Plaster wall art offers a unique way to decorate and transform the look and feel of any room. Ranging from subtle textures to ornate moldings, plaster adds visual interest and dimension to otherwise flat, blank walls. With so many designs available, plaster wall art makes an ideal medium for personalizing your home.

In this Nousdecor article, Mark Cutler will discuss different types of plaster wall art and finishes and where to find Plaster Wall Art For Sale to suit your style and budget.


  • Plaster creates textured, ornamental wall art with artistic depth and dimension.
  • Finishes like Venetian, metallic, stenciled, and more make bold statements.
  • Shop online and local boutiques for unique artisan pieces or hire a contractor for custom looks.
  • With proper prep and sealing, plaster is durable for interiors and exteriors.
  • Achieve stunning statement walls that transform rooms with plaster art.

What is Plaster Wall Art For Sale?

Plaster wall art refers to decorative plaster that is expertly molded into various shapes and patterns, designed to be installed directly onto your walls. Unlike simple wall paneling, plaster wall art can recreate intricate architectural details, from crown moldings to custom columns. It can also incorporate textured geometric or nature-inspired patterns.

Plaster wall accents can be crafted from various materials, including gypsum, lime-based plaster, POLYMER cement, or polyurethane. These materials are denser and more durable compared to standard drywall mud or joint compound. Properly sealed, plaster is suitable for both interior and exterior walls. However, due to its artisan craftsmanship and finishing requirements, it is typically more expensive than other wall coverings.

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Types of Plaster Wall Art Finishes

  • Textured plaster adds tactile, multi-dimensional appeal to walls. Options range from subtle troweled textures like Venetian plaster to distinctive peaks and valleys. Textured finishes refract light differently throughout the day for constantly changing visual effects.
  • Ornamental plaster features handcrafted custom molding and trim work. Skilled artisans sculpt wet plaster into detailed columns, ceiling roses, panels with raised patterns, and any architectural elements of plaster wall art sculptures. When painted, the deep relief adds chiaroscuro shadows for added visual pop.
  • Stenciled plaster uses stencils to imprint designs into wet plaster. Available patterns include geometric shapes, plants, scenes, and more. Stenciling allows unlimited customization for your wall art design.
  • Plaster medallions like large white plaster wall art pieces create a focal point, especially when installed on ceilings. Ranging from traditional motifs to modern minimalist looks, medallions work well in entryways, dining rooms, and bedrooms.
  • Metallic plaster finishes incorporate metal powders or fragments, resulting in sparkling, shimmery walls. The metal content also makes metallic plaster very durable.
  • Venetian plaster uses thin irregular layers of plaster in muted hues for an Old-World, distressed feel. Gently buffing the surface between layers creates characteristic luminous depth.
Textured plaster
Textured plaster

Where to Buy Plaster Wall Art

You can find quality plaster wall art both locally and online. Here are some of the best places to shop:

  • Craft stores – Retailers like Michaels and Hobby Lobby offer DIY plaster wall art kits that you can finish yourself. These kits are great for beginners and weekend projects.
  • Specialty boutiques – Upscale home decor stores curate collections of artisan-made plaster medallions, panels, and molding. While they may be pricey, these pieces are unique and make bold artistic statements.
  • Etsy – This online marketplace hosts many independent artists and plasterers selling custom, handmade plaster wall art pieces. Explore a world of creativity and find pieces that match your style.
  • Plaster companies – Large suppliers like Plastruct and StuccoPlastering sell directly to consumers. You can order molded trim, medallions, corbels, and appliqués for your projects.
  • EBay – If you’re looking for vintage, antique, or architectural salvage plasterwork at bargain prices, eBay can be a treasure trove. Be sure to check shipping costs before making a purchase.
  • Contractors – Consider hiring local specialized plaster contractors to create custom designs for your home. Many of them also offer pre-made stock options for quick installations.
Online marketplaces
Online marketplaces

Average Costs of Plaster Wall Art

Type of Plaster Wall ArtAverage Cost
Panels$25-$100 per square foot
Molding/Trim$2-$15 per linear foot
Fully Custom$30+ per square foot

Frequently Asked Questions

Plaster is a dense building material made from gypsum, lime, or cement. Drywall is made from pressed gypsum between paper facers. Plaster needs a solid backing like lath while drywall attaches directly to studs. Plaster offers higher strength and soundproofing.

The plaster needs proper prep and sealing to withstand moisture and everyday wear. Avoid abrasive cleaners which can damage finishes. Most plaster art can be dusted or gently cleaned with mild soap and water. Repainting may be needed to refresh over time.

Decorative plaster pieces are quite lightweight compared to solid plaster walls. A 12″ x 12″ panel usually weighs 5 lbs or less. Larger medallions and ornamental pieces may be 20-30 lbs. The contractor will ensure adequate structural support.

Yes, decorative plaster art fits right over drywall, similar to installing crown molding. The wall just needs proper preparation and primer first. For heavier pieces, the contractor may add additional mounting points to the wall studs.

Smaller panels and medallions can be installed in just a couple of hours. More intricate ornamental molding or custom artwork may take 1-2 days. After installation, plaster needs time to fully cure and dry before finishing and sealing.


With the limitless potential for personalized designs, plaster is my go-to medium for creating statement-making contemporary home wall art picks. The artistic handcrafting and custom textures lend organic, natural warmth to any space.

We hope this guide has inspired you to consider using plaster wall art in your next home decor project. Let your imagination run free and make a uniquely artistic design statement with plaster wall art.

I hope this article has inspired you to consider using plaster wall art in your next home decor project. Let your imagination run free and make a boldly unique design statement!

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