In the realm of furniture design, the round side table with storage emerges as a versatile solution for space-saving lounges. The functional aspect of these tables, exemplified by their innovative storage solutions, addresses the need for both style and practicality in compact living spaces. When selecting the right round-side storage side table, considerations extend beyond mere aesthetics to encompass factors such as size, storage capacity, and material quality.

Embark on a space-saving journey with Mark Culter, the design virtuoso of NousDecor. Uncover the magic of Round Side Tables with Storage for an enchanting lounge experience. Let’s maximize style and functionality in every inch!

Round Side Table With Storage Functional

Round Side Table With Storage In Lounge

With designated compartments for Drinks & Snacks, it provides a convenient solution for keeping refreshments within arm’s reach during leisure activities or social gatherings. Simultaneously, its integrated Remote Control Storage ensures that essential entertainment accessories remain neatly organized.

Moreover, the table functions as a modern Charging Station, featuring built-in ports to power up electronic devices effortlessly. As a Nightstand Powerhouse, doubling as a surface for lamps or decor. Its role as an Accent Table with Added Value extends beyond mere functionality, adding a touch of style and sophistication to any room.

Used as a food compartment

Drink Snack can place on round side coffee table
  • Elevate your living room with a side coffee table benefits featuring a spacious top for drinks and snacks.
  • Choose a mid-century modern end table with drawers or shelves below to store coasters, napkins, or snacks for easy access.
  • Opt for a Scandinavian-inspired console table for a minimalist look while maintaining functionality for drinks and snacks.

Remote Control Storage

Remote Control Can Place in Round Side Coffee Table
  • Storage side table keep your living room organized with a modern side table equipped with dedicated compartments or baskets for remotes and media essentials.
  • Consider a rustic cabinet with built-in compartments to house remotes, controllers, and other media devices stylishly and functionally.
  • Round coffee tables storage solution can offer both seating and hidden storage for remotes and controllers, maximizing space utilization.

Charging Station

Charging Station As Round Side Coffee Table with Storage
  • Choose a round side table with a built-in USB port to discreetly charge your devices while keeping them handy in your living room.
  • Opt for a modern end table with integrated outlets for convenient device charging without unsightly cords.
  • Round side table saves space in small apartments explore nesting tables with built-in charging capabilities, offering both functionality and space efficiency.

Accent Table with Added Value

  • Stylish Storage: Display decorative items like sculptures, plants, or photos on the surface, while concealed drawers or shelves can house magazines, throws, or board games.
  • Entryway Organizer: Place a round table with storage near your entryway to collect keys, mail, or small handbags, keeping your entry clutter-free and stylish.
  • Hidden Bar Cart: Choose a table with a lift-top design to reveal a hidden compartment equipped for impromptu cocktail mixing or storing your favorite spirits.

Selecting the Right Round Side Storage Side Table

Selecting The Right Round Side Storage Side Table

It’s essential to consider various factors to ensure it complements your space perfectly. Wood options offer a classic and timeless aesthetic, ideal for traditional or rustic decor styles, while metal tables provide durability and versatility, suiting contemporary or industrial-inspired interiors.

On the other hand, glass tops add elegance and openness, perfect for minimalist or glam-themed rooms, while acrylic tables bring a modern flair with their clear and lightweight design, ideal for small or eclectic spaces.

Selecting Material & Durability


Small Round Side Coffee Table With Storage Made by Wood
  • Pros: Warm, natural look, durable with proper care, versatile styles.
  • Cons: Susceptible to scratches and water damage, requires maintenance.
  • Best for: End tables, nightstands, accent tables (depending on wood type).


Small Round Side Coffee Table With Storage made by Metal
  • Pros: Sleek, modern look, highly durable, easy to clean.
  • Cons: Can feel cold, prone to scratches, might not suit all styles.
  • Best for: Industrial, minimalist, and modern styles.


Small Round Side Coffee Table With Storage Made With Glass
  • Pros: Light and airy, visually expanding space, modern aesthetic.
  • Cons: Fragile, shows fingerprints easily, requires careful cleaning.
  • Best for: Accent tables, small spaces, contemporary styles.


Small Round Side Coffee Table with Storage made with Arylic
  • Pros: Similar to glass but lighter and more shatter-resistant.
  • Cons: Can scratch easily, susceptible to static dust.
  • Best for: Modern, minimalist styles.

Selecting Features For Coffee Table

Storage Options

Small Round Side Coffee Table With Compartments
  • Drawers: Offer concealed storage for personal items, remotes, etc. Choose deeper drawers for bulky items.
  • Shelves: Display decorative items, books, or frequently used objects. Open shelves create an airy feel, while closed shelves provide more privacy.
  • Compartments: Perfect for organizing specific items like remotes, chargers, or magazines. Look for dedicated compartments with dividers for better organization.
  • Baskets: Add a casual touch and provide easy access to frequently used items like blankets or throws. Choose woven baskets for a natural look or metal baskets for an industrial vibe.

