Whenever we see a person’s home, the first thing we are drawn to is the arrangement of decoration and furniture of the living room. So placing a rug under the sofa is essential. Otherwise, it is going to ruin your complete appearance of the room.

The problem is that putting together the ideal place can be quite challenging. Despite carpeting positioning! And that is particularly true when you’ve got a little sofa. This room furniture can be positioned with the right rug in a few ways.

But which is the best way?

Fortunately, Nousdecor has a guide on How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa here to help you pinpoint this!

Advantages of Putting a Rug in Your own Living Room

Advantages of Putting a Rug in Your Living Room

Many homeowners deliberate whether a living area using rug decoration is a cup of green tea. Even though the topmost priority in living area spaces is for aesthetics, many homeowners don’t appraise the advantages of rugs, generally. Whether you are decorating a rug for a bedroom or home office, a local rug brings these five advantages:

Provides Comfort

Your house flooring may either have laminate tiles or hardwood. Let us acknowledge. On occasion, it can be difficult walking on those rigid surfaces. Even though these substances do not scar your toes, walking around your house the whole day will take its toll on the bottoms of your feet.

The primary benefit that rugs provide is relaxation. In addition, it braces the effects of your footsteps. It carries all of the fat and absorbs the strain of stepping on tough surfaces.

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Reduce Creaking Sounds

Reduce Creaking Sounds
Reduce Creaking Sounds

It reduces creaking noises in the bedroom and dining rooms by placing the right rug. An area rug absorbs sounds from the environment. You can see the difference in echos between an area rug and an area rug.

Absorbs Allergens

Are rugs fantastic for individuals with allergies? Unfortunately, not many people could get this authentic since we have been advised that rugs absorb allergens, which may harm people’s allergies since they’re subjected to the rug’s surface.

But people on the opposite side of this spectrum also feel that rugs prevent triggering your allergies. And it is all due to the identical reason – it absorbs the allergens and prevents them in the atmosphere where it is possible to inhale it!

Offers Insulation

In locations where the weather is always cold, it can be very uncomfortable walking on cold floors. A big-size rug may cover and insulate. Putting a pad under the rug may also help boost insulation and provide warmth during cold seasons.

Creates a Cozy Space

It is not surprising that sectional sofas with rugs under make a cozy feeling. And this atmosphere all boils down to the way the rug generates complete cohesion in the whole place. This may evoke a specific grounding emotion that affects our energy.

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How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa to Balance Your Room Decor

How To Put A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa

1. Centering it at the L

The most widely used styling choice is to center the rug on your sectional seating area. While doing so, it is essential to ensure that there’s sufficient floor area around it to get each additional piece of furniture. If that is not feasible, it may be better to center under the coffee table instead, so you have sufficient space for your other bits to match nicely about it.

2. Put it partly under your sofa

Another choice is to set the rug partly beneath your sofa with front legs onto the rug along with the rear half of the sectional off the rug. This is a typical living room arrangement for small living rooms. If you then add a coffee table to the rug, it will help frame the region by creating the coffee table at the middle, focal point, and making an inviting seating arrangement for you and your guests to get comfy.

3. Match it up with all the Brief side of your sectional

Another choice is to line up the rug using the brief end of your sectional. Doing so makes a synergistic impact, and putting your coffee table in the middle of the carpet and using it within an anchor, can help bring balance to space. If the chaise is a lot more than the brief part of your sofa, you may add a side table into the quick end to balance the flow of this distance.

4. Round Rug And Sectional Sofa

Round Rug And Sectional Sofa
Round Rug And Sectional Sofa

These rectangles look so boring. A round rug is what you want. We said that there were no rules for rug placement and choices. The same applies to shapes. A round rug is a great way to add some whimsy and style to your room.

They can be placed underneath a round coffee table. The round rug can also be used to create a balance of straight-lined sectional sofas. This patio set is a great example of how to use ottomans.

5. Go asymmetrical or diagonal

If all else fails, you can select to go for an asymmetrical or diagonal floor program. In cases like this, your coffee table would not be based on the rug but instead off to aside. Then you will utilize your other furniture pieces to decorate around the rug onto the bare floor.

While it might feel a little strange, it is significant that none of your living room components is dead center. The purpose is to make more of a free flow around the rug rather than centering items.

6. Make The Rug The Main Feature of Your Room

A lighter-colored sectional sofa can be brought to life with a bold, bright area rug, such as this Bodrum area rug. To let the bright design shine, the sectional sofa should go in the corner of the area rug.

To keep the look uncluttered and chic, you can use side tables or ottomans in place of a coffee table.

7. Go Large With an Oversized Area Rug

A great way to achieve a designer-look living room is to use a large area rug underneath a sectional couch.

