Finding the best mattress for yourself might seem like an intimidating undertaking, you should take some time to consider your choices carefully.

Leesa and Casper are just two of the very successful and well-known manufacturers in the realm of online, direct-to-consumer mattresses. When people hunt to get a mattress on the internet, the chances are excellent that the two of these beds can take a look in their search. Both beds are constructed entirely of foam, but they also have two completely different textures. So which is ideal for you?

Inside this guide, we’ll provide you with Leesa vs Casper Mattress comparisons to assist you to help you make an educated decision before purchasing your new mattress.

Leesa vs Casper Mattress Comparison

Comparing Leesa vs Casper Mattress

Assessing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Casper Construction

Casper’s flagship all-foam mattress is compressed and delivered to a house packed into a box. Based on where you live and if you purchase, In-Home shipping, a service that will unpack and put your mattress, may be accessible.

The polyester cover may be removed and place cleaned. It’s stretched to match the 11-inch elevation and three layers.

The top layer’s thick foam is made to be breathable for temperature controller and quick-responding for simple repositioning.

The next layer contrasts with a coating of poly foam tailored to construct a firmer center and provide extra support under your buttocks. This Zoned Support ™ provides tailored firmness that fosters alignment for your backbone.

The next layer creates the foundation with thicker poly foam devised to provide spinal column recovery durably.

Leesa Construction

All-foam Leesa is wrapped in a box and sent; however, the company also offers white glove delivery in selected regions. It’s also one of several brands that may be analyzed in shops after a partnership involving Pottery Barn and West Elm.

The cover that communicates the company’s four-stripe layout consists of a combination of polyester, viscose, and polyamides which may be zipped away to spot cleaning. The mattress is 10 inches in height and is composed of 3 layers.

The top layer is created of a 2-inch quick-responding foam. This coating has pinholes to assist temperature-regulating airflow throughout the surface while cradling the entire body.

The next layer is constructed with memory substances and stands two inches thick. This provides contouring at a deeper level and traps body heat away from the outside, assisting you in remaining cool.

The bottom coating’s polyfoam is thicker than the preceding two layers, which gives the mattress a 6-inch base and provides firmness required into the sleeper’s spine.

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Assessing Firmness (Support & Feel)

On our scale of 10, if 10’s that the firmest, we evaluate the Casper at 6 and the Leesa at 5.5. Though the two mattresses are inside the bounds of what we would consider moderate to Medium-Firm, the Leesa might feel only a bit sexier (Not sure what this means? Have a look at our Firmness Guide for more information).

Both brands were constructed to hit on the sweet spot on the sense with a mix of comfort and support, which most men and women prefer in many positions. Additionally, the construction follows a similar pattern: A quick-responding and breathable material, followed closely with thicker supportive substances.

Casper’s targeted spine alignment using its Zoned Support ™ at the following coating amps up the bed’s capability to maintain most bodies at a neutral position, particularly for sleepers who carry more weight around their middles due to the additional firmness put in the middle. Exclusive stomach sleepers, specifically, should appreciate this new attribute.

Leesa’s marginally softer comfort layer, in addition to the enhanced depth of relaxation materials complete, gives it a small advantage with stress relief. Side sleepers tend to need additional pressure relief around their shoulders and shoulders since more weight is pressing down on a smaller surface area. Exclusive side sleepers should love the further softness of Leesa, though back and stomach sleepers should still feel well supported.

Though each supplies a small advantage in certain positions, the two ought to work with flexibility that should work nicely with most sleeping positions and get various body shapes.

Although Casper doesn’t imply a weight limitation, Leesa urges a maximum weight of 300 pounds for every person sleeping on the mattress. People with significant weight issues should also notice that both companies offer updated versions, Casper Wave and the Sapira, which include extra enhanced aid materials.

Sleep Experience

Leesa vs Casper - Sleep Experience

Given the similarities in their design and construction since all-foam mattresses, in addition, there are many similarities from the sleeping experience of their Leesa and Casper mattresses. At precisely the same time, in addition, some differences might help select between them.

Temperature Control

Neither the Casper nor the Leesa has a reputation for sleeping hot. Though some foam mattresses possess heating retention problems, the two of these brands tend to prevent these difficulties. For your Casper, the top layer is open-cell foam, which doesn’t retain as much heat.

Additionally, since the mattresses are firmer and do not have an excess sink, there’s normally sufficient airflow around your system to keep you cool. Likewise, with all the Leesa mattresses, the quantity of sink is restricted by the rebound of the Premium Foam coating. This Premium Foam also generally doesn’t retain heat up to many classic memory foams.

