As someone who has decorated homes for over 15 years, I’ve seen all kinds of wall art come and go. But in my opinion, nothing beats the timeless beauty and visual interest of wooden decor.

In this comprehensive Nousdecor guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about incorporating wooden wall decorations into your home, from different categories of Wood Wall Art Decor to where to buy it and how to drape it.

By the end, you’ll feel inspired and equipped to add some woodsy warmth to your walls.

Key Takeaways

  • Wood wall art comes in many styles, from verdant to modern to abstract. Choose a look that fits your existing decor.
  • Position wooden wall decorations as a focus point in a room to draw the eye.
  • Opt for ready-to-hang wooden wall decorations for easy installation. Use proper hardware for a secure mount.
  • Wood wall art adds natural texture and beauty to any space. It’s an investment that will last for years.
Rustic Wood Wall Art Decor Sculpture Designs For Home
Rustic Wood Wall Art Decor Sculpture Designs For Home

Categories of Wood Wall Art Decor

Wood wall art comes in a diverse array of styles to match any room’s aesthetic. Here are some of the most common wooden wall decoration categories and looks:

Rustic Wood Wall Art

Rustic wooden wall decorations bring a natural, outdoorsy feel with distressed wood textures and earthy elements.

  • Features weathered barn boards, tree branches, antlers, etc.
  • Warm neutral tones like browns, tans, and grays
  • Adds a cozy cabin or farmhouse vibe

Geometric Wood Wall Art

Geometric wooden wall decorations make a modern statement with bold lines and forms.

  • Graphic triangles, circles, diamonds, etc.
  • Crisp lines and patterns
  • Looks especially striking in black and white
Geometric Wood Wall Art
Geometric Wood Wall Art

Abstract Wood Wall Art

Abstract wooden wall decorations take artistic liberties with unexpected forms.

  • Flowing organic forms
  • Interpretive crafts
  • Makes you think and examine closely

Modern Wood Wall Art

Sleek and stylish, modern wooden wall decorations elevate contemporary places.

  • Polished metal accents
  • Clean lines and silhouettes
  • Modern motifs like pineapples or arrows

Coastal Wood Wall Art

Bring breezy beach vibes with coastal wooden wall décor.

  • Beachy motifs like sea turtles, anchors, shells
  • Light and airy pastel shades
  • Weathered wood with nautical rope accents

Farmhouse Wood Wall Art

Charming and quaint, farmhouse wooden wall decorations add old-fashioned character.

  • Rustic painted signs
  • Nature-inspired prints like flowers or roosters
  • Chippy white paint creates a shabby chic look

Industrial Wood Wall Art

Exposed wood and metal come together in tough, industrial wooden wall décor.

  • Reclaimed wood boards and metal pipe
  • Vintage quality with a worn, distressed patina
  • Makes a statement in lofts, dens, and studios

Boho Wood Wall Art

Free-spirited boho wooden wall decorations set a laidback tone.

  • Dream catchers and mandalas
  • Natural unfinished wood
  • Global cultural symbols

With this wide range of wooden wall decoration styles, you’re sure to find options that suit your home’s aesthetic. Whether you love the ruggedness of reclaimed wood or the polish of sleek modern crafts, wood art offers looks for every decor scheme.

Boho Wood Wall Art
Boho Wood Wall Art

Benefits of Wood Framed Wall Decor

Beyond its range of styles, wood-made framed wall decor offers many benefits that make it a go-to material for wall art for the likes of wall art Scandinavian design. Here are some of the top advantages of opting for wood over other materials:

  • Natural beauty: The rich grain and texture of wood lend an inherent warmth and organic look. Wood has depth and character that manmade materials lack.
  • Versatile: From rough-hewn planks to smoothly sanded pieces, wood’s range of finishes allows it to work in verdant to refined settings.
  • Durable: Properly sealed wood stands the test of time. It resists fading or warping and can last for many years with proper care.
  • Eco-friendly: Many wooden wall decorations pieces feature reclaimed or sustainably sourced wood. This makes wood a greener choice than plastic-based decor.
  • Artistic qualities: Wood offers the perfect background texture for layering paint, carving forms, or burning crafts. It’s ideal for Do-It-Yourself projects.
  • Design impact: With visual weight and presence, wood-made framed art commands attention. It makes a striking focus point or accent.

