Round coffee table price offer a diverse range of styles and materials, catering to various home décor preferences. Commonly crafted from wood, metal, and glass, these tables are designed to complement different interior themes. When it comes to shopping for these affordable round coffee tables, online retailers like Amazon, Target, and IKEA are popular choices.

Step into the world of design with Mark Culter, a visionary interior designer who has made waves in the NousDecor community. Get ready to be captivated as we unveil an exciting array of Round Coffee Tables in an affordable price range for 2024.

Round Coffee Table With Affordable Budget

Discover the top 5 best affordable coffee tables! Find the perfect place to buy an affordable coffee table and read reviews that will help you make the best choice for your home through the video below.

Round coffee tables cater to a broad spectrum of budgets, with affordable options starting under $100 for basic models and above $100 for more advanced stylish, and functional. The $100 to $200 price bracket offers a diverse selection of mid-priced tables, crafted from materials like solid wood, metal, and glass.

Feature/ModelAmerican Trails Coffee TableODIKA Minimalist Coffee TableVINGLI Water-Wave Glass Coffee TableBest Choice Products 2-Tier Coffee TableUsinso Round Nesting Coffee Tables
Dimensions24″W x 24″D x 16.75″H34″D x 34″W x 18″H25.6″D x 25.6″W x 18.9″H35.5″D x 35.5″W x 18.5″HLarge: 34″D x 34″W x 18.5″H; Small: 27.6″D x 16.5″H
ColorAntique CherryConcreteWater wave-beigeBrownWhite, Black/White
BrandAmerican TrailsODIKAVINGLIBest Choice ProductsUsinso
StyleMid-Century ModernModernModernIndustrialModern, Minimalist
Top Material TypeLumberEngineered lumberGlazing TopTabletopEngineered Lumber
Frame MaterialLumberMetalGlazing GlassEngineered Lumber, MetalEngineered Lumber
Item Weight11.25 Pounds37 Pounds22.85 Pounds32 Pounds18.01 Kilograms
Customer Ratings4.5 out of 5 4.4 out of 5 4.6 out of 54.7 out of 54.4 out of 5
Special FeaturesSolid wood, easy assemblyV-shaped base, easy assemblyWater-wave texture, versatile usageRaised shelf, stable designFree combination, large storage space

Factors Affecting Round Coffee Table Price

The choice of elements plays a significant role, with premium options like solid lumber and glazing typically driving up costs. The size of the table also matters; larger diameters require more elements, hence increasing the price. The quality of craftsmanship, evident in details like joinery and hardware, is another crucial factor, with higher quality often leading to higher prices. Brand reputation also impacts pricing too.

Materials Of Table

Materials for build round coffee table
  • Wood: The quintessential choice for round side tables, wood brings a classic and timeless appeal. The pricing spectrum here is broad, with solid lumber coffee tables like oak or walnut being at the higher end due to their robustness and visual allure. On the other hand, engineered or composite lumber options cater to a more budget-conscious consumer, offering a cost-effective alternative without compromising too much on style or durability.
  • Glass: A staple in modern living room furniture, glazing coffee tables, especially those crafted from tempered glazing, are a nod to contemporary aesthetics. The price varies with the quality of glazing and design intricacies, aligning with the consumer demand for round tables that blend functionality with modern design elements.
  • Marble: Epitomizing luxury, marble coffee tables are a statement of elegance and are priced at the higher end. Their unique patterns and weight contribute to their premium pricing, making them a centerpiece in luxurious interior design elements.
  • Metal: Offering versatility in industrial round coffee table designs, iron tables (often in steel or aluminum) provide a modern yet durable option. The budget here is quite varied, influenced by the type of alloy and construction quality.

Size Of Table

Size affecting round coffee table price

Dimensions: The size of a coffee table directly correlates with its price. Larger tables, which require more elements and labor, typically come with a higher price tag. Standard sizes like 24-inch or 36-inch diameter tables are more accessible for those looking for apartment essentials or small space solutions.

