Home decor is all about personal expression and character. If you’re looking to add visual interest to your walls without breaking the bank, plaster decor is a fantastic option.

In this Nousdecor article, I, Mark Cutler, will discuss different Plaster Wall Decor Items and how to incorporate them into your home.


  • Plaster medallions, typically circular, make eye-catching focal points when mounted on walls and ceilings.
  • Wall panels come in full sheets or cutout designs to add instant texture and visual interest.
  • Decorative plaster columns can define spaces and create architectural details in any room.
  • Ornate plaster crown molding offers an easy way to add elegance while visually expanding space.

Add Dimension with Medallion Plaster Wall Decor Items

Plaster medallions make a bold decorative statement. These plaster wall hanging items are generally placed in the middle of a wall or ceiling to create a focal point. Medallions come in a variety of shapes like circles, ovals, and octagons. Traditionally they were made of plaster, but modern versions use materials like polyurethane, wood, and foam.

Medallions range dramatically in size from 12 to 36 inches. Larger medallions make more of an impact. Opt for designs with deep relief and intricate details to add lovely shadow and dimension. Medallions depicting natural motifs like flowers, vines, and scrolls impart a touch of classic elegance. Abstract medallions and geometric patterns create visual interest, too.

When installing a plaster medallion, carefully measure the wall and mark the center point. Use construction adhesive to affix the medallion. Paint it to match or contrast your wall color. Complement a plaster medallion by installing a chandelier or pendant light fixture underneath.

Medallion plaster wall art
Medallion Plaster Wall Decor Item

Accent with Plaster Wall Panels

Wall panels instantly upgrade any space as creative ways to hang art on plaster. Plaster panels come as solid sheets or feature cutout designs. Full wall panels create a textured, dimensional look. Designs mimic architectural molding, wainscoting, brick, stone, and other features. Cutout panels showcase elegant openwork designs like latticework, flowers, and scrolls.

since plaster is heavy, opt for lightweight polyurethane, gypsum, or foam panels. Use liquid nail adhesive to install full wall panels. For cutout panels, also called appliques, use adhesive pads or construction adhesive. Paint panels to coordinate with your color scheme.

Plaster wall panels work well in all rooms but make a particularly dramatic statement in entryways, dining rooms, and master bedrooms. Use full wall panels in small spaces to add height. Go for a large cutout panel behind a bed or use several smaller appliques to accent a focal wall.

Accent with Plaster Wall Panels

Define Spaces with Plaster Columns

Columns lend architecture a sense of grandeur. Though plaster columns are mostly decorative, they can help define spaces in open floor plans. Fluted columns with ornate Corinthian or Ionic capitals look striking, while plain columns offer a versatile, unfussy style like innovative plaster canvas art techniques.

Since plaster columns have no structural purpose, lightweight foam is the best option. Columns come in corner, half, and full round designs from 2 to 6 feet tall. Simply glue columns in place along walls or where spaces meet. To highlight a column, use wall sconces or spotlights. Paint columns to match walls or go bold with a contrasting hue.

Columns can also be used to flank windows, fireplaces, built-in shelving, and doorways. Incorporate a pair of plaster columns on either side of your TV to create a focal point in your living room. Use individual columns to add architectural details to plain walls, too.

Shape Space with Plaster Crown Molding

Crown molding is a classic way to seamlessly transition between walls and ceilings. Plaster crown molding offers an ornate, decorative style without the hassle of precisely mitering wood trim. Choose from plain contemporary profiles to intricately sculpted, openwork traditional designs like captivating plaster wall art pictures.

For lightweight installation, look for polyurethane or foam crown molding. Use construction adhesive to tack the molding where walls meet ceilings. Nail gun plugs can reinforce the bond if needed. For extra sophistication, install cove lighting behind crown molding to create ambient uplighting.

Crown molding visually raises ceilings making any room feel larger and brighter. Incorporate plaster crown molding in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining spaces to add elegance. Paint it the same color as walls or ceilings for a seamless look or in a contrasting shade to highlight the decorative details.

Shape pace with plaster crown molding
Shape Space with Plaster Crown Molding

Frequently Asked Questions

Plaster offers ornate detailing and romantic Old World style many love in traditional design. It is lightweight compared to solid plaster yet more affordable than architectural elements made from woods like mahogany or oak. Foam and polyurethane plaster elements are easy for DIYers to install using basic adhesives.

Plaster medallions look best mounted in central, focal positions on walls and ceilings. Above dining tables, in entryways, or above bed headboards are prime spots. Centre the medallion on the ceiling to hang a chandelier or light fixture underneath.

Yes, plaster decor looks best painted to match your wall color or a contrasting hue. Unpainted plaster generally has a raw, unrefined look. Use high-quality primer and paint that works well with foam, polyurethane, or gypsum. Avoid glossy paints on intricate details that could make them look plastic-y.

On drywall, use heavy-duty liquid nail adhesive applied in vertical strips. You can also use adhesive pads or construction adhesive for lighter applique panels. Make sure the wall surface is clean before installing and use a level to ensure panels mount straight.

Even in modern, minimalist homes, columns add a nice definition between spaces. Fluted ionic columns look less ornate for contemporary spaces. Paint columns the wall color to downplay them or a bold shade to make them pop as a focal point.


With the right plaster accents, you can infuse any room with elegance, visual interest, and an inviting ambiance as home interior wall art options.

Start small by adding a medallion or decorative column to create an accent wall. Use wall panels or full crown molding installations to dramatically transform a space. The wonderful thing about plaster decor is that it’s budget-friendly and easy to install.

Let your creativity run free and design rooms with personality and polish using these striking plaster elements.

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