Buying a new mattress is indeed a costly decision. Unless you can afford to buy new items for your home every six months, you might not be ready to buy a new mattress. But you have to be very careful about the mattress as any problems with it can directly affect your sleep.

Do you want to know whether it’s time to buy a new mattress or not? Keep reading this article as Nousdecor will share with you the Eight Warning Signs You Need A New Mattress.

1. It’s been around a decade

Most people think that they don’t have to get their mattresses replaced. The origin of this common misconception is that mattresses are advertised to have a “Lifetime warranty,” and people think they don’t have to buy a new one.

But the truth is that your mattress cannot last forever, and you will eventually have to get your mattress replaced at some time. A good estimation for getting your mattress replaced is that you should buy a new one after eight years. During this period, your bed loses its zest and can become very uncomfortable for you.

Buying a new mattress box will ensure that you enjoy your time sleeping in your bed and wake up fresh every single morning to achieve the best in your life.

1. It’s been around a decade

2. You wake up feeling uncomfortable

If you wake up feeling tired and uncomfortable, then it’s clear that you have to buy a new mattress for your bedroom. You wake up tired because an old mattress can make it extremely difficult for you to enjoy your sleep.

Remember that how you sleep directly impacts your productivity throughout the day. If you don’t feel like working when you wake up, it might have something to do with your mattress.

Many problems can arise in your mattress over time, which add to provide a pathetic sleeping experience. You can make a learned decision of buying a new mattress to ensure that you get the most out of the time you spend in your body. Make sure that you get the mattress replaced for superior comfort.

3. You feel pain in your body

Another sign that your mattress needs to be replaced is that you suffer pain in different parts of your body. Many people complain that their bodies are stiff and don’t feel like working when they wake up in the morning. The problems in your mattress might be causing regular aches and pain.

Ignoring the pain in your body and sleeping in the same old mattress might result in chronic pain. If the pain gets severe, you might end up spending tons of money to get the services of a physiotherapist.

If you have pain in your neck or shoulders when you wake up, make sure that you inspect your mattress and get it replaced if you find any visible problems.

3. You feel pain in your body

4. You feel good elsewhere

It’s a common observation that people might find comfort when they sleep on their couches. If you find comfort and feel good whenever you sleep anywhere other than your bed, then it’s a clear indication that your mattress isn’t fit for sleeping.

The main reason behind this phenomenon is that your mattress might not be providing the necessary support to your body. If you can’t lie down properly in your body and your body starts feeling pain whenever you lie down, it’s a clear sign to get your mattress replaced as soon as you can.

5. Presence of dust allergies

Allergies can destroy your sleep cycle and can make you feel disturbed easily. Most of the time, people complain that they are allergic whenever they get on their bed or wake up in the morning. If you feel the same way, your bed might have become the breeding place for deadly allergies.

It’s common for mattresses to preserve allergens after they come closer to the end of their life cycle. Dust mites can easily make their place on your mattress and can make you uncomfortable throughout the day. Make sure that you buy a new mattress instead of feeling an itch in your body and feeling uncomfortable all day long.

6. The sag in your bed

A saggy mattress can destroy your comfort and make you feel tired in no time. Sagging is the presence of a noticeable sink in the bed around the areas you sleep. When you wake up after spending a night in a soggy bed, your joints will feel pain, and you will be tired too.

You might find many actionable tips to overcome the sagging in your mattress for some time. But remember that these fixes are temporary, and the “Fixes” you apply to your mattress will lose their effectiveness in no time.

The only way to get rid of a sagging mattress is to buy a new one. Replacing your mattress will help you sleep properly, so you can wake up fresh and continue your daily tasks energetically.

The sag in your bed

7. The hammock moment

We all dream of spending a holiday on a faraway beach to find peace and comfort; however, there are times when we don’t have to visit one, as we can find a hammock in our mattress – the one that makes you feel pain.

Old mattresses can’t bear the body weight. Over the years, your mattress starts sinking, and you wake up feeling pain throughout your body. The only way to overcome this painful hammock effect is to replace your old mattress with a new one.

8. You hear squeaky sounds

Sometimes there might not be any visible problems with your mattress. If you don’t see anything wrong with your mattress and still feel uncomfortable when you wake up, it might have something to do with the springs in your mattress.

Another way of finding out if there are any problems with your bed springs is to check if you can hear any squeaky sounds. Worn-out mattress springs give off sounds and make it hard to sleep properly. Do a thorough inspection of your mattress and check out if you can find any problems in the springs.

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