Adding decorative wall art to your kitchen is one of the easiest ways to instantly give it more personality and visual interest. With so many styles, sizes, and themes available, the possibilities are endless for showcasing gorgeous kitchen décor that reflects your style.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll explore all aspects of choosing and styling Decorative Wall Art For Kitchen. As an experienced home décor enthusiast and designer at Nousdecor, I’m excited to share my tips for decorating your walls in ways that will make you proud.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider the existing style, color palette, and size of your kitchen when choosing wall decor to complement it perfectly.
  • Hang a variety of sizes and shapes of encased prints, photos, canvas pieces, and other wall decor for visual impact.
  • Kitchen wall décor like fruit, food, wine, coffee, and nature scenes work well for most cooking spaces.
  • Place decorative art above the kitchen table or island, behind the sink, or on the backsplash for prime visibility.
  • Create special wall decor sets to adorn focal walls using gallery screens, scenic, wall decals, and more.
  • Rustic wall, farmhouses, and vintage-inspired décor like encased botanicals, wall signs, and utensils make the best kitchen wall decor.
  • Explore unique wall decor pieces with quirky sayings, inspiring quotes, or funny food-related themes.
  • DIY-painted scenics, gallery screens, and recycled art projects make budget-friendly options for kitchen wall decoration.

Choosing the Right Decorative Wall Art For Kitchen Home Decor

As we explore the world of wall art in home decor, the first step to fabulous kitchen décor is choosing pieces that work with your existing space. Here are some top tips for selecting art that fits your kitchen’s style perfectly just like a living room decor:

Decorative Wall Art For Kitchen Home Decor
Decorative Wall Art For Kitchen

Consider the style of your kitchen

What’s the dominant look of your cooking space – modern, traditional, rustic, industrial, retro? Match your wall decor to the same style for a cohesive, polished look. For example, farmhouse kitchens would suit encased botanicals, wood signs, or vintage utensils. On the other hand, clean-lined modern spaces call for geometric or abstract prints.

Think about the size and placement of the art

Before shopping for wall decor, study your kitchen layout and decide on the perfect placements for art. Measure wall spaces above the table, behind appliances, and beyond. Then, choose pieces scaled to fit each area like mirror art wall decor for creating balanced décor. Mix up art sizes and shapes for interest.

Choose pieces that reflect your personality and interests

While you want your kitchen décor cohesive, it should also showcase what makes you unique. Pick wall decor imprints and photos featuring your favorite foods, hobbies, places, quotes, and more. For example, bar signs work for wine lovers, while coffee imprints appeal to caffeine addicts.

Types of Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor

From beautiful imprints to meaningful photos, there is so much wall decor suited for kitchen displays. Here are some top categories and themes to consider when enhancing your home with carefully selected wall decor:

Food and drink-themed art

By far, food and beverage-inspired wall décor reigns supreme in kitchens. Fitting themes include fruits, vegetables, herbs, wine, beer, coffee, tea, baking, and general culinary imprints. Choose pieces with bold graphics and bright, appetizing colors. For a unified look, shop matching sets featuring several imprints.

Food and drink-themed art
Food and drink-themed art

Nature-themed art

From botanicals and flowers to landscapes and animals, nature-inspired wall decor brings a soothing, organic vibe to kitchens. Framed imprints depicting leaves, greenery, vines, and blooms look fantastic in both rustic and modern cooking spaces.

Abstract art

Go for modern chic with abstract kitchen wall decor in interesting shapes, patterns, textures, and colors. Try geometric imprints, expressionist waves, swirls, or textured canvas wall decor to lend an artistic flair. Black and white schemes work well to accent colorful kitchens as deciphering wall art deco designs.

Typography and quotes

Showcase your personality through meaningful words! Uplifting food quotes, drink recipes, culinary puns, and inspirational idioms make great kitchen décor. Display them in encased imprints, blackboards, wood signs, and more.

Wall decals and scenic

Make a bold splash behind your stove or dining table with oversized wall decals and hand-painted scenics. Choose stunning imagery like herbs, utensils, plates, fruits, or abstract shapes. Consult a professional scenicist for custom art. Some decals are repositionable and removable.

Where to Hang Kitchen Wall Décor

Now for the fun part – deciding where to place all your gorgeous new modern kitchen wall decor! Here are prime spots to creatively showcase decor:

Above the kitchen table or island

Dining areas provide the perfect blank canvas for an eye-catching focal point of the kitchen decor. Hang a grouping of various-sized artworks to form an artistic gallery wall in your kitchen design. Choose pieces that complement your dishes and tablescape.

Wall Art for Kitchen Room
Above the kitchen table or island

Behind the sink

Anchor your kitchen space decor by filling the wall behind your sink with imprints or colorful scenery. This spot offers great visibility when washing dishes or prepping food. Just avoid canvas or paper art that may get water damage.

In the backsplash

Incorporate creative wall decor into your backsplash design! Some backsplashes are designed to display photos, imprints, or patterns directly on the tiles. Shelves also allow you to hang encased art like unique football wall art.

Inside a cabinet door

Decorate the inside of a glass cupboard door with an encased photo, imprint, or sign showing items inside, like coffee cups or tableware. This adds a pop of pattern or color when the cupboard is shut.