Wood clearly has aesthetic virtues that make it a go-to for quality wall decor. Its natural beauty and longevity mean wooden wall decorations will maintain its visual impact for many years. It’s easy to see why wood-made framed pieces make such meaningful additions to a well-decorated home.

How to Choose the Right Wooden Wall Art Designs for Your Space

With so many wooden wall decoration styles and options to pick from, it can be tricky to zero in on the right look for your home. Here are some tips for choosing wooden wall decorations that complement and enhance your existing space:

  • Consider your room’s color palette – Is your room awash in neutrals? Go for wooden wall decorations with warm natural wood tones or black accents for contrast (see elegant black wall art). Have lots of bright colors? Select wooden wall decorations with crisp white framing so it will pop.
  • Match the mood you want to create – Rustic wooden wall decorations convey coziness, while sleek modern crafts feel more sophisticated. Make sure your wooden wall décor’s style aligns with your room’s vibe.
  • Account for the size of your place – Big, bold wooden wall decorations look best in open floor plans. For smaller rooms, choose smaller-sized wood wall hangings to avoid overwhelming.
  • Think about traffic flow – Hang wooden wall decorations out of high-traffic zones like hallways. Position it where people can pause and appreciate the details.
  • Complement existing furnishings – If your furniture has traditional appeal, nautical-themed wood art will likely clash. Seek wooden wall decorations with a matching aesthetic.
  • Use wooden wall decorations to accentuate room elements – Draw the eye upward by placing long vertical wood pieces above short furniture. Highlight neat architectural details.
  • Envision it as part of a gallery wall – Wood art often looks great alongside framed prints and photos in colorful cluster arrangements.

By keeping these pointers in mind as you shop, you’ll be able to find wonderful wooden wall decorations and crafts that enhance any space in your home. Let your wooden wall decorations reflect your personal style while creating an inviting ambiance.

Where to Buy Wooden Wall Sculptures

Once you’ve settled on the perfect wooden wall decorations style for your place, it’s time to start shopping. Here are some of my favorite places to buy stunning wooden decorative wall sculptures for home design:


This online marketplace offers tons of handmade and vintage wooden wall decorations from independent artists and small businesses. On Etsy, you can find one-of-a-kind artisan wood pieces along with custom wood signs and monograms.


Known for its vibrant art prints, Society6 also sells metal and wooden wall decorations in many chic modern crafts. You’ll find geometric forms, nature motifs, and abstract wall sculptures.


Search this huge online art store for wooden wall decorations prints ranging from antique botanical images to contemporary photography. Frame your prints in wood for a cohesive look.


Stop by this boho-chic boutique for a worldly selection of wood-made framed wall art. Choose from carved masks, printed tiles, and embroidered fabric in wood frames.

West Elm

West Elm’s Mid-Century Modern and industrial-inspired wood art prints pair nicely with the brand’s furnishings. Expect a sleek modern perspective.

Wood Wall Decor Direct

As its name implies, this company focuses solely on wooden wall decorations in many styles. Search thousands of wooden wall-hanging options here.

Local Art Fairs

Attending art fairs is a great way to buy one-of-a-kind wood art directly from artists in your community. You may discover the perfect custom piece.

With such a diverse array of retailers carrying wooden wall décor, you’re sure to uncover the ideal wooden wall sculptures to liven up your place. Support independent artists or choose budget-friendly mass-produced prints – either way, wood art makes a stylish statement.