Motion Transfer

The Leesa mattress becomes an excellent review when it has to do with motion isolation. Regardless of the dip from the mattress, hardly any movement is moved from 1 sleeper into another.

The Casper does a fantastic job of movement isolation, but it doesn’t perform quite also with this attraction as the Leesa. Both mattresses are workable for couples that wish to prevent disruptions during the night which come out of a spouse’s movement.

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The Leesa and Casper are equally constructed to be reactive, meaning the foams from the relaxation layers compress proportionally depending on the quantity of pressure and weight applied. Reactive mattress contours to the body and provides it the support in which it’s most needed, assisting in maintaining spinal alignment.

This is very important to individuals in any sleeping position. The Casper and Leesa are equally responsive to promote this particular alignment, but the Casper will provide slightly more contouring than the Leesa.

Resilience and Bounce

A foam mattress, following the foam compresses in reaction to its weight, hastens its shape after that burden is no longer being implemented. Resilience is the expression we use to explain how fast this happens. A more resilient mattress feels bouncier and is generally less challenging to move in addition to.

The Leesa, using its latex-like foam, has a higher high level of durability. The Casper also reacts quickly; however, the Leesa is a bouncier alternative to the Casper.

Edge Support

Edge support is the quality of the mattress’s outer edges. Foam mattresses tend to be weak in this category, while innerspring and hybrid models offer better edge support. Edge support allows for easier access to the bed and prevents roll-off at night.

If advantage support is a crucial issue for you, it might make more sense to search for a mattress with reinforced borders or that is not made entirely of polyurethane.

Off-gassing and Smell

These mattresses have essentially the same degree of off-gassing. When they’re initially set up in your bedroom, you can anticipate some little odor that isn’t harmful, which should go away in a couple of hours or a day, provided that the space is well-ventilated.

Compare Mattress Specs/Sizes

The most crucial difference between this Casper and Leesa size-wise is within their depth. The Casper is 1 inch thicker, and that only means its foam layers are somewhat more compact.

Thickness 11″ 10″
Twin Size 38″ x 75″ 39″ x 75″
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ 39″ x 80″
Full Size 53″ x 75″ 53″ x 75″
Queen Size 60″ x 80″ 60″ x 80″
King Size 76″ x 80″ 76″ x 80″
Cal King Size 72″ x 84″ 72″ x 84″

Compare Casper vs. Leesa Mattress Price Point

Compare Casper vs. Leesa Mattress Price Point
Compare Casper vs. Leesa Mattress Price Point

Casper and Leesa have fairly similar costs throughout the board. The Leesa is more pricey from the Twin and Twin XL dimensions, the Casper is significantly more expensive from the Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

Both are cheap mattresses also created the list for the best mattresses under $1,000! Make sure you know these costs listed are the conventional offerings without earnings, promotions, or exclusive Mattress Advisor discounts payable. To remain updated on the ideal mattress bargains on brands such as Casper and Leesa, have a look at our page.

Twin $595 $699
Twin XL $695 $749
Full $995 $899
Queen $1,095 $999
King $1,295 $1,199
Cal King $1,295 $1,199

Leesa Policies

Shipping – Leesa’s policies make it effortless for clients to acquire their mattresses in a timely fashion without having to pay additional. Inside the USA, free shipping on all mattress requests. Shipments will arrive approximately 3-6 business days following purchase. Leesa mattresses may also ship internationally, but extra fees apply. Additional fees may also apply for deliveries in Hawaii or Alaska.

Leesa provides their mattresses compressed in containers, using regular shipping solutions. From that point, clients only unroll the mattress and let it expand before installation. There’s also an optional White Glove delivery service available for an extra $150 cost, which may be utilized to have a group put up your new mattress in-home and eliminate your old mattress.

How is it shipped?

  • Casper: Bed-in-a-box
  • Leesa: Bed-in-a-box

Returns – Leesa presents simple returns over the first 100 days following delivery. The company asks that clients maintain the mattress for a minimum of 30 days to permit sufficient time to assess the mattress and ascertain if it is a fantastic match or not.

After the initial 30 days and before the 100-day return interval closes, Leesa mattresses could be returned for a full refund. A 100 return fee will apply on orders to Alaska and Hawaii.

Wherever possible, Leesa will arrange for local pickup of your return in your home. The mattress is then given to a charity.

Warranty – All Leesa mattresses include a 10-year limited guarantee. The guarantee covers qualified flaws, including manufacturer flaws but excluding normal wear-and-tear. Under the guarantee conditions, Leesa will fix or replace broken beds at no cost. On the other hand, the client is liable for any shipping or transportation costs related to the guarantee claim.

