Round coffee tables with storage are not just mere pieces of furniture, they are a blend of style and functionality, perfectly suited for the modern living room. These wood tables offer the ideal solution to space constraints, as they combine practical storage options with a sleek design. The hidden compartments provide a convenient space for storing books, remote controls, and other living room essentials, keeping the area tidy and clutter-free.

Whether you’re hosting a casual evening with friends or simply enjoying a quiet night in, these coffee tables serve as a functional centerpiece, enhancing the overall aesthetics and utility of your space. By choosing a round coffee table with storage, you’re not just selecting a piece of furniture, but an element that elevates the entire ambiance of your interior design layout.


  • Table Round like the Gray Homary Lift Top Coffee Table provides a stylish, multi-functional focal point for living rooms.
  • Hidden storage like shelves, drawers, and lift-top designs minimize clutter while keeping items handy in the modern coffee table or cocktail table.
  • Choose wood, metal, or glass based on your aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget needs for the center table.
  • Measure your space carefully and opt for compact sizes like a small table or small coffee table if you have a small living room.
  • Compare storage features like several shelves, drawers, and lift-top mechanisms when selecting your table, such as the sofa table or tea table.
  • The coffee table features convenient access to a storage compartment for organizing the living room.
  • Coffee tables for the living room are made in styles like the beautiful walnut coffee table.

Round coffee tables have always been a staple in living rooms, but the added element of built-in storage makes them even more functional. Here are some of the reasons round storage tables like the brown Nesting Table Set from West Elm or the gold Mid Century Drum Coffee Table from Pottery Barn have become a crowd favorite:

Why are Round coffee tables with storage so popular
  • Versatile shape: The round shape makes the table easy to navigate, whether sitting on the couch or in surrounding chairs. This allows for flexible seating arrangements.
  • Hidden storage: Built-in shelves, drawers, and other storage options allow you to neatly tuck away remotes, magazines, blankets, and more while keeping them within arm’s reach. This hidden storage helps minimize clutter.
  • Stylish and modern: Round cocktail tables have a streamlined, contemporary look that suits many interior design aesthetics. The simple round shape provides an eye-catching focal point like the modern round-robin coffee table.
  • Practical size: Round cocktail tables are available in many compact sizes perfect for small spaces. The circular footprint allows you to fit more seating around the table.
  • Multi-functional: Many round storage cocktail tables also have a lift-top function, allowing you to lift the surface and use the space inside for coffee service, food and drinks, board games, puzzles, and more.

No matter your interior design style or living room size, a round cocktail table with storage can likely find a home. The stylish yet practical features make them a living room staple.

Design Styles: From Modern to Rustic

One of the great aspects of round coffee tables is that their simple circular shape fits with many decor styles. Here are some of the most popular design aesthetics for round storage coffee tables:

The Functional Edge: Storage Options Explored
  • Modern: Clean lines, wood or glass materials, and metal accents characterize the modern look, like the Nesting Coffee Table from West Elm. Glass-topped round tables allow you to see the contents of the shelving below.
  • Farmhouse: Rustic woods like Acacia style create the farmhouse vibe. Wire baskets or woven storage fits this casual style, like the round rattan storage side table.
  • Industrial: Iron, steel, and darker wood tones embody the industrial style. As in the Solid Wood Coffee Table, open shelves and bare bulb lighting often accompany these materials.
  • Mid century modern: A retro design marked by tapered wood legs, rich walnut, and low profiles, like the beautiful Mid-Century Modern Round Wood Coffee Table or small round coffee table. Round tables with a lift-top work especially well.
  • Eclectic: For the eclectic home, a round table with contrasting materials, colors, or designs adds character. Think of a reclaimed wood top on sleek metal legs or the unique coffee tables home goods.
  • Whether your interior leans modern, traditional, or eclectic, round shapes pair well with many motifs. Consider your overall decor style when choosing your ideal coffee table.

The Functional Edge: Storage Options Explored

Hidden storage is what takes a standard round coffee table and makes it even more useful. Here are some of the most common storage options found in round coffee tables:

The Functional Edge: Storage Options Explored
  • Shelves: Interior shelves within the table provide open storage for items you use frequently like remote controls, books, or board games. Some have a single shelf while others have multiple tiers, like the coffee table with a storage shelf.
  • Drawers: storage drawers integrated into the sides or front of the table are great for storing items out of sight like electronics chargers, batteries, or other small accessories, as in the Chesterfield Coffee Table.
  • Lift-top: Coffee tables allow you to raise the tabletop to access interior storage space. Some have removable trays or compartments perfect for the living room table set.
  • Ottomans: Round ottoman coffee tables have lift-tops that expose an interior storage cavity perfect for storing blankets. The top cushion also provides extra seating.
  • Cabinets: For concealed storage, some tables feature cabinet doors that hide clutter. Interior shelves hold items securely out of view, like in the Dyllan Coffee Table.

