These days, the sofa is a furniture thing present in virtually every home. Since the sofa is quite luxurious and comfortable, convenient for your space of the house. But following a usage period, the sofa is usually ugly and old, not as impressive as new. So, Learn more with the Tips To Make An Old Sofa Look New below.

Tips To Make An Old Sofa Look Like New

How To Make An Old Sofa Look Like New

Change out the feet

The same as shoes on somebody’s toes, the feet on a couch produce the couch to appear far better. Unless everybody is torn and worn and seems like an accident waiting to happen, that is why you ought to check beneath your favorite couch and make the much-needed update of fresh couch feet.

This project is not difficult to accomplish and is usually cheap to boot. Since couch feet are available and bought in several home improvement stores, in addition to online, you’ll have some alternatives to select from. Brass and contemporary woodcuts are fantastic alternatives to keep it fashionable. There’s not any doubt, by changing out the toes, you will adore the consequence of your recently updated couch.

Fix a tear from the sofa

Your car keys unintentionally made a little tear on your sofa? No worries, We’ve Got the option; you will want three accessible materials That You can find at any local craft shop:

  • Seam sealant
  • Curved needle
  • Nylon Thread

Ensure to recognize the tear on your sofa, just how heavy, how frayed, etc. As soon as you understand, place a pair of seam sealants around the borders. This sealant will avoid the fabric of fraying and maybe ripping more.

You then will require the fold the borders and fasten them with pins. Folding the frayed edges will stop potential sewing along with these components that might lead to more harm.

When you’ve secured the borders, you have to take your curved needle and strong nylon ribbon; and begin weaving tight stitched over the tear. Check out our more detailed tutorial on How To Repair Tear In Leather Sofa? here.

Add a couple of throw pillows

Add a couple of decorative pillows

There’s nothing more refreshing than a new throw pillow to allow you to adore your couch. Even if your couch is obsolete, decorative cushions amp up the design game. Don’t forget to use decorative pillows made from plush fabrics such as brocade, satin, suede, velvet, or plush for the best results. And, be sure that you pick cushions in colors and patterns that coordinate with your couch beautifully.

Tip: Dark walnut, velvet greens, and chartreuse would be the colors of this moment.

Replace (or restuff) the cushions.

Sadly, this tip will not function for sofas with sewn-on cushions. But if you’ve attempted to overcome your detachable cushions into shape with the little-to-no outcome, it might be time for you to replace or stuff them.

Crafting stores provide batting and foam. It is possible to cut to size and slip into your present cushions during online retailers-even Amazon! Provide replacement cushions so that you can throw the old ones entirely out. Just be sure that you take precise measurements before you replace them!

Add a warm blanket

Add a warm blanket

There’s never a time during the year a blanket doesn’t seem reasonable on a couch. From a faux fur blanket into some plush throw with an of-the-moment print, you can’t fail with a wonderful blanket.

It is possible to rearrange the blanket in different ways through the week to acquire a new appearance, often like maintaining a messy plush cotton toss at the center of the couch, delicately putting a sheepskin throughout the rear, or draping a mod plaid lambswool throw over an armrest.

Plump It Up Using Poly-Fil

After Apartment Therapy contributor and DIY master Ashley Poskin desired to rescue her parents’ wrinkly leather couch, she discovered Botox for sofas: Poly-Fil. Available at most craft shops, Poly-Fil is a mix of polyester fibers that is both lasting and cheap (a 10-pound bag will set you back roughly $25).

After stuffing the chair backs with lace fluff and wrapping the chair cushions in quilt batting, this luxe leather sofa appears about ten years younger.

Get rid of unwanted odor

Frequent scents can begin to stick in your sofa after some time, but they may nevertheless be adjusted! To eliminate unwanted scents on leathers, the simplest way you’ll be able to handle it’s using a mixture of 1 part water and one part lemon juice.

Lemon juices help eliminate odors and will leave your sofa with a new smell. However, it is essential to be aware that this mix includes bleaching properties, so make sure you wash off the mixture with a moist cloth rather than use it in fabric.

You may scatter the sofa with baking soda for fabric sofas and let it sit for an hour before vacuuming up the powder. Baking soda works as a lovely neutralizer and may battle just about any stench! Additionally, if you choose to choose a slipcover, it is possible to throw your covers from the washing machine whenever they need to get refreshed!

Dye your sofa covers

You are tired of the boring white slipcover, and you need a small alter or dash of color in your living area. If you do not have the cash but you don’t have enough time and decision-making, dyeing your slipcover is a fantastic alternative to revive your older couch.

All you need is a simple white cover, a tub, a few dye solutions, space, and time. From the study, we discovered the top results were really in the hand-dyeing method.

It is essential to dye the covers together, as different dye batches can lead to different colors! It can be highly tiring, but the results are worth it.

Change/Make a brand new slipcover.

ChangeMake a brand new slipcover.

You should not have time or patience to dye your slipcovers; we’d advocate having us assist you in creating a custom slipcover.

Whether you need a replacement sofa slipcover for IKEA, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, or just about another Significant sofa manufacturer, we could create it for you – send a photo for us.

With over 70 different fabrics, we’re confident you will have the ability to discover the perfect color – and also in a fashion that is uniquely you because we do particular customizations to genuinely personalize your slipcover and provide your sofa a brand new life! So get some fabric samples to test out what we’ve!

Paint The Exposed Wood or Metal

Paint is a wondrous thing, and it could transform the appearance of a room, in addition to the expression of a secondhand couch! If your sofa has exposed metal or wood or any form of material that will be readily painted, then paint a couple of coats of a shade that looks good with your current decor.

Read also our guide on How To Reupholster A Couch:


These are our tips on making old sofas look new again you should try. Now, you do not need to be concerned about selling your sofa when it is too old or just how economical it’s to liquidate. Refresh your house space through the most accessible tips. Do not overlook it; experience it today.

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