Your walls provide a blank canvas to express your tastes through decor. With the right Wall Art Decor Ideas, you can create an artistic, modern, or rustic aesthetic. Use wall decoration to make a statement, display meaningful pieces, or add warmth to any living space.

Whether you want to decorate a blank wall in your bedroom, create an exhibit wall in your living room, or design an inspiring office, wall art offers limitless possibilities. Follow our tips for decorating bare walls throughout your home and infusing every room with character.

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Key Takeaways of Wall Art Decor Ideas

  • Wall decor transforms blank walls and breathes life into your space.
  • Carefully choose pieces that reflect your style, interests, and what makes you happy.
  • Mix art mediums like paintings, prints, and reflectors for visual interest.
  • Go bold with an exhibit wall or make a statement with oversized art.

Gallery walls remain an easy and popular way to decorate a big empty wall in your living space. A collection of art, frames, and other ephemera turns a blank area into a visually creative focal point.

When designing your own gallery wall, resist the urge to hang frames in a symmetrical grid. Instead, embrace the artistic freedom of an asymmetrical arrangement. Start by mapping out your design with painter’s tape to test scale and placement.

Mix frames of various sizes, select meaningful artwork and prints, and incorporate unexpected objects like reflectors or wall shelves. Overlap pieces for depth and dimension.

The key to a successful exhibit wall is cohesion. Limit your color palette, stick to a theme, or curate pieces around something you’re passionate about. Houseplants, DIY wall art, or handmade objects also enhance your display. Treasure the process of carefully selecting and arranging your collection to reflect what makes you happy.

Crafting Your Signature Gallery Wall

Large-Scale Art Makes a Bold Statement

For a dramatic effect, choose a standout piece of art in an oversized format. This focal point makes a bold design statement in any room.

Large empty walls provide the perfect backdrop for displaying expansive paintings, metal wall sculptures, or eye-catching mixed media. Living rooms with high ceilings are ideal for stunning big artwork. A sizable world map adds flair to an office as creative workspace wall art, while a custom mural enlivens a dining room or bedroom.

When selecting your big statement piece, consider the wall size, the room’s function, your decor style, and the atmosphere you want to create. A vibrant abstract canvas sets a lively tone in a creative workspace.

Black and white cityscape photography emits an urban feel. For a soothing touch, choose an impressionist seascape in cool blues and greens. Art scales to fit your space while showcasing your unique interests.

Incorporate Meaningful DIY Touches

For a personal touch, add handcrafted DIY wall art and decor to your space. Simple accessible projects allow you to integrate special mementos into your design.

Display travel souvenirs like maps, postcards, or flags. Frame cherished fabric from childhood clothing or wedding gowns. Showcase collections of vintage keys, plants, or your favorite books. You can include handmade ceramic pieces, woven wall hangings, pop art wall decor, or hand-painted art.

Even framing pages from books that inspire you or song lyrics adds heart. When designing, think about decorating with items that reflect who you are. A thoughtful DIY exhibit wall or hang case filled with sentimental finds is a constant reminder of what you find meaningful.

Handcrafted DIY Wall Art

Curating Harmonious Decor Through Color

Color choices make a powerful impact and set the aesthetic of your space. Select wall decor that aligns with your color scheme for visual harmony.

In a modern or contemporary home, graphic black-and-white art and photography add cohesion when paired with a neutral palette. Vintage botanical prints and muted still-life paintings feel organic against earth-tone walls.

For a punch of vibrancy, choose decor with bold jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue if they complement your furnishings. In a monochromatic space, layer in different hues and tones of your singular color for dimension. Cohesive color connects your wall decor and overall interior design.

Mirrors Optically Expand Small Spaces

Mirrors serve both form and function in home decor. Visually, they make rooms appear larger while reflecting light to brighten up small dark spaces.

Use mirrored wall art to expand your space by reflecting windows, doorways, or beautiful architectural elements. Position vertically on a blank wall or horizontally above furniture. Opt for leaner rectangular shapes in tight areas and consider multifaceted reflectors for dining and entry spaces.

Incorporate mirrors creatively like displaying collections on a mirrored wall or backing floating shelves. For added drama, decorate the mirror frame. Well-placed mirrors make tiny spaces feel grand.

Mirrors Optically Expand Small Spaces

Frequently Asked Questions

Some creative options for big blank walls include:

  • Gallery wall with eclectic mix of art and frames
  • Oversized statement art like a painting or print
  • Photo collages or family photos displayed creatively
  • Mural with hand-painted design or decal wallpaper
  • Shelving that incorporates books, plants, and art
  • Textile wall hanging like tapestry or macrame

Some options for decorating walls without traditional art include:

  • Floating shelves filled with curated objects, collections, or plants
  • Mirrors or reflective metallic finishes for visual interest
  • Large wall decals or peel-and-stick wallpaper with patterns/prints
  • Decorative panels or textured 3D wall tiles
  • Picture ledges to display items vs framed art
  • Creative exhibit of musical instruments, sports gear, etc. based on your interests

Some current popular wall decor trends include:

Some ideal spots to hang art in a living room include:

  • Above the sofa or console table
  • Flanking the fireplace or mantle
  • On the largest blank wall to create a focal point
  • Behind seating areas to decorate visible wall space
  • Opposite the entryway to make an impact upon entering

Some dining room ideas for wall decor include:

  • An exhibit wall with a mix of art, plates, mirrors, etc.
  • Large statement mirror to reflect light and views
  • Framed wallpaper or murals as interesting backdrops
  • Wine cork or bottle displays
  • Antique window frames and shutters repurposed for hanging art
  • Shelving that incorporates dining, decor objects, and books


Approach decorating your walls as an opportunity to surround yourself with pieces that inspire you daily. Choose artwork, colors, textures, and decor objects that lift your mood and spark joy, creating some top-notch wall decor for every style.

Display items from your travels that evoke fond memories. Frame quotes that motivate you. Integrate meaningful memorabilia. Your personalized wall decor expresses your story and creates a welcoming home.

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