A recliner is a superb piece of furniture to have on your property. It’s an excellent seat to relax, sleep, see your favorite show or see a fascinating book. Today’s recliners are available in many shapes, sizes, colors, brands, and models to pick from. And a significant facet is choosing between Power vs Manual Recliner Sofa.

First, however, what are Power Recliner and Manual Recliner Sofa? Let’s explore!

What’s a Power Recliner?

What's a Power Recliner

A power recliner or an electric recliner is a seat (sofa, loveseat, or sectional) that utilizes automated motors to recline the backrest and raise the footrest. The working buttons are often located on the very top of a single armrest or about the wireless remote controller.

Such recliners have to be plugged into a supply of electricity or a battery package to operate. They’re mainly made for those that have difficulty working manual recliners.

Kinds of Power Recliners

Classic power recliners

This sort of power recliner seat utilizes an engine or a succession of motors to recline or adapt into your favorite position. They generally include you to three motors.

Lift Recliners

The power lift recliner chairs are a superb selection for those that demand mobility aid. They could recline and allow you to unwind and lift you out of a sitting to a standing position with a touch of a button.

Duo Power Recliner

These recliner chairs resemble a stationary sofa but function as a recliner. They may be positioned inches from a wall to conserve space (wall huggers). They include a powered rear and footrest that may move to your favorite position with a touch of a button.


Smooth motions:  A power recliner doesn’t demand much hard work and physical power to get the job done. Using just a push of a button, you can go through the smooth and straightforward forth and back reclining feature. It’s quite suitable for individuals with disabilities or to get older to function.

Durability: Electric recliners are more durable. They experience less wear and tear so that they have longer lifespans compared to a manual.

Covered by Insurance: Because recliners are medical instruments for many folks, insurance prices might be covered.

Warranty: The electric engine and its components are covered under guarantee.

Tech:  Electric recliners are made or designed using contemporary or innovative technology.

Customized configurations: The power recliners typically have a lot more positions and structures than a regular recliner. It’s possible to correct and control it into several different positions or whatever angle suits you best. The other areas of the recliner, such as the headrest and footrest, can move individually, along the chair of this seat can be tilted forwards to assist the consumer in standing up.


Space positioning: A power recliner seat requires electricity to operate, and so it has to be set close to a power supply or socket, making its space positioning restricted. You can not set it in the midst of a space or off from your wall. But, a few utilize a rechargeable battery pack to power the seat, which might want to be billed time and for this to work.

Mechanical and power failure: When there’s a power outage or engine failure, the reclining features of this seat are going to be left useless. The seat will only help sit till the electricity return, or its parts are replaced or fixed. Additionally, the electrical elements of the seat are somewhat costly to repair.

Weight and freedom: Power recliners are heavy due to the gears and engine indoors. They’re, consequently, more challenging to move around your home compared to the manual recliner.

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What’s a Manual Recliner?

What's a Manual Recliner

A manual recliner a seat operated by pulling a lever or by lifting exertion by the occupant. The lever handle is mainly located at one side of their seat, where it is possible to pull/push to manoeuvre the seat.

Another manual recliner demands you to utilize the armrests as a grip when leaning against the backrest. You will then use your body to expand the footrest.

Different types of Manual Recliners

Traditional Rocker Recliner

This recliner utilizes both a manual release lever and your body weight to move the seat into position. It provides the occupant lumbar and complete body support.

Push Back Recliner

This recliner seat doesn’t have any lever. Instead, you’ve got to use your own body to push the backrest backward and lift the footrest to enjoy reclining relaxation.

Swivel recliner

This recliner seat is constructed with a round base that lets you turn left and right and recline backward.


Price: In contrast to electric recliners, the manual is far cheaper because it does not have expensive components. Additionally, its repairs need less money and less effort.

Simplicity: When it comes to style, the manual recliners come with easy and tasteful designs. There’s also no electric circuiting performed indoors. Its reclining features will operate without electricity as it does not require any charging or power supply to work.

Freedom: The manual recliner seats are smaller and lighter than power recliners, and thus that you may move them around your house with greater simplicity. They don’t have wires and don’t have to be put near a socket.

Speed: The manual includes a quicker but sudden reclining movement.


