Were you aware you invest more time on your mattress than on any other piece of furniture in your home? The main reason is that a fantastic night’s sleep is of immeasurable worth to our joyful mood the following day, our productivity, and our wellness. Thus, buying yourself a high-quality bed has become the most crucial element when coming to a different residence.

It is vital to strike a balance between relaxation and performance if it comes to your guest bedroom. And it’s this requirement that produces both sofa beds and daybeds offered in the front of vacant rooms. These additions for your house provide a complex space for overnight guests and look great in different rooms.

But which is your ideal selection for your guest room? In this guide, Nousdecor will provide you the low down on the two Daybed vs Sofa Bed that will assist you in creating a design choice for the spare room, office, children’s room, or your living space!

What’s a Day Bed?

What's a Day Bed

Since they are considered quite comfortable for sleeping and sitting equally, day beds are great in any house but are particularly ideal in a guest room or spare workplace for home overnight guests. Due to the smaller size, they’re more preferable in smaller places and may even fit a large bedroom to provide more sleeping space.

Day Bed Pros and Cons


Due to their small dimensions and the fact they have a built-in twin mattress, they’re the ideal size for one individual who wants or needs to sleep independently.

Some day beds have an optional trundle bed. While the trundle removes storage space below the furniture, it will offer more sleeping guest rooms.

You do not need to move any furniture rearrange your space to have the ability to use a single bed or a sofa.

Day beds are in many different styles and colors that match the rest of the space and house décor.

The afternoon mattress itself is relatively cheap, which makes it a fantastic alternative for anyone who’s on a budget and has to have the ability to purchase two pieces of furniture for a comparatively low cost.

Since the afternoon bed acts as extra seating during the day, it may take the place of a sofa. This is particularly ideal in smaller houses, as it removes the need to obtain many furniture pieces. Whether employed in a household room or a bedroom, day beds offer you a good deal of flexibility.

Day beds are best for men and women that don’t have a private bedroom since they may easily be concealed as a regular sofa when guests come over to see.

They are far shorter than conventional sofas and will not provide seats for many men and women.

If you’re displeased with the mattress on your bed, it’s straightforward to go and purchase a new one that will be comfortable. This makes it amazingly simple to correct your mattress’s support, softness, or stability without needing to get a completely different part of the furniture.

They’re heavy enough to utilize a good deal of cushions when you’re awake and the day bed is behaving as a sofa. For those who like to decorate with cushions but hate feeling as though they are being pushed from the sofa for these, this is a superb alternative.


Suppose you typically leave your bed unmade every day. In that case, the afternoon bed might not be for you as unexpected guests or family members might feel uncomfortable sitting on an unmade bed to speak or to see TV.

They sleep one person, meaning that in case you’ve got more than one-minute guests, then you’ll need to find different areas for them to maneuver and become comfy. Furthermore, if you ever have a spouse or get married, then it’ll be nearly impossible to share the bed.

The seating depth can be pretty deep, making it uneasy if you would like to have the ability to lean back when utilizing the exact piece of furniture but do not enjoy the sensation of your feet dangling over the ground. Additional cushions might be essential to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible when sitting on the bed.

Due to the way they’re designed, if daytime beds have been pulled from the wall, they can look out of bulky and place in space. If you do not have room along a wall to the day mattress, then it might not be the ideal alternative.

What’s a Sofa Bed?

What's a Sofa Bed

Even though a hidden bed interior a sofa may seem too good to be true, using a sofa bed, you may enjoy the very best of both worlds – a sofa that’s comfortable during the daytime which pulls out to a complete bed at night once your guests require somewhere to sleep.

In addition, they are available in many different fashions, making it rather simple to locate one that will work nicely on your property. What’s more, they provide a good deal of flexibility to your living area. Finally, based upon the dimensions of your house, they’re a terrific solution for individuals that do not have a committed guest space.

It is preferable to utilize a sofa bed if you wish to give lodging for your overnight guests but do not have someplace for them to maneuver. Since the sofa bed doesn’t look like a mattress, many individuals won’t even recognize that it doubles as a sleeping area, making sure your living area seems conventional and put together as you desire.

They supply plenty of places to sit down and sleep; therefore, individuals that have a bigger budget or a bigger house that does not have a great deal of space for some pieces of furniture will profit from purchasing a sofa bed.

