A cozy sofa is potentially the most significant part of the living room. Offering us a comfy, pleasant location to relax and unwind at the end of a hectic day, the sofa is the sole piece of furniture no home should possess.

Because sofas are so omnipresent, it is too easy to take them for granted. But have you ever stopped to think where this beautifully constructed piece of furniture comes out of? And why not a lot of people sit on the sofa while some couch on a settee? To help settle the Settee vs Sofa discussion permanently, we decided to have a better look at assessing both of these.

What’s a Sofa?

What's a Sofa (1)

Before we begin talking about the differences between sofas, couches, and settees, we should probably start by taking a closer look at what precisely a sofa is. The term sofa is considered to come in the sofa. Unlike contemporary sofas that are always stand-alone furnishings, a sofa was a raised part of the floor covered in rugs and cushions and commonly used for sitting.

It is believed that the term, and standard layout of the sofa, came into the UK through France from the 17th century. From the late 18th century, soffah had turned into a sofa. Jane Austen cites a sofa cover’ in one of her letters, revealing it had by that time become an upholstered piece of furniture.

What’s a Settee?

What's a Settee

Now the difference between a sofa and a settee is little to non-existent. But they started life out as quite different parts of furniture. The term settee is considered to come from the old English phrase setl. A setl, or settle, was a long wooden chair made out of pine and frequently incorporating an elaborately carved back.

Settee foam has been added to earn a soft chair through time, and settee backs were stuffed and upholstered. Such as sofas, settee feet are usually made from timber, raising the chair from the ground. You may observe the effect of ancient wooden settee ft in several of our layouts, such as the Model 01 and also the Model 02.

Comparing Settee vs Sofa

Comparing Settee vs Sofa

1. Size

The most critical settee differentiation is its dimensions. Having a diameter ranging from approximately 50″ to 70″, settees are a bit smaller than sofas, which may operate anywhere from under 80″ to over 90″ wide. Settees are similar to seats since they’re intended to seat fewer individuals than sofas. Settees are also not as heavy as sofas, which means you sit upright.

2. Function

Since they are more petite in scale, settees also operate differently compared to sofas. Whereas sofas typically belong in the living room, settees can move anyplace. Settees for smaller spaces are a no-brainer, therefore that they could go to a bedroom, office, homemade, or breakfast nook to provide just the correct quantity of seating.

3. Layout

As you won’t usually find an armless sofa, lots of settees possibly don’t have any arms or very slender arms, so that they do not occupy a massive footprint. Their legs are tall and exposed, and their cushions are nearly always attached for a highly compact impact. Padding is minimum since the objective is geared towards providing a classy look instead of providing sink-in relaxation.

4. Design

Considering their layout, function, and size, it comes as no surprise that settees are frequently a bit more formal than sofas. While sofas are informal, comfy, and created mostly for lounging and relaxing, settees are posh statements. They provide tailored details and graceful elements that raise virtually any area.

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Cost: Is Settee more costly than a sofa?

A settee isn’t usually pricier than a sofa. Of course, there’s some overlap between the costlier settees and the more affordable sofas. But usually, settees are less expensive.

The regular price of a sofa in the USA is approximately $1,000. This compares to the average cost of a settee, which can be roughly $600. Of course, there is a range of pricing between; however, these are the most typical numbers.

Due to a sofa’s larger size, it might make sense that it is more expensive than a settee. You will find more substances and man-hours which go into creating them. Sofas are constantly in high demand too. They are considered a requirement for the majority of houses.

Settees, on the other hand, are not that popular. With the need down in comparison to sofas, the cost has gone down also in comparison. You do not have to break the bank to get a high-quality settee.

Locating a matching settee to go for a sofa may be somewhat hard, however. This may result in some pricing problems. Needing to custom order a settee to get it fit your principal bit might be rather pricey. It could be simpler to locate a settee first, then a sofa to match.

Cost: Is Settee more costly than a sofa?
Cost: Is Settee more costly than a sofa?

Where Can You Set A Sofa or Settee Inside Your Home?

While both the sofa and settee perform the same role, you should not just put either at almost any location in your property to sit in relaxation. Instead, there’s a particular location for each where they will find the maximum value.

A sofa is made for a casual lounging experience. This means that it fits perfectly where folks spend the maximum time at home beyond the bedroom. Usually, this implies the living room, where folks can easily have a load off.

Even the settee, as stated previously, is generally a part of furniture connected with social gatherings. However, most modern houses do not have a different, furnished place meant only for lounging together with guests. Instead, most contemporary homes use the living room for parties now.

This, and how a settee does not function as a centerpiece, means the positioning is simple. Place the settee in precisely the same area as your sofa, but put it less prominently. A good example is if your sofa was facing a T.V, put the settee vertical, with space in between for motion.

A Sofa or Settee
A Sofa or Settee


Now you understand the intricacies of sofas and settees along with the consequences that their differences may have on your décor. So whether you’re searching for a fashionable settee or a comfortable sofa, now you can shop with confidence.


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