While searching for a bean bag chair, as well as design and color, homeowners must pay particular attention to the size of this chair to suit every item in addition to the size of your area, but how?

Within this informative article below, we’ll show you how to choose the right size bean bag chair for you?

Why Do You Want The Right Bean Bag Size?

Your bean bag should fit nicely in the space where you intend to place it. If you intend to keep it in storage, you have to know how much space you need.
Your bean bag should be sized to fit your body and the needs of those using it. Do you want a double-seater or single-seater bean bag? When choosing a perfect bean bag size, consider the weight of those using it.

Dimensions are also affected by the user’s age. Adults typically might prefer an extra large bean bag size. An L might be the right size for a teenager’s room. However, kids can also benefit from bean bag chairs of all sizes.

Keep in mind that the bean bag size does not affect how clean your bag is. It is easy to clean your bean bag by removing its cover. Each bean bag chair will have its own care instructions, some bean bag chairs require special care, depending on their material.

How to Choose the Perfect Bean Bag Size?

In Case You Have Children

Chair-Size Options for kids

Chairs for kids can be more challenging to discover. The positive is, bean bag chairs are, in reality, a fantastic alternative since they’re created for toddlers and older children.

While the size for bean bag chairs is significant, the smaller size is fantastic for portability and chairs for outdoor events. The measurements maybe 27 inches in diameter, making it available for children and ideal for flexibility, as it may be utilized as a footrest or puppy seat.

Additionally, bigger bean bag chairs can be found, which can be made into a couch for children. These bigger bean bag chairs can be quite helpful since they can chair multiple kids. It’s essential to notice; however, these bigger chairs also include security risks.

One problem is that when the bean bag chairs are big in diameter and mild in the cloth. In reality, from the 1990s, bean bag chairs have been remembered because children were getting within the bean bag and trapping the tiny bits of filling used to stuff the chairs.

This resulted in laws requiring bean bag chairs to have a zipper open with an instrument. Safety problems continue to be a problem, even as recently as 2016. One child crawled beneath a bean bag chair in a daycare center in Utah.

Without understanding that the kid was below the chair, a daycare worker sat on the bean bag chair for an elongated period, causing the suffocation of their kid. There are lots of resources and information that summarize the health danger of those plushy chairs.

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Chair-Size Options for Adults

Bean Bag Chair-Size Options for Adults

The Medium Chair

When considering your purchase of a bean bag chair, the size of your living arrangements is important to notice. For example, if your area is a smaller flat, a bean bag chair that’s a moderate size of approximately 32 inches in diameter might be the best match for you, though it might not match adults of all sizes.

The Large Chair

By comparison, a huge bean bag chair is about 37 inches in diameter, making it more comfortable for visitors of all ages. It’s also still mobile and simpler to handle than a regular chair, as it only weighs about 10lbs, based on which substance is employed in creating the bean bag chair.

The Extra-Large Chair

If you’re seeking bean bag chairs that are extra comfy, additional roomy, and constructed for tall individuals, then you’ll wish to consider the extra oversized bean bag chair of 52-inch diameter. This chair is ideal for fast pick-me-up adheres, sinking into comfort after a long day; also, it can double as bedding to the company.

Much like all the other types of bean bag chairs, this size comes with its own set of considerations. A good illustration could be guests with a more difficult time getting up from low areas or have health problems that impede them by using their arms to get assistance.

Another matter to consider is stability. We frequently ask, Where could I store my own extra large bean bag chair? It is essential to consider when making your choice as it’s not easily stored in a cupboard space or alternative storage space.

Also, when making your choice, take into consideration the price too. The bigger bean bags are more costly because of the number of tools needed to create such a massive-sized chair. Materials that are more high-end, such as real leather, will cost more. All these are essential questions: Why is it worth the hassle and the price at the end?

Other Options in Other Styles

Bean Bag - Other Options in Other Styles (1)

So far, we have discussed the various options for bean bag chairs in rounds. Many other styles can be used in addition to this one.

