If you have ever spent a night on an uncomfortable sofa bed, then you know how important it is to find ways to make it more comfortable. Whether you have a futon, pull-out, or sectional sofa, there are a variety of simple tips and tricks you can use to transform your sofa bed into the most comfortable piece of furniture in your family room. From replacing the mattress to adding more support with couch cushions or sofa cushions, it’s likely that you can improve the quality of your sleep style with just a few adjustments.

In this article, we’ll explore some amazing tips for making your sofa bed more comfortable, so you can finally enjoy a good night’s sleep on even the most uncomfortable sofa beds. Whether you have a futon sofa or a traditional pull out bed frame, learn How To Make A Sofa Bed More Comfortable with Nousdecor to help you turn any couch into a cozy and comfortable sleeping space as well as produce a superb spot for your visitors to have a restful sleep.


  • One way to make a sofa bed more comfortable is to add extra padding.
  • You can place a folded quilt or blankets under the mattress to provide cushioning.
  • Also, a mattress topper can help make the surface more comfortable by adding a thick layer of cushioning.
  • When setting up the sofa bed, adjust the support bars so they fit you.
  • If the bars sag or feel uneven, discomfort can result.
  • Make sure to use soft, high-quality sheets that feel good against your skin.
  • Finally, having enough pillows allows you to get proper neck support.
  • By taking these steps, you can transform an old squeaky sofa bed into a comfortable spot for sleeping overnight guests.

How To Make A Sofa Bed More Comfortable – Add Extra Comfort To Your Sleeper Couch

If you have a hide-a-bed that is used for eating and drinking, chances are it has become lumpy and uncomfortable over time. This can be especially problematic if you live in a small apartment and need to maximize your space.

  1. One way to boost the comfort of your sleeper couch is to place a sheet of plywood between the mattress and the pillows to provide extra support and prevent you from feeling the bar underneath.
  2. Another option is to invest in a better sofa bed mattress topper, which can help alleviate the feeling of the bar and improve the overall comfort of the sofabed.
  3. Additionally, adding more bolsters in different positions can help to make the hide-a-bed more comfortable for everyday use. It’s also a good idea to deep clean the thick mattress and flip it regularly to prevent the buildup of pet hair, mites, and moisture.
  4. Finally, investing in quality bedding and lubricating any squeaky parts can make a big difference in the comfort department.
How To Make A Sofa Bed More Comfortable

With a variety of popular sofa styles this year below to suit every interior design, including considerations like fabric vs leather sofa styles, you’re sure to a way to make a sofa bed feel better that fits your needs and improves your overall comfort. 

A Sofa Mattress Topper is a great idea!

Top view of hand putting a mattress overlay on a couch mattress toppers make hide-a-beds more comfortable and thicker by adding an extra layer.

  • You can make a hide-a-bed mattress topper from microfibre, foam, cotton, or gel-infused foam. No matter your preference, ensure that the mattress pad is at least 1.5-2 inches thick. A memory foam topper that is thick enough to increase the comfort of your hide-a-bed is a great option.
  • A memory foam mattress topper is one of the best ways to increase your hide-a-bed’s comfort. The cushioning adds a layer of comfort to the sleeper couch and protects your back. It doesn’t really matter what the mattress overlay’s fabric is as long as it’s thick enough and provides plenty of comfort while you sleep on or off the hide-a-bed.
  • A memory foam overlay also provides motion isolation. Motion isolation is another benefit of this type of topper. Your partner can wake up if you turn and toss. These toppers will revert to their original shape when you wake up.
  • These toppers can be used if you have been suffering from joint or muscular pain.
A Sofa Mattress Topper is a great idea!

To prevent slippage, make sure you secure the overlay as well as the mattress underneath the same sheet. To secure the topper to your mattress, you can use mattress clips. Consider choosing a rug size for sectional sofa that complements your living space.

Set Thick Sheets on the Sofa Bed

This is a decent temporary remedy to the sofa futon issue. Just put enough layers of sheets onto the bed till you create the hardness to move away. However, there’s a nice balance to strike: When you have too many sheets on the futon, you will feel like sinking once you attempt to sleep it, which may be embarrassing for many people.

I state thick sheets since you require many thin ones to make an attempt worthwhile, and thin sheets create the sinking feeling much worse. So find the one that fits your sleeping habit the most!

Additionally, consider the practicality of fitting a sofa through a small door when choosing your furniture.”

Deep Clean the Mattress

Cleaning a futon utilizing a vacuum cleaner cluttered futon may interrupt your own guests’ relaxation. When it is not the disagreeable odor that will get you, then it’ll be the crumbs out of biscuits, spills, specks of dust, and grime that will poke you once you attempt to sleep.

