When it comes to choosing the best sofa set for your living room, the debate between fabric and leather upholstery is a common one. While both materials offer their own set of advantages and drawbacks, some key differences can help you make the best decision for your space.

Whether you’re considering a brown leather, a velvet sofa, a sectional sofa, or a leatherette sofa, it’s important to understand the difference between genuine leather and faux leather upholstery fabric. From the durability and maintenance requirements to the overall aesthetic and feel, each option offers its unique qualities. 

In this Nousdecor article, we will explore the differences between leather and fabric seats, and discuss the various factors to consider when making your decision, providing you with the best sofa buying guide. Whether you’re in the market for a leather chair, a leather sectional, or a fabric seater sofa, understanding the pros and cons of each material is essential in making the right choice for your home.

Join us as we delve into the world of upholstery and help you decide the best option between Fabric vs Leather Sofa for your living room. 


  • When evaluating the differences between fabric and leather sofas, compare their durability, maintenance requirements, and comfort factors.
  • Leather is typically more durable and stain-resistant than fabric, though fabric durability depends on the quality of material used.
  • Leather requires regular conditioning and care while fabric only needs occasional vacuuming and spot cleaning.
  • For comfort, fabric is softer initially, but leather can conform to body shape over time.
  • Temperature comfort depends on the specific type of leather or fabric chosen.
  • Additionally, consider pet-friendliness, odor resistance, cost differences, color range availability, and environmental impact when choosing between fabric and leather.
  • Understanding these key differences in terms of durability, upkeep, and comfort will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of leather versus fabric, allowing consumers to select the best sofa material for their needs and lifestyle.

Leather Sofas

Sofas supply an ideal method to add comfy chairs to your living space. They are sometimes used for reading, resting, and spending some time with friends or relatives. Leather sofas have a few distinct benefits over other sorts of sofas, but their purpose generally stays the same.

They are available in various sizes and styles, with the principal difference being the kind of upholstery utilized to complete this particular piece of furniture.

If you’re seeking to put your sofa in a formal living room or other areas in your house and wish to put in a great deal of drama, then this is a perfect choice. They add interest and flair to your own space while still providing the users that you want. Along with looking striking, leather seats have quite a few different advantages.


As it’s possible to purchase traditional-looking seats like a Chesterfield, many seats are incredibly stylish and contemporary. They seem very slick and put-together, automatically updating a room and making it look more high-end than a normal living area.

  • They are best for homeowners who suffer from allergies since they won’t harbor allergens like pet dander or dust mites as readily as fabric seats will. People with sensitive skin or allergies will love this material as the best upholstery material.
  • A leather seat won’t lose its color and fade in the manner that different types of sofas will. They could last decades if they’re well preserved, and people are cautious when sitting so as not to hurt the inside sofa frame accidentally.
  • These sofas look great in any décor scheme, provided that the remainder of the area is decorated in light colors. They could add a little bit of flair and drama to any room and immediately improve a room’s general look.

Leather is quite simple to keep, as dirt and fur won’t get stuck on the floor in the manner they can therefore easily with fabric couches. While it could be ruined by scratching and items grinding to the surface, many men and women appreciate the look that the wear and patina provide their sofa and believe it improves the appearance of their furniture.


Though your leather couch will remain precisely the identical color for many years, it will have a sheen that some people today find to be unsightly. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that will generally fade out with time, or so the sheen that’s there once you purchase the sofa is the same one that will stay for the furniture’s life span.

  • There aren’t many colors and colors to select from, with the majority of chairs being brown, black, or sometimes white. Unfortunately, when there are different shades of black and brown accessible, they are not likely to provide the pop of color that a few living rooms will need to brighten up a room.
  • Regrettably, they are usually more costly than other kinds of sofas, making it hard or impossible for many people to manage them. It’s possible to purchase faux seats rather than the actual thing; however, these sofas come with their own set of problems, such as not appearing as large or pricey, rather than lasting for almost as long.
  • Spills left for quite a while on the surface will get tacky and may discolor the material with time. This might be irreparable or might necessitate costly professional cleaning.

Leather sleeper sofas can be found, but they’re quite expensive and far more challenging to change from a sofa into a bed than fabric choices.

