When learning how to style a round coffee table, the centerpiece plays a crucial role in creating a focal point. A floral arrangement or a decorative bowl can serve as this central feature, enhancing the table’s aesthetic appeal. To maintain balance, grouping smaller items like candles, books, or coasters in threes or fives is recommended, as it creates visual interest without cluttering.

The use of a tray is beneficial for organizing these items, ensuring they look arranged rather than scattered. Incorporating items with varying heights and textures adds depth, with taller objects like vases or small sculptures providing vertical balance. The color scheme of the objects should complement the room’s decor, tying the overall design together. Leaving some space empty on the table is also essential, allowing for purpose and ease of use.

Through thoughtful placement and selection of items, round coffee table styling can significantly enhance the room’s ambiance and functionality.


  • Styling a round coffee table involves achieving a harmonious and balanced look.
  • Key considerations include layering for depth, maintaining proportional decor elements, and combining functionality with elegance.
  • Personal touches, color coordination, and the rule of odd numbers contribute to a cohesive aesthetic.
  • Adaptability through seasonal updates ensures a dynamic and positive ambiance.

How to Style a Round Coffee Table Like a Pro?

Learn How to Style a Round Coffee Table

Elevate the living room aesthetics and practical use of your interior design by going beyond mere placement of accent pieces on your round coffee table. Delve into considerations of focal points, color coordination, and strategic layout for an effortlessly stylish setup.

Decor style reflects personal taste to find creative ideas for styling a round coffee table, these key insights to guide you through the process of visualizing an appealing and well-curated coffee table.

1. Make a Grand Statement:

  • Uplift your spacious living room furniture with a touch best accessory for round coffee tables! Incorporate custom-made table accessories ideas on your table setting for proportionate decor that adds height and volume.
  • Arranging items on a round table, an oversized florals bouquet or garland, whether real or faux, complements a larger round table, creating a visually pleasing setup that adapts to seasons, occasions, or your current mood. Don’t forget the bonus joy of redesigning the floral display and experimenting with different vases!

2. Group Pieces with Purpose:

  • Ensure a polished symmetry in arrangement and purposeful setup of your living room round coffee table. Group similar accent pieces together to form cohesive small clusters, leaving space between other items.
  • Decorating a circular coffee table with figurines, books, or knick-knacks, minimizing chaos and enhancing visual appeal. Table size affects choice of items, maintaining a triangular functional space to prevent decor from crowding the table aesthetics.

3. Color Coordinate with the Room:

  • Achieve a cohesive and fully conceptualized color contrasting techniques in your room by subtly coordinating color theory in home styling on your coffee table with those in your seating, flooring, and wall so color scheme aligns with room decor. 
  • Enhance the overall design by mirroring tones, such as the green in a plant with pastel throw pillows or a wooden bowl matching the duo-toned seating, creating a harmonious visual appeal.

4. Pick Your Focal Point:

  • Heighten your circular table decor ideas by designating a focus point – a larger or tall objects that grabs attention.
  • Whether it’s a plant, decorative tray, sculptural decorative items, a decorative bowls on coffee tables, handcrafted decorative objects, or statement candles, the key is to design round table displays as the central element, creating a captivating and stylish centerpiece without the need for oversized or dramatic elements.

5. Rule of Three:

  • Master the art of eye-catching thematic consistency coffee table design principles effortlessly with the rule of three – a simple yet effective trick for maintaining refinement and sophistication without overwhelming the space. 
  • Aligning with the triangular shape recommended for accent pieces, limiting your furniture arrangement to set of three items ensures a harmonious and visually pleasing setup. Each piece becomes a point in the triangle, preventing excess and maintaining an elegant balance on round tables.

6. Don’t Neglect a Bottom Shelf:

  • Unlock the hidden potential of innovative use of everyday objects with circular table accessorizing for the lower shelf – a fantastic opportunity to showcase additional decor that didn’t secure a spot on the top shelf. 
  • When you have more than three cherished pieces, leverage this bottom storage area for wider, shorter items such as coffee table books or decorative bowls. Keep in mind the versatility by rotating your pieces from top to bottom, refreshing your style whenever inspiration strikes.

7. Add Height With Stacking: 

  • Enhance visual appeal and showcase your decor gracefully by introducing varied texture and height levels on your coffee table. Utilize coffee table books strategically as stands without cluttering a coffee table feel, providing elevation for your focus point piece and creating a layered effect.
  • Stacking becomes a valuable styling element, especially for smaller tables, adding an extra dimension to your aesthetic composition.

Remember, the key to coffee table visual interest is to strike a balance between aesthetics vs. functionality while allowing your personal style to shine.

10 Amazing DIY Decoration Ideas

Accessorizing small round tables table might not be the most intuitive task, given its flat surface where everything is laid out. However, it doesn’t have to be challenging; just keep these tips in mind.

