Purple vs Sleep Number have fulfilled many consumers currently through the last few years, and they’re just two well-known mattress companies because of powerful brand and advertising strategies, together with high-quality and advanced products.

Thus, there is no doubt that all these are two of the most significant mattress companies in the mattress industry. Within this review, we’ll discuss the features and differences between both of these mattress brands.

Sleep Number Mattress

Sleep Number Mattress

Good For:

  • Back, stomach sleepers, combo, and side sleepers best.
  • Petite to moderate and Massive people
  • Anyone who desires great pressure relief
  • Sleepers who want more whole-body support
  • People who tend to perspire more in sleep


Each Of Sleep Number mattresses is air chambers that range from 8″ to 13″ in depth. These mattresses may inflate or deflate air utilizing a remote or program to switch the amount of firmness within the mattress. The air chambers are made of 24 gauge vulcanized rubber with cotton fabric adhered to the outside using a heat curing process.

For many Sleep Number versions, a Double-sized mattress and upward signifies your bed will use DualAir technology, so every side of this mattress can be separately adjusted – a characteristic most couples appear to like.

Over the room: Above the atmosphere, the room will be. The c2 mattress is the only version with no foam mattress pad in addition to the atmosphere chamber. On the contrary, it includes a soft fiberfill sewn to a thin layer directly over the air chambers. The c2 version is your firmness mattress alternative.

When you proceed up to this c4 version, your mattress will include 1.5 inches of foam over the chamber. Move all of the ways up into the i10 version, and your mattress will comprise 7″ of foam. The foam will vary too, from memory foam into Ergonomex™, which can be infused with a swirl gel. Some layers offer you special pressure relief from different regions of your body, and many others provide heating technologies.

Beneath the room: Under the air chamber will become your foundation, which can be sold individually. If you would like to buy one from Sleep Number, they provide a couple of choices. Sleep Number urges their FlexFit™ Adjustable Base, which permits you to increase the mind and foot of their mattress.

The FlexFit™ 2 additionally includes adjustability that provides the sense of zero gravity, along with also the FlexFit™ 3 foundation that warms up the bottom of your mattress so that your feet are heated as you fall asleep. If you do not need to go that path, Sleep Number also urges a Sleep Number Modular Base or even a fundamental platform foundation if you’ve got one.

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Because this mattress has a coating of 7 inches polyurethane along with an airbed beneath, it is a reasonably soft mattress. In reality, the 360 i10 Smart Bed of Sleep Number is the most popular mattress, one of its lines of beds. Irrespective of the precise version you would like, keep in mind that the i10 series consistently gives the softest beds.

But if you feel you will sink into the mattress and feel trapped, then think again. This mattress has a good blend of substances, from its comfortable padding to its inviting air bladder. For that reason, it includes a balanced softness and support, which will block you from sinking too deep into the mattress.



Mattresses with lasting service are phenomenal but hard to discover. Regrettably, sleepers do not rate these mattresses nicely in regards to durability.

This usually means that some mattresses nevertheless may last decades and years, though other clients locate their mattress to crackdown faster than anticipated. If you’re a milder person, read up on your choices since you might be at a greater risk for durability problems out of a few mattresses.


Better mattress support may result in a much better night’s sleep. If you’ve got a bed that does not support one, you probably are not getting the type of sleep you have to be getting. Most clients were pleased with the assistance from such mattresses, but a few had difficulties with the mechanical and felt challenges as time passes.

Edge Service

Most people will get these to succeed on border aid, which is excellent for people who prefer to place weight on the face of the mattress. The ones that have thicker frames might still find some distress while placing near the side.

Temperature Regulation

Should you worry about how your mattress can remain cool and comfy to sleep, Sleep Number bed can look after that. The mattress itself is made from a mixture of polypropylene and polyester fabrics. In case you did not know, however, these fabrics are famous for being breathable and soft.

At precisely the exact same time, its temperature balancing attribute absorbs heat and releases it to provide you with a cool sense. Therefore, you may sleep with only the ideal temperature your body finds comfy.

Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress

Best For:

  • Petite to moderate and Massive people
  • Back, combo, and side sleepers
  • Anyone who would like to undergo a glamorous relaxation
  • Sleepers who desire more entire body no stress support
  • Hot or hot sleepers


  • Purple mattress is 9.5″ in height and contains 3 layers:
  • Top layer (heating & relaxation) – two ″ of hyper-elastic polymer made to provide cooling relief and rebound.
  • Middle layer (support) – 3.5″ of polyurethane foam which functions as the support for your mattress.
  • Bottom layer (base) – 4″ of polyurethane foam which provides a foundational foundation for your mattress as a whole.

The brand new Purple mattress seems somewhat different.

  • Top layer – The top layer comes in various heights due to different thickness quantities of Smart Comfort Grid™, which consists of a hyperelastic material that adjusts to an own body in real-time. The P2 includes two inches, so the P3 includes three inches, and the P4 has four inches.
  • Transition Twist – A thin coating of polyurethane foam divides the soft comfort layer from the pocketed coil below.
  • Middle Layer – 7.5″ of reactive coils will help isolate movement and expand the stress relief of the highest comfort layer through the whole construction.
  • Bottom Layer – The foundation consists of a thin coating of high-density polyfoam, working as a springboard for its pocketed coil system.


Based upon the depth of Purple Grid which you select, the firmness of the mattress can vary. If you’d like a mattress that has a medium feel with approximately 5-6 relaxation levels, pick the 3-inch Purple Grid. But if you would like a medium-soft texture mattress, choose the 4-inch Purple Grid with 4.5 relaxation levels. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 stands for the softest and ten for the firmest mattress.


Possessing a mattress that supports you’ll aid with backbone alignment and relaxation over the long run. Many sleepers explain these mattresses as using strong support. The simple fact that the newest Purple mattresses give you control over the firmness, clients need to have the ability to detect the appropriate firmness for them. Nevertheless, both Sleep Number and Purple did have any clients who reported degrading comfort with time.

Edge Service

Edge support is an essential feature for strong mattresses also for anyone who has mobility problems. Most clients report that these mattresses succeed on border aid, but some thicker people may encounter more incisions over the sides, particularly the firmer mattress choices.


Mattress shoppers are on the search for exceptionally durable mattresses. But with durability not necessarily being the maximum priority for companies, finding a mattress that lasts may be tricky. But even still, these mattresses have been rated well for durability. The top layer should endure for a substantial quantity of time. Some which are somewhat larger in body size might nevertheless discover some degrading happen in the foam layers under the upper plastic layer.

Temperature regulation

Temperature regulation
Temperature regulation

If you are concerned about the overheating problem that lots of foam mattresses possess, overlook that. The hyper-elastic polymer/Purple Grid layer of the hybrid mattress can address that problem. Purple can flex under pressure and keep its air stations open compared with different beds’ cooling options. Therefore, tens of thousands of air stations inside may help keep you feeling cool since they clog your body warmth.

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Purple vs Sleep Number Differences

To make it simpler for you to produce your final decision, we’ll identify the place the differences between those mattresses. Thus, let us begin with all the construction wherein the Purple mattress is made with layers of foams and a rubberized coating inside. The Sleep Number bed is constructed from foam and an airbed coating under its cover on the flip side.

The next facet we discovered is that the available sizes of every mattress. Sleep Number bed can be obtained just in Queen, King, Split King, FlexTop King, Cal King, Split Cal King, and FlexTop Cal King. Meanwhile, the Purple can be found in smaller sizes like the Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split Cal King.

Therefore, Sleep Number bed is great for people who desire larger-sized mattresses, while Purple is excellent for couples and single. If it comes to the price range, Purple prices $1,899-$3,798 (3-inch) and $2,499-$4,998 (4-inch) while Sleep Number prices $4,399-$7,798+.


The major takeaway here is that if you want options concerning how soft/firm it’s, you will want to have a peek at Sleep Number. But if you are interested in the promise of a bed-in-a-box that provides complete pressure relief, Purple could be the best way to go.

Before making the last purchase decision, you also need to look at our mattress comparisons page to get other popular Sleep Number and Purple comparisons, such as Purple vs Puffy and Purple as Nectar. We hope you have found this comparison to be helpful.

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