How to Fix a Sagging Futon mattress? Read on our guide below to find out more.

Western-style futons can be as big as a mattress, but they are more difficult to fold. They are typically set up on a slatted futon frame that allows them to fold. Many futons, whether they are Japanese-style or Western-style, can sag over time.

You’ve reached the right place if you have a sagging futon. This article will show you how to fix a sagging futon mattress. You will also learn some ways to avoid future sagging.

Why does a futon get saggy?

Why does a futon get saggy

Futon mattresses can sag over time. Futon mattresses can sag over time, so it is important to be prepared. Uneven surfaces can cause a bed to feel uncomfortable.

The futon mattress can sag if it isn’t rotated or turned properly. It could also sag because of the repeated tension caused by oversleeping in the same place. A futon mattress that is used for sleeping and resting can sag.

Drooping is most common in the areas that support the sleeping person’s largest areas, such as the breasts, hips, waistline, and shoulders. If a couple sleeps on the same futon mattress, sagging can become more severe. Pets can also exacerbate drooping. Your pet cat or dog may rest on your futon, causing it to sink. You will notice a decrease in the mattress’s firmness if you don’t flip it enough.

Side sleepers might benefit from drooping, as their position calls for extra padding at the hips and shoulders to straighten the spine column. Sagging too much can harm the spinal alignment for stomach and back sleepers.

How to fix a sagging futon?

How to fix the sagging futon

1. Add plywood or board to the bottom of your futon

You may need a new foundation if you are looking for a device that can care for a futon. You might be surprised to learn that your problem is not your futon mattress. Perhaps your problem is underneath. Many people use metal-slat futon frames. Steel can also be a problem. The futon can pinch your back when you put your weight on it.

Simple solution? Try adding a lightweight piece of plywood or bunkie board. This will give you two benefits. The futon will be more comfortable when you rest on it. The second? This support will make your futon last longer.

2. Strong Structural Support

If you want to strengthen the structure, it’s a great idea. A solid structure will make your futon more comfortable. Continental Sleep offers the Split Structure Bunkie Board. You can choose from 2 pieces for the queen size, making it easier to transport and use. You will pay just $124 for it and receive free shipping.

3. Give Under-Futon Support

You might want to give your futon a more luxurious feel. This is what you can do.

Mattress Assistant under Mattress Support. To give your futon more depth, it can be placed underneath. What’s the best part? This extra support can be placed in a way that you choose. Let’s say you need to fill a queen-sized futon.

You’ll need to purchase 2 of these and place one on each side. You can get every side of your insurance for as low as $64.99 and receive free shipping. In just a few days, you’ll get a better night’s sleep.

If you have tried to reinforce your futon’s base, you might also try to place something inside the futon structure to stop it from sliding. Inspecting the slats of your futon structure can help stop it from sliding. They can be moved over time which will cause your futon mattress to slide.

What happens? The futon becomes uncomfortable, and you end up sleeping on it. You can make an impression on your futon if you or your loved ones keep returning to the same spot night after night. Adjust the slats to stop this from happening. To stop futon mattress sliding, you can stick something between the slats.

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4. Try including pillows

Sometimes, the simplest option is the best. You may be placing your weight in the same place each time you sit down and lay down on your futon. You can make your futon more comfortable by adding pillows to it, especially after completion.

5. Add another layer

Keep in mind that once upon a time, my futon was getting very old and also saggy. It was a simple problem that I solved. It is possible to stack two futons from different years together and, guess what? This provides you with a significant increase in density.

The comfort level can be improved by adding a little air pillow between two sagging futons. This is the downside. The downside to this? This is not an end-all solution, but it can help you get to the next step.

6. Your futon can be turned upside down

Your futon can be turned upside down
Your futon can be turned upside down

You might find it helpful to take on an outside package. You might be able to do a lot better by buying a futon mattress. Futon mattresses are a common choice for families in Japan and other countries. They provide a comfortable night’s sleep. Their success lies in two things: they buy a premium futon and take care of it.

To avoid uneven spots, rotate your futon regularly. Your futon can develop divots and imprints if it is always in the same place. Your futon should be turned at least once a month. You must also turn it upside down. You can rotate and flip your mattress to ensure it stays comfortable. This will increase the life expectancy of your futon cushions. This is also used to ensure that different mattresses don’t sag.

7. Keep it clean

To ensure the best quality futon mattress experience, you should air it out. To ensure you are not always using the same facility layer or trifold, it is important to refold your futon mattress every few weeks. It is a good idea to spread your futon out and even use an old-fashioned carpet cleaner.

You can also use a broom if you don’t have one of these. Your futon should be folded over the fencing as well as struck numerous times. This will make it neater and also allow you to air it. For at least half an hour, let your futon out in the sun and fresh air. This will help keep your futon clean and fluff the stuffing. What will you get? The result? Your futon will be more fresh and last longer.

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Why Does my Futon Sink in the Middle?

Futons can sink due to either their base or the cushions giving way. A futon’s base is often made from metal or wood. Each of these materials can become bent over time. Metal will last longer, but it won’t last forever.

A wooden frame is more fragile. They can become warped over time and can also be damaged by water. Water can quickly get into the wood and cause it to warp. This can cause the futon to sink in its middle.

Over time, cushions can become worn. The cushion foam can become worn if the mattress is weighed down. This can lead to a sofa that is sagging over time.

How to prevent a Futon from Sinking?

How to prevent a Futon from Sinking

You can stop your futon from sinking by taking proper care of it.

Rotate your mattress often.

Rotate your futon mattress at least once per week. This will ensure that the futon is not burdened in any way. Everybody has a favorite spot, so make sure it isn’t dragging down the futon.

Simply lift the mattress and rotate it 180°.

Flip Your Mattress

A new side of your futon mattress will be exposed if you flip it. Your futon mattress will last longer because it is less likely to be damaged by one part.

Combining the two tips above will give you the best chance of lasting.

Refold the mattress in the reverse direction

You will need to reverse-fold the mattress now and again. The mattress is usually folded in one direction. Your mattress will be damaged if you use the folding feature too often. You can reverse this stain by folding it in reverse.

This will increase the flexibility and strength of the mattress’s fibers. This will prevent sagging mattresses as the mattress will be stronger and last longer.

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Air Your Mattress Out

Air Your Mattress Out
Air Your Mattress Out

Take your mattress outside and place it on a fence. You can use any blunt object to beat your mattress. This will allow air to circulate through the mattress, removing dirt.

There might be some dust, depending on how long it has been since you last did this. Clear and clean mattresses will last longer than ones that have become dusty.

Buy a Futon Sofa Sleeper

Sofa sleepers are a support structure for your futon mattress that is not on the ground. This transforms it into a futon with American style. This gives structure to your futon mattress. As with the previous steps, extra support can increase the lifespan of your mattress.


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