The Lounger

The lounger, which has a back support structure, is a combination of a bean bag and a recliner chair. This structure allows you to easily place your feet on the surface and get out of the way. It costs around $300 online, and you can choose from many styles.

The Slab

The slab bean bag is another style. In some cases, this chair is more pillow-like and resembles a mattress.

This is an excellent option for the extended company. It’s more flexible than an air mattress and doesn’t need to be inflated after each use. It is more durable and won’t deflate while in use.

A slab bean bag chair can be easily moved from one room to the next, just as in other styles. These chairs cost about $300.

Sofa Bed Bean Bags

You can also invest in sofa bed bean bags to make your living space more spacious. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs depending on the interior design of your home.

It is stylish and more affordable than regular sofa beds on the market. It will add elegance to your living space and save you some money.

Sofa beds arrive in different sizes. You can find sofa beds 175cm long and 90cm wide, or 200cm long and 120cm wide. These dimensions may vary depending on the brand.

Bean bag sofa beds often have removable bean sacks. You can therefore fill the beanbag bed to your desired level of comfort.

Couch Bean Bags

Couch Bean Bags
Couch Bean Bags

A bean bag couch may be the right choice if you don’t have the budget for a conventional sofa or want to add some style to your living room.

Bean bags can be used as a stylish and comfortable alternative to your regular seating furniture. This is a great way to decorate your teenage room.

There are many prices for couch bean bags on the market. This is mainly due to the quality of the cover and filling materials. The best fit for your needs and budget will determine the right product.

There are many sizes and capacities of couch bean bags, depending on the material. One-seat couches measure 150cm in length. Two-seater and three-seater couches measure 175cm and 200cm, respectively. For any capacity, the furniture’s depth is approximately 90 cm.

These dimensions may vary depending on the manufacturer. The above information is intended to give an idea of the sizes.

Some couch bean bags also come with removable sacks that allow you to adjust the filling to your liking.

Gaming Bean Bag Chairs

Gaming bean bag chairs are a great choice if you want to have a relaxing gaming experience. For different levels of comfort, gaming bean bags can be used with back support.

Bean bags measure approximately 95cm high and 75cm wide. Manufacturers may vary the dimensions.

You might also find gaming bean bag chairs that can be turned to the ground to become loungers.

Wedgie Bean Bag Sizes

Our wedgie bean bags are a great way to relax! We guarantee you will love your wedgie beanbags, whether they are a faux fur bean bag for your snug space or a stylish corduroy bean bag for your games room.

Our wedgie bean bags are free-filled with polystyrene beans. They come in double fastenings for extra security and comfort.

These dimensions are for the flat manufactured bag. The dimensions of the bag will change depending on how much filling is used and what outer materials are used.


What kinds of bean bags are available?

What kinds of bean bags are available?
What kinds of bean bags are available?

Bean bags come in many sizes and shapes. Apart from the adult bean bag chair, there are also couch bean bags and slab bean bags.

Bean bags can be used indoors and outdoors. You can also find them in many sizes and colors. There are many materials available, including cotton, corduroy, and faux leather, as well as faux suede and faux fur.

How are bean bags filled?

Bean bags are usually filled with polystyrene beads. This is the best fill bean bag for providing comfortable seating. It can withstand the weight and compression and shrink without shrinking.

Bean bags can have two layers to provide comfort and security. They won’t leak polystyrene beans everywhere in your living space.

Bean bags come in two options: pre-filled or with an inner liner. The manufacturer has filled the bags to their maximum capacity. You can add or remove filling using a removable inner liner.

When you measure a bean bag’s dimensions, you usually measure the flat manufactured bag. These dimensions will change when you add filling. This also depends on how much filling is added.


Here is the info you want to assist you to opt for size if purchasing a brand new bean bag. Hopefully, you will find this manual useful. Thank you for choosing to spend time together with Nousdecor.com. We appreciate your support.


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