Durability: With the constant use of the lever of this seat, damage might occur. And whenever this happens, the back-end feature will be unusable. Additionally, it suggests that its lifespan is usually shorter than that of power recliners.

Settings: It doesn’t have many settings, such as that of their power recliner. Usually, the reclining features visit two positions. The headrest and foot rack move collectively. So you can not pick the angle that you would be best comfortable at.

Effort: This recliner seat requires effort if you would like to use its features. You have to pull on the handle or push on a button and at times push the backrest for it to maneuver and recline. In addition, it uses a spring lock which lets you start the footrest. And to shut the footrest, you want to use a substantial quantity of leg power. So it’s not perfect for the elderly, individuals that suffer from backaches, or people with low heart power.

Comparing Power vs Manual Recliner Sofa

Comparing Power vs Manual Recliner Sofa

The simple difference between a manual recliner and a power recliner is that a power recliner has built-in electrical parts and switches which control and correct the seat, even though a manual recliner is controlled using a conventional pull lever. But, there are additional factors to Remember as you research possible purchases:


In several situations, price plays among the most significant roles in deciding which recliner someone can purchase. Since a manual recliner does not have some electrical parts, it’s generally likely to be not as costly as a power recliner in Hilo, HI.


Manual recliners are simple and do not have some electrical systems, making them considerably simpler to keep. Provided that you take care of your seat and avoid doing any harm to it, you need to have the ability to keep it in good shape for quite a while. On the other hand, having a power recliner, but things become a whole lot more complex.

Electrical components are vulnerable to failure or damage, resulting in the seat quitting working and can warrant a costly repair or component replacement.


Among the most significant parts about power, the recliner is that there are generally numerous different preferences and positions it is possible to choose from if you need to find comfy. A manual recliner typically includes a one-sided position and one seated position to select between. Nevertheless, you’ll need to consider how some power recliners have to be located close to a power supply, which might restrict where you can set your new seat.


Power recliners have controlled motions
Power recliners have controlled motions

Power recliners have controlled motions, which usually means they cope with less wear than manual recliners. As a result of this, power recliners frequently have a longer lifespan than manual recliners perform, which can be essential to consider when you’re calculating the price.

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Additional Aspects to Consider

Space: Before buying your recliner, be sure to have sufficient space in your house where you can enjoy your seat. Thus, get the dimensions of the location in which you intend to set your recliner.

Design: you don’t want your recliner to be out of place in space; therefore, it’s essential to consider your area’s color scheme or design and look for a fitting or fitting reclining seat.

Special features: Many recliners provide added features like cup holders, remote-controlled configurations, massage features, or heated seats.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Electricity Does A Power Recliner Use?

When you hear a power recliner, the very first question that pops into your head is, “do power recliners utilize a great deal of electricity?

The answer: it depends!

The quantity of electricity consumed by your power recliner depends on the size, frequency of usage, and power ratings.

Usually, the larger the recliner, the greater the electricity consumption. Furthermore, if you keep changing the positions (that can be fine as you need to discover the ideal position), the recliner will probably consume additional power.

In the same way, if your recliner gets high power ratings, it is bound to consume more power. It is, therefore, a good idea to make sure your recliner of selection has favorable power evaluations.

Could You Manually Recline A Power Recliner?

No! They do not arrive with a lever. Instead, you have to plug in or use a wireless battery back to your power recliner to operate.

But some recliner versions’ backrests may be manually pushed into a vertical position in case of power failure.

Can I Convert A Manual Recliner into Your Power Recliner?

Absolutely! You can get in touch with a professional to convert it for you or do It Yourself (DIY).

You need to obtain a conversion kit on the internet or from furniture shops to do it yourself. As an alternative, you can contact your recliner version’s producer to inquire if they have a kit. In addition, you may locate videos and conversion manuals on the internet.

How Long Does Power Recliner Motors Last?

Typically, an electric recliner cable will last between 10 to 20 decades. This depends, obviously, on how you manage it and also the frequency of usage.


The simple truth is that the ideal recliner sofa for you depends upon your preferences. If you’re on a small budget, you should certainly purchase a manual recliner. But if you like using many different settings and alterations, then the power recliner sofa is the correct alternative.


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