Casper Policies

Shipping– Casper ships their mattresses for free to all U.S. destinations, including Alaska and Hawaii, where extra fees apply. Worldwide shipping is available to pick destinations at an extra price. Domestic orders normally arrive at approximately 2-5 business days. In pick destinations, same-day delivery could be available for an extra price.

All of Casper mattresses send compacted in containers through regular delivery services such as FedEx and UPS. Clients may also go for white-glove shipping and installation assistance for another charge. Mattresses delivered through White Glove won’t be compressed.

Returns – Casper delivers simple returns over the first 100 days following delivery. Clients that aren’t content with their brand new beds may reunite their Casper mattress for a full refund. Returns are free, without a fee, and have no trial period.

If a client opts to reunite their mattress, Casper tries to associate with local providers to pick up the yield and contribute it to a charity.

Warranty – All Of Casper mattresses include a 10-year limited guarantee. This coverage provides replacement or repair for any harm brought on by manufacturer flaws. But, it doesn’t cover regular wear-and-tear, spills and stains, burns off, and so on. There are free shipping or shipping costs related to warranty claims.

Comparison of Other Models From Leesa and Casper

Comparison of Other Models From Leesa and Casper
Comparison of Other Models From Leesa and Casper

Leesa and Casper offer several other models. Below are details about a few other mattresses.

Casper Element

Casper Element, the company’s value option, has a firmer feel than the original Casper.

It will work best for strict stomach and back sleepers or need to support their spinal alignment.

Casper Hybrid

This is Casper’s hybrid counterpoint. It features pocketed coils and the same foam layers as the original mattress.

It has a pleasant blended feel that I believe is great for both back and side sleepers.

Overall, I believe it’s a great choice if the Casper is appealing to you, but you want more bounce to your mattress.

Casper Wave Hybrid

Wave Hybrid, the company’s premium product, is soft and plush.
Side sleepers may find this construction a plus as it provides more pressure relief at the hips and shoulders.

Leesa Hybrid mattress

The Leesa hybrid mattress measures 11 inches.

The Leesa Hybrid mattress comfort foams are identical to the Leesa Original but with coil support.

These coils offer a little more mobility and springiness, making them an excellent choice for combination sleepers.

Couples also enjoy the benefits of motion isolation and edge support.

Studio by Leesa

The Studio is a budget-friendly option for the brand.

The Studio is more firm than the leesa original mattress, so that it may be a good option for stomach sleepers.

Leesa Legend

The Leesa Legend luxury mattress is Leesa’s best option. It feels luxurious and plush.

The Legend is an excellent option for side sleepers. They will love the extra pressure relief.

*Who should get the Leesa?

  • For light-weight back sleepers who are looking for comfort and support
  • Side sleepers of light and moderate weight who need pressure relief around their hips and shoulder area
  • For mattress shoppers looking for great value,

* Who should get the Casper?

  • Combination sleepers who seek comfort and support in multiple positions
  • Back sleepers who need extra support from their mattress’ lumbar area
  • People with larger stature may need more support and firmness.


Leesa vs Casper Mattress FAQs

What’s best for side sleepers: Leesa or Casper?

The Casper Hybrid is the best mattress for side sleepers involving the Leesa Original and Hybrid and Casper Original and Hybrid. The cause of this lies in the zoned pressure relief segments of this mattress and its moderate firmness.

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Which mattress sleeps cooler: Leesa or Casper?

Leesa and Casper’s mattresses are equally neutral in regards to temperature regulation. Their open-cell foams maintain the mattresses well-ventilated – and also, the hybrid models perform marginally better when it comes to cooling.

Is Casper a fantastic mattress for heavy people?

The Casper Original is ideal for individuals with a tiny or normal prestige. We urge hybrid mattresses to heavier individuals for their support and durability.

Can Casper and Leesa provide other kinds of mattresses?

Casper provides three mattress choices: the Original, the Element, along with the Wave Hybrid. Leesa also has three mattress choices: the Original, the Hybrid, along with the Legend.


So, now that we have mentioned all of the information between these large online mattress makers, we expect you to select which mattress is ideal for you.

The Casper all-foam mattress is a fantastic selection for people who are searching for a softer feel, improved spinal assistance, a trendy sleep, and much more contouring. Leesa is ideal for people who desire a bouncy mattress with higher durability and responsiveness and little to no movement move. Couples may love it for sure.


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