Style & Aesthetics

Small Round Side Coffee Table with Modern Design
  • Modern: Sleek lines, metal accents, glass or marble tops. Consider West Elm’s “Helix Round Side Table” with a metal frame and marble top.
  • Rustic: Reclaimed wood, distressed finishes, woven baskets. Check out Pottery Barn’s “Rustic Farmhouse Round End Table” with reclaimed wood and woven baskets.
  • Industrial: Metal frames, pipe accents, raw wood textures. Explore Crate & Barrel’s “Gear Shift Round Side Table” with a metal frame and gear-inspired details.
  • Minimalist: Clean lines, neutral colors, uncluttered design. Muji’s “Acrylic Round Side Table” offers a minimalist aesthetic with transparent acrylic.
  • Traditional: Ornate details, warm wood tones, woven fabrics. Consider Ballard Designs’ “turned leg accent table” with its classic design and woven storage basket.

Space Considerations for Living Room

Small Short Round Side Coffee Table With Storage
  • Height: Aim for a coffee table dimensions as your sofa or slightly lower (2-3 inches) for easy access to drinks and snacks.
  • Diameter: Consider the surrounding furniture and traffic flow. Tables between 18-24 inches in diameter offer good maneuverability, while larger tables (26-30 inches) provide ample surface area but might feel bulky in smaller spaces.
  • Sofa Placement: If placing the table beside your sofa, ensure it comfortably fits without blocking walkways or armrests. Measure the distance between the sofa and the wall/other furniture to determine the maximum diameter that works.

Considerations for Small Spaces

  • Embrace petite power: Tables between 18-22 inches in diameter are ideal for maximizing space without feeling cramped.
  • Think multi-level: Opt for tiered tables or nesting sets to utilize vertical space efficiently and add storage potential.
  • Consider placement: Strategically position the table in corners or against walls to minimize floor space usage. Storage ottomans can also be tucked away when not in use, maximizing spatial efficiency.

Most Picked Round Side Storage Side Table

Most picked round side coffee table

The most picked round storage side table options, including the Sdorens Lift Top Coffee Table, Homary Round Coffee Table Storage Lift-Top Wood Coffee Table, IDEALHOUSE Round Coffee Table, and Merax Coffee Table, represent a convergence of functionality, design features, and material quality.

Customers are drawn to these tables for their multifunctional design, with each table offering a lift-top mechanism that provides easy access to ample storage space while maintaining a sleek and elegant appearance. Crafted from high-quality materials such as solid wood, these tables ensure durability and longevity, satisfying the need for both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Sdorens Lift Top Coffee Table

Sdorens Lift Top Coffee Table

This modern-style table combines traditional wooden elements with contemporary functionality. It features a top lift design with a sintered stone tabletop and sturdy metal legs. The table can be easily transformed from a chat table to a home office workstation in seconds.

Color: White/Black 

Material:  Sintered stone, Metal & mango wood

Shape: Round, Nesting 

Style: Round side table complements modern living room, Minimalist & Mid-century Modern Furniture


Tall table:

  • Diameter: 31.5 inches
  • Height: 16.54 inches

Low table:

  • Diameter: 27.56 inches
  • Height: 9.84 inches

Homary Round Coffee Table Storage Lift-Top Wood Coffee Table

Homary Round Coffee table Storage

Brand: Homary

Shape: Round  

Color Options: White, Black, Gold, Black

Dimensions: Diamete 31.5 inches; Height 15.7 inches

Weight: 100 pounds 

Style: Contemporary, Industrial furniture & Modern

Design: Coffee Table 

Pattern: Solid

IDEALHOUSE Round Coffee Table

IDEALHOUSE Round Coffee Table

The circle coffee table beautifully combines natural wood grain finish boards with thickened Roman column table legs, highlighting its elegant lines and meticulous craftsmanship. This deliberate design choice creates a vintage glam style, exuding a sense of sophistication and luxury.

Style: Retro

Pattern: Solid

Shape: Round

Suitable Room: Living room furniture

Color: Light Walnut

Finish: Wooden Grain


  • Diameter: 34.25 inches
  • Height: 18.3 inches
  • Weight: 33.1 pounds 

Maximum Weight Capacity: 150 pounds

Merax Coffee Table

Merax Coffee Table

Brand: Merax

Top Color: White & Natural

Base Color: Gold 

Material: MDF, engineered wood,  metal

Style: Modern, Scandinavian furniture & Rustic furniture


  • Extendable Top
  • The round side table has storage for magazines, books, remotes
  • Lift Top


With innovative design features and a variety of storage options, these tables cater to diverse organizational needs while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the room. Whether it’s selecting the right table based on size, material, and design or exploring popular options renowned for their superior functionality and value, consumers have a plethora of choices to suit their preferences and lifestyle.

From the Sdorens Lift Top Coffee Table’s modern elegance to the Homary Round Coffee Table Storage Lift-Top Wood Coffee Table’s contemporary flair, each option offers a unique blend of form and function, making it a standout choice for space-saving lounges.

With the IDEALHOUSE Round Coffee Table’s vintage glam style and the Merax Coffee Table’s modern sophistication, these tables transcend mere utility to become focal points of stylish living spaces. Ultimately, the round side storage side table proves to be an indispensable piece of furniture, seamlessly integrating into any lounge while providing efficient storage solutions and elevating the overall ambiance.

Are you in search of the perfect round coffee table to elevate your living space? Look no further! We have curated a list of the top 8 round coffee tables that will transform your home with style and functionality. Check out through the video below!

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