Acrylic Wall Art Decor brings life, color, and personality to any room in your home. I have designed beautiful living spaces for over 15 years using a range of acrylic wall art options to complement and elevate my client’s interior designs.

In this comprehensive Nousdecor guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know about decorating with acrylic wall art, from different types of acrylic pieces to sourcing affordable finds to expert tips for arranging your new decor.

Key Takeaways of Acrylic Wall Art Decor Ideas

  • Acrylic art comes in many forms including canvas prints, wall decals, mirrors, and more to suit every approach.
  • Look for delicate ceramic wall art pieces and charming small wood art pieces for eclectic, bohemian-inspired spaces.
  • Abstract acrylic paintings make bold, modern statements in living rooms, offices, and more.
  • Arrange acrylic wall decor in grouped collections for major impact. Odd-numbers work best.
  • Carefully clean dust and dirt from acrylic wall art to keep pieces looking their best. Avoid cleaners with ammonia.
Stunning Acrylic Wall Art Decor To Wow Your Guests
Stunning Acrylic Wall Art Decor To Wow Your Guests

Why Choose Acrylic Wall Art?

Acrylic has fast become one of the most popular materials for modern wall decor. Acrylic glass offers an elegant, upscale look similar to glass but without the fragility. Acrylics are lightweight yet durable, making these pieces easy to hang while still able to withstand minor bumps and bruises.

Acrylic decor options also come in endless colors, styles and themes to complement any room’s existing aesthetic. From abstract modern art paintings to floral canvas prints to chic wall decals, acrylic media allows for stunning artistic expression. This versatility makes acrylic an ideal material for home wall art decor.

Types of Acrylic Wall Art

Acrylic wall art includes diverse pieces from framed prints to 3D sculptures. Some top options include:

Canvas Prints

Stretched canvas prints of photography or digital artwork capture crisp, vivid colors underneath a glossy acrylic coating. Gallery-wrapped canvas adds a modern edge with the sides being part of the artwork. These large statement pieces anchor the living room, bedroom, and office walls.

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic photo prints directly infuse dye into specially treated acrylic sheets. Vibrant colors and sharp details give photos and art prints almost magical clarity. The acrylic finish also adds depth. Acrylic photo prints come in a range of sizes for grouping or solo display.

Wall Decals

Removable vinyl wall decals allow you to decorate walls with words, phrases and images using reusable stickers. Abstract shapes, floral motifs and inspirational quotes suit kids’ rooms to home offices. Arrange decals to form interesting compositions or use singly as accents. Wall stickers offer customizable, commitment-free wall decor.

Acrylic Mirrors

Acrylic mirrors come in exciting shapes and colors to energize walls. Round, diamond, leaf, and more unique silhouettes catch light beautifully. Colored and patterned acrylic mirrors also add pops of color. Use mirrors to reflect light and create the illusion of more space.

Acrylic Mirrors
Acrylic Mirrors

Acrylic Wall Art Sculptures

Sleek 3D acrylic wall sculptures add striking dimensional elements to home decor. Abstract wave and bubble shapes create cool, contemporary displays. Backlit with LED lighting, transparent acrylic sculptures become glowing works of art for dramatic impact.

Where to Find Affordable Acrylic Wall Decor

You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your home’s walls an acrylic art makeover. Here are some budget-friendly places to shop:

  • Amazon: Search “acrylic wall art” to find hundreds of cool canvas prints, framed photos, mirrors, and 3D wall sculptures most under $50 as affordable metal wall decor on Amazon.
  • Target: Browse an eclectic mix of acrylic wall decor from modern abstract prints to faux neon signs all for less than $100.
  • Etsy: Talented artisans on Etsy create one-of-a-kind acrylic pieces like abstract paintings, custom wall words and photography.
  • Wayfair: This online shop has a massive selection of canvas wall art, acrylic mirrors and floating shelf wall displays for reasonable prices.
  • IKEA: IKEA’s art prints and canvas photos start at just a few dollars each. Buy multiples and frame uniformly for a gallery effect.

Mix budget-friendly acrylic wall art from these shops with a few splurge acrylic pieces for the impact of wall art on room aesthetics on high-impact decor displays without the designer price tags.

Decorating with Acrylic Wall Art

Once you’ve selected your favorite acrylic wall decor pieces, it’s time for the fun part – arranging! Follow these pro tips when decorating walls with acrylic art:

Choose Complementary Collections

Decorating with collections of 5-7 acrylic pieces makes a major approach statement. Abstract acrylic paintings hung salon-style above a sofa or framed acrylic prints grouped in your entryway create cohesive, eye-catching displays.