Fabric Sofas

Fabric furniture is more prevalent in the ordinary home than the other seats are and for a good reason. They are available in many different fashion options and may be reupholstered if the layout no longer fits the remainder of the room. Additionally, they’re equally as comfy as leather couches are, provided that they’re good quality and the framework was well-built to stand up for decades of misuse.

While leather seats control and make a statement at a house, fabric couches are best for many homes. They are fantastic for households with young children, individuals who aren’t thinking about making a more formal appearance in their houses, and individuals who do not have a huge budget for purchasing a new sofa. In addition, they’re preferable to the other counterpart once the owner wants room to sit but does not wish to manage the cold look or stiff texture of leather.


There are several different varieties of fabric that you can pick from for your sofa, and each will have its benefits. It is enjoyable and straightforward to select from quite a few different alternatives, from microfiber that’s quite simple to wash to velvet upholstery, which will produce a high-end and costly appearance.

  • It is nearly impossible to scratch fabric seats in the manner that other seats may be scraped, and these unsightly marks will not decrease the appearance or value of this sofa. It follows that cats and rambunctious kids are less likely to hurt the fabric inadvertently.
  • Fabric sofas cost an excellent deal more than leather choices, making them suitable for each purchaser. Additionally, they are offered in a broad price range, which means that you always have the option to purchase a fabric seat today and then upgrade later once you’ve got a bigger budget.
  • There are infinite choices regarding deciding on a color, pattern, fabric, and kind of fabric on your sofa. This makes it feasible to acquire the best sofa for your house and readily fit the sofa to some part of the artwork, the paint onto the walls, the carpet, and the drapes.

Fabric sofas are usually a great deal more comfortable than the other counterparts. While the total relaxation will rely on the arrangement and quality of the sofa frame and cushions, the end of this fabric is a great deal more comfy and straightforward to enjoy.


Fabric sofas aren’t a fantastic alternative for households suffering from allergies, even since the fabric will trap allergens inside. This is particularly true when there are pets in the house, as their fur and dander will stick with the fabric, possibly leading to the demand for professional cleaning.

  • Lower-quality fabric is quite tough to wash and will quickly blot, even if the perfect cleaner is utilized straight away. This may ruin the overall look of the sofa and may require the proprietor to pay to get it reupholstered or even to purchase a new one entirely.
  • The fabric’s color will fade over time, and this process may occur much quicker if the sofa sits in the sunlight. However, uneven exposure to sunlight will cause irregular fading, and it is pretty unattractive.
  • Strong scents like cigarette smoke and food can get trapped in the fabric and induce the sofa to odor, requiring professional clean-up to eliminate the odor.

Fabric sofas in a specific fashion won’t fit easily with a different décor scheme. Therefore, modern fabric seats can not be utilized in classically decorated rooms or houses without sticking out.

Comparing Fabric vs Leather Sofa: Which Sofa Material Is For You?

When it comes to deciding between these seats, there are several factors to consider.

Leather sofas offer a sense of elegance and luxury, and are typically firmer than fabric seats. Real leather, such as semi-aniline leather, may be a better choice for a higher price compared to fabric seats. Leather also has the advantage of being easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, making it a practical choice for households with pets or children.

Comparing Fabric vs Leather Sofa: Which Sofa Material Is For You?

However, leather may also attract pet hair more easily and may require regular vacuuming to maintain its pristine appearance. On the other hand, fabric seats are generally softer than leather and come in a variety of materials such as linen or velvet. They are also available at different price points, making them a more affordable option for some.

Fabric seats may require more maintenance when it comes to cleaning, but they can offer a cozier and more relaxed atmosphere in the living space. Ultimately, the choice between these two comes down to personal preference, lifestyle, and budget. 

Additionally, you can take into the 2 vs 3 cushion sofa comparison to help you make an informed choice.”

Leather and Fabric: Which Provides More Comfort?

Broadly, a fabric seat will be thicker and remain warmer compared to a leather one.

Leather Sofas tend to undertake the warmth of the atmosphere around them, making it hot and sticky in the peak of summer and cold once the temperature drops in winter.

