When it comes to creating a comfortable and stylish living room, window treatments can make all the difference.

From classic wooden shutters to modern patterned curtains, there are so many options to choose from. We at Nousdecor will help you find the perfect Window Treatment Ideas For Living Room to make your living room look sophisticated and inviting.

Explore the possibilities of mix-and-match designs, bold patterns, taupe drapes, and more to create a beautiful and engaging living room.

Key Takeaways of Window Treatment Ideas For Living Room

Here are 4 key takeaways for window treatment ideas for a living room:

  • Window treatments can make a big statement and add style and sophistication to a living room.
  • There are many options for window treatments, including matchstick blinds, dual drapery, mix-and-match, bold patterns, wooden shutters, black curtains, patterned curtains, valance and drapes, layering, light control, shutters, sheer curtains, roller shades, taupe drapes, and blackout roller shades.
  • Taupe drapes are a popular choice for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while also making a big statement with their classic and sophisticated look.
  • Using roller shades for bay windows is a great option, as they come in a variety of colors and fabrics and can easily be paired with draperies for added style and light control.

Matchstick Blinds

We love the look of white matchstick blinds in living rooms. They provide a tailored look while still allowing natural light to filter through, making them an ideal stylish window decor for any living room.

Whether you pair them with curtains or hang them alone, matchstick blinds will give your room an updated, sophisticated look without blocking the light. Plus, they’re easy to install and maintain, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

If you’re looking for more options for controlling light, dual drapery is a great option. It allows you to layer your curtains with roman shades, roller blinds, or plantation shutters to create a unique window treatment decor.

This is a great way to add visual interest to your living room while still keeping it light and airy. Plus, you can mix and match colors and patterns to create a truly custom look.

Matchstick Blinds - Window Treatment Ideas For Living Room
Matchstick Blinds – Window Treatment Ideas For Living Room

Dual Drapery

Adding dual drapery gives more stylish window decor options for controlling light, creating a cozy environment without sacrificing natural brightness.

With dual drapery, you can combine different types of window treatments, such as fabric drapes, vertical blinds, roman shades, pleated shades, and roman blinds.

This allows you to mix and match textures, colors, and patterns to create a unique look that will add a touch of sophistication to your living room.

You can also adjust the fabric so that you can control the amount of light that enters the room, making it a perfect option for people who want to adjust the brightness of their living room depending on the time of day.

Dual drapery is a great way to add a custom look to your living room and give you more control over the light.

Dual Drapery
Dual Drapery


Mixing and matching various window treatments can bring a unique, stylish look to your space. Shutters, drapery, blinds, and valances can all be combined in an aesthetically pleasing way to create a truly one-of-a-kind look.

To maximize the impact of your window treatments, consider extending them to the ceiling. This will create the illusion of higher ceilings and will allow natural light to flow into your living room from the bedroom or vice versa.

For a tailored look, you can forgo patterned treatments and opt for solid drapes that extend to the floor. This will also ensure privacy without sacrificing the natural light. To add a pop of color, consider adding a bright valance with coordinating colors in the bedroom to tie the whole look together.

Mix-and-matching window treatments can be a great way to add a unique touch to your living room while still keeping the overall space light and airy.

Mix and Match
Mixing and matching various window treatments

Bold Patterns

Make a bold statement with patterned curtains in your living space – they’ll keep things cozy and stylish!

Whether you’re looking for a classic look with venetian blinds or a more modern look with rolling shade, bold patterns can accentuate any window treatment. Picture windows, french windows, and any other window coverings can be enhanced with the right pattern.

Window treatments can instantly become eye-catching with a unique pattern.

Window TreatmentPattern
Venetian BlindsStriped
Rolling ShadeFloral
Picture WindowsGeometric
French WindowsPlaid

Bold patterns can also be used to give an unexpected twist to any window treatment. Consider the possibilities of mixing and matching different window treatments with unique patterns.

Window treatment ideas don’t have to be limited; mixing and matching bold patterns can create a space that’s full of personality and style. With the right pattern, any room can be brought to life in an instant.

Bold Patterns
A bold statement with patterned curtains

Wooden Shutters

For a classic yet modern look, wooden shutters can create a sanctuary in any living room. Installing window shutters is an ideal way to provide privacy and control light without losing style.

Shutters also act as an additional layer of insulation to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. They come in many sizes and shapes, so you can find the perfect fit for each window.

Shutters can be used alone or layered with curtains, solar shades, and roller shades as part of a treatment idea. Window film can also be used to add a decorative touch to the shutters.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern look, wooden shutters are a great way to update your living room window treatments.

They offer a timeless look that works well with most decor styles and can be painted or stained to match any color scheme. Wooden shutters can also be combined with other window treatments such as curtains or roller shades to create a unique look.

With a range of options, wooden shutters provide a variety of treatment ideas to make the perfect statement in your living room. By adding wooden shutters, you can create a timeless look that will stand the test of time.

With the right window treatment ideas, you can transform the look of your living room and create a space that you can be proud of.

