Can You Have Two Different Sofas In The Living Room? Please read our guide below to discover.

Matching sofa sets are not the only method to make a cohesive room layout. Blending and matching furniture may cause a more intriguing and satisfying space when done correctly. The important thing is to utilize details to link different sofas, making them look coordinated instead of mismatched.

Can You Have Two Sofas In your Living Room?

Can I Have Two Different Sofas In The Living Room

You’ll have two sofas in your living area. It is possible to mix and match the colors of your sofas. Use complementary colors in the color wheel. Provided that you adhere to these rules while decorating, then your non-matching sofas will appear good.

Decorating your living space may be an intimidating job. You need to get all the ideal accessories and furniture to allow it to be perfect. If you’re not versed in interior design, this is sometimes a challenging undertaking. Among many questions that you might end up asking is whether you could have two different color couches in the room.

There are numerous colors you can put together, depending on the colors in your living room. It is possible to use the wall color, fixtures, or even the fireplace to accent your sofas. Browns and blues may go well. Or brown and cream or white go nicely together. It’s possible to use accessories such as throw pillows to make them more cohesive.

If one sofa and loveseat match? How can you arrange two sofas in living space? Keep reading to find out more ways to design nonmatching couches sofas to create a perfect living room for you!

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Some ways to arrange two sofas in your living room

Some ways to arrange two different sofas

These are the most common ways to arrange 2 sofas in a living space:

  • Two couches stacked on top of each other
  • L-Shaped arrangement
  • Angles of wide shape

1. Pick Pieces From Different Eras

You could showcase your sofas by simply picking different fashions altogether, so every piece stands out from the area. A brand-new sofa may look great from a Victorian-style obsolete one. You can have them be the same color or even color complements.

These style differences may be both visually attractive and fantastic conversation starters.

2. Mix Up The Fabric

Mixing different couches might appear odd at first to have a fabric sofa along with a leather sofa in the same space, but they could work together. They provide more dimension to this space and draw attention to every bit separately, mainly if the sofas are complementary colors.

You may always upscale the color with vibrant throw blankets or cushions.

3. Match The Color And Print

Another method to promote the expression of your living room would be to match the color with print. This can be with a single solid color sofa with the other with a print on it.

You might even set printed throw pillows or blankets over good color sofas to add more depth to the room. This procedure is excellent for people who love to put in a little bit of charm and fun in their living rooms.

4. Connecting with Accents

You can use accent colors and pieces to bring a printed sofa and one in a solid color together. Throw pillows with the same blue, burgundy, and ivory stripe make a blue tweed couch look great alongside a solid burgundy sofa.

Although patterned fabrics can’t always be matched with older pieces of furniture, it is possible to replicate the plaid on one couch by using a throw draped over its solid-colored counterpart and adding solid-colored throw pillows to the plaid couch.

A pattern window drape can be used to echo the colors of nonmatching couches. It does not add too much detail and expands the overall color scheme.

6. Two sofas facing each other

Two sofas facing each other
Two sofas facing each other

A layout that places two sofas facing each other in a living space is more intimate. If you entertain often and plan to use your living room for conversation and socializing, this arrangement is ideal.

This layout is excellent for rooms with square or rectangular shapes and large open floors. The sofas are a natural way to create symmetry in the space. You can squeeze the sofas closer together to save space in narrow spaces.


  • Ideal for formal and informal conversation.
  • It works well in large, open floor plans, narrow spaces, and square or rectangular spaces
  • Creates asymmetrical design

5. Two Sofas at an Angle

The wide angle layout may work well if you have lots to work within your house. This arrangement works well for two sofas in the living room. You can place your couches at different angles, and you can adjust them as needed.

This layout creates a large open space, which is ideal for entertaining large groups and casual lounging. The wide angle design is ideal for large, open-concept living spaces. This is especially suitable for rooms of irregular shapes.

This layout allows you to add additional furniture to your living room due to its openness. To maximize the space’s potential for seating, add a few accent chairs or recliners.


  • Ideal for entertaining large groups and casual lounging
  • It works well in large open-concept living spaces, especially those of irregular shapes.
  • It creates a spacious, comfortable space.


Sofa FAQs

How many couches should you have in a living room?

You can choose how many couches that you would like, as with all things. One couch is sufficient for a small space. You may find it more attractive than two couches.

One sectional might be more comfortable than two.

If the space is small but needs more seating, consider adding one chair to your existing sofa. This will prevent the space from feeling crowded.

Three couches could be used if the space is large. One couch would go against each wall and one side open. Before you buy another sofa, it is wise first to assess the space.

How can you fit sofas with accent chairs?

In many living room setups, you ought to have two accent chairs. Most designers recommend you’ve got between five and four living room chairs at minimum, such as sofas. Having one sofa in the room, you may include two accent chairs, maybe another more compact sofa, or another accent chair.

Should your couch and loveseat match?

Your sofa and love chair can match each other without fitting exactly. Provided that the two do not clash, your area will probably come together distinctively. To ground the space, select a couch with solid-color or neutral upholstery and a love seat in a different style or color.

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How do I arrange my sofa and loveseat?

How do I arrange my sofa and loveseat?
How do I arrange my sofa and loveseat?

For an arrangement parallel to the walls, then center the loveseat on the wall inside the room and the sofa on the long wall. Insert chairs angled toward the sofa and away from your fireplace or amusement wall. Add coffee tables facing every one of those bigger seating pieces.

How can you mix and match sofas?

Utilize an easy color palette. Use a couple of colors of the same color and accentuate using a bold color should you desire. By way of instance, you may use neutral colors for your wall paint, curtains, and sofa, then highlight with daring colored cushions or even a patterned chair.

Are leather couches out of style?

Leather Chesterfield-style sofas are highly traditional, but leather sofas are usually more stylish than their fabric counterparts. If you enjoy a modern or contemporary appearance, leather sofas tend to seem sleeker and much more high-end than many fabric sofas.

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Matching couches in your living room to look amazing is essential since they influence the overall aesthetics of your house.

Matching sofas facing each other across a coffee table or framing the fireplace create a formal symmetry. However, non-matching sofas can add structure and visual interest to a space.

Hopefully, you find this guide useful. Thank you for choosing to spend time together with We appreciate your support.


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