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Sofa Bed Pros and Cons

Sofa Bed Pros and Cons
Sofa Bed Pros and Cons


While sofa beds are a great deal more costly than other parts of furniture, so it is essential to keep in mind that you’re purchasing two pieces of furniture for a price. If you don’t yet possess a sofa or a guest bed, then this is the perfect solution, even though it might be overspending if you do not want both bits of furniture for your house.

They can be found in some styles, colors, designs, and types of upholstery, which allow buyers to find the perfect piece to their house without worrying about the price of having to reupholster the item does not do the job flawlessly.

All these pieces of furniture seem a lot more like a sofa than a mattress, letting owners make a stunning living space.

It is simple for at least one person to sleep on a sofa bed, which helps ensure your guests are going to have sufficient space when they remain.

Since they’re day beds, they also provide considerably more seats. In addition, they’re much less heavy, so people will not feel uncomfortable looking for a suitable position on the sofa.


However high-quality the sofa mattress is, with time, it will begin to wear down and be quite uncomfortable for sleeping and sitting. This is because there’s a massive steel bar that runs directly through the center of the mattress to provide support, along with also the mattress around it is going to begin to sag and become uneasy.

After the mattress has to be substituted on a sofa mattress, there’s absolutely no simple method to get this done, and it leads to the entire piece of furniture needing to be thrown out and replaced.

Stains or just changing your thoughts about the upholstery on your sofa bed contributes to a very large bill if you decide to get this particular piece of furniture reupholstered. Additionally, only a professional can finish the job, and you’ll be with no sofa bed for a very long period although it’s completed.

Sofa beds are enormous and quite heavy, making them nearly impossible to move all on your own. You will often want help to move a sofa mattress to a new place in space, and getting into a new residence is much more challenging. Maneuvering through doors is tough and frequently requires taking the door from the hinges to make more space.

If you don’t have a cleared-out area before the sofa bed until it’s time to utilize it, it’s quite tough to pull the mattress fast to find somebody settled for the evening.

Moisture that gets trapped at the mattress from somebody sleeping on the mattress must be eliminated by allowing the mattress to air out until it’s folded back up. When it doesn’t happen, there’s a high prospect of mold forming at the sofa bed.

It can be incredibly tough to change the sheets onto a sofa bed because the mattress is attached, along yanking the mattress from the sofa itself is extremely hard also. Many older men and women need help obtaining the mattress stretched out and pushed back to the sofa.

Sofa beds are a great deal more costly than day beds. This may result in many people rethinking their buy, mainly if they won’t use the bed frequently.

The base of a sofa bed comes to the majority of the way into the ground, which will not enable the piece of furniture to appear mild or spacious in any way. This makes it impossible to keep any items beneath the sofa mattress. Whatever has accidentally knocked or rolled under the sofa mattress is going to be immobilized until you take some time and make an attempt to move the mattress.

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What are the differences between daybeds and sofa beds?

What are the differences between daybeds and sofa beds?
What are the differences between daybeds and sofa beds?

While they are both designed to be comfortable, the size is one of the first differences. A daybed is traditionally shorter than a sofa bed, which makes it great for use as a first bed, where floor space is limited.

As with all furniture, the size can vary. If you want a sofa bed for use in your bedroom, you can purchase one that is two-thirds of the length of a daybed, which is very comfortable for sleeping, but not so big that it will take up too much room.

But if you plan to use your sofa bed in another room of the house, such as a living room or family room, you might want to go with a daybed that is the same size as a regular couch.

Sofa beds come in all different sizes, including full-size, queen size, king, and twin size.

There are also sleeper sofa sets that come with a pullout bed for overnight guests. When you buy a sofa bed, you can choose from different materials, from leather to wood to metal. You can even buy one with a built-in trundle, a small seat that converts to a bed.

Sofa beds are great for people who have trouble sleeping because of back pain, arthritis, or just getting older. They are great for people who need extra space to relax or read in the evenings.

Otherwise, a daybed is suitable for most people who want a small guest bed for the guest bedroom. It is usually better quality than an average guest bed.

Daybeds are also available with a trundle bed for extra storage. You can find a daybed in a wide variety of styles and sizes. You can find them made from metal, wood, fabric, and even some have a pullout bed.

Keep in mind that these beds are not for overnight guests. You should not put more than one person on the bed, especially if you have children.


We hope our comparison guide between both daybeds and sofa beds will help you have a great choice. Generally, purchase a sofa bed in the event you’ve got a large enough space you could turn it into a full-sized mattress. On the other hand, a day bed could be appropriate for a comfortable and controlled room.

But in regards to deciding on the ideal sofa beds or daybeds for your living room, it boils down to personal taste.


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