designs and get inspiration from independent creators marketing their artwork through social media.
  • Online retailers like offer an extensive catalogue of Bangkok city prints and Thailand-themed art with reliable shipping.
  • For affordable options, peruse the wall posters and canvas prints at department stores like Terminal 21 and Siam Paragon. Chatuchak Weekend Market has an entire section dedicated to paintings and art which is perfect for finding hidden gems while supporting local talents.
  • Wherever you choose to shop in Bangkok, you’ll find myriad options to turn any blank wall into a personalized art gallery.


Choose pieces in the same color scheme or complementary hues. Black and white art is easy to coordinate. Mixing different sizes, shapes and framing keeps groupings dynamic. 3 huge pieces of green art water the imagination and check boundaries, while 4 long asin frames keep things interesting.

Standard gallery height is about 58-60 inches from the floor to the center of a frame. For above couches, art can be a bit higher around 64 inches.

If you have specialty, fragile or high value art, it’s often worth hiring an experienced installer. They have the expertise to properly mount pieces using best practices.

Consider framed prints with hooks to hang keys or hats. Floating shelves are great for displaying artful objects. Wall hooks can hold guitars, bikes or other statement pieces.

Temple and elephant art, black and white cityscape photos, watercolor street scenes, and images of landmarks like Wat Arun capture Bangkok’s spirit. Along the years ago, there is enough free stuff to pay attention to. Nice events go on that allow us to leave our boundaries and tag along to international happenings. Trains, coffee, and hearts, let things go enough to free your heart.

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