There are various kinds of sofas with different designs and models on the market today, but How To Judge The Quality Of A Sofa? Do not worry, consider these tips to determine a high quality sofa below.

If you would like to judge the caliber of a sofa, proceed beyond its look. Quality is usually not in look; therefore, two sofas that appear precisely the same can vary considerably in cost.

The different pieces of a sofa – the frame, springs, and seat cushions – determine the comfort level of the sofa and its capacity to keep its shape and firmness for a long time to come. Thus, when choosing to purchase a sofa, you should carefully consider these components.

How To Judge The Quality Of A Sofa?

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The Frame

Here is the essential part of the sofa as the kind of wood used for the construction of the frame determines the duration of this sofa.

A fantastic excellent sofa utilizes kiln-dried hardwood, held jointly by industrial adhesive and nails, which contribute to its sturdiness and endurance, and can generally last more than 15 decades! An Illustration of hardwood is Birch, Maple, Oak, Ash, and Teak. Kiln-drying removes all moisture in the wood before construction because this helps protect against splitting. Additionally, it empowers the frame to maintain its shape and stability for a very long time to come.

A decreased quality sofa utilizes furniture-grade plywood a few layers thick stored together with staples. It is a replacement for hardwood and prices lesser. This sort of frame will generally last you two to three decades. Some producers will utilize plywood with a combo of different lower-tier wood such as Pine, which may last you approximately five years or less.

The Way to check:

Assess which sort of timber was that the sofa frame constructed from. If you are in Singapore, the excellent ones are generally North American Birch and Oak timber.

Hold the negative frame of the sofa, and then transfer it from side to side. Next, do the Exact Same for your back frame. A sturdy frame shouldn’t twist or sew. Should it wobble, it usually implies that the joints aren’t held firmly, resulting in significant security issues later on.

Lift the sofa and feel the burden. It must feel heavy. How thick? As a benchmark, our Griffith Sofa (Length in 190cm) needs two guys (Avg. Height: 185cm / Avg. Weight: 80kg) to lift this vertically, while a sofa at IKEA just required one individual. Generally, this shouldn’t be utilized as a sole determinant of a fantastic excellent sofa as engineered timber or plywood may feel heavy also.

Examine the frame power by lifting one corner or the top of the sofa around approximately 15cm. In case the other leg remains touching the ground, then this means that the frame is feeble.

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Sofa joinery

The internal structure of a sofa's construction
The internal structure of a sofa’s construction

It is essential to consider the internal structure of a sofa’s construction. Sofas that are only secured with staples, glue, or nails should be avoided. They will not withstand the test of time.

A good sofa will have a solid frame reinforced with wooden corner blocks. Sometimes, staples and glue are added. Dowel the joints and attach them with screws. 

Corner blocks should be held together using wooden dowels or double-sided wooden dowels. A dowel is a small wooden cylindrical that is inserted into an oval hole. To hold the dowel together, it is drilled into two pieces. A double dowel is made up of two dowels at each end.

Seating Support

The seat support is also an essential element in determining the standard of a sofa. It works in tandem with all the frames along with the filling. A hardy frame provides an anchor to get excellent seating service, and filling strengthens it.

You must always test the standard of seat support by sitting on a sofa before you get it. It should not sag, and it must provide decent support from the chair and at the trunk. The three most frequent chairs service alternatives are:

The eight-way hand-tied springs method is just one of the very best support systems. The craftsman joins each spring into the adjoining one with strong twine. The twine goes back, side to side, then diagonally in both directions, thus linking each spring firmly.

Another process is that the sinuous spring construction. Sinuous springs are S -shaped and operate from the front part of the chair to the trunk. These springs are encouraged by additional wires which cross from side to side. This makes for a solid chair, and it may be the preferred choice in a sleeker design or smaller frame since it requires less distance.

The next choice is net suspension, where groups of webbing lie upon the chair and back. These are then connected to the frame to create a platform for those cushions. Webbing can be manufactured from natural or man-made fibers, and if it’s used alone does not make for very powerful support. In better-quality sofas, it’s utilized with a tensioner that fastens the webbing firmly into the frame. The internet suspension is preferable to the seat support choices.

Cushion Filling

How To Judge The Quality Of A Sofa - Cushion Filling

Now you’ve considered the frame and seats support; it’s time to check the sort of filling that can be used for the cushions.

The most usual filling is high-density polyurethane. The greater the density, the firmer the cushion will be. Foam could be wrapped in milder cotton or material to make it thicker. Dacron-wrapped foam is the most affordable alternative, but it will not last so long.

Be sure you are becoming high-density foam since lesser-quality foam can begin breaking down reasonably fast, inducing sags, and the fabric doesn’t stay tight when this occurs.

If you’d like a very soft chair, consider down cushions. All these are considered the top option, and as you may imagine, they’re also one of the most expensive. High-quality cushions have down-proof shifting beneath the upholstery fabric to prevent feathers from poking through. However, cushions filled down are high-maintenance and may need daily care.

Down utilized in conjunction with other substances is also a fantastic alternative but also a different pricey choice. Pads made from a Dacron polyester fiber and down, called Blendown pads, are wrapped around high-density foam.

These pads are also employed with springs that were wrapped up in memory. High-density foam surrounds the springs, which are then wrapped down pads. The result is a soft coating with powerful, resilient support indoors. This is an excellent alternative since the cushions don’t lose their shape readily.

Upholstery (Fabric/Leather)

The kind of upholstery utilized is equally essential when deciding the standard of the sofa. Fabrics such as linen and cotton are perfect and hold out from tropical climates with high humidity since they do not trap as much warmth. Nonetheless, these fabrics can liquefy and eliminate fast without proper care. A much better choice is to choose polyester. It is a lot easier to maintain, more durable, and lasts longer in a temperate climate.

For leather choices, if you’re in an environment such as Singapore with higher humidity, then forget about becoming artificial leather; these will flake after a few months. Instead, go for real leather, but the prices are exorbitant and will be approximately 60 to 80 percent greater than the expense of a fabric sofa.

The Way to check:

Examine the piping and also the seams of this sofa. They ought to be directly and stitched tight.

If you’re buying a sofa for long-term usage, best to test whether the sofa covers – like the side and rear frames – are detachable so you can switch to different color fabrics to coincide with the annual interior design topics you’ve intended. It’s cost-effective too!



If you’re likely to spend a long term at a fantastic excellent sofa, it’s highly suggested that the sofa includes an extensive guarantee. The longer the guarantee period, the more confidence there’s from the merchant regarding the quality materials used. Most furniture companies provide one-year-old, 15 decades, to limited lifetime guarantee, exposed to terms of normal wear.

In retrospect, if the guarantee period is less than five decades, it’s a cause for concern. Although, admittedly, it is a slim and cynical way to check at it. Still, experience has taught us a thing or two about expecting furniture companies to have fluffy advertising gimmicks and their ‘fine print’ legalese terminology that doesn’t match up.


Simply speaking, a fantastic excellent sofa will feel more comfortable for the consumer while maintaining the look just like new for quite a while. Thus, consider the sofa’s quality carefully when buying a new sofa. Hopefully, you will find this manual useful. Thank you for choosing to spend your time together with We appreciate your support.


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