Purple vs Tempurpedic Mattress area few of the most stylish beds available on the market. Tempur-pedic has been in the marketplace for many decades now, while Purple is a brand new brand. Both of these provide various kinds of mattresses which will attract different types of sleepers. But is that perfect for you?

In this guide, we will evaluate Construction, Firmness, Sleep Experience, and significant company policies concerning delivery, yields, and guarantee coverage and, ultimately, Costs, Sizes, and Value.

Purple vs Tempurpedic Mattress Comparisons

Purple vs Tempurpedic Mattress Comparison

Mattress Construction Differences

Let’s now see what the Purple and Tempur Cloud mattresses feel like. This section will review the construction of each bed, and the next section will examine how those constructions affect the beds’ performance.


The entire Purple mattress is covered in SoftFlex. As the name suggests, it’s soft and breathable and can be moved with the Purple’s gel grid.

The 360-degree cover of the Tempur-Cloud is very soft. It is breathable and allows air to flow through the top.

Comfort Layers

The Purple’s primary comfort layer is made up of 2 inches of the brand’s Purple Grid. It is made of a hyper-elastic polymer gel that’s firm and bouncy until pressure is applied. At this point, it shrinks slightly to provide cradling pressure relief. The top layer is surrounded by thick foam, which provides edge support. A foam transition layer is also found underneath the grid.

The Tempur-Cloud’s main comfort layers are its (appropriately titled) Tempur Comfort Layer. This is a soft, pressure-relieving formulation of the popular TEMPUR material. The Tempur Support transition layer is below this. It’s firmer and offers some pressure relief, but it’s not as firm as the Tempur Comfort.

Support Layer

Below the purple’s transition layer of foam, there is a layer of firmer, supportive foam.

The base layer of the Tempur-Cloud is made from high-density foam, which strengthens the structure and durability.

Mattress Height

The Purple measures 9.5 inches tall, while the Tempur-Cloud stands at 10 inches. Tempur-Cloud stands 10” high.

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Firmness Comparison

To end up using a mattress that you genuinely love, the mattress must be comfortable. Comfort is mainly dictated by firmness or just how soft or challenging a mattress feels. The right degree of firmness is subjective as what’s right for you could be far too soft or hard for somebody else.

Rather than relying solely on vague phrases such as plush, we explain mattresses on a scale of firmness from 1-10. With this scale, one is the lightest, and ten is the toughest. Nearly all mattresses are Medium Firm, falling between 4-7. However, in addition, there are options available that don’t fall within that range.

The Purple can be obtained only with a Moderate Firm sense of a 6-7 about the firmness scale. Though comfy to get a massive number of sleepers, it’s not likely to meet people who need something considerably firmer or softer.

On the reverse side, Tempur-Pedic produces mattresses with a far wider range of firmness options. For your Cloud and Contour lines, the options range from 3-8, and also, for the Flex lineup, they range from 4-6.

Sleep Experience

Purple vs Tempurpedic Mattress - Sleep Experience

Customer satisfaction ratings are high for the Purple mattress and Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Nevertheless, there are some important ways that the sleeping experience differs. The sections below explain these mattresses compare concerning various the most crucial elements of their sleep experience.

Temperature Control

The Purple mattress is better at temperature management compared to the Tempur-Pedic mattresses. The plan of this Purple Grid keeps a considerable open atmosphere in the comfortable coating, and this also prevents the material from building heat up through the evening. Additionally, the durability and degree of the sink at the Purple mattress are all good at allowing air to flow across the body and therefore cooling down it.

The TEMPUR foam has traditionally had difficulties with sleeping hot. Does memory foam maintain warmth, but as it warms up, it becomes thicker, meaning that your system sinks increasingly more in the mattress throughout the evening. Because of this, airflow around the skin gets further limited, exacerbating overheating problems.

While Tempur-Pedic has made strides in the past few years to alter its designs to reduce sleep hotness, the Purple mattress remains the better option for those concerned about overheating through the nighttime.

Motion isolation

Some mattresses can absorb motion and limit it to specific areas. This prevents other people from feeling the motion spreading across the bed. Some beds are more responsive than others, so you may feel ripples in your partner’s movements when they move around in bed.

You and your partner can sleep peacefully if you have a bed with good motion isolation. Beds that are above-average in motion isolation will prevent you from being awakened by movement. Models with poor motion isolation can cause disruptions to your sleep.


To awaken without distress, it is crucial for your system to be encouraged and form the backbone to be coordinated. To accomplish this service, a mattress ought to be responsive. To put it differently, it has to have the ability to give cushioning into the areas of the body which need it all. This may vary dependent on the person, but most frequently, it is the shoulders, stomach, and buttocks.