This layout shows the entire sectional sofa placed on an area rug. The back legs of the sofa are slightly wider than the rug’s edge. This extra-large rug is excellent for open-plan living spaces because it creates a clear zone for the seating area.

8. Align The Pattern on Your Rug With The Edge of Your Sofa

You can make a stunning effect with a large sectional sofa with even sides by aligning the pattern along the rug’s edges and your sofa. This area rug in grey and ivory is perfect for this purpose.

This rug is timeless and can be used with any decor style. It’s a great investment piece that you can take from home to work.

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9. Place the Rug Under The Front Legs on Both Sides of The Sofa

Place the Rug Under The Front Legs on Both Sides of The Sofa
Place the Rug Under The Front Legs on Both Sides of The Sofa

You can create a seamless transition between your sectional sofa and the rug by placing a large area rug underneath both of its edges. This will allow you to match the rug’s edges with your sofa’s.

This will give the sofa an even appearance. It can also create a neat rectangle or square depending on the shape of the sofa. To complete the look, a coffee table or ottoman can be placed in the middle.

Preparing Your Room for Sectional and Rug Placement

Rug merchants suggest at least 18 inches of floor space between the border of an area rug and its borders. This arrangement works well in large rooms. A smaller room may look better with less space around the rug. If a large rug is too big, it can make a small room seem crowded.

We know that a small rug can make a room look smaller. This can make the furniture appear larger. It can make the interior seem out of balance. You should measure the space and then plan your furniture layout.
You must first understand how to place a rug underneath a sectional sofa. It is essential to consider the placement of doors, windows, and fireplaces within your room.

Tips for How To Set a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa

Tips for How To Set a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa
Tips for How To Set a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa

The following are helpful tips for putting a rectangular rug below a sectional sofa in the space of the house:

• Rug Size: 5 inches feet or bigger. With this rug size positioned under your sectional sofa, all sofa thighs should be off the rug. Another room furniture ought to encircle the rug’s boundaries. Can this rather compact rug has a unique layout that you wish to exhibit? This is the best method of letting it rule as a big, stylish thing of this room decor.

• Rug Size: 8 inches by 10 ft or bigger. Put this dimension rug under your sectional sofa. Front sofa legs and the legs of additional furniture ought to rest on the outer boundaries of this rug. This will present your rug furniture and another room decor with a pleasing look. It’ll balance the interior layout of the space. It is also going to provide the space having an appealing feeling of stylistic proportion.

• Rug Size: 9 by 12 ft or bigger. To get a more coordinated look in a larger room, place all bottoms of your sectional sofa and chairs in your rug. This decoration arrangement will bring powerful aesthetic qualities to your site. It will also get a stronger sense of unity into your room furnishings as a particular kind of decor.

When setting a rug beneath your sectional sofa, it needs to be big enough to combine and anchor all the room decor. The rug must match well below your sofa’s front legs. It ought to extend three feet or more outside of your coffee table. A tiny area rug positioned under the coffee table could be charming. Nevertheless, it’ll remain smooth and unwrinkled just if positioned over a low-pile main rug.

Rug Placement FAQs

Rug Placement FAQs

What size rug can you place below a sectional sofa?

The general rule of thumb here is to utilize a large rug anchored by two pieces of furniture. However, naturally, there are different alternatives available (as seen previously) if that choice does not function for you or you’ve got an extra-large area and will need to disperse our items as far as you can.

What about rugs?

There aren’t any set-in-stone principles when it has to do with the dimensions or shape of your rug. However, whenever there are too many rectangular shapes and straight lines, either a round coffee table or around a rug can help create a counterbalance that breaks up the monotony and ties the room together in a welcoming and cozy manner.

Why can the positioning thing?

Whichever arrangement you pick, the positioning of your belongings will be essential to tie the space seem together. Based upon the form of your area, you might want to be imaginative to create the maximum use of this room. Additionally, in regards to a bigger space, making the maximum use of this room to be well-balanced is essential.

The way to pick the best rug?

By now, you ought to get a clearer idea of how you will arrange your space and how to put a rug beneath your sectional sofa. But if you are still unsure since you are not sure what Kind of rug to buy, here are a few more things to assist you:

Round rugs are incredible to generate a tiny space feel larger, and countertops rectangular shapes.

Square rugs are perfect for square chambers and therefore are best paired with different square shapes.

Rectangle rugs are perfect for big spaces in which you want to make maximum use of distance.


The rug and sectional combination is a fantastic match for any living area. Who knew you could be so inventive with two pieces of furniture? If you found some of these tips helpful when styling your living space, let us know that mix you saw in the remarks section below.

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