Begin from the artistic centerpiece selections for a more cohesive appearance, rather than scattering items around the edge. Utilize a tray or low basket to organize your decor, creating a neat look. Raise items to different levels adds interest and guides the viewer’s eye across the table. Use pieces like boxes or stacked books to support other round coffee table centerpiece ideas. Consider both color and texture to complement and contrast elements on the table and within the room.

Personalized decor style by exploring some examples of well-done round coffee table decor for DIY enthusiasts, interior designers or home decorators.

Elegant Round Coffee Table 

Elegant Round Coffee Table 

This carefully curated decor setup achieves a harmonious balance, featuring delicate white blooms in a wide glass bottle that gracefully guides the eye towards a white pillar candle on a gold tray. The ensemble is completed with a stack of books as table decor and a golden-framed glass box.

Farmhouse Round Coffee Table Vibe

Farmhouse Round Coffee Table Vibe

Adorning this circular butcher block coffee table are coordinated milk jug vessels. One jug holds fern fronds, while the drink features an setup of white pillar candles for one large good idea.

Glass Coffee Table with Rustic Decor

Glass Coffee Table with Rustic Decor

In this setup, you can style a coffee table with intriguing remotes items that are held in a flat willow basket, including a black matte round vase with dried flowers, two light wood birch logs, and a deer antler on top of a glass-based surface.

Dramatic Round Coffee Table Ideas

Round Table Coffee Ideas

On this sleek black living room décor, a black matte vessel commands attention with an table look of red eucalyptus branches. Heighten by décor magazines, books, a gray bowl features a strand of wooden beads, while a smaller bowl holds a pillar candle.

Fresh and Uplifting Style

Fresh and Uplifting Style

Item placement impacts functionality, a striped wicker basket serves as the stage for a glass-encased pillar candle, a strand of oblong wooden beads, a piece of grass, a fishing net float, and a white ceramic pitcher filled with white and yellow flowers and greenery for these floral arrangements for round tables.

Holiday Themed Decor

Holiday Themed Decor

This seasonal coffee table decor design theme is adorned for the winter holidays with two rectangular glass vases framed in black metal, housing glowing strings of miniature white Christmas table decoration lights along with candle arrangements on tables.

Minimalist Coffee Table Design

Minimalist Coffee Table Design

A natural wooden coffee table is elegantly adorned with a round white pot planted item grouping with a setup of subdued flowers and eucalyptus, harmonizing with the minimalist table decoration tones of the living room palette.

Beach Motif Round Table Decor

Beach Motif Round Table Decor

This round table styling is adorned with a serene composition from nature, featuring a large white seashell, a white chain for textural interest, and beach-inspired favorite styling accessories. Accompanying them is a plant in a rich bronze pot.

High and Low Gerne

High and Low Gerne

The dark, ridged clay vase on the tabletop holds an exquisite round table decoration technique of magnolias and peonies, while the shelf below features a stack of books supporting a captivating stone chain sculpture or cultural or historical items, creating a harmonious blend of natural beauty and artistic elements in the coffee table decor.

Warmth and Coziness Trend

Warmth and Coziness Trend

A stone bowl hosts the warm glow of three orange pillar candles, complemented by a potted plant placed on a log base or antique items as centerpieces. Three books provide support for a shiny, round golden box with a cone lid, and at the center, a brown glass bottle adds a touch of rustic charm to the round table decoration idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

When styling a round coffee table, a great way if to arrange your trinkets in a clustered formation at the center to establish a focal point. Enhance the autumnal ambiance for a living room decor theme by incorporating pampas grass in a vase for a delightful, brown-hued touch.

Round tables offer versatility in handling centerpieces, accommodating both tall and short arrangements with containers ranging from 4” to 6” in diameter. For smaller centerpieces, like those in a 4-inch diameter container, consider complementing them with votive candles or extra decor to ensure the table feels well-balanced and visually appealing.

For a stylish round coffee table, consider lightweight accessories like decorative books, jars, floral arrangements, trays, candles, and piles of sculptural pieces for a balanced and visually appealing look.

Opt for sets of threes or odd numbers for a balanced and pleasing aesthetic on your round coffee table. Mix items like one vase, three flower bunches, or five candlesticks. Vary heights for drama, avoiding obstructions to views across the table.

The simplicity of a round dining table’s design enhances aesthetic appeal, making it ideal for contemporary or Scandinavian styles. Yet, unlike a square, round tables also suit ornate settings seamlessly which they typically have a lot of space for your favorite styling.


Styling a round coffee table offers endless creative possibilities to enhance your living space. By incorporating a harmonious blend of decor elements, personal touches, and functional items, you can transform your round coffee table into a captivating centerpiece that radiates warmth and style throughout your home.

Embrace nousdecor.com for the versatility of a round coffee table, and let your imagination guide you in curating a space that reflects your unique personality and creates a positive, inviting atmosphere.

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