Round coffee table with storage Canada is the one that has a deeper bond to the Canadian’s taste when considering decorating a lounge. One of the key pieces of furniture to tie a living room together is a round coffee table. Not just any coffee table, but one that checks the two most important boxes: style and function. This is where a round coffee table with storage enters the picture of interior design.

These types of simple table decor tips allow you to keep a clean and minimalist look in your lounge, while also providing discreet but easily accessible storage for TV remotes, coasters, books, and more. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your lounge with a new centerpiece furniture item that looks great but also offers extra functionality, a cyclical coffee table with storage is an excellent option.


  • Timber is a timeless and versatile choice that suits any décor
  • Smaller tables work well in cozy spaces; larger tables make a dramatic statement
  • Beyond timber, also consider glass, metal, and mixed media tables
  • Opt for compartment, bookcases, or cubby storage space to tuck away clutter
  • Anchor with a round rug and flank with rounded end tables for a pulled-together look
  • Minimalist styling allows the table itself to shine

Wood Round Coffee Table with Storage Canada

Wood remains one of the most popular materials for coffee tables and round ones with storage are no exception. The natural beauty and warmth of timber never go out of style. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a wood spherical coffee table with storage for your lounge:

  • Timeless and classic material that suits any style from modern to farmhouse
  • Real timber offers unmatched beauty that man-made materials cannot replicate
  • Sturdy and durable to handle regular use for years to come
  • Can be easily cleaned and maintained with the proper care
  • Storage compartments blend seamlessly into the design
  • Variety of budget-friendly options as well as high-end heirloom pieces

Some of the most popular timber choices for Canadian lounge include oak, walnut, acacia, mango, and eucalyptus. Distressed timber finishes are also trending for that chic worn-in aesthetic.

When it comes to storage options, choose between single-compartment, double-compartment, and shelf or cubby storage designs. The Simplicity 3-Piece Coffee Table Set from Wayfair offers a complete nesting trio with rounded edges and a warm walnut finish.

Round Coffee Table with Storage Canada: Stylish & Functional Lounge

Small Round Coffee Table with Storage in Canada

One key piece to consider is a small spherical table with storage, offering both surface area and a clever solution for organizing your belongings. Picture a chic and dainty 36-inch diameter table in black metal and smoked glass from Structube, or perhaps the elegant Dwell Studio Mid-Century Clover Coffee Table measuring 35 inches round, available at Hudson’s Bay.

The benefits of choosing a small storage oval coffee table for the living room include:

  • Perfectly suited for small areas including apartments and condos
  • Doesn’t overwhelm or dominate the room
  • Easy to navigate around with multiple seating areas
  • Provides just enough surface area for lamps, décor, drinks, and snacks
  • Discreet drawer hides clutter while adding function

Small storage coffee tables also work nicely paired with a larger square or rectangular coffee table. The Talana Small Storage Coffee Table from Wayfair offers a rustic style with a compartment measuring just 32 inches across – ideal for smaller lounge and seating nooks.

Large Spherical Coffee Table with Storage in Canada

At the opposite end of the size spectrum, a large cyclical coffee table with storage delivers an anchor piece with ample surface area and provides even more concealed storage. Oversized tables measuring 48 inches or more in diameter make a dramatic statement in spacious lounge.

Large Spherical Coffee Table with Storage Canada

Benefits of a large storage coffee table include:

  • Makes a bold style statement as the room’s central coffee table focal points
  • Offers abundant tabletop space to hold numerous items
  • compartment and bookcases provide copious concealed storage
  • Easily accommodates snacks and drinks when entertaining
  • Grounding design that defines seating areas

For a glamorous modern option, check out the Aura Cyclical Coffee Table with storage from EQ3. Or the warm Acacia Live Edge Coffee Table from Anthropologie with its organic shape and asymmetrical live edge design.

Large spherical tables work best in rooms with open floor plans and high ceilings. Be sure to measure carefully to allow ample legroom around the table.

Best Spherical Coffee Table With Storage Canada

With so many options on the market, here are some of the best spherical table tables with storage to consider for your Canadian home based on popular retailer availability:

Large spherical coffee table
  • Crate and Barrel – Elena Round Storage Coffee Table this versatile piece works in traditional to modern home decor table accentswith its rounded glass top and white finish. The single compartment provides discreet storage.
  • IKEA – STOCKSUND Modern Coffee Table For an affordable Scandinavian-inspired style, this cyclical coffee table features a removable platter top and storage bookcases below.
  • Urban Barn – Dawson Round Storage fabulous coffee table makeover with a distressed finish and iron handles, this industrial-rustic table is pairs with storage and style. The wooden top lifts for access.
  • EQ3 – Frame Round Storage Coffee Table Sleek modern styling with a satin stainless steel base and smooth white transparent top. A line of compartments provides ample storage.
  • West Elm – Mid-Century Round Storage Coffee Table this iconic silhouette features tapered legs and an acacia timber top. Its retro-modern look works with any décor.