The Tempur-Pedic mattress constructed its prevalence on being an incredibly supportive mattress as a result of memory foam. This foam contains remarkable design properties, permitting it to compress to accommodate the human body and alleviate pressure points. Shoppers will probably be hard-pressed to discover a substance that’s much more responsive than TEMPUR foam.

At precisely the same time, the advanced Hyper-Elastic Polymer from the Purple mattress also provides impressive responsiveness. The manner that the squares squeeze enables the mattress to tailor the cushioning and shape to your system without excess heed.

The principal difficulty with the Purple mattress and a number of the Tempur-Pedic versions is using a high comfort layer that’s too thin for thicker sleepers (over 200 lbs). With just two” of this Purple Grid, a few thicker folks will push through this coating and place too much strain on the transition foam beneath. The same can happen on Tempur-Pedic models, which have thin relaxation layers.

Resilience and Bounce

Bounce at a mattress helps stop feeling trapped in the mattress. In addition, it can make it effortless to move along with this mattress, which can be very important to men and women that frequently change sleeping positions or prioritize a mattress that’s great for sex.

What provides a mattress rebound is its durability. Resilience describes how quickly the mattress returns to its original dimensions and shape after weight is removed from it.

The Purple mattress has more bounce than the huge bulk of the Tempur-Pedic versions. The properties of this Hyper-Elastic Polymer are those that the substance rebounds rapidly to its normal state.

On the flip side, memory foam will possess a slow process for returning to its shape. The Tempur-Pedic Flex beds that utilize pocketed innerspring coils will have more excellent durability than the Cloud and Contour versions. However, these may still not possess the degree of rebound found together with all the Purple mattresses.

Edge Support

The sole mattresses out of Purple or even Tempur-Pedic that provide quality advantage support would be the Tempur-Pedic Flex mattresses. The support center of pocketed coils provides these beds with more capability to resist stress when you lie down or sit close to the edge of their mattress.

For your Purple mattress, in addition to the Tempur-Pedic Cloud along with Contour versions, edge support is weak. Typically, people report feeling that this foam collapses in the border due to just how much it warms. This is a frequent problem for foam beds that don’t have any substance to reinforce the advantages.

Off-gassing and Smell

Off-gassing happens when tiny chemicals are discharged from the foam once it’s removed from its packaging. This off-gassing isn’t dangerous, but it may be smelly. This is a problem for both the Purple and Tempur-Pedic mattresses; nonetheless, clients can expect the odor to fade away in a couple of hours in an area with good ventilation.

What do the Purple and Tempur Cloud Mattresses Feel Like?

What do the Purple and Tempur Cloud Mattresses Feel Like

Hyper-elastic gel polymer grid gives the original Purple a soft but firm feel. The grid will collapse to provide pressure relief if it is subjected to enough pressure. It can still be supported by remaining upright if pressure is applied. This bed is easy to move on because the grid is responsive and buoyant.

The Tempur-Cloud’s memory foam feels very slow-moving. The memory foam is designed to contour the body and provide pressure relief. It also responds slowly to pressure. It isn’t easy to move about on this mattress because you sink into it. See our top memory foam mattresses to get an idea of how it feels.

Average Weight Sleepers: 130 lbs – 220 lbs

Because of its gel grid, the Purple suit for back sleepers best who are average weights. It provides both support and comfort. However, the grid may not be activated enough to provide sufficient pressure relief for average-weight side sleepers. It should be sufficient to support stomach sleepers of average weight.

Because it provides a good balance of spinal support and body contouring, the Tempur-Cloud is an excellent choice for average-weight back sleepers. Side sleepers will feel comfortable in this bed as the memory foam provides plenty of pressure relief around their shoulder and hips. The Tempur-Cloud may not be supportive enough for stomach-sleepers of average weight.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

For heavy-weight sleepers weighing close to 230 lbs, the Purple may be sufficient. For heavier people, a mattress with coils is recommended. For heavyweight side sleepers who are heavier than average, the Purple may be the right choice. They will activate the gel grid and feel pressure relief around their hips and shoulder. While the Purple may be sufficient for stomach sleepers of heavyweight, heavier people will likely need a firmer mattress.

Those who weigh close to 230 lbs could find comfort and support when back-sleeping on the Tempur-Cloud. However, those who are heavier than that may need a more supportive mattress with coils. Heavyweight side sleepers may not find the Tempur-Cloud suitable as they could push through the soft comfort layers to the firmer support layers below. For stomach sleepers who are heavyweight, a supportive mattress is a better choice.