Wooden Shutters
Wooden Shutters

Black Curtains

A bold statement can be made in any space with the addition of black curtains. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, black curtains can add drama to any room.

For instance, if you have wallpaper with a bold pattern, black curtain window decor will serve as a complement to the wallpaper while still standing out. If your floor is a deep, dark color or if you have cellular shades, black curtains will tie the room together.

White curtains can often look too sterile and plain, but black curtains can bring out the richness of the floor and the other elements in the room. Black curtains can also be used to offset patterns, like wallpaper or even other curtains, to create a stylish, modern look.

With black curtains, you can create a dramatic effect in a mostly white room that will be both visually striking and cozy.

Transitioning into the next section, patterned curtains can be used to further enhance the look of the space.

Black Curtains
Black Curtains

Patterned Curtains

We love patterned curtains for the living room! Not only do they look great, but they add a cozy, homey feel to the space.

From Instagram-famous interior designers like Mary Patton Design and Leanne Ford Interiors to cafe curtains and everything in between, patterned curtains are the perfect choice to give your living room a unique look.

Whether you go for bold and playful designs or a more subtle, muted palette like Chloe Malle and Caitlin Morton, patterned curtains can keep things cozy and soft while still steering clear of white linen. End the look with a valance or drapery for a classic twist.

Patterned Curtains
Patterned Curtains

Valance and Drapes

Make your living space look timeless and sophisticated with classic valance and drapes! Valance and drapes are the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to any room.

Whether you choose a plain, traditional look or one with a more modern twist, these curtains will be sure to make your living room an Instagram-worthy source of inspiration. For a more formal look, try adding a valance above the window to create a focal point in the dining room.

Ashley Montgomery Design offers a variety of valances to choose from that come in a variety of fabrics and colors.

  • Drapes are the perfect way to control light in the room while still keeping the space bright and airy.
  • Sheer curtains provide privacy while still allowing natural light to flow through the room.
  • Roller shades are a great option for bay windows, as they emphasize the window’s unique shape.

With so many options, you’ll be sure to find the perfect valance and drapes for your living room. Transitioning into the next section, a great way to make your living room stand out is by adding taupe drapes.

Valance and Drapes
Valance and Drapes

Taupe Drapes

We at Marley Interior Design know that the right window treatments can make a big statement in a living room. Neutral color palettes can be livened up with charming taupe drapes for a unique look.

The curtain panels, drapery panels, and floortoceiling curtains will create a classic and sophisticated look for any living room, particularly when they are paired with French doors. Hong Interiors recommends adding taupe drapes to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

They suggest suspending them from an antique rod that is hung high on the wall, and letting them hang long and low, with the curtain panels brushing the floor for a luxurious feel. Taupe drapes are perfect for adding a pop of color to a room without overwhelming it.

Taupe Drapes
Taupe Drapes

Roller Shades

We’ve already discussed taupe drapes and the cozy, soft feel they can create in a living room. Now let’s move on to roller shades, which can help emphasize the unique shape of a bay window, while still providing privacy and light control.

As a creative alternative to traditional blinds, roller shades come in a variety of colors and fabrics, allowing you to choose the perfect look for your room. They can also be paired with draperies for a layered look.

Plus, they’re incredibly easy to use, as they can be simply pulled up or down and adjusted with a single cord. For those who want a bit of privacy, blackout roller shades are available. These shades are perfect for blocking out light, so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep.

They’re also useful for media rooms, where you need to keep distractions to a minimum.

So, if you’re looking for a unique way to add a touch of style and sophistication to your living room, consider roller shades.

Roller Shades
Roller Shades

Frequently Asked Questions

Different window treatments block varying amounts of light. Matchstick blinds, dual drapery, and sheer curtains provide minimal light blockage, whereas wooden shutters, black curtains, and solid drapes offer more light control. Roller shades and tonal treatments offer moderate light blocking.

Yes, some window treatments are easier to maintain than others. Blinds, shutters, and roller shades typically require less upkeep than curtains, which need to be regularly laundered or dry-cleaned. Matchstick blinds and faux wood blinds are also more durable than traditional wooden blinds.

We suggest hanging window treatments to the ceiling or beyond, for a tailored look. For a bolder style, try mixing and matching treatments. For a neat finish, use white matchstick blinds or wooden shutters. For a pop of color, opt for patterned curtains or black drapes.

Yes, there are window treatments that are suitable for children’s bedrooms. Sheers and blinds provide both privacy and light control, while playful and colorful curtains will make the space inviting. Roller shades are another great option, coming in a variety of colors and patterns.

We suggest mixing and matching window treatments, incorporating bold patterns and colors, and coordinating with furniture for a cohesive look. This way, you can create a unique and stylish space that’s both eye-catching and inviting.


We’ve gone through a lot of great window treatment ideas for living room that can help you create a sophisticated, engaging look.

Matchstick blinds, dual drapery, mix-and-match, bold patterns, wooden shutters, patterned curtains, valance and drapes, and taupe drapes are all great options for window treatments. Whichever one you choose, make sure it fits the aesthetic of your living room.

With a little creativity and careful consideration, you can create a living room that looks great and feels even better.

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