If your house is well-insulated and has climate control, then do not fret overly much, but if not, it may impact your ability to appreciate your furniture. A fabric seat does not have this matter.

Fabric sofas are considered comfier by a few because they do not possess a ‘breaking in’ period.

Designs: Leather or Fabric?

Both of them can be found in each fashion. Traditional, modern, or modern, regardless of what you best, you will have the ability to get a sofa that looks fantastic in your house.

Un-dyed leather has a classic quality and functions as a style neutral – a conventional style sofa enhances any room it is in. Dyed leather supports contemporary and modern decor.

Designs: Leather or Fabric?

Stylish upholstery fabrics could be tempting but run the risk of appearing outdated before the end of the sofa’s life. On the other hand, neutral fabric options can feel dull and drab, particularly in such a massive investment.

Consider jazzing up your fabric sofa with stylish accent cushions and throws, which may be swapped out as trends change, providing you with a versatile and practical piece of furniture.

Leather vs Fabric: Which is More Durable?

A sofa is rather an investment in your home’s interior design, which means you would like to have as much pleasure from it as you can. Ideally, it has to be hard-wearing and easy to keep, so it retains the great looks that you fell in love with at the first location.

Leather is extremely durable, much stronger than fabric by its very nature, and can continue to last at least five years. And while fabric sofas include a stain-repellent treatment, leather is easy to clean with only a quick brush. Thus, making it a sensible option when you’ve got small ones (or awkward adults) around the area.

Additionally, as any parent will testify, kids like to play on sofas, and fabrics can undoubtedly begin to seem a little worn beneath the breed, whereas leather is not as yielding.

Another thing to keep in mind is allergies – with no regular tidying and vac, fabric sofas may be a trap for dust mites and pet fur, whereas leather will be sterile.


The cost range of sofas is rather wide, from practical, very low high-quality bits, to high-end layouts. Fabric sofas generally start around $800 and work out at roughly $5,000. A leather sofa could be expected to cost at least $1,200. Prices range from about $7,000.


The most significant drivers of the cost would be the quality of construction and the high quality of the sofa materials. Leather is considered a superior material, order at a premium cost.

High-quality leather furniture will probably always be more costly to buy than the usual high-quality fabric sofa. If you are not dead set on such a sofa, picking fabric instead is a fantastic way to keep it in your budget.

On the other hand, the buy price is not the only price to consider. For example, it is essential to consider your anticipated expenses on repair and maintenance.

Leather prices seldom need professional cleaning because of their stain-resistant quality. However, they need to be protected from abrasion and may be scratched or scraped.

Fabric sofas are a different story. Regular steam cleaning will keep stains from stepping into the fibers of your fabric sofa. Unfortunately, hiring a professional will probably cost at least $200.

It’s possible to rent steam cleaners for about $35 per day or buy one for about $200. These options require you to perform the cleaning, which might or might not be worthwhile based on how highly you value your own time. Expect to warm-wash a fabric sofa twice per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spills are easier to clean on leather sofas, as they can be wiped off more easily compared to fabric sofas.

Consider the type of leather, the maintenance required, and the overall look and feel that complements your home decor.

The former is considered more natural and boasts a softer feel compared to the latter leather, but it may require more maintenance.

Leather is very easy to clean and maintain, whereas fabric sofas may require more frequent cleaning and are more susceptible to staining and wear.


When it comes to deciding between these sofas, there are several factors to consider. Leather sofas are generally firmer and more elegant, making them a popular choice for those looking for a more sophisticated aesthetic. They are also easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, making them a better choice for households with children or pets. Additionally, authentic leather is typically more durable than fabric and can withstand wear and tear over time.

On the other hand, fabric sofas are typically softer and come in a variety of materials such as linen or velvet, offering a more cozy and comfortable feel. They can also be vacuumed to remove pet hair or dust, and are available at a wider range of price points. When it comes to real leather, semi leather may be a better choice as it is more durable and easy to care for, making it a good option for those who want the look and feel of leather without the high maintenance.

Ultimately, the choice between the two materials depends on personal preference, lifestyle, and budget when it comes to buying a new sofa for your living room furniture. Stay tuned for our tips on the best ways to decorate sofa with pillows to enhance your sofa’s aesthetic appeal.

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