Design Varieties and Material Choices

Beyond the classic timber spherical table with storage, there are plenty of design varieties and material options to consider:

Design Varieties and Material Choices


Try a round table in black metal, matte brass, or antiqued bronze for an industrial vibe. Wireframe or tubular hairpin legs offer airy, minimalist silhouettes. Mixing metal finishes like black and brass or distressing adds modern interest. You’ll find great metal options like nested matte black coffee tables, modern oval metal cocktail tables, and more. Look for sturdy builds with clean lines and simple forms to complement your living room decor.

Or create an eclectic look by pairing a rustic timber sofa with a sleek marble and metal coffee table. Add handy storage with a lift top or nesting coffee table designs. And pay attention to measurements – an inch cyclical coffee table works well in tight areas. Many options also double as side tables, ottomans, and nightstands for versatile use.

Glass Tops

A clear, opaque, and smoked transparent top lends a lightweight appearance to the cyclical coffee table. Pair with sleek metal bases in chrome, gold, or satin nickel for contemporary appeal. Frosted glass diffuses the contents of the storage compartment below.

Home interior table ideas that allow you to customize the surface. With the right metal base, a transparent top coffee table can work in modern, industrial, or mid-century modern living room decor or even coffee table decor enhancements.

Modern and Retro Styling

Mid-century modern, Scandinavian, retro silhouettes feature tapered or splayed legs and rounded shapes. Their simple, modest forms work in any living room decor. Look for organic yet structured coffee tables with solid wood coffee table tops and sculptural metal or tapered timber legs. A mid-century modern round coffee table often features clean lines and gentle curves inspired by nature.

Pay attention to leg height for ergonomics and under-table clearance. Many mid-century coffee table designs are set lower to the ground for a casual, welcoming feel. Look for convenient lift-top or nesting tables to maximize surface.

Multi-Tier and Nesting Tables

Multi-level coffee tables allow you to stack surface levels while nesting tables provide modular flexibility. These offer the most storage and the surface. Look for lift-top coffee table designs with hidden storage compartments. Or choose nesting coffee tables that slide together when not in use.

And make sure stacked levels align for a streamlined silhouette. Mix and match shapes, heights, and finishes for an eclectic layered look. Try combining a large table with smaller square or oval nesting pieces.

Decorating and Styling Tips

When incorporating a new cyclical wooden coffee table with storage into your living room, keep these decorating tips in mind:

  1. Go modest – Let the shapely coffee table take center stage without cluttering the top surface. Limit décor to just a couple of key pieces like a platter, vase, or book.
  2. Try a round rug – Anchor your new table with a similarly-shaped area rug in a coordinating neutral, color, or pattern.
  3. Flank with round end tables – For a cohesive look, opt for rounded end tables on either side.
  4. Add lighting – A few well-placed table lamps create a warmer ambiance. Go for symmetrical or asymmetrical placement.
  5. Incorporate greenery – Plants instantly liven up any area. Place potted plants atop the table or in the surrounding corners of the room.
  6. Display coffee table books – Curate a stack of beautiful coffee table books that reflect your interests and style. Rotate seasonally.
  7. Elevate with trays – Trays are an easy way to corral remotes, coasters, and other everyday clutter. Opt for leather, timber, marble, or metal platter.


Wood remains one of the most popular materials for coffee tables and round ones with storage are no exception. The natural beauty and warmth of timber never go out of style. Some of the most popular timber choices for Canadian living rooms include oak, walnut, acacia, mango, and eucalyptus. Distressed timber finishes are also trending for that chic worn-in aesthetic. When it comes to storage options, choose between single drawer, double drawer, and bookcases or cubby storage designs.

The Simplicity 3-piece lift-top coffee Table Set from Wayfair offers a complete nesting modern round wood coffee table trio with rounded edges and a warm walnut finish. You’ll also find great options like pottery barn timber coffee tables, round timber accent coffee tables, grey wash farmhouse circular coffee tables, and more with free shipping.

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