On the refrigerator

Apply adhesive wall art, like a vinyl phrase, shape, or scenic directly to your refrigerator door for a quick, easy display option. Gallery magnets also allow you to hang photos or kids’ artwork. Now your kitchen and dining space look just like a trendy wall Mimi’s kitchen to relieve all of your distress!

Creating Your Rustic DIY Kitchen Wall Decoration

If you want to add special handmade touches to your one-of-a-kind cooking space, DIY wall art is a fantastic option. Here are some rustic-chic projects to try:

Creating Your Rustic DIY Kitchen Wall Decoration

Gather frames in different sizes and finishes, like worn wood and antique gold. Arrange and hang a gallery of botanicals, family photos, food imprints, and inspirational wall quotes for a scrapbook effect.

Paint a scenic on the wall

Make a statement by painting a big, beautiful scenic like trailing vines, floral wreaths, or stacks of spices and cookbooks. Use painter’s tape and a projector to trace an outline before painting.

Make a piece of art using recycled materials

Give old kitchenware new life by arranging utensils, pots, and pans into an art installation on a board. Or collage wine corks, food packaging, or bottlecaps into a shadow box frame.

Hang a tapestry or macrame wall hanging

These moody boho-chic textiles add instant warmth and texture when draped on kitchen walls. Bonus – you can easily move them to refresh your space!

Display vintage cooking utensils or dishes

Fill a shelving unit or place settings atop ledges with antique kitchenware. Dramatic wrought iron skillets, worn rolling pins, and ceramic crocks act as kitschy wall decorations for a high-quality cohesive look.

Display vintage cooking utensils or dishes
Display vintage cooking utensils or dishes

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Wall Art

You don’t need an expansive art budget to adorn your kitchen walls in style. Here are some wallet-friendly ideas for stunning décor:

Printable wall art

Download and imprint unlimited photos, designs, quotes, and imprints for just a few dollars per image. Frame them yourself in inexpensive poster frames or float them in DIY frames.

Framed photos from your own collection

Raid your old photo albums for favorite pics to display in eclectic gallery screens or groupings. Capture travel adventures, family memories, and special occasions.

DIY art projects

Beyond scenics and collages, there are many quick, easy DIY wall art projects to try. String up painted pasta, decoupage magazines, or jazz up dollar store trays.

Art from thrift stores or flea markets

For unique vintage finds, check out secondhand shops and markets. I’ve found fabulous retro food imprints, handpainted signs, and kitschy plates to hang.

Art from thrift stores or flea markets
Art from thrift stores or flea markets

Art on sale or clearance

Check home goods stores for specials on canvas imprints, encased photos, and metal wall art. Clearance racks can yield stylish imprints and paintings for cheap.

Caring For Your Kitchen Wall Art Set

Once your beautiful new kitchen décor is hung perfectly in place, be sure to care for it properly so it stays looking its best while still fitting perfectly. Here’s how:

Clean your art regularly

Dust frames, wipe down glass, and gently vacuum textured canvas imprints. Wash food grease or stains off artwork carefully using mild soap on a soft cloth that fit your needs.

Protect your art from moisture and heat

Position wall art away from appliances, sinks, and windows where possible. Use plexiglass instead of real glass in frames to avoid shattering.

Rehang your art as needed

Over time, nails loosen and strings stretch. Don’t let your gallery wall go awry! Frequently check that artwork looks straight and secure. Rehang anything sagging or tilting.

Give Your Kitchen Personality With Stylish Wall Art

When thoughtfully chosen and staged, beautiful wall décor will spurce your kitchen’s style to the next level. As you design your cooking space’s artistic vision, let your tastes and loves inspire special pieces that make you smile whenever you see them.

Mixing imprints, photos, paintings, textiles, and 3D art creates a dynamic, dimensional look. Hung salon-style or in neat rows – the charm is in the details. Your kitchen art tells a story… so let it reflect all that is uniquely you!

Stylish Wall Art

Frequently Asked Questions

Food and drink-themed art, nature imprints, typography, and scenics are great kitchen décor options. Avoid delicate mediums like watercolor imprints, which may deteriorate from heat and moisture.

Hang artwork in a straight line above cupboards for a clean, consistent look. Space pieces 2-4 inches apart. Center them between cupboards or align them directly above each one.

Odd numbers like groupings of 3 or 5 pieces generally look best for wall art sets. But there are no hard rules – arrange pieces spaced nicely in whatever quantity suits your wall.

Hang most artwork 58-60 inches from the floor to eye level. For art above sinks or counters people stand at, place pieces a bit lower, around 50 inches high.

Use a large statement piece like a colorful painted scenic or an enormous encased imprint. Or, fill the space by clustering assorted wall art and hanging a few pieces salon-style.


Decorating your kitchen with wall art that reflects your personality and favorite design elements is an easy, rewarding way to elevate the space. By carefully selecting pieces in cohesive themes and display formats, you can create a pulled-together, gallery-like appearance.

Place special emphasis on choosing locations that allow your art to take center stage. With an artistic vision and a dash of creativity, your kitchen walls can become as welcoming as they are stylish as you’re enjoying some food or drink!

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