Deep Clean the Mattress

One approach to making a sleeper sofa more comfortable would be to make sure that it’s clean. It is possible to use a vacuum cleaner and a stain remover if required.

First, you have to unfold the futon and eliminate your bedsheets until you wash them. If possible, you can get rid of the sheets and then leave the futon outside from the open to allow it to breathe. You may also spray it with a fabric refresher to provide it with an odor.

Flip the Sofa Bed Mattress

A sagging mattress can lead to a rigid spine, sore back, or hip pain. Among the techniques to decrease the saltiness is simply turning it over. And of course, turning it’s going to extend its life and improve the air circulation.

But before you proceed, you must lay a level yardstick across the surface. If you observe any irregular gaps beneath, it is time to reverse it.

Purchase Extra Cushions

You’ll have as many bolsters as you need. It is possible to use these bolsters to strengthen your spine as you sit on the sleeper sofa throughout the day.

You can flip them into comfy bolsters at nighttime, which it is possible to sleep on. There’s also no limitation on where size to purchase. Ensure that you also buy cover sheets for your bolsters. If you don’t have any sheets, then you can borrow one of your T-shirts and utilize them to cover the bolster.

Purchase Extra Cushions

You might even apply these bolsters to fill in the gaps between the mattress and the chair. You may just set the bolsters on top of one another to keep the mattress level like the mattress doesn’t bend on either side. This may be good for individuals with backaches too.

Sleep on The Duvet

If you would like to enjoy a more comfortable experience sleeping on your mattress, consider sleeping on the duvet instead of utilizing this particular unit to cover yourself. Ordinarily, most duvets arrive with a perfect depth to provide additional comfort and extra support where you want most.

Furthermore, they allow for more heat, mainly if they are constructed from materials. This can help make your sleeping experience far more pleasurable from the winder.

Utilize a Sleeping Bag

This is the most discreet solution. Just put the sleeping bag in addition to the mattress sofa and sleep with this. It is far better than sleeping on the roof.

Sleeping bags are flexible, and their portability means that you don’t have to worry if your mother invites her house along with her 20-year-old mattress making you feel as if you’ve slept needles for the whole night.

Invest in Quality Bedding

The amount of relaxation on your own body when sleeping on a sofa mattress is linked directly to the caliber of its bedding. That is why it’s crucial to invest in high-quality bedding to improve your sleeping.

Invest in Quality Bedding

Most hide-a-beds are usually full dimensions; however, there are other sizes on the marketplace. So be sure that you pick out a model that may match the particular size of this hide-a-bed on your property.

Diffuse Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a superb way to make your hide-a-bed much more inviting for the guests to sleep in. It utilizes pleasant smells to ease tension and make it simpler for you to fall asleep. It might be the odor of lavender, roses, vanilla, lemon, peppermint, sandalwood, or whatever you think smells great.

It is relatively straightforward to put this up. Put an oil diffuser along with your favorite scent beside your comfortable hide-a-bed until you sleep. It is also possible to spray a hint of perfumed key oil blended with water into the bedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

To improve the comfort of your couch, you can invest in a better quality mattress that provides the necessary support and comfort for a good night’s sleep, especially if it’s being used regularly as a bed.

To turn your common room into another bedroom with a hide-a-bed, consider upgrading to a modern sofa bed that offers better comfort and support. You can also add more bolsters and pillows to enhance the quality of sleep it provides.

To make your hide-a-bed feel more like a regular bed, you can invest in an improved quality mattress pad or replacement mattress that offers similar comfort and support. Adding more pillows can also help in achieving a more bed-like feel for your lounge or living room.

To turn a common room into an extra bedroom using a sofa bed, consider upgrading to a new sofa bed that provides better comfort. Additionally, adding more bolsters and pillows can help improve the overall comfort of the sofa bed for sleeping.


In conclusion, do not dismiss poor sleep; it can create significant health problems. Sure, the occasional bad night’s napping is not the end of the world, but even one poor night can make your entire day worse. There are several ways to make a sofa bed more comfortable. Many people find sofa beds uncomfortable because they lack adequate support. To boost the comfort of your sofa bed, consider adding a futon overlay or a throw pillow from an armchair to provide extra bolstering.

It’s also important to regularly clean your sofa bed, as it can easily become a breeding ground for dust mites and other allergens. Shed hair and skin cells can also accumulate on the sofa bed, so be sure to vacuum and spot-clean any stains regularly. If the sofa bed has metal parts or hinges, make sure to periodically oil them to prevent squeaking. Additionally, check for loose bolts and tighten them as necessary to prolong the lifespan of the sofa bed.

Ultimately, investing in a high-quality sofa bed made with soft materials like cotton can greatly improve its comfort level for both sitting and sleeping and improve your life and quality of sleep. 

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