Round coffee table with storage Australia is the one with the most used by Australian homes seeking stylish and practical decor. These versatile tables come in a range of types like ottomans, lift-tops, and nesting tables, providing convenient and contained storage space underneath the tabletop for items like books, remotes, and more.

According to Nousdecor, the storage capabilities make round coffee tables practical and decorative. Round coffee tables also come in many materials like wood, metal, and glass, as well as sizes from small end tables to large statement pieces, allowing for diverse aesthetic options and proportions fitting different Australian spaces and purposes.


  • Round shapes maximize style and usable surface area without sharp corners.
  • Integrated storage like shelves, drawers, and lift-top compartments hide living room clutter.
  • Clever built-in storage solutions minimize the need for separate side tables or ottomans.
  • Complementary wood, marble, glass, and metal table tops and bases fit any decor style.
  • Nesting table sets provide customizable table heights perfect for serving snacks and drinks.

Why Choose a Round Coffee Table with Storage Australia?

Round coffee tables offer a few key advantages over their square or rectangular counterparts:

Round Coffee Tables with Storage Australia: Essential for Homes Decor
  • A round table can work well in front of a curved sofa or with furniture placed at angles. Square tables fit best aligned straight on.
  • The curved edges create a softer, more relaxed aesthetic compared to sharply angled corners which can disrupt the free-flowing feel of a living space.
  • Without any sides or corners jutting out, round tables like wooden coffee tables, nightstands, and center tables prevent stubbed toes and tripping hazards making them safer options, especially in homes with kids.
  • A circular surface allows for easier conversation and interaction with room for decor like trays. Everyone sits equidistant from each other, rather than having to lean around corners.
  • For these reasons, round coffee tables like those made from wood, marble, metal, ceramic, rattan, and other materials tend to work better than other shapes in many living room layouts.
  • Their organic form flows with both traditional and contemporary decor styles.
  • Round side tables, accent tables, and coffee tables with storage like baskets, shelves, and drawers add functionality.
  • With diverse sizes from end tables to large cocktail tables and options like nesting tables, lift-tops, ottomans, and more, round coffee tables suit small spaces to open floor plans.
  • Their ideas for table coverings and practical design make round coffee tables a favorite choice.

For these reasons, round coffee tables tend to work better than other shapes in many living room layouts. Their organic form flows with both traditional and contemporary decor styles.

Why Add Storage to Table Coffee?

While simple round coffee tables like wood, marble, or metal ones have their purpose, models with built-in storage like lift-top, drawer, shelf, cabinet, and basket storage offer additional functionality that most Aussie families can appreciate. Typical storage options include:

reason why using circle table stroge
  • Drawers for stashing remotes, chargers, batteries, manuals, and other everyday clutter.
  • Shelves or cubbies for stacking books, magazines, board games, decor, or baskets.
  • Lift-top lids reveal ample interior space to store blankets, pillows, and larger items when not in use.
  • Bottom storage like a bottom shelf, cabinet, or recessed area to neatly tuck away extra items.

Storage in coffee tables helps keep surrounding surfaces clutter-free while keeping necessary items within arm’s reach. For living rooms short on space, they provide hidden storage without requiring separate side tables or cabinets. The extra storage capacity also minimizes the need for separate ottomans or storage benches that take up floor space.

Top Options for Coffee Table Round with Storage for Australian Homes

When looking for the best coffee table with storage for an Australian home, there are a few key features to consider. The materials used should be durable against Australia’s climate, like hardwoods that can withstand heat and humidity. In addition to practical materials, the style should also suit the aesthetic of the interior, with breezy coastal designs complementing many spaces. Clever storage solutions like lift-top tables maximize functionality and keep items hidden but accessible in living areas.

Top options for house owner choosing circle table

The size and shape need to align with the dimensions of the lounge and traffic flow, with circular tables often fitting well. With options across various budget ranges, Australians can find high-quality and affordable coffee tables to meet their needs. And kid-friendly rounded edges make many tables practical for family homes. By evaluating these factors, Australians can make informed decisions when shopping online for the ideal coffee table with storage.

Rustic Wood Compartment Coffee Tables

The natural beauty of wood never goes out of style. For a timeworn farmhouse look, a rustic wood compartment coffee table fits right in. Distressed finishes and visible wood grains add cozy texture.

Rustic Coffee Table With Storage

Many models feature lift-top lids with ample storage space inside. Wooden crates or woven baskets stashed inside complement the rustic charm. Others have a bottom shelf for stacking books or displaying decorative boxes.

Matching side tables are available to create a complete living room collection. Rustic wood round coffee tables work with both country cottages and modern farmhouse decor.

Marble Top Round Storage Tables

The elegance of marble elevates the look of any living space. Round coffee tables with marble tabletops and bottom storage combine style with function. The veining in the marble adds depth, catching the light beautifully.

Marble Top Round Storage Tables

Storage options vary between drawers, open shelf areas, and cabinet doors in the base. The white or gray marble top provides the perfect smooth surface for serving drinks or displaying books and decorative accents. For a cohesive look, opt for matching marble side tables and console tables.

Glass Top Round Tables

Tempered glass tabletops help small living spaces appear more open and airy. The transparency enables 360-degree views of the base storage area while not blocking the surrounding floor space visually.

Glass top round table

Round glass coffee tables often combine metal framing with a lower wood shelf or series of small drawers. The mixed materials contrast nicely with the clear tabletop. Some glass table bases also feature woven rattan or circular metal storage racks underneath.