Sleeping Lightweight – Less Than 130 Pounds

Although the Purple might be suitable for back sleepers with light bodies who prefer a firmer bed, most people will feel it is too firm. Lightweight side sleepers who don’t activate the gel grid may feel pressure on their sides. Purple’s firmer and more supportive feel may make it an excellent choice for stomach sleepers who require support below the hips or spine.

The Tempur-Cloud should offer back support and body contouring to lightweight sleepers. Lightweight side sleepers will find it provides plenty of pressure relief. It might not be soft enough to support the spine of stomach sleepers.

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Trials, Warranty, and Delivery

Purple Policies

Purple Policies
Purple Policies

Shipping – Purple provides free ground shipping in the neighboring U.S. for its Purple Mattress and Purple Hybrid. These mattresses will be compacted, vacuum-sealed, and wrapped in plastic for transport. If you reside in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, you will want to pay an excess delivery fee.

These deliveries are coordinated through USPS, FedEx, and other courier services. The mattress is going to be left on your doorstep unless you ask otherwise probably. You won’t have to be at home when the mattress arrives, nor will you want to register for the package.

If you purchase one of those Purple Hybrid Premier versions and live in the neighboring U.S., Purple will provide free White Glove shipping. Mattresses aren’t compressed for this kind of delivery. Following the mattress boats, couriers will contact you to schedule a delivery time and date.

The couriers will even prepare the mattress in an area of your own choice. They will also remove your old mattress and transfer it for donation or recycling. Should you reside outside the neighboring U.S. and wish to program a White Glove delivery to your Purple Mattress or even Purple Hybrid, then you will want to pay an additional $149.

For your Purple Mattress and Purple Hybrid arranged in the neighboring U.S. with regular ground shipping, it is possible to anticipate these beds to achieve their destination within five business days after the order has been placed. White-Glove delivery requires a little longer.

Returns – Purple supplies a 100-night sleep trial for many mattresses. The sleeping trial begins on the date of purchase. There is no necessary break-in period, which means that you can go back to the mattress at any stage of this trial; however, Purple urges sleeping on the mattress for a minimum of 30 nights.

Should you decide you aren’t pleased with the mattress before the sleeping trial finishes, you might return it at no cost. Purple covers all shipping and transport charges for mattress yields. You could even swap your Purple version for a different brand mattress, which can effectively end the sleeping trial. You will not have the ability to take back the replacement mattress for a full refund.

Warranty – Purple backs all their mattresses with 10-year warranty. These warranties are non-prorated, meaning you won’t have to pay anything besides shipping charges to have a faulty mattress replaced or repaired. Recognized flaws contain body impressions which shape in the sleeping area and measure at least 1 inch deep, in addition to manufacturing defects that cause mattress substances to deteriorate despite proper use and handling.

Tempur-Pedic Policies

Tempur-Pedic Policies
Tempur-Pedic Policies

Shipping – The Tempur-Cloud mattress, the only Tempur-Pedic model, delivered in a bed in a box, is the Tempur-Cloud mattress. Tempur-Pedic provides free White Glove delivery in the neighboring U.S., too. This support is available for all recent versions. If you reside in Alaska, Hawaii, or even some U.S. land, you will pay a set rate of $600 for shipping. Tempur-Pedic doesn’t provide regular ground shipping for mattresses.

Returns – Likewise, Tempur-Pedic provides a 90-night sleep trial for all mattress versions. This includes a compulsory 30-night break-in interval, which means you have to try the mattress for a minimum of 30 nights until you may exchange or return it.

You will get a full refund for returning a Tempur-Pedic mattress inside the 90-night trial interval, minus the shipping fees you will want to cover yourself.

Warranty – Tempur-Pedic also supplies a non-prorated 10-year warranty for most recent mattresses. With this particular brand, body opinions of .75 inches or more are considered flaws. The Tempur-Pedic warranty covers manufacturing defects that cause product defects or defects connected with the mattress covers.

Designs, Sizes, and Worth

There’s an essential difference in cost between most Tempur-Pedic mattresses along with the Purple mattress. The particular retail price for every size of those mattresses is recorded in the table below.

Mattress Size Purple Tempur-Pedic
Twin $649 $1,299 – $2,299
Twin XL $699 $1,299 – $4,299
Full $949 $1,649 – $3,649
Queen $1,099 $1,799 – $4,799
King $1,399 $2,499 – $8,599
California King $1,399 $2,499 – $8,599

The two Purple and Tempur-Pedic often offer sales or promotions that could reduce a mattress’s entire price tag. Irrespective of those reductions, however, the Tempur-Pedic mattresses are quite somewhat costlier than the Purple. Tempur-Pedic beds aren’t thought of as funding or worth purchases but instead luxury mattresses.