Price Ranges: The cost spectrum for round coffee tables can vary from as low as $50 for compact, minimalist designs to over $500 for larger, more elaborate pieces. This variance in pricing strategies caters to a wide diversity of consumer preferences and living space requirements.

Features Of Table

Features afftecting round coffee table

Storage and Nesting: Features like storage compartments or nesting tables add functional value but also increase the price. These features are particularly appealing in modern design homes where efficiency and style go hand in hand.

Adjustable Heights: The integration of adjustable mechanisms, catering to the dynamic needs of a home office or living area, also plays a role in the pricing. Such versatility, though adding to the cost, enhances the table’s utility.

Brand and Design

Brand & Design affecting round coffee table price

Designer Influence: The influence of designer brands or unique, custom designs significantly impacts the price. Renowned brands or unique table designs with intricate details or innovative shapes are priced higher, reflecting the creativity, labor, and brand reputation involved.

Aesthetic Appeal: The round shape of these tables not only influences room aesthetics but also plays into the pricing. A circular coffee table or an orb-shaped tea table can serve as a focal point in a room, thereby justifying a higher price point for its aesthetic contribution.

Find Best Round Coffee Table Affordable for Lounge

The best coffee tables involve carefully considering size, style, elements, and construction quality to identify options that work within your budget. First, measure your area to determine the ideal circumference that will fit without crowding. Then, browse different styles like modern, industrial, or farmhouse to pick the designs that complement your existing décor.

Size Considerations

Size Considerations to purchase round coffee table
  • Small Spaces: Opt for tables with a circumference of 30-36 inches. These sizes are compact enough to fit smaller lounges while providing ample surface area for drinks, books, and decor.
  • Large Spaces: Choose tables that vary from 42-48 inches in circumference. Larger tables can anchor a spacious lounge, offering a generous surface for entertaining guests, displaying large centerpieces, or holding multiple items.
  • Space Management: Ensure an 18-inch clearance around the table for comfortable movement. This clearance is crucial for allowing easy access to the seating around the table and for ensuring that the area does not feel cramped.

Weight Preferences

Weight Preferences considerations to purchase round coffee table
  • Sturdy Options: Look for solid wood or alloy tables for supporting heavy items. These elements are known for their durability and strength, making them ideal for holding books, decorative items, or even resting feet. Solid wood tables add warmth and a natural aesthetic to your lounge, while alloy tables offer a sleek, modern look and can handle significant weight without wobbling.
  • Portable Choices: Consider wicker or aluminum for lightweight and easy movement. Tables made from these elements are easier to rearrange or move for cleaning purposes or when you want to refresh your lounge’s layout.

Storage Features

storage features consideration to purchase round coffee table
  • Accessibility: Stylish storage coffee tables offer easy access. These tables are ideal for lounges where functionality is key, allowing you to easily store and retrieve items such as remote controls, magazines, or blankets. The lift-off feature is particularly useful in spaces that serve multiple purposes or where efficient use of area is necessary.
  • Aesthetics: Seek tables with hidden compartments for a sleek look. Coffee tables designed with hidden storage solutions provide a clutter-free appearance, maintaining the lounge’s aesthetic appeal.


Round coffee tables priced under$100 to $200 are a fantastic choice for those seeking affordable round coffee tables living room designs that don’t compromise on style or functionality. These tables, often constructed from a variety of materials like wood, alloy, and glass, offer a range of styles from modern minimalist to farmhouse rustic, fitting seamlessly into any home decor collection.

With a circumference typically around 3-4 feet, these circular occasional tables are ideal for small area, providing ample surface area without overcrowding the room. The round shape not only influences room aesthetics but also adds a soft, welcoming edge to living areas. Major retailers like Amazon, Target, and IKEA feature a wide selection of these budget-friendly home furniture options, allowing consumers to engage in price comparison and find the best deals for their needs.

When selecting a round coffee table, considering factors like size, design, construction, and price point is crucial as it significantly affects the purchase decision.

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