Lift-Top Storage Ottomans

Round lift-top ottomans make for casual coffee tables with ample interior storage space. The removable tops reveal large storage cavities perfect for tucking away books, DVDs, controllers, throws, and anything else that won’t fit inside slim drawers.

Lift-Top Storage Ottomans

Upholstered in soft, durable fabrics like microfiber or polyester, these ottomans have a cozy, casual feel. When entertaining or just lounging with family, the whole ottoman surface provides extra seating and footrests. Just place a decorative tray on top to hold drinks and snacks.

Nesting Coffee Tables

Nesting tables provide tiered surfaces at various heights in a space-efficient footprint. Round nesting coffee table sets include two or three different-sized tables that slide neatly under the largest table when not in use.

This customizable approach allows you to free up floor space as needed. Pull out both smaller tables for setting drinks and snacks at different heights. Or keep just the large table in place for everyday use. c, sleek metal, and natural wood are all popular nesting table finishes.

Design Tips for Round Compartment Coffee Tables

When incorporating a round coffee table with storage into your living room, keep these design tips in mind:

  • Size Matters: Choose a coffee table that matches the dimensions of your sofa or seating area. The table should be easily reachable from all seats. A height that aligns with your seating and a diameter that balances the space are key.
  • Style and Finish: Opt for a style that complements your decor. Whether your room is adorned with rustic, modern, or traditional elements, you should personalized coffee table designs that harmonize with these themes. Brands like Lark Manor or Oikiture offer various styles that might fit your aesthetic.
  • Integrated Storage: Look for a table with well-designed storage features. This could include discreet handles on drawers and lids, like those found in some William Space or Giantex designs. The storage should be a seamless part of the table, maintaining its elegance and functionality.
  • Glass Top Considerations: If you choose a glass top table, consider a base with an opaque color. This helps to hide the stored items underneath, maintaining a tidy appearance.
  • Clearance for Accessibility: Ensure there’s enough room around the table for easy access to storage areas. This means leaving space for opening lids or pulling out drawers, typically at least 20 inches.
  • Storage Capacity: Avoid overloading the storage space. Items should fit neatly without looking crammed. This maintains an organized and clutter-free appearance.
  • Placement and Spacing: Position the table at a distance of 16 to 20 inches from surrounding furniture. This allows for comfortable movement and access to the table’s storage features.

When incorporating these tips, consider exploring a range of products that enhance the functionality and style of your living room. Options could include a walnut or mango wood coffee table, a round coffee table set with a ceramic or sintered stone top, or a table with a gold metal frame for a touch of elegance. Custom coffee table painting offers a unique and personalized touch. Additional pieces like a matching bedside table, a small round side table, or a set of 2 sofa side tables can further complement the space. Look for features like a lift top, a storage basket, or metal legs for added functionality.


  • Joan’s approach to creating a unique coffee table blends the charm of upcycling with modern functionality, suitable for any living room. Her method starts with selecting reclaimed materials, such as old hardwood flooring for the main structure, and 10-inch wide pieces for robust sides. She opts for sturdy 4x4s for the legs, ensuring the table is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable.
  • In the construction process, Joan builds a rectangular box to the desired dimensions, a versatile approach that can be adapted to various sizes, making it suitable as a dining table or a coffee table for the living room.
  • The top of the table is crafted from carefully cut pieces of wood, featuring a 1-inch overhang on each side for an elegant finish. This design detail allows for the inclusion of a round coffee table tray or a serving tray, enhancing the table’s utility.
  • For the finishing touches, Joan emphasizes the importance of thorough sanding, particularly around the corners. She recommends a clear wax finish, buffed with fine steel wool, to highlight the natural beauty of the wood. To add a countryside touch, she incorporates a recycled plaster lath border, enhancing the table’s artisanal appeal.
  • The final product stands out in Joan’s collection of upcycled and recycled coffee tables. This sturdy, functional piece is adaptable to various decor styles, from a modern nightstand in a living room bedroom to a centerpiece in a home office.


The most common dimensions for round coffee tables are 36 to 42 inches in diameter and 16 to 20 inches high. But the proportions should suit your room layout and sofa height. Generally allow 20 to 28 inches of clearance around all sides.

It depends on the materials, but most quality coffee tables can hold up to 50 pounds. Don’t overload the surface with excessively heavy décor items. And avoid standing on glass top tables which usually only tolerate about 25 pounds

Ideally your coffee table should be around 4 to 10 inches lower than the height of your sofa or seating. Low enough to easily reach over and high enough not to have your knees hitting the bottom constantly.

If you want something other than wood or glass, quality options include marble, metal, rattan, ceramic, acrylic, and laminate tabletops. The base can also feature materials like metal, acrylic, or cloth storage compartments.

Cover about two-thirds of your round coffee table surface with decor items, leaving the remaining front third open for placing down drinks. Opt for stack of coffee table books, trays, plants, small sculptures, vases, candles, baskets, and other eclectic items around 12 inches tall or less.


Investing in a round coffee table with built-in storage is a wise choice for creating an organized, stylish living space. The design of these tables, often available on platforms like Amazon, combines practicality with aesthetic appeal.

One of the most appealing aspects of these tables is their concealed storage compartments. Options like a lift top coffee table or a coffee table with a storage shelf minimize everyday mess, keeping surrounding surfaces clutter-free.

When choosing your round storage coffee table, it’s crucial to measure your space carefully. Opting for a size proportionate to your seating arrangement ensures the table serves as a functional centerpiece. Considering stylish coffee table ideas can enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal, without overwhelming the room.

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