Material Matters: Wood, Metal, Glass

Round coffee tables come in a diverse array of materials. From natural wood grains to sleek metal and glass, the material profoundly impacts the look, feel, and functionality of the table. Consider the pros and cons of each:

materials and equipment for crafting wooden table
  • Wood: Warm and natural, wood is a classic coffee table material like oak or maple round solid wood coffee tables. Hardwoods are durable while walnut and teak offer rich tones. Wood offers hidden storage options.
  • Metal: Metal like stainless steel, bronze, or wrought iron provides an industrial vibe, like the frame coffee table. Metal stands up well to wear and tear but doesn’t allow for as much interior storage space.
  • Glass: Glass-topped tables have a light and airy feel with metal or wood bases, like the round marble and glass Nesting Coffee Table Set. Tempered glass is very durable but does not provide hidden storage capacity.
  • Rattan and wicker: For a breezy, beachy look, woven materials like rattan and wicker suit a casual decor like the round rattan side end table. The coffee table with storage shelves is limited to open shelves or lift tops.
  • Stone: Natural stones like marble or quartz have an elegant, upscale look, as in the faux marble top coffee table. The solid build limits storage capabilities mostly to open shelving.

Evaluate your lifestyle and room aesthetic. Active homes with kids may benefit from durable wood or metal while glass suits more formal spaces. The material influences the look, cost, and functionality.

Buying Guide: Size, Storage, Material

Ready to shop for the perfect round coffee table? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Measure the space: Round tables come in a wide range of sizes, so measure your living room to find the right fit. Leave enough space around the seating.
  • Assess your storage needs: Do you need many tiers and shelves or just a few discreet drawers? This will help narrow your selection.
  • Consider table height: Standard coffee table height is around 16-18 inches, but lower heights like 12-14 inches can create a more relaxed feel.
  • Choose a durable finish: For wood tables, finishes like polyurethane or lacquer protect from scratches and liquid damage. Avoid high-maintenance glass tops in pet-friendly homes.
  • Compare features like lift-tops: If you want a multi-functional table, compare specs like lift-top mechanisms, removable trays, and interior organization.
  • Decide on a style: Let your overall room decor guide your choice of a modern, rustic, industrial or traditional style table.

Taking note of these factors will help you select the ideal coffee table for your living space and needs.

Price Range

You can find a quality round cocktail table with storage across a wide spectrum of budgets. Here’s what to expect:

  • $100-$300: At the lower end, you can find basic wood or composite round tables with some storage like single shelves or lift-tops. These work well for small spaces.
  • $300-$600: The mid-range offers wood tables with storage upgrades like drawers, cabinets, and multi-tier shelving in various finishes and styles.
  • $600-$1,200: For premium quality, handcrafted wood tables with ample storage options fall in this range, along with sturdy stone and glass tops. Larger sizes with intricate details put tables at the high end.
  • $1,200+: For high-end furnishings with exotic woods like teak, hand inlay, and custom designs you can expect to spend over $1,200. Name brands also command higher prices.

If you love the style but not the price tag, look for sales, clearance items, or warehouse store deals to fit top quality into your budget. With the right selection, a round coffee table can be both beautiful and functional without breaking the bank.


The size of the round coffee table for a hotel should be chosen based on the available space, desired functionality, and aesthetic preferences of the hotel.

Not at all! The circular shape is versatile enough to complement square ottomans, rectangular rugs, and all different seating shapes and sizes. Round is a foolproof option.


With their versatile shape, hidden storage, and style flexibility, it’s easy to see why round coffee tables with storage like the gray Homary Lift Top Coffee Table or the Large Farmhouse Round Coffee Table have become a living room staple. Their smart designs merge fashion and function, providing a surface for drinks and décor along with ample space to organize remotes, blankets, books, and more in the coffee table for living room use.

Allowing for flexible seating arrangements while keeping essentials close at hand, a square coffee table with storage is a furnishing that neatly fills many needs. Whether your style is modern, farmhouse or eclectic, there is a round coffee table like the stylish Sofa Table With Storage or a Beautiful Round Center Table sure to complement your space. With handy organization through features like the storage compartment, smoothed edges and compact footprints, a round coffee table can be the perfect pick to anchor your living room as the coffee table is designed.

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