Local Art Fairs
Local Art Fairs

How to Hang Wood Framed Wall Décor

Now for the fun part – it’s time to drape your new wood-made framed wall art! Properly overhanging wall decorations ensure your precious wood pieces will stay securely mounted on display. Here are some best practices:

  • Use hardware crafted for overhanging like D-rings, wire, and wall anchors. Nails and other improvised fasteners can damage walls and cause art to fall.
  • Place D-rings or other strong overhanging hardware at the upper corners of the back of the art’s frame. Attach overhanging wire between the hardware, leaving enough slack for the wire to drape about one-third down the frame when lifted.
  • Determine placement and mark the wall with a pencil at the desired height. Use a stud finder to mark stud locations. Whenever possible, anchor into studs for security and balancing scale and proportion with wall art decor.
  • For drywall without studs, use hollow wall anchors – toggle bolts provide a very secure grip. Drill pilot holes for anchors if needed.
  • Carefully lift the art and position the overhanging wire over chosen hardware like wall hooks. For large art, have someone help hold it in place while you attach it to the hardware.
  • Check that the art is centered and level. Make any adjustments by repositioning hardware as needed.
  • When satisfied with the placement, firmly secure all hardware into the wall. Double-check that art feels stable and secure on its hanger(s).

With the right supplies and careful measuring, overhanging wood-made framed wall decorations is straightforward. Take time to drape your art properly so it stays put. Then step back and admire how your wood art instantly elevates your place!

DIY Wood Wall Decor Projects

Looking for budget-friendly ways to decorate with beautiful wood? With a little Do-It-Yourself inspiration, you can easily make stunning wooden wall decorations and decorations yourself for enhancing your living room with art. Here are some of my favorite Do-It-Yourself wooden wall decoration projects to try:

Rustic Wood Signs

Make a charming farmhouse-style wood sign for your wall with paint and simple letter stencils. You can stencil an inspiring Bible verse, monogram, or funny home phrase like “Eat, Drink, Be Merry.” Distress and stain the edges for added verdant charm.

Geometric Wood Shelves

Cut plywood or boards into angular tetris-like shapes. Paint or stain them in contrasting colors. Then mount the geometric wooden canvas shelves in an artistic way for a modern home decor statement. Display books, vases, or candles.

Framed Botanical Prints

Print and frame gorgeous vintage botanical art or flower illustrations. Refinish old wooden frames with white or black paint for a clean modern look. Group in an eclectic cluster for an eye-catching plant-loving gallery wall.

Framed Botanical Prints
Framed Botanical Prints

Wood Slice Round Mirror

Turn cross-cut tree slices into verdant boho mirrors! Use Mod Podge glue to adhere a circular mirror (or cheap round tray) onto a wood slice. Let dry fully, then seal the wood edges with stain and polyurethane for a unique focus point.

Reclaimed Wood Herringbone Wall

Cover a boring wall with an interlocking herringbone pattern of thin reclaimed wood strips. The dynamic zigzag craft becomes a textured focal feature. Stain or whitewash the wood first for a lighter palette.

If you’re feeling crafty, wood’s versatility makes it perfect for all kinds of easy Do-It-Yourself art projects. Add personalized flair while saving money and learning new skills – Do-It-Yourself wooden wall decorations are rewarding on every level!

Frequently Asked Questions

Rustic, geometric, abstract, modern, coastal, farmhouse, industrial, and boho wooden wall decorations are some of the most popular styles.

Prominent wall places like above furniture or flanking a bed are ideal spots to drape wooden wall decorations as a focus point.

Use hardware like D-rings and wire to drape wood-made art securely. Nails or wood glue can damage walls. Follow any included overhanging instructions.

Yes! With wood pieces, paint, and imagination you can make all kinds of Do-It-Yourself wooden wall decorations like signs, monograms, and more.


Wood wall art is truly a timeless, versatile way to decorate that I never get tired of using in my craftwork. With the warmth and elegance of natural wood, you can’t go wrong making it part of your home’s walls. Whether you choose a verdant reclaimed wood plank art or abstract stamped metal sculptures mounted on wood, it’s sure to add an organic touch.

I hope this guide offered inspiration and ideas to start dressing up your home’s blank places with beautiful wooden wall decorations finds. Always measure carefully, use appropriate hardware, and drape with care so you can enjoy your new wooden artwork for many years.

Let wooden wall decorations become the charming focal point your place has been missing!

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