With exceptional buys in the market – like the Purple – that cost differential could make it hard to justify the additional price to get a mattress such as people from Tempur-Pedic.

Who should purchase a Tempur-pedic Cloud mattress?

Who should purchase a Tempur-pedic Cloud mattress?
Who should purchase a Tempur-pedic Cloud mattress?

It’s most appropriate for side sleepers since it permits the sleeper’s body to align properly using its moderate feel.

If you’d like deep adapting, then the Tempur-pedic Cloud would be your ideal mattress. This mattress includes two layers of memory foam at its relaxation layer, enabling the mattress to conform to the sleeper profoundly.

If movement isolation is a problem, you may like this mattress. The mattress is excellent in regards to minimizing movement transfer.

Should you want a virtually quiet mattress, the Tempur-pedic Cloud mattress is the best match for you. This mattress bears weight gently.

If you would like a Tempur-pedic mattress but can not manage their high-end versions, this is the most economical Tempur-pedic mattress available in the industry.

Who should purchase a Purple mattress?

Who should purchase a Purple mattress?
Who should purchase a Purple mattress?

If you generally sleep hot on memory foam mattresses, a Purple mattress is your ideal option. The mattress includes all the Purple Grid Technology that retains the mattress cool during the evening.

If you weigh under 230 lbs, you may adore the Purple mattress. The mattress includes a medium-firm texture, which is perfect for lightweight and average-weight sleepers.

If you are combined, the Purple mattress is a superb alternative for you. This mattress is much more responsive than many all-foam beds; also, it doesn’t move motion.

If you would like a mattress that relieves stress, this mattress is excellent for you. The Purple Grid and polyfoam layers provide both comfort and support, essential for proper body alignment.

If you’d like high quality but cheap all-foam mattress, the Purple mattress must be on top of your listing.

Other Models

Purple also offers two hybrid mattress models, which are listed here:

  • Purple Hybrid is a hybrid Purple mattress that features the 2-inch Purple Grid comfort layer and innerspring coils.
  • Purple Hybrid Luxe – This luxurious version of the Purple hybrid is available with a choice of a 3-inch or 4-inch Purple Grid comfort layer. These layers sit on top of responsive innerspring coils.

Tempur-Pedic offers several other models:

  • Tempur ProAdapt Hybrid: This model features the SmartClimate covering with comfort layers of TEMPUR–ES and TEMPUR–APR foam. However, it also has a support core made of coils.
  • Tempur-Cloud: The Tempur-Cloud is a less expensive Tempur-Pedic mattress that can be delivered to your front door in a box.
  • Tempur-Adapt is a classic style that features the original TEMPUR foam construction. You can also get it in a hybrid design with responsive coils.
  • Tempur–LuxeAdapt: This mattress features a 13-inch thick profile and conforming TEMPUR–APR foam in its comfort system.
  • Tempur-Breeze: The Tempur-Breeze model has better temperature regulation than other Tempur-Pedic mattresses. You can choose from a ProBreeze design that features TEMPURCM+ foam or a LuxeBreeze, which has ventilation channels to provide cooler sleep.


What are the layers of the Purple mattress created out of?

The layers of the Purple mattress
The layers of the Purple mattress

The Purple mattress consists of 3 layers beginning with the brand’s Smart Comfort Grid™, made up of a purple hyperelastic polymer that adapts to your system in real-time. The following two layers of the mattress are a 4″ layer of high-density polyfoam along with a second four inches of high-density polyfoam.

What’s the Tempur-Cloud Supreme made from?

The Tempur-Cloud Supreme consists of 3 layers. The very first of these layers comprise 2″ of memory foam, followed by an extra 2″ of memory foam and eventually 4″ of polyurethane foam.

Is it true that the stuff the Purple mattress is constructed from sleeping hot?

The Purple is highly flexible, making sure that it will sleep cool during the evening. As you push in the mattress’s smart grid, it is possible to listen to the air passing through it.

Who should choose purple?

  • Stomach-sleepers, who require plenty of support for their spines and hips
  • For hot sleepers, a mattress that is cool to sleep on is a must.
  • People who are looking to save money on their purchases

Who should choose the Tempur-Cloud?

  • Memory foam lovers who love to sink into their mattresses
  • Side sleepers will be able to benefit from a lot of pressure relief
  • People who desire a better mattress


From the Purple and Tempur-Pedic comparison, we discovered that the two mattresses have different strengths, which make them excellent choices for many men and women.

Purple and Tempur-Pedic both produce high-quality mattresses using proprietary technologies. The Purple Bed includes a resilient texture and great spine alignment resulting from this Purple Comfort Grid. The Tempur-Pedic mattress provides unparalleled pressure relief along with also a conventional cradling memory foam texture.

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