Mix media and sizes – try pairing canvas prints with acrylic mirrors or wall decals for compelling arrangements. Just be sure to keep within a cohesive color palette for visual harmony.

Focus on Odd Numbers

Hanging wall art in odd-number groups – 3, 5, 7 pieces – is naturally more pleasing to the eye versus even pairings. Odd groupings create triangular compositions that move the viewer’s eye seamlessly around a display.

Start with your largest acrylic piece as the focal point, then build out symmetrically using smaller works cascading outward to each side.

Focus on Odd Numbers
Focus on Odd Numbers

Find Proper Placement

When hanging acrylic wall art, position pieces about 58-66 inches up from the floor. This eye-level placement allows the art to be admired comfortably without straining.

Anchor your arrangement over a sofa, bed or sideboard. Leave 8-12 inches between the art and furniture for proper proportion.

Care for Your Acrylic Decor

Dust acrylic wall art weekly using a microfiber cloth to prevent dirt buildup. Avoid using cleaners containing ammonia or bleach as these can damage and discolor acrylic over time.

For canvas prints, gently vacuum the surface then spot clean with mild soap and water. Let acrylic fully dry before rehanging for best results.

With proper care, your acrylic wall decor will maintain its vibrant beauty for many years of enjoyment.

Style Acrylic Art by Room

Acrylic media offers endless versatility to complement any room’s particular aesthetic. Some inspiring ideas include:

Living Room Wall Art

Make a bold living room statement with oversized abstract acrylic paintings in vibrant colors. Or try canvas prints of favorite nature landscapes for an airy, relaxed vibe. Acrylic coffee table books also bring artsy approach.

Bedroom Wall Decor

Romantic floral canvas prints set a soothing bedroom mood. For a modern look, display black and white acrylic prints of cityscapes or fashion sketches. Uplifting wall decals and mirrors optimize light.

Home Office Wall Art

Energize your workspace with colorful abstract acrylic prints and uplifting quotes. Framed prints of blue ocean waves or forest trees also aid concentration.

Home Office Wall Art
Home Office Wall Art

Nursery Wall Art

Whimsical decals of birds, hot air balloons or flowers personalize a baby’s nursery. As kids grow, decorate with fun canvas name signs.

Home Bar Wall Art

The man cave or she shed bar comes alive with lighted acrylic wall sculptures, pub mirrors and canvas prints of vintage spirits ads or city skylines.

Whatever your room and approach, acrylic wall art sets the perfect mood. Now your walls can make just as powerful a decor statement as your furniture.

Expert Tips for Hanging Acrylic Wall Art

Use these insider tips from top designers to display acrylic art like a pro:

  • Add backlighting – Install sconces or track lighting above acrylic wall art to illuminate pieces and cast dramatic shadows.
  • Try unexpected pairings – Contrast a traditional landscape painting against an abstract acrylic print for eclectic approach.
  • Incorporate 3D textures – Layer canvas prints over textured wallpaper or pendant lighting for extra dimension.
  • Size up strategically – An oversized piece makes a bedroom or dining room feel grand. A smaller canvas adds cozy charm to a kitchen.
  • Frame uniformly – For gallery-style groupings, framing all pieces in the same color and approach creates real artisan impact.
  • Remember reflectivity – Hang acrylic mirror art across from windows so the pieces beautifully catch and reflect the incoming light.

By artfully incorporating dimensional, light-reflecting acrylic art into your wall displays, you can utterly transform the aesthetics and energy of any interior space.

Frequently Asked Question

Use D-rings and sturdy picture hanging wire to evenly distribute an acrylic piece’s weight on the wall. Place rings vertically 1/3 down from the top. Level art 57-66 inches above the floor.

Yes, acrylics resist moisture damage in humid spaces. Still avoid placing directly behind stoves or sinks where heat and splashes may occur.

Track lighting or wall sconces positioned above or beside acrylic pieces help illuminate details and colors. Natural light from windows also beautifully showcases acrylics.

Gently dust acrylic decor weekly with a microfiber cloth. For deeper cleaning, use a mild dish soap and water solution applied with a soft sponge. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners.

Absolutely. Many canvas prints and acrylic panels come ready to hang frameless. Use cleat hangers attached securely to studs for a modern, floating look.


Decorating your home with stunning acrylic wall art is an easy, affordable way to make a sensational approach statement in any room.

With countless cool acrylic pieces to choose from, you can find the perfect art to reflect your personal tastes and complement your existing interior motifs. Arrange your new acrylic decor into artful collections for maximum visual impact. Then care for these durable yet delicate pieces so you can enjoy their vibrant beauty for years to come.

Acrylic art brings life to bare walls and fully expresses your small unique wall art decor personality.

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